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2018 “ Be Courageous and Strong and Go to Work ”!

“Be Courageous and

Strong and Go to Work”!
It takes trust in Jehovah to face distressing situations.
See how David’s trust was accompanied by action.

Based on 1 Chronicles 28:1-20; 1 Samuel 16:1-23; 17:1-51

Jehovah highly esteems the courage of his loyal worshippers.

True courage, however, is shown by action, as is the case with other
good qualities.
2018 “ Be Courageous and Strong and Go to Work ”!

For instance, “faith without works is dead.”

Likewise, love must be expressed, not merely in words but, what does
the Bible say, “in deed and truth.”

So it is with courage.
It takes trust in Jehovah to face distressing situations, but our trust
must also be accompanied by action.
Inaction, indecision, or sluggishness may indicate a lack of courage.
Courage should impel us to speak and act with boldness.
Jehovah, in turn, will bless our courage and help us to succeed. This
fact is well-illustrated by the Bible account of David.
When it came to doing Jehovah‟s will, David was a man of courage
and of action.
Even after stumbling and suffering many calamities, David remained
loyal to Jehovah down to the end of his life.
Shortly before his death, David formally entrusted his son Solomon
with the construction of Jehovah‟s temple.
Imagine how Solomon must have felt when David handed him
architectural plans inspired by Jehovah himself!
Evidently, Solomon felt overwhelmed by the task.
But his father, David, strengthened him with words that can
strengthen us today when we face challenges.
We invite all of you, including you children and young folks, to open
your Bible and read along as we listen to the account recorded at
1 Chronicles 28:1-20.
2018 “ Be Courageous and Strong and Go to Work ”!

I‟ll give you a moment.

That‟s 1 Chronicles chapter 28, beginning with verse 1.
Imagine Solomon‟s task!
Not only had he been commissioned to build a unique house of true
worship but this temple was also to be „“exceedingly magnificent,”
with fame and beauty “known in all lands.”‟
Yet, Solomon had little, if any, experience as a builder.
David anticipated the challenges that lay ahead.
Further, Solomon would face personal attacks from inside and outside
his family.
David, therefore, admonished his son to be obedient and loyal to
He also urged Solomon to “be courageous and strong and to go to
Fear could have paralyzed Solomon.
Thinking that his assignment was too difficult, he might have
2018 “ Be Courageous and Strong and Go to Work ”!

procrastinated or even abandoned the task altogether.

This would have displeased Jehovah greatly.
Hence, David repeated the counsel: “Go to work.”
David understood that courage and trust in Jehovah must be
accompanied by action.
He knew this from personal experience.
Let‟s examine some events in David‟s life that called for courage.

As we read these accounts, ask yourself, „Was David prone to

procrastinate, to hesitate, or to become paralyzed in the face of
difficult problems?‟
Consider, for instance, the circumstances surrounding David‟s
anointing as king of Israel.
King Saul was still reigning, but Jehovah had rejected Saul because of
his flagrant disobedience.
Read along in your Bible as you listen to the words of 1 Samuel 16:1-
2018 “ Be Courageous and Strong and Go to Work ”!

That‟s 1 Samuel 16:1-23.

In your mind‟s eye, could you picture young David, his father, and his
brothers all standing before the prophet Samuel?
Then Jehovah handpicked David to be king and directed Samuel to
anoint the boy.
Yet, Saul remained on the throne, still widely recognized as Israel‟s
legitimate king.
That was surely a time when David needed courage.
For one thing, how would Saul react upon learning that David had
been anointed as king?
Saul would certainly seek to kill him.
So imagine how David felt when he was summoned to Saul‟s house to
become his personal attendant!
He must have had misgivings, to say the least.
What about us today?
We may be feeling anxiety over family difficulties, health problems,
financial troubles, persecution, or our own sinful inclinations.
But these problems needn‟t scare us into spiritual paralysis.
When we face such challenges, we should seek Jehovah‟s help through
prayer, his Word, and the congregation.
Often, we‟ll find practical things we can do to minimize our problems.
Even when problems don‟t go away, we should stay busy working
hard to do Jehovah‟s will as best we can, even in the face of calamity.
That is true courage!
When David was called to appear before Saul, he didn‟t succumb to
2018 “ Be Courageous and Strong and Go to Work ”!

He showed strength and courage, and he went to work!
He accepted the assignment, knowing that Jehovah would give him
practical wisdom to act according to the need.
As it turned out, King Saul grew to love David very much, and David
became Saul‟s armor-bearer.

Please follow the dramatic reading of 1 Samuel 17:1-51.

That‟s just one chapter over —1 Samuel chapter 17, beginning with
verse 1.
This is the exciting story of David and Goliath.
The account illustrates how David used practical wisdom and showed
The account of David and Goliath is a lesson about courage.
2018 “ Be Courageous and Strong and Go to Work ”!

But it‟s also a lesson about practical wisdom and faith in action. David
was working when his father told him to take provisions to his
brothers at the battlefront.
So David was expected to do two things at one time.
How could he take care of his family‟s flock and at the same time
deliver goods to his brothers several miles away?
He showed practical wisdom.
He also showed he was a trustworthy person.
The Bible says: “David got up early in the morning “and left someone
in charge of the sheep; “then he packed up and went just as Jesse had
commanded him.”
Soon he faced a potentially paralyzing situation.
David went looking for his brothers, only to find Israel‟s army
terrified by Goliath‟s menacing posture and demoralized by his
David‟s immediate response showed his courage.
He asked why no one had yet struck down the presumptuous man
who dared to taunt Jehovah.
Yet, David‟s own brother, Eliab, berated him in public, questioned his
motives, called him presumptuous, and accused him of neglecting his
father‟s flocks.
Nevertheless, David volunteered to fight Goliath, only to get brushed
off by the king.
Saul told him that he couldn‟t possibly defeat Goliath because David
was just “a boy”!
2018 “ Be Courageous and Strong and Go to Work ”!

What did David do in the face of such disheartening circumstances?

He showed courage.
That courage gave him the spiritual and emotional strength to go to
He remembered what Jehovah had done for him in the past.
David never forgot how Jehovah rescued him from a bear and a lion —
both of which are superior to humans in speed and strength.
Jehovah not only rescued David but he also enabled him to kill those
ferocious beasts.
So David could confidently say: “Jehovah, who rescued me from the
claws of the lion and the bear, he is the one who will rescue me from
the hand of this Philistine.”
When we face discouragement or even depression, could we benefit
from meditating on the ways Jehovah has already rescued us from
seemingly insurmountable problems?
David was courageous and went to work.
He made practical decisions with good results.
For example, when Saul offered David his own heavy battle gear,
David gave it a try.
But he soon realized that a copper helmet, a coat of mail, and a sword
strapped over his garment would only get in his way.
So, what did he do?
In effect, he simplified!
He got rid of the burden.
What about us?
2018 “ Be Courageous and Strong and Go to Work ”!

Over the years, we might have cluttered our lives with nonessential
possessions or unnecessary activities.
These things can smother our spirituality.
If that‟s true of you, why not go to work?
Take inventory of your possessions and habits, and eliminate what‟s
By simplifying our life, we can make it easier to keep our eye focused
on serving Jehovah.
Like all of us, David wasn‟t perfect.
But his courageous and decisive actions made him Jehovah‟s dear
Thus, at the end of his faithful course, David could with total freeness
of speech tell his son: “Be courageous and strong and go to work”!
2018 “ Be Courageous and Strong and Go to Work ”!