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Dairy Products
1:18 – 2:26 Vocabulary
Will: Happy Thanksgiving! A. to be glad: to be happy and thankful
for something. >> I’m glad you came to
Monica: Aww thanks! God Will I’m so the party.
gladA that you came! You look great!
You must’ve lost like1… B. dairy: foods that are made from milk,
such as yogurt, cream, butter, or cheese.
Will: 150 pounds. Yeah, I’m gonna be
in one of those. Subway sandwich C. “I'm really into the game”: with this
commercialsI. expression chandler is saying his full
attention is on the game he's watching Shake Hands
Monica: A pie! on TV. >> The movie lasted more than 3
hours, but I was so into it that I didn't
Will: Oh right. All right, it’s no fat, it’s even realize it was that long.
no sugar, it’s no dairyB…it’s no good.
Throw it out. D. To give a hand: to help someone. >>
How’s the dinner coming along? I can
Monica: You wanna meet some give you a hand if you want.
people? This is uh; this is my
husband Chandler. Chandler, this is E. I can't get over something: this is an
WillII. expression used to mean “I am just so To be fit!
amazed!" If you can't get over
Will: Hey. something, you mean you can’t stop
being surprised by it. >> I can't get over
Chandler: Oh hey. I’d shake your how much weight he lost in so little
handPIC but uh; I’m really into the time!
gameC. Plus, I think it’d be better for
my ego if we didn’t stand right next F. Stunning: if something is stunning it is
to each other. impressive or beautiful. When describing
a person, this adjective means extremely
Monica: This is Phoebe. attractive. >> The view from the hill is
absolutely stunning!
Phoebe: Hey. Wow! Well done.
Monica: Wanna give me a handD?
1. You must’ve lost like:
Will: Sure! Monica, I can’t get overE You mus-duh looked like
how great you look! You look
Monica: Well you look incredible too!
You’re just—you’re so fitPIC! I. Subway: American fast food sandwich
restaurant with its famous
Chandler: I’m watching the game, but spokesperson, Jared, who lost over 200
I’m not deaf! pounds (watch video) .

Monica: Oh umm, I meant to tell you, II. This is…: when introducing two
Ross is coming. people to each other, this is the formula
we use: Will, this is Chandler; Chandler,
this is will.
Commodity Broker
2:26 – 3:33 Vocabulary
Will: Ross is coming. Great! I love A. To be horrible to (sb): to treat
Ross! someone really badly.

Monica: Good. And Rachel Green too. B. To be in a good place: used to refer
to how a person is feeling emotionally
Will: Oh. and about their life. >> They had a
difficult couple of months but now
Monica: Is there a problem? they're in a good place.

Will: Nope. Uh, it’s okay. It’s just uh, C. Hot stuff: used to describe a person English Greetings
God I hated her1. or something who is amazing, popular,
or even sexually exciting. Ross repeated
Monica: What? “hot stuff” because he can’t believe he
said it and it makes him sound gay.
Will: Yeah, I hated her. She was
horrible toA me in high school. But D. It’s good to see you: Commonly said
hey, it was a long time ago, I’m in a when greeting someone you haven't
good placeB, it might be actually fun seen in a long time.
to see her again. You got any cakes or
cookies or something? No, Will no! E. What are you up to?: used to ask
what someone is or has been doing with
Chandler: Y’know, it’s been a while their lives during the time you haven't
since we’ve screamed somethingi. seen him.
Maybe we should.
F. Commodity broker: An occupation
Phoebe: Oh okay. that involves trading or selling products
for other people or organizations.
Chandler: Oh, come on!

Phoebe: Noooo!! Damn you ref! You Pronunciation

burn in hell!!! 1. God I hated her: God I hay-did-er
Ross: Will!
Will: Ross!
I. Chandler and Phoebe’s silence:
Ross: Hey-hey you came! Man you Chandler realizes it may start to become
look incredible! Hot stuffC! Hot stuff? obvious he and Pheebs aren’t really
watching the game but listening in on
Will: It’s good to see youD man. Monica and Will. The reality is Chandler
was never “into the game” but he wants
Ross: Yeah, you too. Man, so-so what to make it look like he was.
are you up to?E

Will: I’m a commodities brokerF.

Ross: Really? Yeah that-that sounds

3:33 – 4:39 Vocabulary
Will: Yeah, it’s not. ButI’m rich and A. Thin: a person who has no extra fat
thinA. on their body. Opposite of fat.

Ross: Oh! Man I don’t think I’ve seen B. Graduation party: an occasion in
you1 since uh, Lance Davis’ which students celebrate that they’ve
graduation partyB. finished school, college or university.

Will: That was such a fun night! C. Lame: Of poor taste, or not
impressive; Also sometimes used as a
Ross: Yeah. Would’ve been good if synonym for pathetic. >> This new
we had gotten in2, but still real fun. song's lyrics are so lame!

Will: Yeah. Graduation party

D. In town: if a person is ‘in town’ it
means they are visiting. >> She’s going
Ross: Yeah. to be in town for a few days.

Will: God we were lameC back then. E. Yam: A potato-like vegetable. Also
Do you remember how into3 called a sweet potato.
dinosaurs we wereI?

Ross: Yeah.
1. I don’t think I’ve seen you: I-own
Will: So what do you, what do you do think I’ve seen you
2. Would have been good if we had
Ross: So how long are you in townD? gotten in: woulda been good if wed
gotten in
Rachel: Hi!
3. Do you remember how into: dew
Monica: Hey sweetie. Oh good. ‘member how into

Will: Rachel Green. 4. What do you do now: what-dew-you

do now
Ross: Aw—oh, that’s right. Are-are
you gonna be okay? 5. God I hate her Ross!: God I hay-der
Will: Oh, I’ll-I’ll be fine. Just God I
hate her Ross! I hate her5!
Ross: Will, high school was-was a long
I. Do you remember how much into
time ago.
dinosaurs we were?: Here "to be into
dinosaurs" means to be interested in
Will: Look at her standing there with
them. Will says that liking dinosaurs was
those yamsE! My two greatest
lame, and the funny thing is that he
enemies Ross: Rachel Green and
doesn't know that Ross went on to
complex carbohydrates.
become a paleontologist (someone who
studies dinosaurs).
Rachel: Oh my God Monica, who is
4:39 – 5:55 Vocabulary
Monica: That’s Will from high school! A. Smouldering: to smoulder is to burn
slowly, like a coal that is burning out, but
Rachel: Oh! I do not remember him! in this case it might mean that his look is
Wow! He’s really got that sexy, burning with anger.
smoulderingA thing going on. Oh my
God, he’s… Look at the way he’s just B. Stare (at someone): If you stare at
staring atB me. I think he’s trying to someone, you look at that person for a
mouthc something to me, but I can’t long period of time.
make it outd.
C. To mouth: To form words with your Stare at someone
Monica: Okay, dinner’s ready! lips without speaking. >> She mouthed
"shut up!"
Chandler: Good game!
D. Make out: In this case, make out is
Phoebe: Yeah. too see and identify something being
communicated. >> The music is too loud.
Chandler: Yeah. Solid effort. Solid I can’t make out what you’re saying.
E. Have the hardest time (doing
Monica: Oh, so who won? something): used to emphasize that
someone finds doing something difficult.
Phoebe: Green Bay. >> She had the hardest time learning
how to drive.
Chandler: Detroit.
F. Can't place someone: if you can't
Monica: What? place sb, you may recognize them, but
you can't remember exactly who that
Phoebe: Well the Lions technically person is. >> He looks very familiar, but I
won, but it was a moral victory for cannot place him right now.
the Green Bay…MermenI.
G. Fool around: this literally means to
Rachel: Hi! Will, right? spend time in an unproductive manner,
but in this scene, it means that they
Will: Right. made out (kissed) or engaged in other
casual romantic or sexual activities.
Rachel: Hi! I’m Rachel Green.
Will: Oh I-I remember you.
1. Aren’t you sweet: aren’chew sweet
Rachel: Really?! Aren’t you sweet1! I
gotta tell you though, I am, I am
having the hardest timeE placing
youf. Oh-oh hang on! Did we umm, I. Green Bay… Mermen: This is funny
did we fool aroundG at Lance Davis’ because they obviously had no idea who
graduation party? won the game. Chandler said Detroit,
Phoebe said Green Bay (a football team
Will: You are unbelievable. from Wisconsin) and “Mermen” doesn’t
even make sense. It’s the Green Bay
Rachel: Thank you! Packers.
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1:23 – 2:42 Vocabulary
Joey: That’s it?! Even if nobody helps A Turkey: a large domesticated bird kept
me I can eat that no problem. At least on farms for its meat. Turkey is also the
give me a challenge1! name of the meat.

Monica: This is Chandler’s chicken. B. Yuck!: used to express disgust. People

This is the turkeyA. often say this when they find something
dirty, ugly, or disgusting. >> Yuck!
Joey: Oh. How-how big is that? What's that horrible smell?
Monica: About nineteen pounds. C. Typical: Coughing a word under your
breath like Will did when he said
Joey: It’s like me when I was born. “typical” is a way to communicate in a
subtle and passive aggressive way
Rachel: All right, who would uh, like something about somebody else.
some yamsPIC? Will?
D. Seriously: used to indicate that you
Will: Oh, you’d like that wouldn’t are not joking and that you really mean
you? what you say. >> Seriously, this is the
last time I try to beat this game.
Rachel: What? Oh y’know what? Can
we please keep the chicken and the E. To be mean: A mean person is
turkey and everything on the other someone who is cruel or unkind. To be
side of the table? The smell is just mean to someone means to treat
yuckB! someone unkindly or in an unfriendly
way. >> The bully was mean to the nerds
Will: Typicalc. in the school.

Rachel: I’m sorry. What? F. Miserable: very unhappy. >> He felt

miserable after his divorce.
Will: I said it was typical. Typical of
you, Rachel Green, Queen Rachel
does whatever she wants in little
Rachel land. 1. Give me a challenge: gimme a
Joey: SeriouslyD, who is this guy?
2. Do you have a problem: D’you-ave a
Rachel: Umm, I’m sorry. Do you-do problem? Miserable
you have a problem2 with me?

Will: I don’t know? Do I? Do I? References

I. I think you do: one of the funny things
Phoebe: I think you doI. about Phoebe is her inability to pick up
on sarcasm. When Will sarcastically says
Monica: Apparently you were umm, a “Do I? Do I?” he’s saying “Isn’t it obvious
little mean to him in high school. I have a problem with you?” This,
Phoebe, is unable to recognize so that’s
Will: A little meanE? You made my life why she ends up stating the obvious and
miserableF! saying “I think you do”.
2:42 – 3:49 Vocabulary Screw it!
Rachel: I’m-I’m—I had no idea. I’m A. Screw it!: a rude way to say “forget
sorry. I… about” something or someone. It’s kind
of like a dismissive “whatever, I don’t
Will: Well you should be. Screw itA! care.” A stronger, more rude way to say
Bring onB the yams! this would be “fuck it”. >> Sometimes
you have to just say “screw it” to
Monica: Oh Will. But you-you’ve whatever people think and live your life.
worked so hard…
B. Bring on (something): used to tell
Will: Yams!!!! someone to bring something, but more
enthusiastically or vigorously. >> Bring Let’s drink!
Monica: Okay. on the champagne and let's celebrate!

Rachel: Uh Will umm, I just want to C. Real: this word sometimes collocates
say that I’m realC sorry for whatever To point
before some adjectives, and it has the
I-I did to you in high school… same meaning as “really” although it
sometimes can sound more informal. >>
Will: Oh, it wasn’t just me. We had a1 My head hurts real bad! >> Let’s cook
clubI! something real quick!.

Rachel: You had a club?! D. Exchange student: A student at

school or university that comes from
Will: That’s right, The I Hate Rachel another country.
Green Club!

Rachel: Whoa! My God! So what, you

all just joined together to hate me?! 1. We had a club: we-ad a club
Who else was in this club?

Will: Me and Ross. References

I. A club: clubs in high schools in the “Yes, he was.”
Ross: No need to pointPIC, she knows
United States are student- (High-fiving)
who Ross is.
based organizations which have specific
purposes. For example, it’s common to
Rachel: So you were in an I Hate
find chess, language, leadership clubs,
Rachel club?
etc. These clubs often involve extra
curricular activities and are led by the
Will: Yes, he waspic.
student’s initiatives. In this scene, we
find out that Will and Ross founded a
Ross: No. No.
very peculiar club to hate on Rachel.
Rachel: So who else was in this club?

Ross: Uh actually, there-there was

also that exchange studentD from
Thailand but I-I don’t think he-he
knew what it was.
Go out with someone
3:49 – 4:44 Vocabulary
Rachel: So Ross, we went outA for A. Go out (with someone): To be in a
two years, and you never told me you romantic relationship with someone.
were in an I Hate Rachel club.
B. Pact: an agreement between two
Will: You went out with her1?! We people or groups of people. >> They
had a pactB! made a pact to share.

Ross: That was in high school! It’s not C. Binding: used to describe an
like it was bindingC forever. agreement that must be honored. >>
The contract is legally binding.
Will: Then why did it have the word
eternity in it? D. Swear: to state something very
strongly and sincerely. >> I swear I didn’t
Rachel: Okay Monica, did you know2 do it!
about this?!
E. Relieved: Happy because something
Monica: I swearD I didn’t. Hey! Is that difficult or unpleasant has not happened
why you guys used to go up to your or has ended. In the scene, Monica feels
bedroom and lock the door? relieved that she now knows the reason
that Will and Ross locked themselves in To be fit!
Ross and Will: Yeah. his room. This is a relief because what
she used to think that maybe they were
Monica: Hmm, a little relievedE, I gay. (not that there’s anything wrong
gotta say. with being gay) >> I was relieved to hear
the surgery had been a success.
Ross: Look Rach I-I’m sorry, okay? I…I
was a stupid kid, okay? The only F. Co-found: To found is to begin or
reason I joined… create a group, organization, movement,
etc. To co-found is to do the same but
Will: Co-foundedF! with the help and support of a partner.
In this scene, Ross and Will co-founded
Ross: …co-founded, Co-founded the the "I hate Rachel Green club.“
club was because I was insanelyG in
love with you. Obviously I didn’t G. Insanely: used with some adjectives
handleH it very well. But if you think meaning “very” or “extremely”. >> He is
about it the I Hate Rachel Club was insanely in love/jealous/rich.
really the I Love Rachel Club.
H. Handle: when we talk about a
Will: Uh, except that it was really the difficult situation, handle is how we
I Hate Rachel Club. react and approach that situation. >> It
was a tricky situation but he handled it
like a champ.

1. You went out with her: you went out

2. Did you know...?: dih-jew know…?