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Have you just come along the Bridlepath to / from Clifton and enjoyed the tranquil surrounding
area? Did you know that as part of Nottinghamshire County Council’s Draft Minerals Local
Plan there are plans to dig up all the area across the river and excavate sand and gravel?

The Barton in Fabis / Mill Hill site has an estimated life of 15 years and an output of 200,000
tonnes every year and would not be restored and established for up to 25 years
This proposal would devastate 79 hectares (200 acres) of prime wildlife habitat and feeding
grounds for birds using Attenborough Nature Reserve.

The site hosts a numbers of resident red listed bird species that are of high conservation concern-
Grey Partridge, Lesser-spotted Woodpecker, Skylark, Song Thrush, Marsh Tit, Starling, Linnet,
Reed Bunting and many more farmland species that continue to be of urgent Conservation priority.
Nottinghamshire County Council have earmarked the whole area between Barton Floodbank to
the south and the city boundary to the north, and from the river to the west to Brandshill Woods in
the east as prime land for gravel excavation. Extraction will involve huge and heavy machinery
removing all the soil layers to reach the gravel. It will be an extremely noisy and dusty operation
and lorries and machinery will be operating on the site 6 days a week from 7am-6pm. A
processing site is planned at the top of the ridge line opposite Attenborough Nature Reserve –
visible for miles around. Can you imagine the impact this will have on this beautiful
landscape, not to mention all the species which depend on it, along with the disturbance to
Attenborough Nature Reserve?

The County Council’s previous Minerals Local Plan excluded the Barton site on the grounds of its
impact on the ecology and historic and natural landscape. The site is the subject of a planning
application and to which objections have been made by Nottighamsire Wildlife Trust, RSPB, he
Woodland Trust, Natural England, CPRE and The Ramblers Association. This application has still
to be decided.
Despite this, the County Council has included the site in their new Draft Minerals Local Plan.
Please object now as this consultation, which is already in progress, is the only chance you have
to get your voice heard. The closing date is 28th September.
Nottinghamshire County Council have stated that the number of opposition responses will help
them determine whether or not the proposal should go ahead, so please alert anyone you know
about this impending destruction and ask them to write as well. Remember everyone in your
household can send a response. Information can also be find on Facebook – search for ‘Barton in
Fabis Against Sand and Gravel’ or at
If there is not sufficient opposition, the site will be put into the minerals plan and then we
have little chance of preventing it going ahead.
How to have your say:
Write to:
Planning Policy Team
Nottinghamshire County Council
West Bridgford
Nottingham NG2 7QP

It is important that you include your name and address and state that your objection relates
to Sand and Gravel Provision ‘MP2s Mill Hill nr Barton in Fabis’

What can I say?

Environmental damage
• Barton site evaluated as the most environmentally damaging site of all those
proposed in the county by County Council’s own Sustainability Assessment. Other
potential sites are less damaging
• Effect of noise disturbance on Attenborough Nature Reserve SSSI (Site of Special
Scientific Interest) which runs along the edge of the site (less than 100m away) and
impact on the water quality of Holme Pit SSSI. The site also contains 5 LWSs (Local
Wildlife Sites), on of which would be destroyed, and two partially destroyed.
• Evidence that this site is rich in bird life and other species. 24 red and 22 amber
listed bird species use the area for feeding and breeding
• Grass snakes, harvest mice, otters, toads, and bats present along with other
endangered and protected species of conservation concern
• Site is within the Green Belt
What it means to you personally
• Personal examples often have the most impact
Loss of important leisure area
• Site not fully restored and established for up to 25 years
• Loss of peace and tranquillity; area used for walking / fishing / horse riding / bird
watching / photography – particularly as the site will be operating 11 hours a day, 6
days a week!
• Bridleways / footpaths cross the site and would be diverted / closed or severely
impacted upon, particularly where a conveyor and access road cross the bridleway
near Burrows Farm
Historical site damage
• Area rich in history with remains from Roman period, Iron and bronze age
documented in the area
• Ridge and furrow field pattern from middle ages
• Adverse impact on setting of Clifton Hall and Clifton Village Conservation Area
Safety issues
• Deep water ponds a risk to children
• Plant and machinery close to bridleway and footpath

Published on behalf of SAVE (Save the Ancient Valley Environment) 8, The Buildings, Thrumpton NG110AY