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Chapter 1 Lesson 1 Lab: Getting Started

Today’s lab goals are:

 Log into your email and your Moodle account
 Learn about our course by reading the syllabus on Moodle
 Learn about Python, the language we will be using
 Mount the Z drive for your server account

1. Log into your Drury email and your Moodle account. Bring up the Moodle page for this

2. Read the syllabus and type in your answers to these questions:

a. Who are the authors for the required text?

Mark J. Guzdial and Barbara Ericson

b. How many tests will we have?

Four including the Final

c. What happens if I miss a test?

It is forever missed

3. Click on No Snakes and BDFL on our Moodle site and answer these questions:
a. After whom or what is Python named?

Monty Python’s Flying Circus

b. Who is the BDFL of Python?

Guido Van Rossum

c. In what year was he born?


4. You have an account on the Math and CS Department server. All of the programs you write
this semester must be placed in your folder on that server. NOTE: any programs you have
on a computer in the lab may be deleted when you log out. Therefore, it is essential that you
work in your server account so that your programs will be saved.

To mount your server account on the Z drive of a computer in the lab, from the start menu
(lower left corner) click on File Explorer (left side fourth from bottom). A window opens.
Click on This PC (left side second from bottom). Click on the Computer tab at the top, then
on Map network drive (fifth across). In the drop-down menu, choose Map network Drive.
A new window appears. In the blank after Folder: type in the following, putting your Drury
username (the part before the in your Drury email address) in place of


Click on Finish. The window opens automatically. In the future on this computer, you can
go to Start menu – File Explorer – This PC again to see your server account listed in the
Network Locations.

Use the snipping tool to take a picture of your open server window. Then paste it here. (To
start the snipping tool, go to the start menu, search "snip" and click on snipping tool. Select
the part of the screen of interest. If the picture that pops up is what you want, click on this
document and select paste. Otherwise, in the snipping tool click on "new" to start again.)
Make sure you have answered the six questions above and pasted in a picture of your server
window. Then submit your lab on Moodle.