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G distribution substation at PT. PLN (Persero) Garut distribution area in West Java distributes
electrical energy to 4 regions, namely Tarogong, Musadadiyah, Leuwidaun, and Subyadinata.
Transformer G substation loading fluctuates from 48.79% to 55.50%. The loading of 48.79% of
the transformer resulted in losses of 0.47% of its capacity while the loading of 55.05% of the
transformer resulted in losses of 0.53% of its capacity. Losses on this transformer will be
dissipated in the form of heat which if not properly cooled will cause the transformer
temperature to rise continuously and cause the insulation of the windings to become dry and
damaged. The amount of losses generated is based on the calculation of winding and core losses.
The amount of heat due to the loss of the core transformer is absorbed by the transformer coolant
oil. The effectiveness of the existing transformer cooling at 55.05% is 52.74%.
Keywords: Effectiveness of Transformer, Transformer Oil, Transformer Loss.