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Graduate School and Professional Studies

City of Tagbilaran

Nursing Services Administration and Supervision
2nd Semester 2015-2016


Instructions: Read the questions very carefully. Answer legibly on the space provided.

_______1. Nurses interact with different members of the health team. Arnold, a new nurse, often feels
like he has many bosses – the doctors, senior nurses, head nurses of different units with whom he always
coordinates. Arnold’s head nurse noticed that he is confused. With this, his head nurse then scheduled a
special conference with Arnold. Head nurse Kara reminded Arnold that he is responsible to only one
superior. This is the principle of
A. Chain of command
B. Unity of command
C. Span of control
D. Delegation

_______2. What type of an organizational structure that describes and is characterized by a formal top-
down reporting structure?
A. Bureaucratic structure
B. Flat organizational structure
C. Matrix structure
D. Decentralized structure

_______3. What phase of the management process in which relationships are defined, procedures are
outlined, and tasks are assigned?
A. Planning
B. Organizing
C. Staffing
D. Directing

_______4. Another phase of the management process in which the manager recruits, selects, orients, and
promotes personnel development.
A. Planning
B. Organizing
C. Staffing
D. Directing
_______5. This describes the official power to act for a certain thing.
A. Authority
B. Power
C. Authority-power gap
D. Politics

_______6. Considered to be the timetable showing planned work days and shifts for nursing personnel.
A. Staffing
B. Directing
C. Structuring
D. Scheduling

_______7. This refers to the manner in which nursing care is organized, provided and focused on the
philosophy of the organization, nurse staffing scheme and care of the entire clientele.
A. Job description
B. Nursing care modalities
C. Patient acuity
D. Patient care classification

_______8. Which statement below that doesn’t describe or define an organizational structure?
A. The organizational chart is the best visual thing of the organization structure,
providing titles of key positions and, how they relate to one another.
B. It provides a visual support of the chain of command, centralization/decentralization
approach, departments, and span of control.
C. The view of organizational structure did not change any organizations- as they move
toward greater emphasis on horizontal organization.
D. A traditional structure uses vertical relationships or the chain of command process that
identifies to whom specific positions report.

_______9. Staff that functions in an advisory capacity and cannot force other staff to do something, but
rather, must use influence to make an impact and make a difference. What type of organizational
authority is this?
A. Horizontal structure
B. Vertical structure
C. Staff authority
D. Chain of command

_______10. A type of organizational authority that identifies to whom each staff member reports
up-through the chain of command.
A. Horizontal structure
B. Line authority
C. Staff authority
D. Vertical structure

_______11. This approach focuses on the tasks and authority in one source or foundation.
A. Centralized structure
B. Vertical structure
C. Staff authority
D. Chain of command
_______12. This occurs when divided tasks are grouped. A very good example common in health care
organizations, is the department of surgery, which includes the preoperative area, the operating rooms
itself, and the post-anesthesia care unit (PACU).
a. Centralized structure
b. Departmentalization
c. Staff authority
d. Chain of command

_______13. As the nurse manager, which of the following is an example of a primary prevention activity?
a. Antibiotic treatment of suspected urinary tract infection
b. Nutrition counseling for young adults with a strong family history of increase
cholesterol level.
c. Removal of tonsils for a client with recurrent tonsillitis
d. Occupational therapy to assist a client in adapting his or her home environment
following a stroke

_______14. Which of the following statements is true regarding types of health care agencies?
a. Hospitals provide acute, inpatient services only.
b. Public health agencies are funded by the government to investigate and provide health
c. Surgery can only be performed inside a hospital setting.
d. Skilled nursing, extended care, and long-term care facilities provide care for the elderly
whose insurance no longer covers hospital stays.

_______15. In most cases, clients must have a primary care provider in order to receive health insurance
benefits. If a client is in need of a primary care provider, it is most appropriate for the nurse to
recommend which of the following?
a. Family practice physician
b. Physical Therapist
c. Case manager/discharge planner
d. Pharmacist

_______16. Which of the following is the biggest consumer of health care?

a. Businesses
b. Hospitals
c. Government
d. Private Insurance Companies

_______17. Which of the following is a Secondary Level Health System?

a. Regional Hospitals
c. Rural Health Units
b. District Hospitals
d. Provincial Hospitals
_______18. It is a professional organization composed of nursing administrators, chief nursing officers,
and chief nurses of private and public health institutions nationwide. Envisioning a cohesive, proactive
professional association committed to excellence in nursing:
a. ANA (American Nurses Association)
b. ANSAP (Association of Nursing Service Administrators of the Philippines)
c. ANCC (American Nurses Credentialing Center)
d. PNA (Philippine Nurses Association)
_______19. Why do we need clinical pathways?
a. to decrease unwanted practice variation.
b. to reduce mistake duplication of effort and omission
c. to help identify and clarify the clinical processes
d. to improve the quality of work for service providers

_______20. Which of the following is NOT a comp0nent 0f clinical pathway?

a. intermediate and long-term outcome criteria.
b. define the process
c. variance record
d. timeline

II Essay
1. Elucidate concisely why do we need to have a tool to effectively manage and evaluate care?

2. As nurse manager, identify ways in which nursing informatics and new technology
influences our clinical practice. Support your answer. (10pts.)

3. In your own perspective, explain the diagram below. . Justify your answers.