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Welcome to

7 Grade
Where we figure things out!

Mrs. Janelle Orange w Room 233 w

Science is all around us, from the air we breathe to the water we drink. Using science and engineering skills, we
are able to learn about the world around and within us. I am looking forward to sharing a fun and memorable year
with you!
Course Description MATERIALS NEEDED
Seventh grade science is an integrated course that covers ♦ 3-ring binder
units in physical, life, and earth and space sciences. Critical areas ♦ Planner (for hallway passes)
of study will include: matter and its interactions, energy, waves ♦ Pencils and/or pens
and their applications, Earth’s systems, Earth and human activity, ♦ Positive attitude
and structures and processes in organisms. Instruction is aligned ♦ Optional: Colored writing utensils
with the new Michigan Science Standards, which are reflective of ♦ Optional: Calculator
♦ Optional: Ruler
the Next Generation Science Standards. Much can be learned
about these new standards by clicking on the following links: The Class Website
Standards, Parent’s Guide to the Standards, and Frequently
Asked Questions.
This is an inquiry-driven course that combines a variety of
instructional techniques, including discussion, hands-on activities,
and problem-solving tasks. Students will have regular
opportunities to collaboratively engage in the science and
engineering practices characteristic of “real-world” scenarios,
problems, and events.
After this Course, Students Will Be Able To:
♦ Ask questions that lead to descriptions and explanations of how the natural and designed world works
♦ Work collaboratively with others, plan and carry out investigations, and produce data that must be analyzed
in order to develop models as representations of explanations
♦ Produce (and communicate clearly and persuasively) explanations and design solutions using evidence,
mathematics, and computational thinking
♦ Observe patterns, and decipher causal relationships and their mechanisms
♦ Within systems, recognize scale, keep track of energy and matter, relate structures to their functions, and
identify factors influencing stability and change
Expected Classwork General Behavioral Expectations
♦ Meeting Classroom and Group Expectations          Collaborative development of classroom and
♦ Exploration of New Ideas group norms will be grounded in the MMS core
♦ Investigations values:
♦ Discussions
♦ Modeling Explanations and Solutions Respect
♦ Homework (minimal) Responsibility
♦ Summarizing, Connecting, and Reflecting on Learning
♦ Assessments
Letter grades (A-E) will function as a measure of effort in the participation of the classwork listed above.
Citizenship grades (G, S, U) will be awarded based on a student’s ability to exhibit MMS core values. Over the years,
we have analyzed the behaviors of students who have received the grades characteristic of the MMS grade reporting
Grade Earned Behavior/Effort Shown
Student is prepared every day with all materials; student is organized; classwork is 100%
complete and on time; assessments are 90-100% accurate; classwork is detailed and provides
A, A- supportive evidence; student is rarely absent; student consistently puts forth 100% effort;
student asks questions; student contributes to all aspects of the course; student vigorously
studies for exams
Student is prepared every day with all materials; classwork is almost always 100% complete and
on time; classwork is detailed; student is occasionally absent; student puts forth effort; student
B+, B, B-
occasionally asks questions; student contributes to group and partner work, but rarely to group
discussions; student studies for exams
Student comes prepared most of the time; some classwork is missing and/or turned in late;
C+, C, C- classwork is partially completed; student is occasionally absent; student occasionally contributes
to aspects of the course; student puts forth 70% effort; student studies a little for exams
Student rarely comes prepared; student rarely contributes; many, if not most, classwork is
Ds & Es
missing; student does not study; student is not organized
0 (Zero) Student plagiarized and/or cheated on classwork or assessment; classwork is missing
G (Good) Student is on time with materials, participates, and displays no disruptive behaviors.
S (Satisfactory) Student is on time with materials, participates, and displays little to no disruptive behavior.
Student often arrives to class late and/or missing materials; disruptive behavior affects learning
U (Unsatisfactory)
Contacting Mrs. Orange About Your Teacher
Email:; will respond within 48 hours ♦ I’m positive.
Phone: (517) 333-7600; will answer after school or between ♦ I’m optimistic.
♦ I see the best in others.
11:01 and 11:55 a.m. (4th hour)
♦ I love my family.
In Person Meetings: By Appointment ♦ I am very good at finding solutions.
Extra Help for Students: By Appointment ♦ I view STEM as a pathway for
Students, The Most Important Things to Remember:
When you apply your strengths to your learning, I believe you will be successful.
You have a purpose in our classroom. There is always a reason for you to be here.
I value who you are as an individual. Without you our learning community would be incomplete.