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FOG HORN September 2018

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WALTHER ARMS CCP M2 The second problem is the muzzle climb

associated with your typical blowback design;
Conceal Carry Pistol making it difficult to control the muzzle and
recovering sight picture from shot to shot.
By: Sal Palma
Walther’s CCP offering achieved all of its
objectives; however, doing so required an
awkward takedown procedure that could only
be accomplished using the included tool. If you
were mechanically gifted, you could use a small
screw driver, a procedure that I’ll describe as
lacking elegance and certainly beneath
Walther’s global reputation for producing a
gentleman’s handgun. It took the introduction
of the new CCP M2, this August, to address the
takedown issue.

Walther introduced the Conceal Carry Pistol To see how the CCP solved the common pistol
a.k.a. CCP in 2014. The new offering, from one issues I described earlier, you need to
of the most highly regarded firearm understand the company’s implementation of
manufacturers on the planet, was received with its delayed blowback, which Walther calls
enthusiasm. At a time when blowback locked- “SOFTCOIL Gas Technology.”
breech operating systems rule the roost,
Walther Arms introduced a delayed blow back
design1 to address some common “pistol”

The first issue commonly associated with pistols

is the heavy recoil spring weights that make
charging the pistol a choir for the aged or the
fairer sex.

Other delayed blowback designs:
1. HK P7
2. Arsenal P-M02
In addition to a fixed barrel assembly, Walther
3. Benelli B76 includes a gas cylinder labeled “5” in the
4. HK P9 diagram. The gas cylinder is supplied by “4” a
5. Remington Model 51 gas port. The gas port connects the gas cylinder
6. Remington R51
7. Steyr GB with the bore. After the gun is fired, the gas

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port supplies high pressure gas to the gas To field strip the CCP M2, you start by clearing
cylinder, applying forward pressure against the the pistol and releasing the striker, Walther
gas piston labeled “7”. Gas pressure is sufficient included a red and very visible cocked indicator,
to delay blowback by a few milliseconds. Once not present in the
pressure in the gas cylinder drops sufficiently, original CCP.
the slide is allowed to move rearward ejecting
the spent case and loading a fresh round. Next, press on the
Because the gas piston is working against gas locking block
pressure as the slide moves rearward, it concurrent with
reduces the slide’s kinetic energy mitigating sliding the locking
recoil. The SOFTCOIL gas system also made block release
possible the use of a lighter recoil spring; right. Allow the
therefore, racking the slide becomes easier. locking block to ease out and allow the spring
cap to slide out and over the locking block. Next
Although racking the highly serrated slide is bring the slide back about an inch while pulling
definitely easier, it’s still sufficiently heavy to be the rear of the slide up.
of concern to individuals lacking the hand
The CCP M2 breaks down to frame, recoil
strength, or experience, to cycle the action.
spring, striker assembly and slide.
The problem is
somewhat aggravated
by the fact that you
are working with a
slim trapezoidal slide
geometry that you need to pull all the way to
the rear in order to cock the pistol. What’s the
fix? The solution is to include some version of
charging supports at the rear of the slide.

The CCP M2 retains the same delayed blowback

SOFTCOIL gas system, along with all of its
benefits, as the original CCP.

Normal cleaning discipline applies with the

exception that you’ll need to clean the gas
cylinder and gas piston. Walther includes a
bronze brush to clean the gas cylinder.

New in the CCP M2 is a takedown procedure Reassembling the M2 requires some getting
used to. The key to success is making sure that
that does away with the need for a special tool.

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you’ve lined up the gas piston with the gas
cylinder. Once you’ve done that everything else
falls right into place.

The M2 fits the hand like a glove and

ergonomics are excellent. Texture, grip angle,
finger grooves, magazine release and palm
swells are all outstanding. In fact, the grip
texture in my opinion is slightly more aggressive
than the PPQ or PPS which is absolutely fine
Walther’s CCP M2 is otherwise similar to the with me.
original CCP; a fixed barrel for exceptional
accuracy, external thumb safety “a la 1911” So, how does Walther’s CCP M2 shoot? The
which I really like, front and rear slide short answer – extremely well!
serrations, a superb 5lb. trigger, accessory rail
and three dot polymer sights adjustable for
wind and elevation. Elevation is adjusted by
replacing the front sight post and Walther
includes a couple in the packaging.

In addition to its excellent ergonomics, one of

the many things I like about the CCP platform is
its open striker/striker spring channel, so any
water entering the striker channel drains. Some
pistols require maritime spring cups to keep
water out of the striker channel.

Yet another feature, unlike a locked breech

design, pushing on the CCP M2’s muzzle does
not unlock the breech so the pistol will fire. A
subtle point, but nevertheless a plus in a
conceal carry pistol where you may encounter
close physical contact.

The CCP M2 is slim trim and racy coming in at My range session with the CCP M2 confirmed
713 grams (1.57 lbs.) with an empty magazine. my initial impression that Walther’s new
offering is a winner.

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The delayed blowback design mitigates recoil manageable problem with awareness and
significantly and functions reliably across a practice.
variety of loads and brands of ammunition.
One thing that you’ll want to keep in mind is
I particularly liked the wide rear sight, which weapon hygiene. The implementation of a gas
allows the shooter to quickly pick up the front delayed blowback operating system means that
sight post. you’ll have to be a bit more thorough when
cleaning your pistol. For starters you now have
a gas chamber and piston to clean, but you’ll
also need to deal with residue that is inevitably
introduced by gas operating system.

For a very slim and compact conceal carry

pistol, the CCP M2 is very accurate. Its fixed
barrel accounts for the majority of that
accuracy along with an excellent trigger.

Trigger reset in nowhere near as short as the

company’s PPQ M2; in fact, it’s rather long, but
I didn’t find that to be a measurable
impediment to rapid follow-up shoots or follow-
up shot accuracy.

The only stubborn problem I encountered

throughout the range session was the failure of
the slide to lock back on the last round. This
was due to the position of the pistol’s slide
In closing, Walther’s Conceal Carry Pistol (CCP)
release lever and how I grip a pistol. Walther
M2 is an extremely capable compact pistol.
chose to extend the slide release out and away
Walther ergonomics, superb quality and
from the frame which mitigates the need to
lifetime warranty deserves your business.
then deal with an aftermarket extended slide
stop lever. However, chubby hands will end up You won’t find a more reliable or accurate 8 +1
riding the slide release keeping the slide from carry pistol. At its $469 suggested retail price,
locking back on the last round. Not a huge deal, the CCP M2 has a lot of competition, but this
especially if you are used to shooting an AK; little pistol is certainly up to the task. Do check
however, it will require adjusting your grip; a it out! - SP

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