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Topics for exam

Reflect on grammar

Time clauses Time Definition


3 years after making batman he directed its a.while 1. following a certain

sequel, batman returns point in time
Finally, he didn´t make the creative remake of Alice in b.since 2. before a certain
wonderland until 2010 (expected)time
While filming the latter, he also produced corpse c.after 3. during a period
bride Of time
By the time burton started his most famous movie, the time 4. from a particular
batman in 1989, he had already made Beetlejuice and time to now
Since the success of batman returns ,he has e.already 5. before another
directed and produced other imaginative movies… event begins or finishes

…in 1989 , he had already made Beetlejuice f.until 6. up to a time

Gerunds and infinitive

Kelly Laas 3/A

Present and past perfect tense
Reflect on
Tense voice Subject verb Object

Present perfect active Many countries Have used Recycling

passive Recycling Has been used By many countries

Past perfect Active Australian farmers Had killed Many Tasmanian

passive Many Tasmanian
tigers Had been killed By Australian
To form the passive Use
voice :subject+auxiliary
verb (be)+main
verb (past
participle)in the

Connectors of contrast

Use connectors of contrast to combine contrasting sentences and make comparisons

Some of the most used connectors are : although, but ,by comparison , compared to
,however ,in contrast , meanwhile , nevertheless , on the contrary , on the other hand ,
whereas , yet

Common structure : sentence 1;+connector , sentence 2

I like mango juice,but she likes apple juice
Jason is an adult;in contrast ,Paul is still a child
Colombia is in south America ; whereas ,france is in europe

Kelly Laas 3/A