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NMIMS – SBM : Teaching Plan ( Course Description )

Course Code

Course Title Brand Management

Course Instructor Dr. Amit Bhadra

Credit Value 3 credits ( 100 marks paper )

Programme & FT MBA II Yr Trimester IV
Pre-requisite Marketing Management, Marketing Planning
(a) Develop a sound understanding of the Brand Management function
1. What is a brand and the importance of branding
1. Brand Identity
2. Brand Personality
3. Brand Positioning
4. Launching, Sustaining, Adopting Brands
Learning (b) Designing marketing programs to build brand equity
Objectives / 1. Brand Elements
Outcomes 2. Secondary Brand Associations
3. Media advertising
4. Public relations, Publicity, Sponsorships.
5. Experience Marketing, Permission Marketing
6. One to One Marketing, Buzz Marketing.
(c ) Designing and implementing brand strategies
1. Brand architecture
2. Measurement of brand equity.
Session Topic Pre read/Class Activity
1 Strategic Implications of Branding The New Strategic Brand
Brand as an Asset Management: J.N.Kapferer-
Brand Identity Chapter 7: Brand Identity
Brand Identity Perspectives and positioning

2 Brand Identity and Positioning The New Strategic Brand

Session Plan Brand Key Management: J.N.Kapferer
Brand Position Chapter 7: Brand Identity
Brand Prism and position
3 Positioning the Brand Strategic Brand
Defining the Competitive Frame of Management, Kevin Lane
Reference Keller, M.G.Parmeswaran,
Core Brand Associations and the Brand Isaac Jacob. Chapter 2
Brand Audit
4 Broadening the concept of a Brand Building Strong Brands:
Brand as Product David. A. Aaker Chapter 4, 5
Brand as Organisation
Brand as Person
Brand as Symbol
The Brand Identity Structure
Corporate Brands, Organisational Brands
Creating Brand Personality
Product Based Drivers, Non Product
Self-Expression Model
Multiple Personalities, Relationship
5 Brand Elements Strategic Brand
Choosing Brand Elements Management, Kevin Lane
Options and Tactics for Brand Elements Keller, M.G.Parmeswaran,
Brand Awareness, Brand Associations, Isaac Jacob. Chapter 4
Perceived Quality
Naming, URLs, Logo and Symbols,
Characters, Slogans, Jingles, Packaging
Quiz 1
6 Brand Benefits Eileen Fisher: Repositioning
Functional The Brand.
Emotional Anat Keinan; Jill Avery; Fiona
Self Expressive Wilson; Michael I. Norton
Brand Positioning HBS Case
Brand Extensions
7 Launching the Brand The New Strategic Brand
Brand Launch vs Product Launch Management: J.N.Kapferer
Brand Launch Stages Chapter 8: Launching the
Brand Name Brand
Brand Communication Territory
Brand Communities, Opinion Leaders,
The Brand’s Flagship Product Concept
Creative Approaches to Launching the
8 Sustaining the Brand The New Strategic Brand
Nurturing perceived differences Management: J.N.Kapferer
Integrating new and Existing Positions Chapter 10: Sustaining the
Removing Barriers to Consumption brand long term
Strategies to stay ahead
Readings: The New Strategic Brand
9 The challenge of growth in Mature The New Strategic Brand
Markets Management: J.N.Kapferer
Increasing Consumption Chapter 9: Challenge of
Controlling Defections growth in mature markets
Adapting to the market
Sustaining core values
10 Brand Management beyond Brand The New Strategic Brand
Evocation Management: J.N.Kapferer
The Brand System Chapter 6: New Rules of
Brand Assets, Brand Strength, Brand Brand Management
Measures of Brand Equity
Power of Communities Vs. Market
Quiz 2
11 Customer-Centered Brand Customer-Centered Brand
Management Management HBR Article
Building Brands around customer Roland T. Rust; Valarie A.
segments Zeithaml; Katherine N.
Customer Equity Lemon
12 Brand Competition Introducing New Coke
Importance of product in psychological Susan Fournier
brands Pub Date: Dec 17, 1999
Role of research in brand management Product #: 500067-PDF-ENG
13 Advertising formats Ogilvy on Advertising
TVC Types David Ogilvy
Print Advertising
Rules of advertising
14 New Formats of Marketing Integrating Marketing
Communications Communications to build
i. Interactive Events brand equity. Chapter 6
ii. Experiential Marketing Strategic Brand
iii. Sponsorships Management, Keller,
iv. One-to-one Marketing M.G.Parmeswaran, Jacob.
v. Permission Marketing
vi. Buzz Marketing
vii. Commercials Linked to a Movie
viii. In-film Product Placement
ix. You tube movies
x. Informicals
xi. Out of Home Advertising
Quiz 3
15 Brand Associations Leveraging Secondary Brand
Leveraging Secondary brand Associations to build brand
associations to build brand equity. equity.Chapter 7
Celebrity endorsement, country of Strategic Brand
origins, corporate brand, Co-branding, Management, Keller,
licensing. M.G.Parmeswaran, Jacob.
16 Growth through Brand Extensions The New Strategic Brand
i. Line / Brand Extensions Management: J.N.Kapferer
ii. Conditions for success Chapter 12: Brand Extnsions.
17 Developing a Brand Architecture Readings: The New Strategic
Product Brand Architecture Brand Management:
Line Brand Architecture J.N.Kapferer
Range Brand Architecture Chapter 13: Brand
Source Brand Architecture Architecture
Endorser Brand Architecture
Maker Brand Architecture
Corporate Brand Architecture
Quiz 4
18 Marketing Programs Case : The Pepsi refresh
Partner Engagement project
Employee Engagement Harvard Case: Michael I.
Customer Engagement Norton; Jill Avery
New Platforms
Social Media/ Sports Marketing
In Store Programs/ Event Sponsorship
19 Group Assignment Field/ Study Projects
20 Group Assignment Field/ Study Projects
Teaching /
Methodology Concept Sharing, Illustration using cases, Case Discussion, Field / Study Project
Assessment Task Details Marks
Individual ,
Class Quiz 30
Assessment Group
Cases 15
methods Evaluation
Presentation 15
Final Examination 2 Hours 40
The New Strategic Brand Management: J.N.Kapferer
Reading List and
Strategic Brand Management, Keller, M.G.Parmeswaran, Jacob
Ogilvy on Advertising, David Ogilvy

Signature of Faculty Area Chairperson Program Chairperson