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VANGUARD GRAPHICS, LLC Lene PHONE, GON 272 ‘August 27,2018, WARN Schedule A Follow-up Page Employee Name: Layoff Date: 8/31/18 ‘Due tothe pending closing of Yanguard Graphics, LLC (the "Company your employment with the Company wil terminate a the end of your suit on Friday August 31,2018, Final Paycheck ‘Your final paycheck wil be issued on Friday September 7, 2018in the usual manner (direct deposit or paper ‘check, as you have been paid yp to this pont); and wil include vacation hours accrued though 8/31/18 if you have not yet taken or been pad for those hours Benefits: ‘Your participation in all employee benefits, including the Company's health insurance plans, wllend when your ‘employment terminates on 8/31/28, your fina date of employment, less otherwise stated below. Disability Insurance Coverage: ‘Wil end on 8/31/38 and cannot be continued or converted. LUfe& Accidental Death/ Dismemberment Insurance Coverage: \Willend on 8/31/18 and you may be able to be continue your coverage with UNUM beyond thet date by porting or converting it Please refer tothe enclosed UNUM flyer and application forms. Note that there are some limitations and restrictions including a 31 day deadline to apply after your Vanguard coverage ends ‘Contact UNUM directly with any questions and for assistance at: 1-800-421-0344, Critical Accident and lness insurance Coverage: ill end on 8/31/18 but yu canbe continue your coverage beyond that date directly with UNUM. UNUM wil contact you va ltter directly after 8/31/18. Their letter will advise you ofthe costs and how to continue this coverage. “Medica/ Denta/ Vision Insurance Coverage’ \Willend on 8/31/18 but you ray continue your coverage beyond that date under the provisions of COBRA. you are currently enrolled inany ofthese insurance pans, a COBRA notice is enclosed. Please read the COBRA information carefully and notethat there i 60 day deadline to apply after your Vanguard coverage ends. “Your medica/denta/ision insurance wil terminate on 8/31/18 but will be reinstated retroactively to 8/31/18, itfwhen you retuen the required form and payment within the tne frames noted. Note als, that you can only ‘continue your medical/dental/ision coverage under the plan you are enrolled in now. You cannot switch plans until Vanguard Graphics and tre Kappa companies hold anew open enrollment period. ‘August 27,2018 WARN Schedule A Follow-up ~ Page 2 Health Savings Account ‘Will continue in effect. Ifyou have been participating inthe Health Savings Account, you wil continue to have access to your bank account and may continue to use Ito pay for qualijing medically related expenses until the account balance is ‘depleted. There is no time deadline to use the money inthe account. You wil not beable to continue to fund ‘the account after your employment has terminated 401k You will have access to your 401k account after you" employment has terminated. You may eave your money in the Plan, cashit out, of ralit over to an IRA or another 403k. Your options, instructions, and the required forms. included in the enclosed packet. Who to Contact with any questions Anal Duloe Human Resource Manager ‘Spartan Organization nc. 0. Box 736 Ft Washington, PA 19034 (215) 623-5800 ext. 206, (21) 623-3818 fax acd2179@201com email Received this eter and enclosures: Print Name Signature ate