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MGT1028 Accounting and Financial Management L T P J C

Pre-Requisite: Nil 2 1 0 4 4
Module Topics L Hrs SLO
1 Basic Accounting Procedures: Double entry system
- Classification of Accounts – Golden Rules of
Accounting. 4 1,3,7
Accounting Cycle: Books of original record; Journal,
Ledger –Subsidiary Books - Trial Balance
2 Final Accounts: Preparation of Final Accounts;
4 1,6,7
Trading, Profit and Loss Account – B alance Sheet.
3 Financial Statement Analysis I : Analysis and
interpretation of financial statements from investor
and company point of view.
5 2,4,6,7
Financial Reporting: Corpor ate Financial Reporting
- Issues and problems with special r eference to
published financial statements IAS, IFRS.
4 Fundamentals of Financial management: Financial
Management - Meaning - Scope and Objectives – Finance
1 2,7
decisions- Financial goal: Profit maximization Vs. Wealth
Maximization- Role of finance manager.
5 Time Value of Money: Time preference for money- methods of
adjusting cash flows for time value of money : Compounding
Method, Discounting Method
Risk and Return: Introducing risk and return -Risk
5 2,3,6
Diversification: systematic and unsystematic risk - Beta - Risk-free
rate - risk premium
Sources of Finance: Introduction- Short-term Funds, Long-term
6 Finance Decisions: Cost of Capital - significance - Calculation of
cost of debt, preference capital, equity capital and retained
earnings; Weighted Average Cost of Capital. Capital Structure-
Determinants – Theories; Leverage: Financial and Operating
Leverage. 5 5,6,7
Investment Decisions : Nature of Investment Decisions,
Investment Evaluation criteria:net present value, internal rate of
return, profitability index, payback period, accounting rate of
7 Dividend Decisions : Determinants of Dividend, Forms of
dividends, Issues in Dividend Policy;Walter’s model, Gordon’s
model, M‐M hypothesis
4 5,6,7,8,9
Liquidity Decisions: Concepts of working capital- need of
working capital and its determinants – Types -Working capital
8 Contemporary topics 2
Total Lecture Hours 30
# Mode: Lecture,Individual Exer cises, Team Exer cises ,
Assignments and Continuous Assessment tests .
Tutorial 2,4,6,7,9
# A minimum of 2 problems to be worked out by students in 15
ever y Tutorial Class. Another 5 problems per Tutorial Class to
be given as home work.
Projects: 60
*1. Assessment of Financial performance using final accounts
2. Assessment of risk for different industry Contact
3. Financial decision making in listed companies Hours)

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2. I.M. Pandey (2015), Financial Management,11th Edition,Vikas Publications
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Recommended by the Board of Studies on: 3.3.2016
Compiled by: Dr. Seetharam V