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Product: Ascom Handset Accessories

Carrying, headset and other options



A broad range of genuine Ascom accessories Carrying Options

make it easy to adapt these versatile Accommodating a standard clip to attach to a pocket or a belt-mounted swivel
handsets to any work environment. clip, Ascom handsets may be protected with a customized leather case with a
transparent window.
For more information
Learn how genuine Ascom accessories Headsets
can improve the performance and conve- For convenient hands-free use, Ascom headsets offer a choice of an integrated
nience of our handsets, call 877-71ASCOM or boom microphone. Protection plugs are available to keep the headset jack
to speak with a product specialist today. free from moisture and debris when not in use.

For quick charging, choose between a desktop charger for a single handset or a
rack charger for multiple handsets. Extra batteries enable continuous handset
use and can be charged in the wall-mounted battery pack charger. A program-
ming charger option allows simultaneous software upgrades* and charging.

Central Management
Ascom’s easy central management feature means smooth, over-the-air handset
upgrades and reduced downtime. Individual settings for each handset are
stored and managed from one central location by the system administrator.
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Security String (31.5”) 660201 Standard Clip 660209 Standard Clip 660210 Standard Clip 660276 Standard Clip 660295 Swivel Clip 660197
d41/d62/d81/i62 d41 d62/i62 d81 Messenger d81 Protector d41

Swivel Clip 660200 Swivel Clip Set 660277 Leather Case 660212 Leather Case 660215 Leather Case 660282 Headset w/ Boom Mic DTX-9017
d62/i62 d81 Messenger & Protector d41 d62/i62 d81 d41/d62

Headset w/ Boom QD 660333 Adapter QD -2.5mm 660357 Adapter QD - d81 660279 Headset w/ Mic 2.5mm DTX-9016 Peltor Headset 660280 Peltor Adapter 660281
d41/d62/d81/i62 d41/d62/i62 d81 d41/d62/i62 d81 d81

Desktop Charger DC3-AABA Programming Charger DC4-AACA Programming Cradle DP1-AAAA Desktop Charger DC3-AABB Programming Charger DC4-AACB Multi-Charger CR3-ABAC
d41/d62/i62 d41/d62 i62 d81 d81 d41/d62/d81/i62

Multi-Charger w/ Ethernet/USB Battery 660177 Battery 660217 Battery 660273 Battery 660274 Battery Pack Charger CR4-AAAA
CR3-AAAC d41/d62/d81 d41 d62/i62 d81 d81 EX d62/i62

Turquoise 660302
Green 660303
Gray 660304
Orange 660305
PL-000009r3  © Ascom (US) Inc

Black 660334

Battery Pack Charger CR4-AAAB Battery Tool 660349 Pull Cord R281800 Face Plates
d81 d81 EX d81 Protector d81

Ascom (US) Inc.

598 Airport Blvd, Suite 300, Morrisville, NC 27560 | 877-71ASCOM | *In-charger software upgrade feature is not available for i62 handsets.