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1. For sanitary and water supply (c) 45.0m (d) 45.5m

works, what percentage of the 6. If light weight aggregates are used,
estimated cost of the building works then the density of conventional
are usually provided in an estimate? concrete is ______
(a) 8% for sanitary work and 7% (a) 980 to 2540 kg/m 3

for water supply work

(b) 1760 to 1280 kg/m 3

(b) 8% for sanitary work and 8%
(c) 2540 to 2560 kg/m 3
for water supply work

(d) 480 to 1760 kg/m 3
(c) 7% for sanitary work and 8%
for water supply work 7. The skylights are usually provided

for _______
(d) 7% for sanitary work and 7%
water supply work (a) inner portions of the building

2. Borda's mouthpiece is also known (b) sloping surface of the pitched
as ______ roof

(a) convergent (b) cylindrical (c) outer portions of the building

(c) divergent (d) re-entrant (d) all of the above

3. Which type of "Bogue compound" 8. The distance between bottom of the

will control the sulphate attack? bridge super structure and H.F.L is

known as ______
(a) C 4 AF content of 6%

(a) sluice level
(b) C 3 A content of 7%
(b) full tank level

(c) C 3 S content of 7%

(c) top bound level
(d) C 2 S content of 6%
(d) free board
4. Which type of door is suitable for

continuous heavy rush of traffic 9. The actual amount incurred in
perists? producing a commodity which has
some value is called as ______
(a) Flush door
(a) supplementary cost
(b) Wire gauge door
(b) price
(c ) Revolving door
(c) prime cost
(d ) None of the above
(d) cost
5. If the radial acceleration of
transition curve is 30cm/sec 3
, 10. The road intersection where all
radius is 200m and the velocity is converging vehicles are forced to
14m/sec. The length of the move round a large central island
transition curve is _____ in one direction before they can
weave out of traffic flow into their
(a) 46.0m (b) 46.5m
respective directions radiating from

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the central island is called as ____ (b) House sewer and municipal
(a) clover leaf sewer

(b) staggered intersection (c) Ventilating column and lateral

(c) rotary intersection
(d) Room or roof drain and the other
(d) skewed intersection
drain coming from bath and
11. The lateral deflection of a frame is kitchen
called as _________
17. What is the minimum horizontal
(a) Sinking distance for locating a privy pit

(b) Buckling from a well or a hand pump?
(c) Sway (a) 30 m (b) 50 m

(d) None of the above (c) 100 m (d) 70 m

12. What is the ruling minimum radius 18. Temporary arrangement of
of horizontal curve of a National boardings, wailings and struts
Highway in plain terrain with ruling which is provided to give support

design speed of 100 kmph? to sides of trench is known as
(a) 160 (b) 200 _________

(c) 360 (d) 400 (a) Centering (b) Timbering

13. What is the range of specific heat (c) Shuttering (d) Poling
of concrete? 19. The pitched roof consisting of rafters
(a) 820 to 1020 j/kg per sloping on one side only is termed

as ______
(b) 804 to 1270 j/kg per

(a) lean to roof (b) collar roof
(c) 840 to 1170 j/kg per
(c) scissors roof (d) coupled roof

(d) 800 to 840 j/kg per

20. The most suitable location of canal
14. What is the width of carriageway
head work is
to be adopted for two-lane road with

raised kerbs? (a) Rock stage of the river
(a) 8.0 m (b) 7.5 m (b) Boulder stage of the river
(c) 7.0 m (d) 5.5 m (c) Trough stage of the river
15. What is the minimum percentage (d) Delta stage of the river
of lime saturation present in 53 21. A vertical window built into the
Grade OPC? sloping side of a pitched roof is
(a) 1.20% (b) 0.8% known as ________
(c) 0.66% (d) 1.02% (a) dormer window
16. Intercepting traps are often provided (b) clerestory window
at the junction of (c) gable window
(a) Sullage pipe and floors of (d) corner window
kitchen and bath 22. The main cause of meandering is

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due to the _________ concrete

(a) presence of an excessive bed Which one of the following
slope in the river statement is correct?
(b) extra turbulence generated by (a) 3, 4 and 5 only
the excess of river sediment (b) 2, 3 and 5 only
during floods
(c) 1, 3 and 4 only
(c) degradation
(d) 1, 4 and 5 only
(d) none of the above
26. Which one of the following methods
23. If the pressure acting on the footing

is most commonly used in rural
is 40kPa, the consolidation areas for defluoridation?

settlement of the footing will be
(a) Activated sludge treatment
(b) Lime soda process

(a) 0.89m
(c) Nalgonda techique
(b) 8.9mm
(d) Co-precipitation

(c) 89.0m
27. Which of the following instrument
(d) None of the above
is used to measure small colour

24. The zero air voids curve is non- intensities precisely?
linear owing to

(a) Nephelometer
(a) The standard proctor test data
(b) Tintometer
of dry plotting as a non-lenear
curve (c) Baylis turbidimeter

(d) Nessler tubes

(b) The soil being compacted with
an odd number of blows 28. According to IS 10500:2012, what

(c) The dry density at 100% is the desirable limit for residual

saturation being a non-linear chlorine in mg/L?
function of the void ratio (a) 0.3 (b) 0.4

(d) The water content altering (c) 0.1 (d) 0.2
during compaction 29 . For an isotropic material, the
25. Consider the following statements: relationship between the young's
modulus (E) , shear modulus (G) and
The addition of surfactants in the
Poisson's ratio (  ) is given by
concrete mix results in:
1. increase in the water cement E E
(a) G  1   (b) G = 2 1 +  
2. decrease in the water cement
E 2E
ratio (c) G  1  2  (d) G  1  
3. increase in the strength of
30 . The necessary and sufficient
condition for a surface to be called
4. decrease in the curing duration as a free surface is
5. increase in the density of

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(a) no stress should be acting on it the outer rods will be

(b) tensile stress acting on it must
be zero
(c) shear stress acting on it must
be zero
(d) no point on it should be under
any stress
31 . A cantilever beam of tubular
section consists of 2 materials,

copper as outer cylinder and steel
(a) 16.67 kN each
as inner cylinder. It is subjected to

a temperature rise of 20°C and (b) 30 kN & 15 kN
 copper >  steel . The stresses develo- (c) 30 kN & 10 kN
ped in the tubes will be

(d) 21.4 kN & 14.3 kN
(a) Compression in steel and 34 . The bending moment diagram for a
tension in copper beam is given below:

(b) Tension in steel and compre- the shear force at sections aa' and
ssion in copper bb' respectively are of the magni-

(c) No stress in both tude

(d) Tension in both the materials 200 kNm
32 . An elastic isotropic body is an
hydrostatic state of stress as shown

in the figure. For no change in the 100 kNm

volume to occur. What should be it's
Poisson's ratio ?

a’ b’

1m 1m
(a) 100 kN, 150 kN
(b) zero, 100 kN

(c) zero, 50 kN
(d) 100 kN, 100 kN
35 . Group I give the shear force
(a) 0.00 (b) 0.25
diagrams and
(c) 0.50 (d) 1.00
Group II gives the diagrams of
33 . A rigid bar is suspended by three beams with supports and loading.
rods made of the same material as Match the Group I and
shown in the figure. The area and
Group II.
length of the central rod are 3A and
L, respectively while that of the two
outer rods are 2A and 2L,
respectively. if a downward force of
50 kN is applied to the rigid bar,
the force in the central and each of

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Codes :

(a) 4 2 1 3
(b) 5 4 1 3
(c) 2 5 3 1

(d) 2 4 1 3

37 . Out of the following, which may be

termed as an unstratified Rock?

Codes: (a) Sandstone
P Q R S (b) Limestone

(a) 3 1 2 4 (c) Marble
(b) 3 4 2 1 (d) Slate
(c) 2 1 4 3 38. A stone is rejected if it absorbs
(d) 2 4 3 1 water more than
36 . List I shows different loads acting (a) 5%
on a beam and List II shows (b) 10%
different bending moment distri- (c) 20%
butions. Match the load with the
(d) 25%
corresponding bending moment
39. Which of the following is a Rock?
(a) Quartz
(b) Mica
(c) Gypsum
(d) None of the above

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40 . Hardness of the rock can be tested releasing carbon dioxide is known

insitu using as
(a) Smith's test (a) Charging
(b) Schmidt Hammer test (b) Calcining
(c) Acid test (c) Drawing
(d) Crystallization test (d) Hydrating
41 . The most suitable stone for building 46. Select cement.
piers is Out of the following, which may be
(a) Granite used in mass concrete construction ?

(b) Limestone 1. Low heat Portland cement

(c) Marble 2. Portland blast furnace slag
(d) Sandstone cement
3. Portland pozzolana cement

42. Under heat and pressure, granite
can transform into 4. Rapid hardening Portland
(a) Quartzite cement

(b) Marble The correct answer is-
(a) Only 1

(c) Slate
(d) Gneiss (b) 1 and 2

43. Oleic acid may be used in the (c) 1,2 and 3
manufacture of (d) All
(a) White cement 47. The fineness modulus of fine

(b) Hydrophobic cement aggregate is

(c) Anti-bacterial cement (a) 2.0 to 3.5 (b) 3.5 to 5.0
(c) 5.0 to 7.0 (d) 6.0 to 8.5

(d) Portland pozzolana cement

44. capillary pores in the hydrated 48. For a constant water cement ratio,
cement paste decrease in aggregate cement ratio

(a) Are not interconnected and
contain adsorbed water (a) Increase in workability
(b) Are interconnected and contain (b) Decrease in workability
adsorbed water (c) No change in workability
(c) Are interconnected and contain (d) None of these
water that can be used for 49. In concrete, Calcium sulphate may
subsequent hydration of act as
(a) An accelerator
(d) Are not interconnected but
(b) A retarder
contain some quantity of gel
(c) An air entraining agent
(d) An air detraining agent
45. The operation of converting
limestone into quickime by heating 50. The concrete cubes are prepared,
cured and tested according to India
it to temperatures upto 900 C and

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standard code number

(a) IS: 515 (b) IS: 516
(c) IS: 517 (d) IS: 518
51. Floor area ratio (F.A.R) means

Total floor area of all floors - Area of ground floor
Area of plot

Total floor area of all floors - Area of ground floor The above figure represents plan
Area of plinth
and section of an excavation layout.
Total floor area of all floors
The volume of earthwork in
Area of plot
excavation of foundation trench is

Total floor area of all floors
(d) Area of plinth (a) 6.528 Cu.m (b) 8.064 Cu.m

52. The damp proof course is measured (c) 8.832 Cu.m (d) 9.600 Cu.m
in 56. The follwing document contains

(a) Length (b) Area detailed description of all items of
work excluding their quantities,
(c) Volume (d) Weight

along with the current rates
53. The cross-section of a strip footing
(a) Analysis of rates
is shown below

(b) Tender document
(c) Abstract estimate

(d) Schedule of rate
57. The shear stress at the neutral axis
in a beam of triangular section with

a base of 40 mm and height 20 mm,

The quantity of BFS under the subjected to a shear force of 3 kN
footing per meter length is is

(a) 3 MPa (b) 6 MPa

(a) 0.750 Cu.m (b) 0.750 sq.m
(c) 0.056 Cu.m (d) 0.066 Sq.m (c) 10 MPa (d) 20 MPa

54. The cross-section of a road partly 58. The first moment of area about the
in banking and partly in cutting is axis of bending for a beam cross
shown in the following figure, the section is
area of the shaded portion is (a) moment of inertia
(b) section modulus
(c) shape factor
(d) polar moment of inertia
59. A disc of radius r has a hole of radius
r/2 cut-out as shown. The centroid
2 2 of the remaining disc at a radial
1 b-rd  1 b-rd 
(a)  (b)  distance from the centre O is
2 r-s 3 r-s
60 . Consider the following statements
2 2 for air-entrained concrete
1 b+rd  1 b+rd 
(c)  (d)  (i) Air -entrainment reduces the
2 r-s 3 r-s

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water demand for a given level Codes:

of workability A B C D
(ii) Use of air-entrained concrete is (a) 2 4 1 3
required in environments where
(b) 2 1 4 3
cyclic freezing and thawing is
(c) 2 4 3 1
(d) 4 3 1 2
Which of the following is TRUE?
63 . If the characteristic strength of
(a ) Both (i) and (ii) are True
concrete f ck is defined as the
(d) Both (i) and (ii) are False
strength below which not more than

(c) (i) is True and (ii) is False 50% of the test results are expected
(d) (i) is False and (ii) is True to fall, the expression for f ck in terms

61 . Workability of concrete can be of mean strength f m and standard
measured using slump, compaction deviation  would be

factor and Vee-Bee time. Consider
(a) fm – 0.1645  (b) fm – 1.645 
the following statements for

workability of concrete (c) f m (d) fm + 1.645 
(i) As the slump increases, the Vee- 64 . Modulus of elasticity of M25 grade

Bee time increases concrete in MPa is
(ii) As the slump increases, the (a) 25000 (b) 36000

compaction factor increases
(c) 45600 (d) 54000
Which of the following is TRUE?
65 . The modulus of rupture of concrete
(a) Both (i) and (ii) are True gives

(b) Both (i) and (ii) are False

(a) the direct tensile strength of the
(c) (i) is True and (ii) is False concrete

(d) (i) is False and (ii) is True (b) the direct compressive strength

62 . Match List I (List of test methods of the concrete
for evaluating properties of concrete) (c) the tensile strength of the

with List II (List of properties) and concrete under bending
select the correct answer using the (d) the characteristic strength of
codes given below the lists the concrete
List - I
A. Resonant frequency test
B. Rebound hammer test
C. Split cylinder test
D. Compacting factor test
List - II
1. Tensile strength
2. Dynamic modulus of elasticity
3. Workability
4. Compressive strength (a) r/2 (b) r/3

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(c) r/6 (d) r/8

66. Prying Forces are
(a) Shearing forces on the bolts
because of the joints 100 mm
(b) Tensile forces due to the
flexibility of connected ports
(c) Bending forces on the bolts
because of the joints
(a) 245.3 mm (b) 229.2 mm
(d) Forces due the friction between

connected ports (c) 205.5 mm (d) 194.8 mm
67. Rivet value is defined as 70 . A fillet-welded joint of 6 mm size is

shown in the figure. The welded
(a) lesser of the bearing strength
surfaces meet at 60-90 degree and
of rivet and the shearing

permissible stress in the fillet weld
strength of the rivet
is 108 MPa. The safe load that can
(b) lesser of the bearing strength
be transmitted by the joint is

of rivet and the tearing strength
of thinner plate

(c) greater of the bearing strength
of rivet and the shearing

strength of the rivet
(d) lesser of the shearing strength (a) 162.7 kN (b) 151.6 kN
of the rivet and the tearing (c) 113.4 kN (d) 109.5 kN

strength of thinner plate
71 . Maximum size of a fillet weld for a

68 . As per IS : 800 - 1984, the minimum plate of square edge is
pitch of rivets in a row is

(a) 1.5 mm less than the
recommended as the diameter of the

thickness of the plate
rivet times
(b) one half of the thickness of the
(a) 2.0 (b) 2.5

(c) 3.0 (d) 4.0
(c) thickness of the plate itself
69 . Two plates, subjected to direct
(d) 1.5 mm more than the thick-
tension, each of 10 mm thickness
ness of the palte
and having widths of 100 mm and
175 mm, respectively are to be fillet 72. An invar tape is made of an alloy of
welded with an overlap of 200 mm. (a) Copper and steel
Given that the permissible weld (b) Brass and nickel
stress is 110 MPa and the (c) Brass and steel
permissible stress in steel is 150
(d) Nickel and steel
MPa, the length of the weld required
73. The line normal to the plumb line
using the maximum permissible
is known as
weld size as per IS : 800 - 1984 is
(a) Horizontal line (b) Level line
(c) Datum line (d) Vertical line

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74. The accuracy of measurement in scale 1:5000 is true ?

chain surveying does not depand (a) Map A is a large scale map as
upon compared to map B
(a) Length of the offset (b) Map B is a large scale map
(b) Scale of the plotting compared to map A
(c) Importance of the features (c) Map B is a more detailed map
(d) General layout of the chain compared to map A
lines (d) None of the above
75. A building is an obstacle to 80. The best method of interpolation of

(a) Both chaining and ranging contour is
(b) Chaining but not ranging (a) Estimation

(c) Ranging but not chaining (b) Graphical mean
(d) Neither chaining nor ranging (c) Computation

76. Which of the following scale is the (d) All of these
smallest one? 81 . Levelling deals with measurement

(a) 4:200000 in
(b) 1 cm = 5000 m (a) Horizontal plane

(c) 1 cm = 50 m (b) Vertical plane

(d) RF = 1/50000 (c) Both horizontal and vertical
77 . A level line is a
(d) Inclined plane
(a) Line parallel to the mean

spherical 82. If the soil sample is having porosity

50% and degree of saturation is
(b) Line passing through centre of
90%. Then its percentage air voids
cross hairs and centre of eye-


(a) 5% (b) 50%
(c) Line passing through object line
and the eye-piece (c) 45% (d) 4.5%

(d) Horizontal line 83. A negative value of the group index
of a soil is reported as
78. 'offset' are
(a) A positive value of the same
(a) Lateral measurements from
magnitude dropping the nega-
chain line
tive sign
(b) Ties or check lines which are
(b) Zero
perpendicular to chain line
(c) Neagtive value, as GI may be
(c) Sets of minor measurement in
chain surveying
(d) GI is reported as non-exist
(d) Chain lines which go out
alignment 84. The moisture content of soil below
which the soil volume become
79 . Which of the following statements
constant is called the
in respect of a map A having scale
1:1000 and another map B having (a) Liquid limit

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(b) Plastic limit (a) 0.98 m/s (b) 0.76 m/s

(c) Shrinkage limit (c) 2.2 m/s (d) 1.36 m/s
(d) All of these 91. Lining of irrigation canals
85. If the voids of a soil mass are full of (a) Decrease the water logging
air only, the soil is termed as area
(a) Air entrained soil (b) Increase the water logging area
(b) Partially saturated soil (c) Does not change the water
(c) Dry soil logging area
(d) None of the above (d) Increases evaporation

86 . When the plastic limit of a soil is 92. For unlined canals, the freeboard
is measured from the

greater than the liquid limit, then
the plasticity index is reported as (a) Full supply level to top of the
(a) Negative bank

(b) Zero (b) Top of the bank to bed of the
(c) Non-plastic (NP)

(c) Full supply level to top of the
(d) None of the above

87. In a steady flow
(d) None of the above
(a) Local acceleration is zero
93. The recommended camber for

(b) Convective acceleration is zero
water-bound macadam road is
(c) Both the local as well as
(a) 1 in 40 to 1 in 50
convective accelerations are

(b) 1 in 33 to 1 in 40

(c) 1 in 25 to 1 in 33
(d) None of the local and convective
acceleration is zero (d) 1 in 20 to 1 in 25

88. The discharge over a 90° V-notch 94. The camber for hill roads in case of

is given as Q =1.37H 5/2 , where Q is bituminous surface is adopted as
in m 3 /s and H in m. the C d of the (a) 2.0% (b) 2.5%

notch is (c) 3.0% (d) 3.5%
(a) 0.611 (b) 0.580 95. In highway construction on super
(c) 0.464 (d) 0.710 elevated curves, the rolling shall
89. The pitot tube is used to measure proceed from
(a) Velocity at stagnation point (a) Side towards the centre
(b) Stagnation pressure (b) Centre towards the sides
(c) Static pressure (c) Lower edge towards the upper
(d) Dynamic pressure
(d) Upper edge towards the lower
90. An earthen channel has been
designed on Lacey formulae to carry
a full supply discharge of 30 m 3
/s. 96. In a grit chamber, in a sewage
The mean velocity of flow at this treatment plant
discharge is (a) Flow velocity 0.15-0.3 m/s is

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(b) Depth 0.9-1.2 m is kept
(c) Det. time = 1 min
(d) All of the above
97. A trap which admits wastewater
from floors of bath and kitchen is
(a) Intercepting trap
(b) Nahani trap

(c) Gulley trap

(d) S trap
98. The minimum diameter of an ope-
ning of a manhole should be

(a) 25 cm (b) 50 cm
(c) 75 cm (d) 100 cm

99 . List I List II

(Unit of measurement) (Type of work)
A. Cubic metre 1. Lead

B. Square metre 2. Cutting of trees
C. Numbers 3. Surface dre-
D. Metre 4. Earth work



A. 1 2 3 4

B. 3 4 2 1
C. 2 4 3 2

D. 1 1 4 3
100.In a sedimentation tank
(a) Surface area is of more
importance than capacity
(b) Depth is more important than
surface area
(c) Capacity is more important than
surface area
(d) None of these

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