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ArrorNry GenzEa or Missourr JErrerson Grry JOSHUA D. HAWLEY P.0. Box 299) “AUTORNEY GENERAL 65102 (678) 751-8921 August 30, 2018 Hon. Kimberly Gardner St. Louis Circuit Attorney Carnahan Courthouse 1114 Market Street, Room 401 St. Louis, Missouri 63101 Via email to Dear Circuit Attomey Gardner: Based on media reports, the Attorney General’s Office (“AGO”) understands that the Circuit Attomey’s Office (“CAO”) has adopted an “exclusion list” identifying 28 officers of the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department from whom the CAO will no longer accept cases. Earlier this afternoon, Michael Martinich-Sauter, the AGO’s General Counsel, spoke with your staff to request a copy of the exclusion list and the factual and legal bases for each officer's inclusion on the list. I understand that your steff will be in touch with our Office to discuss this ‘matter further by tomorrow. Members of the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department frequently serve as important witnesses in both civil and criminal cases litigated by the AGO, and it is imperative that we know which officers are included on the list and the grounds for their inclusion, We look forward to receiving this information as soon as possible Sincerely, Joshua D. Hawley Missouri Attorney General ‘