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Republic of the Philippines S ssa LEYTE NORMAL UNIVERSITY Sass z50122 Tacloban City ®. oemenae LYSANDER G. NAVALES YEO Director iil Service Commission Guindapunan, Palo, Leyte Dear Director Nav ‘We would lke to respectfully request for publication of the hereunder vacant positions in the (CSC Bulletin of Vacant Positions in the government. ‘QUAUFICATION STANDARDS POSTION TITLE ITEM No. | 56 Education Experience | Training | elgibility feass: ‘Tyearsin postion | —aOhou oF | —caeerlanwe l1-chiet Administrative ‘nvolwng raining in| “Protesnonat va Pas2008 1/24) Maiti management and |management and] (Second Level vupervsion |" supervuon | ty) sua acheersDewee | 2yearsot nant [a nous ot elevint| —provsnons satire Officer ¥ pee 2004 | an] Bachelors Dears te renown) | blest r Trew Serve sacompunee Mairtanance wcreters ewer |g, enerecieng | Provan Technologist, ee tee 11) elevant to the job eed ee (Second Level Eigoey) Career Serve adormitry Manager! fuun-oormer-.2005 | 12 ronereauiret | nonereoures | _rolessond oe icant NU 1-198 ~| Sashes none required. none veavires peiens “assistant mena relevant to the job (Second Level ug —— Gaeta econstruction Mantnanee | iy cya i998 | Mctelrscearre | snereaures | nenemguree | omecne ‘Foreman ee . relevant to the job {Second Level ibe RRR TTS AsColege Ubrarian | LNuB-cts-1-1999 2a oem | nenereaured — | renevequres | RANCHO ‘rant ove ie 7208 11] ScatersScers Tnoneregirea | venereauree | wasiono «| oe come none required none-reauires | Professional (Hist ssdminitrate aides |AMUR-ADAB.I8-2004 aio are tara PREPARED By | Sagoo APPROVED BY: wh laar ee Unierty President se