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Leyte National High School

Tacloban City

Pre and Post Assessment

Grade 9 – MAPEH

Choose the right answer from the choices. Answer in letters only:


1. A concerto referring to a presentation with full orchestra and a soloist.

a. tutti b. basso continuo c. solo concerto

2. Which statement is true about the baroque period?

a. melodies are less dynamic c. music compositions are accessible

b. early composers favoured homophonic texture d. known for the simplicity of musicians

3. A baroque music style developed mainly by imitative counterpoint.

a. chorale b. oratorio c. toccata d. fugue

4. Most of mass music’s text were set to melismatic. Melismatic means ________.

a. many notes to one syllables c. One note to many syllable

b. One note set to one syllable d. Few notes set to one syllable

5. The even that pave the way for a wide distribution of Renaissance Periods compositions.

a. The invention of printing c. Martin Luther’s protestant

b. The discovery of earth’s actual position in the solar system d. The invention of compass

6. Popular music during the latter part of the medieval Period which is not bount by Catholic traditions.

a. Solo Music b. Instrumental music c Secular music d. sacred music

7. The Classical era is also known as the_____________.

a. Sonata b. Classical c. Homophonic d. Sonata Allegro

8. The term which refers to an Italian opera is the_________.

a. Opera Buffa b. Opera Seria c. Opera Comique d. Concerto

9. A multi-movement work for an instrumental soloist and orchestra is called___________.

a. Concerto b. Symphony c. Sonata d. Sonata Allegro

10. __________is the general texture for the Classical Music.

a. Homophonic b. Polyphonic c. Monophonic d. Solo

11. A Section of the sonata allegro form where the theme is introduced is _________.

a. Exposition b. Development c. recapitulation d. Sonata

12. The__________ is a multi-movement work for orchestra.

a. Concerto b. Sonata c. Symphony d. Classical

13. Music of the Romantic Period started in the year________.

a. 1500-1578 b. 1590-1610 c. 1735-1800 d. 1820-1910

14. Frederick Chopin wrote most of his music for the following instrument.

a. Violin b. Flute c. Piano d. Orchestra

15. What does the term ‘’Nationalism’’ Means?

a. Being patriotic c. Having a strong feeling for one’s nation

b. Pride in one’s own composition d. Pride for another country or culture

16. Name of the composer who bridged the classical period to the romantic period.

a. Bach b. Bruckner c. Berlioz d. Beethoven

17. Which of this is not a characteristic of the romantic period?

a. A freedom in writing and designing an intense personal expression of self-emotion

b. Has a rich variety of piece types

c. Has a shape and unity of the theme

d. The texture are more expressive

18. Which of the following is NOT a type of Program Music?

a. Song cycle b. Symphonic poem c. Concert overture d. Incidental music

19. Classifying the voice of the singer is important in order to guide us with the choice of songs to be
given what is the range of a mezzo-soprano?

a. C4-C6 b. C3-C5 c. F3-F5 d. A3-A5

20. Romantic vocal forms like the art songs and Operas were mostly about;

a. Fantasy b. Advent c. Resurrection d. Halloween

21. German Composer who developed Lieder.

a. Lizst b. Havdn c. Goethe d. Schubert

23. Richard Wagner made used of this musical sequences in most of his operas.

a. Oratorio b. Aria c. Lieder d. Leitmotifs

24. French composer who became famous for bis opera ‘’Carme’’.

a. George Bizet b. Verdi c. Puccini d. Richard Wagner

25. Which of the following statements is true about opera?

a. Opera technique is called bel Canto, which means beautiful singing.

b. Opera singers often sing in Italian and never French

c. Opera singers were trained only for a short period of time.

d. Opera singers are only asked to sing short phrases and to sing loud.


26. Their sculptures show perfect human anatomy.

a. Roman Classical b. Greek Classical c. Byzantine d. none of the three

27. The Court of Empress Theodora mosaic is an example of an artwork during this period.

a. Renaissance b. Byzantine c. Baroque d. Classical

28. The Last Judgement, Tymapnum of the West Portal, Cathedral of Saint-Lazare are examples of
sculputures what era?

a. Classical b. Romanesque c. Renaissance d. Gothic

29. It is an art process where you create an image using an assemblage of small pieces of colored glass,
stone, or other materials.

a. tropme-l’-oeil b. mosaic c. stained glasss d. collage

30. It is a method of painting water-based pigments on a freshly applied plaster usually on wall surface

a. Acrylic b. Fresco c. Encuastic d. Tropme-l’-oeil

31. It is a method of applying pigments mixed with beeswax and fixed with heat after its application.

a. Encuastic b. Fresco c. Acrylic d. Tropme-l’-oeil

32. It means rebirth.

a. Renaissance b. Baroque c. Sculpture d. Pintings

33. It means an irregular shaped pearl.

a. Renaissance b. Baroque c. Stone d. Glass

34. Which among the 4 choices is not an artist of the renaissance Period?

a. Da Vinci b. Michaelangelp c. Bernini d. Goya

35. It is regarded as one of the world’s most reproduced religious picture.

a. Mona Lisa b. Adoration of the Magi c. Last Supper d. David

36. A type of artwork from the renaissance period which was characterized by its symmetry and balance

a. Painting b. sculpture c. architecture d. portrait

37. He was the first Italian baroque artist.

a. Bernini b. Rubens c. Rembrandt d. Renoir

38. This is the renewed interest in classical ideals and forms that influenced European and American
society through idea, politics and fine arts.

a. Romanticism b. Neo-romanticism c. Classicism d. Neo-classicism

39. A Latin word referring to the basement of the Roman Colosseum.

a. Oblation b. Spoliarium c. Gothic d. Arena

40. _________ is a movement in which the artist of neo-classical period sought to break new ground in
the expression of emotion, both subtle and stormy.

a. Classical b. Romanticism c. Pointillism d. Arts

41. This artist achieved brilliant visual effects using small, adjacent strokes of contrasting color.

a. Delacroix b. Renoir c. Pointillism d. Arts

42. The Raft of Medusa is painting by _________ that portrays the victim of a contemporary shipwreck.

a. Delacroix b. Renoir c. Gericault d. Goya

43. This painting commemorates the French revolution july of 1830.

a. The Burial of Sardine c. Departure of the Volunteers

b. Jeanne d’ Arc d. Liberty leading the people

44. ”Place of Seeing”.

a. movie house b. television c. theatre d. video

45. Who among the choices is the “god of wine”?

a. Aeschylus b. Dionysus c. Euripides d. Sophocles

46. In this era, the actors were viewed as dangerous and pagans so they were not allowed to perform
around Europe. What era in the history of Europe these events happened.

a. Medieval b. Renaissance c. Byzantine d. Baroque

47. A formalized form of dance, which originated in Italian courts.

48. This is the area of a theatre surrounding the stage opening.

a. Creon b. Jocasta c. Oedipus d. Sophocles

50. Who is the author of the famous Romeo and Juliet play?

a. Macbeth b. Shakespeare c. William tell d. Stratford


51. What system in sports is used to maintain order and fairness in implementing rules?

a. Sports Officiating b. Sports Psychology c. Sports science d. Sports youth

52. Hydration is important in officiating especially in running continuously for long minutes. Sports
officials do not have the luxury of a time out. If they want to hydrate their body, whats the best drink to

a. energy drink b. soft drinks c. sports drink d. water

53. Aside from improper eating habits, what habit also causes diabetes?

a. genetics b. jogging c. environment d. sedentary lifestyle

54. Officiating has a high physical demand, especially in sports like basketball, soccer and combative
sports. What should the referee do PRIOR to doing his/her officiating task?

a. Warm up b. Dynamic Stretching c. Static Stretching d. Proceed to officiate

55. In what way wiil our knowledge and skills in sports officiating skills help our community?

a. Save money during sports competition

b. Train youth in sports related activities like as athletes and sports officiala

c. Reduces the case of delinquent youth in the communities.

d. All of the above

56. What is the BEST value that a sports official must possess?

a. Fairness b. Punctuality c. Unjust d. All of these

57. which of the following is a term used to refer to dances primarily intended to get to know other
people in a certain formal or semi-formal occasion?

a. ballroom dance b. dance sport c. festival dance d. social dance

58. Social dancing can prevent some diseases caused by sedentary lifestyle, if regularly performed.
Which of the following does NOT belong to the group?

a. diabetes b. lung cancer c. obesity d. weight gain

59. Which of the following best describe social dances?

a. Social dances are for pairs only c. Social dances are dances that improve skills

b. Social dances can be competed d. Social dances are dances that entertain people

60. “It takes two tango”. What does this quote mean?

a. A Tango requires two ndividuals to dance

b. Insists in excecuting dance steps including aerial combination

c. One can influence the community fitness consciousness effectively.

d. To be a good player or athlete in a certain sport.

61. The following are dance etiquettes that should be cpnsidered in a social dancing activity except one:

a. Wear appropriate dancing attire

b.Insist in excecuting dance steps including aerial combination

c. ask someone promptly if you wish to dance with him or her

d. Always follow counter clockwise as line of direction in social dancing

62. The following are reasons why fitness is a universal concern except one:

a. We face different challenges everyday and it’s just but proper to keep ourselves fit

b. Everyone needs to be physically fit to meet daily physical challenges.

c. One can influence the community fitness consciousness effectively.

d. To be a goog player or athlete in a certain sport.

63. Which of these is a cultural dance performed to the strong beats of percussion instruments by a
community of people sharing the same culture.

a. Cultural dance b. Festival dance c. folk dance d. social dance

64. Each festival is uniquely different with other festivals. What do you call the gathering and battle of
all festivals within the country?

a. Aliwan Fiestta b. Dinagyang Festival c. Festival of festivals d. Mother of all festival

65. How can festical dancing contribute to one’s fitness and well-being?

a. It reduces the risk of cardio-respiratory diseases

b. It facilities teamwork and sense of community

c. It maximizes our use of energy and enhace cardio-repiratory health

d. It is a good form of exercise

67. Why is festival dancing an excellent way to reduce or maintain one’s weight?

a. It exhauste one’s energy to the extent that he can hardly catch his breath off.

b. It burns desired number of calories stored in the body depending on the intensity of the activity

c. It easily burns fat off

d. It makes one achieve a desired body figure

68. How can one best benefit from festival dancing activities?

a. They help one achieve a personally active lifestyle

b. they contribute to the enhancement of community awareness

c. They develop one’s awareness of his own and other’s culture through festivals.

d. All of the above

69. Activities done during free time is called recreation. What is the primary reason why one engages in
recreational activity?

a. fun b. fitness c. enjoyment d. fundamentals

70. What physical component is needed for a badminton player to quickly return the shuttle?

a. speed b. Agility c. Strength d. Endurance

71.. Why did William Morgan invent volleyball?

a. To make his clients busy c. To make fun out of nothing

b. To make his clients physically fit d. to create an indoor recreational activity during
winter season

72. You were invited to talk on how to prevent diseases and live a healthy and quality life. What would
be the focus of your talk?

a. The health history of the family c. The attitude and behavior of the family

b. The environment where the community is d. The nutrition and physical activity of the family

73. In hiking, what fitness component is required of you?

a. Speed b. Agility c. strength d. Endurance

74. Yorina, a junior high school student had a BMI of 30. Her classification falls into _________.

a. Normal b. Underweight c. Overweight d. Obese

75. Larissa wants to have a healthy weight range. What can she do to maintain her weight?

a. The intake of food depends on her mood

b. The calorie intake is more than the energy expenditure

c. The energy expenditure is more than the calorie intake

d. The intake of calorie should be equal to the energy expenditure


76. Which best describes community health as an art and science?

a. It maintains, protects and improves the health of all members of the community through
organized and sustained community efforts.

b. It maintains and improves the health of all members of the community through organized and
sustained community efforts

c. It protects and improves the health of all members of the community through organized and
sustained community efforts.

d. It maintains, protects and improves the health of all members of the community.

77. What environmental problem reduces the ability of the soil to store water and support plant growth

a. Soil Erosion b. Illegal Mining c. Oil Spill d. Deforestation

78. Which best describes the benefits of a healthy environment?

a. Less disease, less health care cost

b. Active community involvement

c. More budget for health problems, increases supply of medicines

d. More community projects for community development

79. Which of the following environmental problems causes Climate Change?

a. Oil Spill b. Deforestation c. Pollution d. Flash floods

80. Which of the following programs of department of health promotes community health?

a. Material Health b. Primary Health Care c. Child Health Care d. Control of

communicable disease

81. Why do we need to ensure community health on planning for community development?

a. To attain a luxury of life c. To keel the safety of the community

b. To live in clean, safe and comfortable home d. To maintain an enjoyable lifestyle

82. Which of the following a problem is a leading causes of environmental destruction?

83. One of the statement below does Not describe a community health

a. A clean and safe environment c. An environment that meets everyone’s needs

b. An environment that promotes social d. An environment that is fully aware of its daily

harmony and actively involves everyone opportunities

84. Which of these exaples is not an effect of Climate Change?

a. Dead trees from oil spillage c. Increased risk of drought,fire and floods

b. More health related illness and disease d. economic losses

85. Which basic method of Refuse Disposal is the next step after storage?

a. Burning b. Composting c. Collection d. Final Disposal

86. Why is it important to follow proper techniques and procedures in giving first aid?

a. It may lead to further harm c. It can replace a nurse or a doctor

b. It can alleviate pain and save lives d. It gives initial treatment to an injured person

87. To whom can you apply your knowledge and skills in first aid?

a. oneself b. family c. community d. all of the above

88. When do we use primary survey on the victim?

a. when victim is conscious c. when the victim is unconscious

b. During the survey of the scene d. After the victim has regained his consciousness

89. Injuries happen at any time. What should we do to prevent unintentional injuries?

a. We must reduce the risk of accidents c. We must practice safety measures at all times

b. We must equip ourselves with d. All of the above

knowledge and skills in first aid

90. Which is the correct sequence indoing emergency action principles?

1.Survey the scene

2. Check for reponsiveness

3. Do primary survey of the victim

4. Do secondary victim of the victim

a. 1,2,4,3 b. 1,2,3,4 c. 4,3,2,1 d. 1,3,2,4

True or False: Direction; write A, if the statement is true. Write B, if the statement is false.

91. A gealthy community should have a diverse and innovative economy.

92. Local officials are the ones directly involve in community development to promote a healthy

93. Primary Health Care is the only government organization which has the primary role in
thepromotion of community health.

94. Reproductive Health Care Unit give counseling on Family Planning.

95. Maternal Health Program caters Prenatal and Tooth Extraction services in the community.

96. Rubbish consists of all the things that ar not in house, shop or factory and are regularly thrown away.
97. Storage is one way of reforming or breaking down waste products back to their component for reuse

98. Light can also be a potential type of pollution.

99. Coral Reef degradation is considered as a global environmental problem.

100. Deforestation happens when soil and rock are moved from one place to another by wind, water
and gravity.