IVR with SCE

IVR with Service Creation Environment

Ensuring a telecommunications infrastructure open to change, scalable and easy to manage is essential in today's markets. IVR Service Creation Environment faces this challenge letting carriers, network operators and system integrators create and deploy new and original IVR services fast and cost effective, controlling and safeguarding investments in equipment and applications.

Key B e n e f i t s
IN SWITCH Technology Powered by Erlang, Ericsson licensed technology Flexibility We customize our products according to specific requirements Time Our implementation time frame is weeks, not months Price We commit to provide the most cost effective solution to both operators and system integrators PRODUCT - Standard Based XML - Scalable architecture - Openness allows interaction with several external resources and switch environment (HLR, TCP/IP, File Access) - Full IVR & Call Control (audio playback, recording, prompt inbound and outbound call handling, etc) - High Performance allows the telecommunication environment to sustain dynamic loads in real time - Fully integration with existing platforms - Low investment - Very fast service creation and deployment with no effort - Friendly and simple, yet powerful graphic interface - Wide option of predefined nodes

Product description
IVR Service Creation Environment includes a IVR Service Builder (part of IMIX Service BuilderR) and an Application Server for developing and deploying new IVR services. IVR Service Builder is a graphical user interface for create services easily, and it uses the Application Server to interact with the IVR engine, HLR, etc. These tools make the perfect solution, ensuring flexibility to create the application and be reconfigured easily for a diverse range of services. Examples of IVR services that can be created are: · · · Voice Mail IVR Infotainment Prepaid Services (Prepaid accounts, Calling Cards, Balance inquire)

O p e ra t o r B e n e f i t s
Operator can build their own IVR services Quick and easy learning of the tool Shorter IVR service creation time Easy integration with external services Growing list of built-in commands which simplify service creation Introducing new IVR services in the market, increases revenue and reduces churn

Customer Benefits
New IVR services are available sooner Due to easy service development, users can enjoy more feature rich IVR services like infotainment services, VoiceMail and more, with lower tariffs

ERICSSON Licensed Technology

Next Generation Services

Each command is represented by an icon in the IVR Service Builder interface. each command included in a service is compiled into a voice-xml file (*.us EMEA: 1387 Route de Valbonne 06410 Biot.inswitch. HLRs. ask for a digit. France Tel: +33-0-6-03359427 Fax: +33-0-4-93655773 emea@inswitch.us .us LATIN AMERICA: Roque Graseras 660 . etc) and has its own set of parameters and logic. as we power our systems with Erlang. with commercial offices in U. Europe. Pakistan Tel: +92-51-2800397-8 Fax: +92-51-2800399 inswasia@inswitch. Fe a t u re s S u m m a r y SS7 integration Full file access Commercial third party prepaid interface Open ports for external execution Ticket Generation Large base of built-in commands Integration with HLR MAIN HEADQUARTER . specify the node's parameters and with a final click generate the service. The graphical user environment eliminates the need of writing lines of code to build a new IVR service. FLA 33166 4807 .us / info@inswitch. Comverse.us ASIA: Ground Floor.S.A. Asia and Latin America. make an outgoing call. About IN Switch IN Switch is a leading provider of robust. cost effective telecom systems and value added services. giving the builder the ability to create sequences of commands which reflect the logic of the service. and we count on commercial and technological alliances worldwide.US: 7247 NW 54th ST APT B248 Miami. just drag and drop nodes to the editor's workspace. Each command implements an action (play a sample. the Application Server will parse the voice-xml files generated by IVR Service builder. Every service created with the IVR Service Builder is composed of a set of commands.: +598-2-7116197 Next Generation Services www. At service invocation time. IVR Service Creation Environment ships with a core of powerful built-in commands which enable interaction with IVR engine.vxml). reading its parameters and executing the services in interaction. reading/writing to the filesystem and more. open. Uruguay Tel/Fax: +598-2-7104457 Tel. where we have our main development center. Our technology is a key differentiator.11300 Montevideo.US Tel: +1-305-3578076 Fax: +1-305-7686260 info@inswitch. so after creation a service will be composed of a set of such files. our customers are operators as well as system integrators. an open telecom platform and running environment developed and supported by Ericsson. flexible. At service creation time. As a private owned company. Saudi Pak Tower 61-A Jinnah Avenue Islamabad.IVR with SCE IVR with Service Creation Environment Product Overview IVR Service Builder is a very powerful tool for designing IVR applications. It can invoke other commands.

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