Psychic Self-Defense The Psyche's Weak Points


Hypersexuality is another human condition in which elementals have become considerably involved, and which very often is either caused or greatly increased by them. Ordinary sexual intercourse between regular partners is not greatly troubled by elementals; the two persons concerned are accustomed to exchanging their energies, there is no high level of emotion, and there is nothing to impair their auras — or we may say in such a case, their joint aura. Where there is any feeling of guilt, which is basically a form of fear, the aura is likely to be weakened; and intercourse where there is an emotional and therefore energic reaction of unusual violence (which sometimes accompanies a "guilt" situation) is liable to attract elementals. The hypersexual woman is often termed a "nymphomaniac," from the old-time belief that she was obsessed by the nymphs, that is by nature-spirits, elementals and, although the initial cause of her trouble might be physical or, probably, psychological, the ancients saw truly that she was soon surrounded by a throng of elementals invited by her febrile imaginings, feeding upon the emanations of her energy, and without fail presenting ample material for further imaginings. The word "nymph" means bride, and has been given from ancient times to these gentle beings which have an affinity with female nature. Drawn to a female personality, they try to make the human more and more like themselves. Two things, however, the elementals cannot do. They cannot comprehend the existence of human standards of sexual morality, for in their native world the free give-and-take of energy in any manner is simply a natural enjoyment of life, and has none of the connotations which "sex" has for humans. And consequently they cannot comprehend, and so can never really learn, that there exist many human beings who are content to accept the dictates of society and are not at all eager for opportunities to break loose, but find security in their solidarity. Thus the elementals are quite unable to perceive the problems they create for their human victim, destined to live in the society from which they have alienated her. There are other elementals which possess, or have acquired, an affinity with male nature. These satyr-entities, when they attach themselves to a man, proceed to make him as much like themselves as possible. They enhance the imaginings which first formed a bond between him and them, they prompt acts of sexuality and rape of which, again, they can no-way comprehend the human implications; nor can they understand those complexities of human nature which makes of something they themselves see as a joyous and spontaneous sharing of life, so often a matter of tragedy and destruction for the human participants. The two types of entities just described remain "behind the scenes" in their activities. Others exist, however, which manifest themselves almost physically.