The emotions which might lead to damage to your aura can be grouped under two main heads, although

inI real life they may be mixed together in any proportion DESIRE and FEAR. While differing altogether from each other (attraction and repulsion — literally "poles apart"!) they both operate, or can be operated, in similar ways to cause you to weaken your defenses. They both tempt you to use your imagination] when you should not, or to use it in the wrong way. Your aura can only shut what is outside. It cant free you from what is inside already, or has a foothold inside already. If you form an image in your own imagination, that image can be a focal point for corresponding forces and can introduce them right inside your psyche, by-passing your aura completely. This is true even when nobody is seeking to influence you occultly; when someone is trying to do so, the effect is many times more powerful. So if you fear something, or if you desire something and wish you didn't, AVOID IMAGEMAKING. Admit to yourself you are afraid, admit to yourself; you want whatever it is, but don't picture it to yourself; don't above all picture it in action! SHOULD FEAR-IMAGES, DESIRE-IMAGES, BEGIN FORMING, BREAK THEM UP - SCATTER THEM TURN YOUR MIND TO SOMETHING DIFFERENT - A HOBBY, A MOVIE, AN ABSORBING NOVEL. Just as it is good to practice visualization so as to be able to form at will whatever images you may choose, so also it is good for defense purposes to practice destroying unwanted images. There are various ways to do this, but the action should be definitive; and as it is generally easier to make a positive action definitive than to do the same with a negative action, il is quite a good idea to link in the positive visualization of some image with your act of making the unwanted image vanish. One person, in order to achieve immediate result, practiced visualizing a brilliant red cancellation cross becoming instantaneously visible across the whole area of any image which was to be deleted. The image would then disappear, blotted out by the blazing negative-sign, and that sign in turn would fade away. Another person achieved much the same result by visualizing a "grid of darkness" on top of an undesired image. The separated fragments of the image were then visualized as drifting further and further apart, at the same time dwindling, losing clarity and identity. It doesn't matter how you do it, but these two examples both show one important feature: the visualizer takes the initiative, treating the unwanted images just as he/she wills. If you practice doing likewise, this will not only be good psychic training, it will also give you an early warning should anyone try to "plant" an image in your psyche (by suggestion or telepathy, for instance).

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