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General Biology (BIO F111), Semester I, 2018-19 Samples questions (Lectures 1- 4)

1) In the field of science, which of the following does not require any more experiments to test its validity?

a) An hypothesis

b) A theory

c) A postulate

d) A law

2) Which of the following is the correct order of increasing levels of biological organization?

  • a) Cell, Molecules, Tissue, Organ

  • b) Organ, Tissue, Cells, Molecules

  • c) Molecules, Cell, Tissue, Organ

  • d) Molecules, Cell, Organ, Tissue

3) Peptide bond links:

  • a) Two nucleotides

b) Two different proteins

  • c) Two amino acids

c) Two glucose molecules

4) Which of the following molecules serves as genetic material?

  • a) b) Proteins

Nucleic acids

c) Lipids

d) Carbohydrates

5) An oligosaccharide composed of five galactose (C 6 H 12 O 6 ) monomers is represented as _____.

a) C 30 H 52 O 26 b) C 30 H 60 O 30 6)
a) C 30 H 52 O 26
b) C 30 H 60 O 30

c) C 30 H 56 O 28

d) None of the above

This biomolecular structure represents:

  • a) A saturated lipid

b) A unsaturated lipid

  • c) A Phospholipid

d) A branched polymer of glucose

7) The nitrogenous bases that are present both in DNA and RNA:

  • a) Adenine and Thymine

  • c) Thymine and Cytosine

b) Guanine and Uracil

d) None of the options is correct

8) While sucrose biosynthesis involves __



  • a) (i) dehydration (ii) hydrolysis

  • c) (i) hydration (ii) hydrolysis

process, its breakdown involves ___



b) (i) hydrolysis (ii) dehydration

d) (i) hydration (ii) dehydration

9) A linear polypeptide has 44 amino acids. The number of peptide bonds in this peptide will be ______.

  • a) b) 22


c) 43

d) 44

10) Humans cannot digest:

  • a) b) Proteins


c) Lipids

d) Nucleic acids

11) The paper used in making notebooks, newspapers, etc., has predominantly which of the following biomolecules?

  • a) Proteins

b) Glucose

  • c) Phospholipids

d) All of the above in equal proportions

12) Which of the following medical equipment has been recently discovered?

  • a) Stethoscope

b) A sphygmomanometer (blood pressure meter)

  • c) Color X-ray machine

d) MRI machine

CERN (CERN is the company’s name) chip enables first 3D color X-ray images of the human body (Courtesy: GM)