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a) What does the MBA program mean to you (in their individual context)?

According to me an MBA program would mean an overall development of an individual and

not only in terms of knowledge but also personality development.

b) What are the things that one should really focus on while pursuing MBA to get best out
of the experience?

One should focus on the theoretical knowledge can be applied to the practical world.

c) What according to you (individually) would make a person worthy of a placement?

A person who is fit for the organizational culture of the organization he/she applies to.

d) How do you define success w.r.t. job in the corporate world?

In terms of quality work and ample amount of opportunities.

e) How do you define happiness (in individual context) in professional and personal life?

Professionally: A good work life balance and a decent package and quality work.
Personal life: Family time

f) What would define your satisfaction on the job?

A challenging job profile , which can enhance my knowledge and skill set.