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PAGE 11 Legion baseball provided E-mail us at PAGE 07 Iron Maiden rocked
Hawks with some summer fun. Washington, and CRHS represented.
Tuesday, October 5, 2010 Volume 2, Issue 1
Top Story
CRHS wrestlers represent at regatta what has
to the
Alex Ridgeway
Staff Writer
Am I the only one
who cringes when I hear
what is on the radio in my
friends’ cars? As I listen to
these thoughtless songs
with bad voices singing,
terribly simple guitar and
drum parts (if real people
are even playing them),
and meaningless concepts
in the lyrics, I can’t help but
wonder where the music
world went wrong. The
early nineties seemed to
be the final period of great
I have never been a
fan of grunge rock, and I
still strongly believe that
Photos courtesy of Kathleen Lauda the birth of this genre was
CRHS students from the wresting team and members of the Twin Falls community came together to show their support for the Twin Falls Chamber the beginning of the end
of Commerce by building boats out of cardboard and racing them around Dierke’s Lake to see who could win this annual event. of quality mainstream
music, but even this puts
the biggest bands of today
Whitney Bell 22nd arrived and regatta Pehrson tells when asked judges. to shame. Even fans of pop
racers were putting what inspired the boys So, if you find yourself music, such as Senior, Kelly
Staff Writer themselves in the zone, to enter the race. Not wishing you would have
Regatta, a term most Ann Buddecke, admit this.
many spectators were only did this event show been there to see our When asked whether
typically used to describe already anticipating the how involved our fellow wrestlers in action, fear not,
the meeting for boat races. young musicians are as
day’s event. The road Riverhawks can be, but it because more than likely talented now as they have
And surprisingly enough, leading down to Shoshone also went to a greater cause the cardboard regatta race
many residents of Twin been in the past, even she,
Falls was experiencing by raising at least $3,500 will go down as one of the a fan of new music said
Falls, including those of the bumper to bumper traffic to go to the Twin Falls Area many new Canyon Ridge
Canyon Ridge High School simply, “I must admit the
jams and the parking lot at Chamber of Commerce. High School traditions. talent level has dropped.”
Wrestling Team, took place Dierke’s Lake just wasn’t big Surprisingly enough, Pehrson wasn’t shy to tell
in an event such as this in Pop is now full of hip-
enough to accommodate the contestant’s placement us that he would imagine hop and rap, which requires
the recent 2010 summer. all the parking cars. The 35 in the race did not the boys will enter again
The boys of CRHS gathered only one real musician
entered teams had nothing determine their final next year and how much to rap and a DJ to sit and
up their cardboard scraps but a shabby audience; in standing in the contest. they actually enjoyed
and headed for Dierke’s watch as the record plays.
fact, almost 500 people Chamber ambassadors themselves in the recent Punk rock is possibly the
Lake, right here in Twin Falls came to cheer on and walked around the park summer’s race.
on the morning of August biggest scam mankind has
show their support for judging the teams on the “The boys had a lot ever seen, with its three-
22nd. the competing teams. In appearance of their boats of fun and they’ll take any
The wrestlers took on chord, awful-voiced sound.
fact, the crowd cheering and the team’s theme. opportunity they get the “I hate punk” says Sage
the challenge to design and on our CRHS wrestlers Many teams decided to challenge the Twin Falls
construct a human muscle Baar.
brought their crimson and go with an animal themed wrestlers,” commentted There is a positive
powered boat made silver for support and left boat, along with dressing Coach Pehrson In
entirely from cardboard, message in all this chaos.
a memorable impression up in quirky outfits and conclusion, when it Seven of the top ten
capable of racing a 200 yard reflecting greatly upon ridiculous boat names comes down to it; never
course three times. There’s grossing summer tours
Canyon Ridge pride. “Over to catch the judge’s eye. underestimate the power came from classic rock
no way of describing how the summer the wrestlers The boys of Canyon Ridge of cardboard. Because, as
high the anticipation and bands! What does this
really tried to get involved however, put together the CRHS wrestlers proved, mean? At very least the
excitement was that hot in many different activities their cardboard boat in the a little cardboard goes a
day in August unless you public still knows, for the
in order to make a bond shape of a sea monster and long way! most part, who needs to be
were there to experience it within the boys and build painted it green, putting a
yourself. seen live and who needs to
a better team,” Coach lasting impression on the be ignored.
As the morning of the

Fall sports usher in the hope of a winning year

Craig Bartlett had to overcome struggles out in a major way. The team keep on progressing. of turning back. “We have
of midfield getting back has already accomplished The volleyball team lost a few players in the last
Staff Writer when counter-attacked, more wins than last year, came out this year couple weeks, and it’s been
As the 2010 Canyon and with defense being and can expect more wins containing the same hard. We really need to
Ridge school year opens, structurally sound. Junior to come. intensity as last year, but rebuild our team chemistry,”
fall sports take center Suren Thapa says, “We need The football team have encountered a lack said sophomore Emma
stage. Beginning practice to finish the shots and pass struggled with their first of unity. The team lost Stephens.
long before school started, quicker.” season last year, with a seniors from
players and coaches have With districts coming record of 1-7. They have last year,
been preparing for a up, the only way the already achieved as much and gained
remarkable second season. Riverhawks will win is by as last year, after winning incoming
The boys’ soccer team overcoming their biggest their first game against Filer. freshman
had an amazing entrance problem this year, the quick The team has improved a lot this year.
into the season this year, counter-attack. since its beginning year and With a
destroying Pocatello 6-0, The girls’ soccer team the change is obvious. new coach
but as the season has gone had a rough start last year Last year, Jerome on top of
on, the team has struggled with a record of 1-12, but annihilated the ‘Hawks 70-3, that, many
with numerous things. came out this year ready but this year, the Riverhawks from the
Canyon Ridge has switched to play. The team recruited battled the Tigers losing varsity squad
formations from a 5-3-2, to numerous athletes new just by two points, with have already
a 4-3-3, to a 4-4-2, searching to the sport, along with a score of 24-22. They’ve left the Photo by Nancy Craig

for the one that would work experienced players that triumphed over a lot of team with CRHS cheerleaders harness the spirit and energy of the
crowd to push the Riverhawks on to a victorious season.
best for the squad. They’ve were able to help the team setbacks since last year and no intention

Inside Humor: FRESHMAN SURVIVAL Opinion: Boise state predictions index

Have no fear young freshmen, your Will the BCS allow Boise State to take the Opinion ........……....…………02
survival guide is here! We have one or two spot at the end of the season? News ..............…………………03
attempted to give the best advice Is their schedule difficult enough? Will Features ..........……....…………05
possible, but we are not responsible they earn the top spot? Your Boise State Arts & Entertainment ....………07
if something goes wrong. Bronco football predictions are here! Humor .......................................09
– page 10 – page 02 Sports ........................................11
2 Opinion Riverhawk
Riverhawk Review - Twin Falls, ID - Tuesday, Oct 5, 2010 Review
Construction dysfunction Karissa Larson
Staff Writer
be able to find another job.
Some like Twin Falls resident
Melvin O’Dell states, “I am
There are a number of trying to be friends with the
boss and work close to him Assistant
obstacles around Twin Falls Managing
right now. For instance, so I can be one of the first to Editor
most of Washington is get hired next season.”
Although it’s a hectic Erica Stewart
under construction. In
addition to that, there are drive right now, Twin Falls Opinion Editor
stretches along with Falls will look so much better
Ave., Harrison St., Dierkies when it’s all said and done.
St., North College, Poleline, Washington St. is coming Colleen Joslin
and quite a few side roads. along very well.
Washington is more Half of it is finished and News Editor
than likely the road with looking amazing. North
the most work being done College in front of CRHS is
getting a little tricky. “You Heaven Marsh
to it, and it may also be the
best looking when it is all couldn’t even tell you were Arts &
finished. supposed to be on that Entertainment
Everyone is ready for side,” said Melody Larson, Editor
all the commotion to be Twin Falls resident.
Alex Ridgeway
finished. “Well I think it’s Be patient students,
parents, teachers, and all Features Editor
good they’re doing it, but
they were supposed to be Twin Falls residents. It is
done by the end of summer, crazy and annoying, but
Cheyenne Boldt
so it is annoying and it takes it will be worth it when it’s
me so much longer to get to over. Humor Editor
school,” states Kyla Rogers, Drive safe and don’t
Junior. give any construction
Photo by Brenda Reichenbach On the other hand, worker the finger for it not Chase Petty
construction workers feel being done. Just be careful
Construction on Harrison St. continues at a steady pace. Workers try hard and kind; it will be over
to limit the inconvenience to the residents and should finish up by mid that when construction Sports Editor
October. season is over they won’t before you know it.
Nicholas Magee

Boise State title contention Game behavior at CRHS Photography

undefeated Buckeye team dared to go over to the Twin
Alex Ridgeway may be imminent. Heaven Marsh Falls High School side of the
Jorge Martinez
Staff Writer The other team
News Editor stadium wearing a Canyon Advertisement
that is ahead of the Broncos Ridge shirt much like Twin Coordinator
Don’t buy into is Alabama. I believe Friday night, September students wouldn’t have
all the hype. Boise State they will lose this season, 10, 2010, the tension was come over into our stands. Sara Oliver
will not be the national dropping them behind high, the stands were full, However, I noticed most
champion of 2011. This BSU. However, there are and the crowd was loud. people going out of their
is not because they don’t a few teams who could Sparks flew as the game way to be nice to students Staff Writers
deserve it (they do), it isn’t easily jump us with not was played with intense from the other school. Many
because their schedule is many people to question competition. Everywhere of the students have friends
it even if they had one you looked, there were on the other side of town Craig
not tough (it is), or even
because they won’t go loss. Nebraska, Oklahoma, students, teachers, parents, and besides some friendly Bartlett
undefeated (yet to be seen). Florida, Texas, and Alabama and fans from jest and joking,
It is for the simple reason themselves could fill this both sides of “There is they still acted
that whether we like it as spot. town. Many rudeness on mature. Megan Whitney
Bronco fans or not, the BCS Somebody on that were acting both sides, but it L o u n s b e r r y , Bell
will NEVER let our beloved list is bound to go 12-1, mature and a sophomore
team into the top two at and the choice for the BCS friendly about was mostly the at Twin Falls
season’s end. will be easy. Will they pick the game and immature people. High School,
Mark my words- Boise State, the new kid rivalry, but It is mainly friendly remarked, “There Alexis
even if Boise State runs on the block with slightly where some competition.” is rudeness on Bowler
the table again they will less money, or a traditional went above - Megan Loundsberry both sides but
finish the regular season powerhouse that will assure and beyond, a it was mostly
in the same number three these greediest of human few from both the immature
beings a few million in schools fell short. Michael
spot they started it in. people. Chapple
Ohio State’s schedule is their pockets? Don’t count As I walked to the It is mainly friendly
absolutely no better than on the Broncos to make it concession stand and competition.” Both Canyon
that of any WAC team, there until a playoff system waited in line, I noticed Ridge and Twin Falls are
so a prediction for an is firmly in place. students from both schools great schools and both Cody
acting civil and treating student bodies proved Cunningham
each other nicely, but then that while some people
I couldn’t help but notice need to grow up, the main
a few rude comments and part of both schools are
looks passing to and from open to friendly and polite Brittani
a few from both schools’ competition. Eppers
students. I wouldn’t have

Favorite Class So Far This Year Brittney

P.E. 20%
Advisory 13%
Math 6%
Music/Choir 11%
Photo by Courtney Cunningham
Art 5%
Boise State predictions look dire according to RHR writer Alex Ridgeway. Justice
Foreign Language 19% Straub
Science 10%

Programs starting early English 5%

History 11% Christian
help students,coaches
the sport takes out a month
Colleen Joslin of your freedom. Once
Opinion Editor sports start they are a big

part of your life. So are
This year most of the fall
sports had tryouts the first
sports worth starting early, “Considering I’m a 9th
tudents Yeggy
or would you rather have a
week of August, resulting in grader and don’t drive yet,
longer summer? it doesn’t really affect me
a number of them starting yet. But I think it’s a pretty
Cierra Ehlers, a junior How do you feel
before school. Some of the good idea.” Riverhawk Review Advisor
at Canyon Ridge High -Cynthia Harlan
sports started a full month
School, plays volleyball. Her about the new Mrs. Brenda Reichenbach
before school, -Freshman

?? ?
volleyball texting and driving Advertising Advisor
is this good or “The good thing about
s e a s o n law being passed? Mrs. Gayle Bean
is this wasting starting the sports “I think it’s great. Kids have
star ted a hard time driving as it
your summer?
I think that
season early is you get just about is, they don’t need their The Riverhawk Review will report fairly
and accurately while striving to include
cell phones being another
a sport starting to know your team a month
coverage of the different populations at
b e f o r e Canyon Ridge High School.
this early really mates better, and you -Abbey Mendenhall Some material courtesy of American
s c h o o l -Junior
helps the get more playing time Society of Newspaper Editors/KRT Campus
started. High School Newspaper Service.
team along. with them.”
Ehlers “I agree with that law.
Unsigned editorials found
It gives the
teams more
- Cierra Ehlers quotes, “The People get distracted with
in Riverhawk Review represent the
consensus of the newspaper staff. Signed

good thing texting and can hit some- editorials represent individual views and
practice time one else and die.” are not meant to express the opinions of
about starting the sports
and allows the team to -Cody Gates
the advisor, school, administration or Twin
season early is you get to Falls School District. As an open forum,
have practices twice a day. -Sophomore Riverhawk Review welcomes brief letters
know your team mates
This allows the team to get to the editor. All letters must be signed,
better, and you get more though names may be held in certain
more familiar playing with circumstances. Riverhawk Review reserves
playing time with them.”
each other, so I think this is “It’s ridiculous. If you can the right to edit all letters for clarity and
Ehlers also said that she text and drive safely, then available space. No letter that is obscene
very beneficial for the team or libelous will be printed.
doesn’t like it running into it’s okay. If not, then it’s
sport. Letters should be left in Brenda
her summer. Maybe further your own fault.”
On the other hand it Reichenbach’s mailbox or sent to Canyon
into the summer we will see -Rey Martinez Ridge High School, 300 N. College Rd. W.,
makes it seem like your Twin Falls, ID 83301.
summer is shorter because
if the extra practice helped. -Senior
News Riverhawk Review - Twin Falls, ID - Tuesday, October 5, 2010

single tickets for the rides or show. One could tell they had
an all day pass for $30. Some practiced and developed a

Twin Falls county fair agree that the all day pass is
worth the money. Janessa
Mendonca (Junior) comment-
ed, “Well, I would say yeah
strong routine with each oth-
er. “You have to watch these
guys! They are amazing. It
gets better as the show goes
only because if I bought indi- on,” stated an excited Kirby
vidual tickets for every ride I Bridges, Twin Falls resident.
Karissa Larson would have spent a lot more Next to the tightrope
money.” was the Ball of Death, where
Staff Writer Some individuals motorcyclists take the risk of
don’t go to the fair for the driving around in a ball with
Residents of Twin Falls rides; they may go to the fair up to four bikes competing for
anxiously awaited the open- just to walk around or go see space at a time.
ing of the 2010 annual County the hypnotist show. At the These adventurists take
Fair. There were many events beginning of his show, the the dangers of riding mo-
and rides this year including hypnotist stated that, “Hyp- torcycles to the next level.
tightrope walkers, The Ball notism only works if you let “These guys are really good
of Death, game vendors, and your mind be open and relax.” too. I think they get up to four
a hypnotist show. The new Many people go to the guys in that ball and it’s really
rides included Super Loops, shows to watch others do cra- cool. I’d like to do this some-
and a new Ferris wheel. Old zy stuff under hypnosis. Eva day,” Kirby stated about the
favorites returned like the Pi- Site (Junior) stated, “It was re- Ball of Death.
rate Ship, the Kamikaze, and ally funny, and just amazing,” If you didn’t get to
the Zipper. There was some- when she watched the show. enjoy the fair this year, stick
thing for everyone at the fair Many also enjoyed around it will be back next
this year. the tight rope walkers. A year. Go enjoy the rides, ven-
Advanced tickets group of four men and a six dors, and events. See the
went on sale for $3. At the year old boy took the dan- world’s largest pig or the tini-
gate, prices were $4. Then gers of tightrope walking and est horse; just enjoy the Twin
one had the option of buying turned it into an amazing Falls County Fair.

This year’s PASS room changes long as he will become over the summer. Three results in an attendance expulsion. Even though
Heaven Marsh
News Editor the Student Support Spe- tardies still equal an ab- contract, possible loss of the teacher, the location,
“My goal is to help cialist for Canyon Ridge. sence and a tardy that credit, and the PASS room. and a few policies have
kids feel valued so they The PASS room has exceeds ten minutes is Truancy almost al- changed, the PASS room
value themselves and val- changed immensely over counted as an absence. ways results in PASS is still a bad place to be.
ue the opportunities they the summer. It has been Four tardies, however, room. The first truancy of- Show Canyon Ridge pride
have”, remarked Mr. Coul- moved downstairs to a mean an early Wednes- fense means a parent no- and follow the rules.
son, the temporary PASS tiny room to the side of day morning detention, tification and a day in the
room advisor. As the for- the lunch room. Its small- and not showing up PASS room pulling weeds
mer director of PALSTEP er space makes it even results in a visit to the and mopping floors. The
for Lincoln and Perrine more unattractive to stu- PASS room. Eight tardies second truancy offense
Elementary Schools, he dents who might visit in a class result in two results in another parent
is very passionate about throughout the school Wednesday morning de- notification and two days
working with at risk kids. year. The new location is tentions and failure to in the PASS room. If par-
“I like to work with at risk a little tough to find, but attend results in another ents haven’t slaughtered
kids and want to help kids its closeness to the lunch trip to the PASS room. Ten the student yet, a third
make the right choices,” room makes it easier for tardies in a class means a truancy means another
he exclaimed. Mr. Coul- PASS room kids to help wasted Saturday and a parent notification and
son won’t be the PASS work in the cafeteria. no show means another three days in the PASS Photo by Heaven Marsh
The temporary PASS Room
room teacher for very Some policies at Can- ticket to the PASS room. room. A fourth truancy re- teacher, Mr. Pete Coulson happy to
yon Ridge also changed Fifteen tardies in a class sults in WISE and possible be helping the kids.

Budget effects around Magic Valley Oil spill progress

Heaven Marsh ing the parents to have to gets, it’s hard to make ends Kameron Yeggy plug the well using a “top
scrape the bottom of the meet in the club without kill,” or the process of pump-
News Editor barrel to come up with the intense fund raising. Most Staff Writer ing heavy liquids and other
The poor economy mandatory price. students have to do at least On April 20, 2010, an material into a leak. Unfor-
is something everyone in Academic related pric- one or two fund raisers oil rig exploded in the Gulf tunately, neither of these
Twin Falls is aware of. Ev- es are even soaring as the throughout the school year. of Mexico resulting in 17 attempts succeeded, but,
ery business in the Magic school supply lists get lon- Many of those students find injured workers and 11 luckily, BP thought to start
Valley has been forced to ger and the prices on the it hard to fund raise and more presumed dead. Paul- pumping some of the oil
adjust to the financial crisis mandatory supplies soar. still actively participate in states that, onto ships using a four-inch
that the United States has Families with more than sporting and extracurricu- “this explosion caused the tube placed inside a 21-inch
undergone so far. Families one child suffer as the tally lar events while keeping up discharge of over 500,000 pipe.
around the Magic Valley rises with the supplies and with homework and school. gallons of oil daily.” The in- On June 4, BP had its
also have to cope with the clothes needed for school’s The economy is affect- cident has also resulted in first major success in slow-
higher prices on everything, beginning. The budget ef- ing hard working families, a price rise in fish and oil all ing the spill when they
especially where school is fects are affecting every athletic teams, academic across the world, even here placed a cap over the valves
concerned. school and every family in funds, and clubs at Canyon at Canyon Ridge. Students that were originally intend-
The budget cuts in the Magic Valley. Ridge. and teachers have found ed to prevent leaking. This
school have dented the ath- Clubs at Canyon Ridge Adjustment is tough that they must pay more for reduced the leakage by
letic funds across Twin Falls. are also suffering with the but possible is most cases. If gas in order to get to and 50%, and the flow was basi-
Every student athlete’s par- budget cuts. Increased en- Canyon Ridge students and from school as well as sport cally blocked following the
ents have heard the terms try fees have made it hard teachers stick it out through events and activities. British improvement of the cap on
fund raising and spirit pack. for some students to join. the tough times we can Petroleum, better known as July 13.
Many kids are involved in Many clubs work hard for make this year the best de- BP, is the company respon- BP started pumping
more than one sport, caus- charity and with lower bud- spite the falling economy. sible for the well. concrete and mud into the
BP made multiple at- leak on August 2 in hopes

Construction, it’s everywhere

tempts at stopping the of permanently sealing the
leak. Their first attempt was well.
made on May 7, when a 98 Madge Hansen, a cur-
ton containment chamber rent Twin Falls resident,
tion. So as each day of con- struction is finally over, peo-
Alexis Bowler was placed over the leak. states, “BP did a lousy job. It
struction continues, people ple are going to be happy
Staff Writer Unfortunately, the cham- took too long to gain con-
begin to grow angrier and to continue with their nor-
Due to construction in ber was clogged by frozen trol.” Dwight Tucker says, “I
their patience levels drops. mal, stressful lives without
Twin Falls, Idaho, it’s hard hydrocarbons and was thought the situation was
Another issue with the detours taking them some-
to get anywhere, let alone rendered useless. Follow- handled well. It could have
construction is it’s hard for where they don’t want to
in the school parking lot. ing this failed experiment, been worse.”
anyone to figure out where be.
Parents are getting up ear- BP put forth many more As of now, the oil leak
they are go-
lier to take their children to efforts. The next effort en- has been mostly stopped.
ing. Teacher
school, workers are taking tailed a method of clogging Despite this good news, the
Mrs. Blakslee
alternate routes to get to called a “junk shot,” which well must be closely super-
states,” This
their jobs, and everyone is involves dumping shredded vised to prevent any further
looking forward for the day tires and golf balls into the destruction.
is driving me
that construction ends. well. Later, BP attempted to
crazy! I’m al-
Senior Andrew Sapien ways hoping
comments, “I think they someone is
should just do one road at in front of
a time instead of tearing me knows
everything apart at once.” where they
Construction on Washing- are going
ton Street began in April because I
of 2010 with a planned never know
ending in July. The new ex- if I’m on the
pected completion date is right side of
in December of 2010. Many the cones!” Photo by Alexis Bowler
Photo illustration by Kameron Yeggy

business owners have also Austin Schmahl, junior, ponders the possibility of higher oil prices
W h e n Traffic issues expand as Canyon Ridge students try to brought on by the spill in the Gulf.
suffered from the construc- this con- get home in the afternoons during construction.
4 Riverhawk Review - Twin Falls, ID - Tuesday, October 5, 2010
CRHS students presented citizen service awards CRHS cries
Courtney Cunningham small fires in the backyard for us and recognized I’m proud to say they Christian Williams
of the Annest family home. how much effort we are members of our Staff Writer
Managing Editor One of the three fires put put in. Thanks so much!” community.” The walls at Canyon
Four Twin Falls teens out by the teens was near According Ridge are crying, or at least
were recognized on August the back door of the home. to Times they seem to be shedding
27 by Twin Falls Sheriff Tom Jim and Deb Annest feel News article, tears. During the first year of
Carter for their efforts in that Kelly Ann, Whitney, published on school, the walls at Canyon
saving a home during the Colton, and Stela were August 26 Ridge were overcome with
Auger Falls fire on July 22nd. responsible for saving their by Bradley water due to weak sealant in
The four friends include home. They also recognize Guire, Sheriff the breaks. According to Mr.
three Canyon Ridge seniors, the rest of the Buddeckes, Tom Carter Dickinson, “The bricks have
Kelly Ann Buddecke, Dave, Lisa, Sara as well as said, “It’s a to be resealed.” The sealant
Whitney Bell, and Colton Ken Ashley for their help. pleasure to on the walls right now is not
Sweesy, and a Twin Falls After being presented acknowledge strong enough to hold up
High Senior Stela Saltaga. the award Whitney Bell the selfless to the water coming in from
The friends were said, “Everything happened acts by rain.
presented with Citizen so fast, it was awesome that these four Photo by Courtney Cunningham
Beniton, a local
Service Awards for their Whitney, Kelly Ann, and Kolton were recognized for
everyone put that together individuals, thier bravery and service to the community. Construction Company
efforts in putting out three hired to build Canyon Ridge

116th brigade to training then Iraq

High School, is responsible
for any warranty failures.
They will come back to
fix any problems at no
additional cost to Canyon
Erica Stewart soldiers of the 116th are to them and I think they if everything holds up they Ridge. CRHS senior Cole
training one last time before understand, and support, will be expected to leave Flinn comments, “They
Asst. Managing Editor they take off to Iraq. what I am doing. As for for Iraq in mid-November. need to have different
On September 21, 2010, Members of the 116th worrying about my wife and The soldiers are still able builders next time, and they
hundreds of people said have been preparing to the rest of my family, I know to contact us as of right should have better walls.”
“see ya later” to members of leave for months now, as she is strong and will make now, but who knows when Another senior Kylie Tamme
the 116th Cavalry Brigade have their families. With it through like a shining that privilege will dissolve. said, “Since it’s a brand
Combat Team. With the the deployment of a soldier star, and besides, they have Active duty is what many new school it shouldn’t be
airport runway filled with comes the separation of a not only each other to talk soldiers look forward to and leaking already.”
people from all over the family. When asked how he to, but they have a whole dream about; let’s hope that The resealing process
Magic Valley and Meridian felt about leaving his family, community that is standing it lives up to what they were has to wait until sometime
area, two planes loaded Sgt. Kasey Henstock, replied, behind them.” expecting. this fall when the outside
and took off to Mississippi “All three of my children are So far the 116th has been temperature is cool enough
for two months where the very little, but I have talked on schedule with training so to allow for the sealant to
properly set.

BLM fights fire near Hagerman

Colleen Joslin
Opinion Editor
at Canyon Ridge High
School, had a softball game
Canyon Ridge. Ehlers also
quotes, “I was really upset
Around 556 Firefighters while the ash was falling. that we couldn’t go, the fire
The BLM fire near fought the blazing fire. The air quality to Hudelson was just too bad.”
Hagerman left snowflake At one point the fire was was very poor and it made The fire did break
looking ashes falling all day burning up to 15 acres per it hard for them to breath in power poles, and burned
in Twin Falls on August 22, minute. The Department the hazy air. up land at the base of wind
2010. If you went outside,
your clothes would smell
of Environmental Quality
reported that the air
“My family was going to
go camping that weekend,
turbines. The wind turbines
stayed standing though. Bagels
like a campfire. The sun
looked like a big bright red
quality in Magic Valley was
but the fire was by where
we were going to go” quotes
The fire did come to a halt
at 8:30 p.m. on August 22,
bouncy ball in the sky. Karly Hudelson, a junior Taylor Ehlers, a senior at 2010. Juice
Parents consider “red shirting” preschool age children
and think their child will do in 2006 deemed that older out as opposed to their
Cheyenne Boldt just fine. Boys are more likely kids in each grade were younger peers. This may be
Features Editor “redshirted” because of their almost 10% more likely to because they reach the legal
As school gets back in maturity level, as well as the continue their education age to drop out without any
session many parents are ratio between high and low into the 4th year of college. question faster than the
deciding to hold their little income families. While their younger peers younger teens.
one’s back another year. Not
because they don’t want to
While some parents
believe that the children
may not make it that far.
Another study found
As “redshirting” may or
may not benefit the child in Candy
let them go out and explore
the world, but simply
whom are “redshirted”,
have a slight better
that the age at which a child
enters Kindergarten has
question, it is based upon
the parental beliefs. They
because the kindergarten performance academic
wise, some teachers found
no effect on how they live
their life as an adult. That is
know more about their
children, but they do need
curriculum has become
more difficult for the that students are testing based on personality and to take into consideration
toddlers. Some parents at the same level as their how they react in certain the costs and potential
want them to have another classmates that started
Kindergarten at five instead
situations. However kids,
who do enter Kindergarten
benefits it may have on their
In The
year of maturing before
sending them off, while
others find it unnecessary
of being delayed until six.
However some studies done
at an older age, do have 1%
more chance of dropping
300 Hall

325 Eastland Dr, Suite #2 • PO Box 2834 • Twin Falls, ID 83303

208-735-3993 ph • 208-228-5229 fax
Features Riverhawk Review - Twin Falls, ID - Tuesday, October 5, 2010
student council plans
to amaze in 2010/2011
is a time to become involved money goes to pennies for
Alexis Bowler
and spirited, it shapes one peace, and we paint the
Staff Writer into whom they want to be. rock.”
Each and every school Student Council is trying to Student Council is a way
has a group of leaders who make this happen to help to become more connected
take care of the school everyone get together, and to our school and students.
and the students. They are make our school better. Student body Secretary,
known as Student Council. Vice president Jake Taylor Brown exclaims, “I
These elected officials Warner says, “I plan to help write down everything, and
make events happen and Braden with any task he I keep everything organized
keep everything running needs, I will also probably so it’s not a mess.” A team
smoothly. be the one who talks to all like this could not function
Even though they the kids.” without organization and a
are working hard under To become more strong secretary.
pressure with a tight budget involved, students are Finally, when the school
trying to make our student encouraged to attend is in order and the students
experience a great one, they dances, assemblies, and are taken care of, student
will accomplish the tasks many more events that council also needs to feel
that need to be done. are scheduled. In order to appreciated and that is
The leader of the pact make all this happen there the job of the Senator’s.
Braden Coleman, student needs to be money. When Speaker of the student body
body president, says, “I treasurer Jennifer Drysdale senators, Morgan Ruggles
hope to accomplish many was asked what she does says, “We help out with
Photos By Alexis Bowler things, I would like to unify with the money earned anything we can, and we
CRHS student body representatives are planning fun and exciting activi- the students, and get school during the year, she said,”A support everyone.”
ties throughout the school year starting with Homecoming festivities and pride. I want to get more lot goes to events we plan
ending with prom and graduation. kids involved.” High School for Homecoming, also

Yesenya Nieto, Whitney Bell,

Kelly Ann Buddecke, and
Braden Coleman Jake Warner Jennifer Drysdale Taylor Brown
student body vice-president Morgan Ruggles
student body president student body treasurer student body secretary
student body senators

Student behavior New restaurants to chase

has consequences away famished feelings
Cody Cunningham problem that is evident in Whitney Bell but also a great place to As if smoothies and wings
the hallways is excessive catch the game on one of weren’t enough to keep
Staff Writer PDA, so in school keep it to Staff Writer their fifty TV screens in the Twin Falls diners busy, we
What do you think a minimum people! To eat or not to eat? That restaurant. Get it to go, also have a recent addition
about our student’s Nancy Humberger, is the question many of us grab a quick bite there, or sit of the restaurant known as
behavior in the classrooms teacher, says “the majority face on a daily bases, and down and enjoy the unique the Burnt Lemon. Here you
and hallways? What do of the students in the halls if you’re anything like the atmosphere of watching can get burnt lemonade in
you think it should be like? are good, there is some ‘lip average CRHS student, your fellow diners attempt the just about any flavor you
Kylar Moore, freshman, says locking’ that can’t happen answer will be to eat. “blazin’ challenge.” could ever imagine.
“I think it is pretty good; at school. There are mean While many of us have our Not quite the wild wings Aside from the famous
there is a lot that can be and intimidating people favorite places to dine out in fan? Well, if this is the case lemonade, you can also
improved on though.” One that drive me crazy too.” Twin Falls, I think it’s time to for you, I bring great news of choose from a wide variety
of the biggest problems She also says,” When there put those favorites in the another new establishment of entrée’s that range from
our school has is tardiness. is language, I go up to the past and try something new. here in Twin that goes by salads to burgers and wraps.
There are simply way too student and ask if they Needless to say, along the name of Jamba Juice. After receiving your
many tardies. You as a would say that around their with summer 2010, came Not only does Jamba offer food you have the choice
person are fully responsible grandma, that usually keeps a wide variety of new signature smoothies and of eating your food inside
to be on time for school and them, quiet.” So it’s pretty restaurants that could easily pastries but also organic the restaurant, or taking it
class. simple, don’t do PDA, be satisfy the taste buds of any oatmeal and parfaits. outside where they have a
Being late to class isn’t nice to people, and don’t magic valley resident. As if these all natural small patio area overlooking
the only thing our school use bad language! Another vital question drinks aren’t impressing the beauties of Addison
has a problem with. Jacob one needs to ask themselves enough, there are extra Avenue.
Groesbeck, freshman, before making a decision boosts that you can add into There’s no telling that
thinks that “dress code is on dinner is, “mild or hot?” your drink such as: energy, where ever your stomach
a big issue.” Which is very Yes, you probably guessed immunity and much more. takes you this year, you’re
true, so look in your student that the establishment I’m So if you’re in the mood sure to find happiness in the
planner (agenda book), talking about is Buffalo for something light, don’t food you consume. So to
and figure out what the Wild Wings; one of the most second guess your instinct, all of you who take pride in
dress code is and obey it! recent additions to Twin make the choice to go to your dinner, stop by any of
Disrespect to teachers is Photo By Cody Cunningham Fall’s eating selection. Not Jamba Juice and know you the new additions in TF, you
not tolerated and you can Poor choices land students in the only is this a great place to did something good for that won’t regret it!
expect a hefty punishment PASS room or worse. PASS students satisfy the aching in your body of yours.
for doing so. Another clean and study the whole day. stomach for some wings,

Late start to year brings mixed reviews

Brittani Eppers
Staff Writer
The economy is falling;
people are losing jobs, and
we’re going to be done with
school sooner.”
Although the majority
of CRHS students have
the same opinion as
Now Open!!!
those who still have jobs’ Boomhower, others
are finding their salaries students such as Sarah
cut by incredible amounts. Brierley (Senior), don’t think
All of these budget cuts are that the school year starting
now affecting schools and later was such a good thing.
teachers; the students are “I think it kind of sucks Flavors and Toppings are ENDLESS
also now feeling the effects
as well.
because all of our breaks are
cut short and we don’t get -Make it
The loss of money for those occasional days off
schools equals the loss of
time for students as well.
that are awesome to have
when don’t feel like waking
-Weigh it
While some students are
exceedingly excited about
up early.” she commented.
The later start of the
-Pay it
school starting later and school year and fewer
getting out earlier, other breaks during the year
students are not as happy are affecting quite a few
about it. Kayla Boomhower people.
(Senior) thinks that school Although some are 1520 Filmore St. N #2
starting later than previous happy about this late start,
years is a good thing. She others are not. No matter Twin Falls, Id 83301
says, “I like the way it started
later than normal. It made
what time of the year (Behind Office Max)
school starts, someone will
the summer longer, and be effected. Phone-208-733-1343
6 Riverhawk Review - Twin Falls, ID - Tuesday, October 5, 2010
Netflix and Redbox run Hollywood Video out of town
Heaven Marsh movie stores both have local video stores clientele. then buy if they were good. to watch instantly on the
News Editor dwindled to nothing. People around the Magic It’s more fun that way. I computer or on a Nintendo
All around the Magic Hollywood closed down in Valley agree that the $1 guess I’m old school.” Wii. Netflix can be a lot
Valley, people are flocking the early summer due to a night movie rentals are Netflix is an online cheaper if used frequently.
to Redbox and Netflix for decrease in sales attributed a way better deal than video rental service that Michelle Keys, a junior at
cheaper, quicker movie to rival video rental options. video rental stores. Redbox offers unlimited movies Canyon Ridge states, “I use
demands. Local video Redbox is a video hasn’t affected some movie for a set price each month. Netflix to get all the movies
stores are suffering and rental option located in fanatics though. A few still Depending on how much because they’re all on there.
going out of business due most major grocery store enjoy a Friday night at the is paid each month, the They have every movie ever
to the overdose of Redbox chains. Now selling both movies and reviewing it numbers of movies kept made. It’s really easy and if
and Netflix video rentals. DVDs and Blurays, Redbox there. Jake Silvester remarks, at the house varies. Many you use it enough, it’s way
Hollywood and Blockbuster has seized many of the “I see them at the movies movies are also available cheaper.”

Surviving high school Seniors: finding an

Idaho college to fit
says Austin Schmall, junior.
Michael Chapple The third way to survive
Staff Writer high school is to get involved

your future plan

in sports or activities. Sports
High school can be the allow new people to meet
best time in a person’s life, and learn new skills that
but it can also be the worst. are life changing. “At first,
One just has to know how I thought I wouldn’t enjoy Brittney Gummow look into this university.
to survive it and make it fun. school activities, but after ISU has a number of
The first way is to just going to a basketball
Staff Writer different programs such
be nice to everybody. Don’t Seniors, as your final as arts, science, business,
game I changed my
year starts, you may be education, health,
go around judging people mind,” says Nik Roundtree asking yourself where you pharmacy, technology,
or making fun of people (Junior). Being involved plan to spend the next four informatics, and research.
because what goes around in activities give senses of years of your education. You can find more at http://
comes around. Eventually accomplishments and will Many students have a
you will be the one that make high school more fun. dream to go to Boise State Boise State University
is the butt of all the jokes. The fourth and most University, but remember also has a great deal of
The second way is to important way to make there are more options out programs to choose from,
just keep on homework. high school fun is to find a there. along with a great football
It will make high school group of friends and stick University of Idaho, team, so if you want to stay
a lot easier just doing with them. Friends will in Moscow, has great close and be in a bigger city
the work and get on academics. So if you are look into BSU. Go online to
keep people out of trouble
looking for a school to go to look
the teachers’ good side. and never let people feel to for things like agriculture, into all the opportunities
Getting the homework left out of the group. life science, and agriculture, Boise State has.
done allows people to So get involved and business and economics, University of Idaho,
get good grades and follow these rules and engineering, graduate Idaho State University, and
participate in many more high school will be a more studies, law, social science, Boise State University are
fun activities. “Homework successful experience. natural science and many all great schools, it just
really doesn’t take that more then you should check depends on how far from
much time if you just do it,” out the University of Idaho. home you want to go and
Get online at www.iudho. what you want your career

Back to school
edu and see what they have to be. The universities have
to offer. many opportunities to
Idaho State University, incoming students so get Photo illustrations by Brittney Gummow
in Pocatello, also has great involved in your future and Teasha Fletcher, junior, is trying
academics. If you want to make the choice that is best to find the school that will fit her
Heaven Marsh back and see all my friends stay a little closer to home, for your success. future.
again.” Many of Canyon

Student Driving
News Editor Ridge’s students agree
Another year of early with Kiefer and enjoy only
mornings and late nights the social aspect of school.
filled with homework and Teachers are already
sporting events await busy assigning piles of
students as the school year homework. Math homework
Cheyenne Boldt about student drivers, “They don’t want to get hit, then
begins. Students coming is given out almost every
day in every class without scare me, and I’m happy don’t drive next to them.
back to school already Features Editor
consume at least a cup of fail. Students cry out in they passed the law about I’m not trying to be
agony and terror; the world As the new school year texting and driving because nasty about this issue, but
coffee to stay awake during
morning classes. Students crashes down upon the unfolds, recently licensed it makes me feel safer the younger a person is
came back to Canyon Ridge speck entitled Twin Falls. drivers are unleashed upon knowing that some people the more likely they are
to a great faculty and staff. Students and teachers the rest of the school. actually follow the laws.” to get into an accident.
Mr. Dickinson, Mr. Gemar, alike flee from overdose This may not be the worst One of the best Everyone needs to
and Mr. Hicks welcomed of math homework. thing, but when you add ways to avoid traffic in watch out; the police are
the students back to Even though students these overly confident the morning is to take patrolling the schools more
school and laid down the don’t want to be back to kids to unneeded road Grandview and go to than ever. They are looking
rules for the freshman learn and sit in class for construction, there can only North College Road and to hand out more tickets this
and returning students. at most of their daylight
be one outcome: disaster. it will lead students safely year due to the economy.
Students enjoy hours, school goes on and
the students must endure School starts early in to CRHS. This may be the So try not to give them a
socializing with their
the long, slow, and painful the morning, and there fastest and easiest way, reason to pull you over.
friends but many aren’t
enjoying their classes. hours of class. Teachers and are a lot of drivers that but just be warned that Try to be safe,
Kiefer Starks, a sophomore, students alike are enjoying aren’t fully awake. This can sunglasses are almost a and do not text and drive.
remarks, “It’s bittersweet. their return to school lead to running stop signs, necessity to travel this route. Taking precautions now,
I love summer so much, for the first few weeks. red lights, and eventually Everyone needs can prevent an accident
but I think it is good to be accidents. Brittani Eppers to watch out for these “first from happening later.
had this to say when asked time calls” on the road, if you

New teacher profile: Mr. Alsterlund

Scotch Pines
Erica Stewart our school he responded,
Asst. Managing Editor “PE/Health jobs are hard to
come by, but Canyon Ridge
Even through budget
had the perfect opportunity
cuts and the economy
for me.” Because of he
situation has devastated
wanted to stay in Idaho, he
the Twin Falls community
chose CRHS; we are lucky to
our new school is able to
have him here.
hire new teachers in the
Mr. Alsterlund’s

second year of Canyon

finds that, “The majority
Ridge High School because
of staff members and
some teachers left and
administration are people
CRHS added over a hundred
friendly, and they have gone
l a s s
er C uary
new students. Some of
out of their way to make
the new teachers include
Mrs. Buckley, Mr. Davis,
me feel comfortable and at
ease.” As for his students, he
W i n a n
Mr. Brower, Mr. Hammlett,
n J
rt I
finds them great and very

Mrs. Jones, Mrs. Mikota,
Mrs. Dolecheck, and Mr.
eager to learn.
Mr. Alsterlund is off to
a great start at our school, S t a
Mr. Alsterlund is the
and, “has no intention to
newest of our PE teachers
leave anytime soon.” In his
here at Canyon Ridge.
words, “Go Riverhawks”!
Stephanie NO PANIC
When asked why he chose NO LEASHES
208-484-5284 NO KIDDING
7 Riverhawk Review - Twin Falls, ID - Tuesday, October 5, 2010
Arts &
Maiden I want my MTV back
Kameron Yeggy
has resulted in less time
dedicated to music itself.

Staff Writer According to www.mtv.
MTV, as most of us com, MTV only broadcasts
know, stands for Music music videos for six hours in
Television, but as this TV the middle of the night. If
station grows older, it tends one happens to be an owl,
to stray further from what or some other nocturnal

the name advertises. Is MTV creature, one might decide
still MTV? to tune in to MTV between
MTV was established 3 a.m. and 9 a.m. for some
in 1981 with the intentions high-quality, mainstream
of changing the music music videos.
and television industries. What do viewers think?
Over the years, MTV has When asked his thoughts on
Alex Ridgeway from their last four albums, succeeded by heavily MTV, Nik Rountree (junior)
but the highlights were influencing mainstream says, “I haven’t watched MTV
Staff Writer the brand new “El Dorado” music and by helping for five years. I liked when it
along with the Ronnie introduce many popular played only music.” Makala
On a warm summer James Dio-dedicated artists, such as Nirvana and John (junior) says, “I like the
day on June 22, in Auburn, ballad, “Blood Brothers”. The Linkin Park. However, MTV channel. There are a lot of
Washington (just outside of end of the set was when has lost track of its motives in shows that revolve around
Seattle), the familiar scream they decided to break out recent years. In the mid 90s, high school life, and some
of Bruce Dickenson’s air- the classics, such as “Fear of MTV started introducing are just really interesting to
raid-siren voice makes a the Dark”, “The Number of non-music related shows, watch.”
During their first encore of “The dent in the volume of the the Beast”, and “Hallowed Be such as “The Real World,” In most minds, MTV is
Number of the Beast,” the space
ecstatic crowd. “Scream for Thy Name”. These were the to their broadcasts, and no longer a music-based TV
ship stage summons the devil him-
me, Seattle!” And that they ones that really brought the this dilemma has been station. However, its shows
did. house down. The mascot, continually getting worse. are still very popular and
Dream Theater opened Eddie, made an appearance Today, MTV focuses avidly enjoyed. Should MTV
the night up, blasting into during their title song, “Iron on reality shows, such as be renamed RTV to support
the china-cymbal-heavy Maiden”, adding to the “Jersey Shore” and “Made.” its decision of broadcasting
“As I Am” and playing a already incredibly energized These shows have become mostly reality shows?
blistering 45-minute set. crowd. The light show extremely popular, which
As great as they were, the throughout was unreal,
somewhat laid-back group
of metal heads knew this
and the stage presence
from every member is Farewell to legends of rock
was not the real reason unshakable to this day.
they had gathered at this “I wish they would broke out some classics
20,000 plus seat venue. The have played ‘The Evil That
Alex Ridgeway that satisfied the older
Bruce Dickenson’s operatic voice Gods of metal were in the Men Do’” comments Igor Staff Writer crowd such as “Love Song”,
and incomparable stage presence building. Jozelic, but he claims it still This is one farewell “Modern Day Cowboy”,
make him one of rock’s most leg- The spaceship stage was the best show ever. tour that will not soon be and “Mama’s Fool”, while
endary singers. lit up and became a UFO Concert goer extraordinaire forgotten. I was honored keeping the younger crowd
along with some dark and CRHS teacher, Mike enough to be in attendance entertained with unique
classical music, and out Ridgeway, said “The energy on August 24 for one of the melodies from their newest
walked Adrian Smith with was higher than at any final dates that Germany’s material.
the powerful opening riff to other concert I have seen, most legendary band, the The main act of the
“The Wicker Man”. The set that made it the best.” world-renowned Scorpions, night offered an absolutely
was based on mainly songs would ever play in North insane set full of 30-foot
America. drum risers, unreal laser and
Jackyl opened up the light shows, and 60-year-
three-act bill. During their olds playing a more high-
first few songs, mainly from energy and better-sounding
their new album “When hour and a half of music
Iron Maiden’s famous “Three Ami- Moonshine and Dynamite than even the best group
gos” play to the crowd along with Collide”, the audience was full of youngsters. The new
founding member, Steve Harris, on less than excited, but as album, “Sting in the Tail”,
bass. Nicko McBrain is behind the Jackyl broke out the hits broke three songs total into
massive drum set. and began running into the set, and they played
the crowd and jumping almost all of their countless
on tables, they won over enormous hits. “Wind of
the 21,000 people in Change”, “Blackout”, “No One
Usana Amphitheater and Like You”, “Tease Me, Please
earned a standing ovation. Me”, “Big City Nights”, and
They ended their set by “Rock You Like a Hurricane”
destroying a stool with a all made the list on a night
real chainsaw during their that pure magic for every
signature tune, “Lumberjack individual lucky enough
Song”. to make the trip to see the
photo collection courtesy of Mike Ridgeway
Tesla, normally a band. The Scorpions,at the
headlining act, was in the very end of their career, are
The band’s mascot, Eddie, makes Three CRHS students attended the concert with their fathers. From left middle on this night. They still in peak condition.
his appearance, as always, during to right, Mike and Alex Ridgeway, Duncan and Jim Munn, and Igor and
the final song of the re Rudy Jozelic.

Summer music favorites

VIP Text Club

Now, separating into
Cody Cunningham genres is Rock’s number
Staff Writer one hit “The Catalyst” by
“California gurls we’re Linkin Park. In spot numbers
unforgettable, fine, fresh, two and three are “Another
fierce, we got it on lock, Way to Die” by Disturbed
West Coast represent, and Avenged Sevenfold’s

For updates on now put your hands up!”

is blaring out of your car
speaker on a hot summer
Taking the bronze in
Pop is “I Like It” by Enrique
what’s happening... Pottery day, you are enjoying some
of the great new music
Summer 2010 had to offer.
Iglesias featuring Pitbull,
taking the silver was
Eminem featuring Rihannah
Then you wonder, What with “Love the Way you
Text Make
songs topped the charts this Lie.”Finally, the beat bangin’
summer? Well, according “Dynamite” by Taio Cruz
to, the song takes the gold.
Glass “California Gurls” by Katy Now with Country, Billy
Perry featuring Snoop Dog Currington came in with

to Jewelry was the most popular over the number one hit “Pretty
the summer months. Good at Drinkin’ Beer.”
Closely following Katy Second in this category is
and Perry was Usher ft.
with “OMG,” and coming
Lady Antebellum with “Our
Kind of Love” and Lee Brice

more in third was Taio Cruz’s at number three with “Love
“Dynamite.” The fourth Like Crazy.”
overall song of the summer Needless to say the
was David ft. Fergie, Chris music industry had some
Willis, & LMFAO, “Gettin’ great songs this summer
over you” followed by Trave and hopefully more are to
McCoy ft. Bruno Mars with come.
“Billionaire.” Favorite Summer Song

California Gurls 10%

147 Shoshone Not Afraid 66%

Street N Hey Soul Sister 12%

Nothin' On You 6%

Twin Falls, ID Undo It 2%

Our Kind Of Love 4%
(208) 736-4475
Arts &
Riverhawk Review - Twin Falls, ID - Tuesday, October 5, 2010
Warped tour entertains and educates
Breathe Carolina, Bring together to sponsor this as Michael Jackson, while bands and wristbands. The
Cheyenne Boldt Me The Horizon, Mayday gathering of musical greats. Trojan had a more effective booths were all not only
Features Editor Parade, NeverShoutNever!, Some of the major sponsors approach. They sent their very professional, but also
Every June and July Pierce The Veil, The were Willy Wonka Candy, volunteers through the fun to visit.
for the past 16 years, the Summer Set, We The Kings, Best Buy, Glamour Kills, crowds to hand out head
Vans put on a show which Whitechapel, and many Keep A Breast and Monster
hundreds of kids look more. Energy Drinks, Trojan, and
forward to. Traveling all over All of these bands To Write Love On Her Arms.
the country, 50 plus bands played at the 2010 tour The Keep a Breast sponsors
perform what some people at the Idaho Center had tents set up to sell
consider the greatest show Amphitheatre. The concerts merchandise; their profits
of the year. started at 12:30 in the will go to the study and
Some of the most afternoon and continued research of breast cancer.
popular bands from the on into the late night. There Willy Wonka Candy
Vans 2010 were a number of booths volunteers handed out
Off The set up not only to sell the candy; they also had a
Wall tour bands merchandise but to tent in which you could
included also promote awareness take your pictures on a film
Alesana, of national issues. PETA strip in. Oompa Loompas
Suicide handed out stickers and sang some of the songs
Silence, shirts to raise awareness on from the movie, and also Photos By Brittani Eppers
Attack animal cruelty. did impersonations of Alesana performs their hit “Apology” to a packed crowd of screaming fans
Attack, Many groups came other famous artists such following up with songs from their newest album The Emptiness.

Summer movie rewind

Jorge Martinez most acclaimed movies
and brought out lots of
the drain or even better
than the original films. The
whole family. It followed
the story for the most part,
stunning and pleasurable.
The summer got off to a
Photography Editor excitement and energy film might not have been but it wasn’t really meant to remarkable start and ended
When school ends, from the audience. The the best, but at the same be a family movie because well for all the audience,
summer begins and that second feature film was time it was might have been the video games are rated with all the 3D movies and
means the beginning of the even more intense with the same as the older films. mature. It was more of a the HD technology and
long awaited hot summer a wonderful choice of In the end it didn’t turn out love story between Dastan special effects.
movies. One of the most villain and characters. Tony as it was expected, but it and Tamina and the finding Summer maybe over,
anticipated movies of the revealed his identity to was a good re-imaging. of a magic dagger that but fall has begun and
summer was The Twilight the whole world and not One really good quality rewinds time. They try to with fall coming so do new
Saga: Eclipse. Fans took a many superheroes do that. movie is Prince of Persia: The return it to a sacred temple adventures and stories filled
bite and agree that Eclipse The government tries and Sands of Time. Disney got and not let Dastan’s evil with horror, imagination,
is to date the best in the pressures down on Tony for the rights to the film making uncle get his hands on it. and plenty of worlds.
Twilight franchise. It was him to reveal the secrets to it a fun adventure for the The action and stunts were
even a movie that guys the Iron Man suit, but he
who like action could go refuses. With him at his side Favorite Summer Movie
and watch. It wasn’t a love are Pepper Pots and James
filled romance like the other Rhodes as the War Machine.
two, but instead it had As years progress so do
werewolves teaming up movies and there have been Eclipse 9%
with vampires battling it out movies remakes along with Despicable Me 14%
with an army of vampires that progress with all the
called the newborns. new movie technology out Vampires Suck 12%
As every year, movies there. Two popular remakes Toy Story 3 16%
that are sequels or second that got movies goers
movies excite fans. One that Charlie St. Cloud 8%
thrilled were Nightmare
did a great job was Iron Man on Elm Street and Clash of The Last Exorcism 7%
2, created from the Marvel the Titans. The re-imaging Grwn Ups 25%
comics. They brought back of Freddy Krueger in a
Robert Downy Junior and Nightmare on Elm Street Step Up 3D 6%
suited him up as Tony Stark caused curiosity and made The Last Airbender 3%
for a new adventure. The people wonder if it was
first film was one of the going to be a movie down

a n t o
s . B e ’s
t M r p a n y
C o
e r
e y o u r
n t h e
t o
re s p a i ew

R i v
r h a w k
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Humor Riverhawk Review - Twin Falls, ID - Tuesday, October 5, 2010
bad advice for Horoscopes
you and me Justice Straub
Staff Writer
swers. So…good luck with Virgo
Christian Williams Today is about your pri-
& orities. You will chicken out
Justice Straub Dear J&C of something fun, but that’s
I am a freshman this OK because it’s for a good
Staff Writers
year and going to CRHS; I cause. Something boring,
Unfortunately, Nic
am scared that I am going but necessary will happen.
and Igor have resigned as
to get lost. What do you So good for you!
the advice givers to Can-
yon Ridge, so we are here suggest so that I don’t get
to bring you a whole NEW lost? Aries
advice column that is much Lost freshman You are extremely up-
more sincere and heart- to date, and that’s good!
warming. FYI: We have no Dear Lost freshman, Keep it up. You’re incredibly
idea what we are talking We suggest that you focused on what’s now and
about. get a map and be a man. the newest stuff. So really
speak Spanish?! No hablos Otherwise might as well go after what’s new and in;
Dear J&C Espanola. Get a tutor! just be home schooled. We you have a good shot of ac-
I’m having a tough time hear that IDLA is a lot of fun tually being cool.
writing my assignment, is Dear J&C if you like having no friends
there any way you could Every time I come or a life. Taurus
help me out? home I sit down to do my Your subconscious
Writer’s Block homework like a good stu- Dear J&C, mind is quite active right
dent. These kids come by I really like this girl now, so pay acute atten-
Dear Writer’s Block, and ring the bell and run. It and I want to tell her how I tion. It might be dropping
No. We barely get this is so very rude on their part, feel, but I just can’t find the you hints; well that or you
column done as is! what should I do? words. Can you recommend could just be daydreaming.
Ernie anything? I don’t know you that well.
Dear J&C Lonely Teen
I have missed almost Dear Ernie,
a week of Spanish, and I’m We suggest that when Dear Lonely Teen,
freaking out! I got back into those little punks come Well you could go with Gemini
class and I had no idea what around to ring the door and the basic “I love you” but Now is about dealing
anyone was saying! What run that you follow them that might come off, as with your biggest problems.
do you suggest I do to catch home. Once they are safely you’re a creepy stalker. On Tackle them before they
up? in the house, you strike. the other hand, she might tackle you! If you do, you’ll
Confused Spaniard Ring the bell and when they like that about you, in which feel great about yourself. If
answer spray them with the case you’re set. Yeah, you’re not; well, that’s a waste of a
Dear Confused Spaniard hose! No more problems. welcome. day and a horoscope!
Do we look like we Well unless their mom an-

Starting off on the right foot

Your life is a bit hectic
lately, and it may be a string
of past or future events, but
you need to solve them in
onto the floor: bad. Smil- grades soar! a way that makes everyone
Heaven Marsh ing when the teacher pulls Many students don’t happy, and that includes
News Editor out another power point know how much is too you!
When a teacher sends explaining what he/she much. When the teacher
you that familiar glare on could have told the class in has to pry your hands from
the first day of school and five minutes: good. Smiling the door frame after school Leo
when the teacher gets a and slam the door to make Right now, you’re full
you know that this semes- of energy, and it shows! So
ter is going to be a long one, spit ball stuck to the back of you leave, it might be too
their head: bad. It takes in- much. Just be sure to use get out there and do some-
what better to do than get thing. Go get involved in
on his or her good side us- stinctive talent to interpret the right dose of sucking up
when or when not to smile and you’re sure to start off a game or a sport. Who
ing compliments and other knows, you might even find
forms of sucking up? You or laugh at the teacher, so on the right foot.
practice up and watch your someone. So don’t be that
can never go wrong with loser who stays home!
an apple or a world’s best
teacher mug unless the
teacher doesn’t like coffee, Libra
of course. Many students You will soon get an
make the mistake of over- answer or even a question;
doing the teacher’s pet act, that is in your favor. It may
but if done right, you will seem negative at first, but
become the teacher’s favor- go with it! Reach out to peo-
ite student. ple around you.
Teachers like stu-
dents who know when Scorpio
and when not to smile at You’re a risk taker, and
them. Smiling when they that’s good. Take some risks!
tell a joke that really wasn’t Go for the gusto. But at the
that funny: good. Smil- Photo by Chase Petty same time, you still need to
ing when they accidently Ryan Hawkins, junior, shows himself as a prime example of not starting reign yourself in because
fall out of their chair and out on the right foot by being late to his first period class. Remember
three tardies is an absence. Apparently he wants to take finals.
there is a difference be-
tween being a risk taker and
stupid. One ends in a bro-
ken arm from jumping off
the roof; ‘nuff said.

You’re a confident per-
son, and today you are re-
ally about going for that!
Show your inner-self and be
proud of what you are. Who
cares what other people
think? Unless you’re inner
self is creepy, then discre-
tion is advised.

You’re going to have a
conflict with someone who
is in a place of authority. So
be nice and don’t tick peo-
ple off. That’s all I’ve got.

Today socializing seems
more like church. You need
to let down your walls and
open up to those you care
about. Whether it’s friends,
family, or even that person
you like, tell them how you
truly feel. It’ll be worth your
10 Riverhawk Review - Twin Falls, ID - Tuesday, October 5, 2010
Freshman survival guide:
10 ways to... tips on making it to sophomore year
use a Post-it Note Chase Petty
Humor Editor
can and/or throw you into
someone’s locker.
Tip number three: Do
credit unless the teacher is a
guy, then just forget it.
If followed correctly,
Scared about the your homework. If you do this survival guide could
If your clothes upcoming school year, your homework, you will not save a freshman’s life.
1 get stolen, you can
use them to create a
freshman? Well don’t fret!
This survival guide is sure
only get a good grade in the
class but you will also not
Review is
not held
to help. It has been proven have a teacher nagging you responsible if these rules are
Post-it suit effective on no one in clinical every day to get it done or not followed and to what
trials yet to be conducted. putting you in IR. Let’s face happens to you along the
First tip: “Don’t be it, no one likes that. way.
an idiot,” Michael Scott’s The fourth tip: Do not
words from The Office. stop in the hallways. There’s
Don’t like someone? Don’t try and parkour or enough kids in this school as
2 Use them to assas-
sinate them.
free-run around the school
cause you’ll just look like a
it is, and if upperclassmen
see you taking up the whole
fool. hallway with your little
Tip number two: friends, you will get nudged
Respect your elders. Do in the face.
not go running around smart The fifth and final tip:
mouthing upperclassmen Be nice to teachers. Holding
Photo illustration by Chase Petty
Wayne Jeffers, junior, bullying
Use them for those because they can and will the door open for them could Zach Schraeder, freshman.
dump you into a trash get you a long way with extra
3 sideburns you never

Create a “sweet”

4 hat to make your

friends jealous.

Put them on your

fist so when you Photo illustration by Chase Petty

5 punch someone,
they get a personal
Zach Schraeder, freshman, is about to get “curb stomped” by an angry upperclassmen for mouthing off.

message courtesy of
your fist. NFL Crossword
By Chase Petty and Kameron Yeggy
Make a paper air- 1

6 plane out of them

and throw them 2
around school.

Use them to put 4

“kick-me” on some-
7 one’s back.

8 9

Cover up that bald

spot you never
8 liked. 10


Extend your eye-

lashes for your man.
9 12

3 Yee-haw! 1 I gotta get me some gold
If you run out of 4 Edgar Allen Poe's poem 2 King of the jungle
toilet paper, don’t 6 Barbarians 3 Electrified
10 freak out. Just grab 8 North, south, east, west
11 Buck ‘em
5 They’re big
7 Revolutionists
your handy dandy
Post-It Notes. 12 Payments 9 Space Needle flyers
10 Super Bowl victors

Exposing the CRHS phenomena: Pete Jones

Nic Magee Jones walks into school after Jones frantically throws his
his 1st period release and is hands up in the air and yelps.
Sports Editor greeted by various cheers He then does not eat
of, “Pete Jones!” from all his lunch, because that’s his
“Pete Jones!” One of the friends. style. He takes all the weird
more notorious names heard On his way to Mr. looks that are thrown his way
around school. Along with Alcaro’s class, he shakes when he brushes his teeth in
his name comes a man of many hands. the hallway after lunch.
many complicated words and He then storms into the Shortly after that, we
weird faces. classroom, and arrogantly lost all contact with Pete
Now don’t be fooled, takes his seat, because he Jones and could not find him.
somewhere deep down knows that he owns the place. We figure he was most
under those 2XL shirts is a He proceeds to gangsta’ lean likely hiding in a cave
kind hearted normal white in his chair and takes in the somewhere just south of
kid. Pete Jones is cool, but surrounding area. the Bolivian border. If
many students ask the same Then, he stares off you happen to find him, let
question, “What is it like to into space for around three us know as his mother is
be Pete Jones?” We decided minutes while running his worried.
to secretly observe this fingers through his beard.
specimen to see what an He converses with Nigel Photo by Nic Magee
average day is like for Pete Cvencek, senior, about his
Pete Jones chillin’ in the lobby as another gruelling day of doing nothing at
Jones. 2XL shirts. CRHS comes to an end.
To start off the day, Pete On his way to lunch Pete
Sports Riverhawk Review - Twin Falls, ID - Tuesday, October 5, 2010
Twin Falls claims second Service Bowl win over CRHS
Alex Ridgeway Thanks to a penalty on extend their lead to two
the defense and a fourth- touchdowns. Soon after, the
Staff Writer down conversion among brakes began to come off
As the crowd rushed other things, Twin marched the men in crimson. Injuries
in on September 10th, down the field on their and yet more turnovers
thousands strong, to first drive of the game to along with a few personal
support our beloved score an early touchdown fouls sealed the Riverhawks’
Riverhawks, confidence and take the 7-0 lead. The fate. Though this second
was riding high and the Hawks drove the field game of the young season
possibility of stealing the well themselves but were didn’t pan out as expected,
prestigious helmet trophy plagued with flags and Canyon Ridge football is
back from our cross-town turnovers abound after far from dead. They have
rivals was closer than ever; big plays and in the red four remaining conference
however, Twin Falls received zone at the end of each games, most of which they
that honor when the of the first two quarters. will be favored in and a very
Hawks fell to the second- The scoreboard remained good chance of making
ranked Bruins 23-0 after a unchanged going into the state playoffs, where,
sloppy affair that until the halftime. perhaps, they will bump
Photo by Nancy Craig fourth quarter, was much In the second half, into their blue-and-white
Shaking hands before the big game, team captains wish each other good closer than the final score the bruins capitalized on foe once again.
luck before taking the field. indicates. a fumble from the first
Canyon Ridge series to

Sports legend: Mia Hamm, soccer goddess

Courtney Cunningham Dame Catholic High School her, the team lost only one. season Mia Hamm chose years, and Soccer USA’s
in Wichita Falls, Texas. She sat out the 1991 season to play soccer. She retired Female Athlete of the Year
Managing Editor She then attended Lake so she could concentrate on in hopes of raising a family from 1994 to 1998.
Mariel Margaret “Mia” Braddock Secondary School the ’91 FIFA Women’s World with her husband, baseball She was also the
Hamm, born March 17, 1972, in Burke, Virginia for one Cup in China. star Nomar Garciaparra, who MVP ofthe Women’s Cup in
is the best female soccer year helping them win the During this time, the she married in November of 1995, the winner of three
player in the world. She has 1989 state championship. Women’s National team 2003. ESPY awards, holds the
scored more international At fifteen years old Mia won the FIFA Women’s According to NCAA record for scoring
goals, 158, then any other Hamm joined the U.S. World Cup for the first and and assists in one season,
man or woman in history. Women’s National team also time and Hamm became, and in 1999 she broke the
This and more makes her a becoming the youngest to the youngest American over the years Mia Hamm international career goals
true Sports Legend. ever play for them. woman to win the World won more awards, was record.
Mia was born in Selma, After high school, Mia Cup Championship. Mia recognized more times, Mia also was inducted
Alabama and she was raised attended the University of ended up paying for the and broke more records into the Hall of Fame in
on various Air Force Bases North Carolina at Chapel Women’s National Team for than other female player 2007, put on FIFA’s list of
throughout the country Hill. While there she helped seventeen years. in history. Some of these 125 greatest living soccer
until her family settled in them win four NCAA Five years after the acknowledges include players as selected by Pele
Wichita Falls, Texas. Born national championships 1991 World Cup Mia Hamm being the FIFA World Player and, she is the Women’s
with a club foot, she was in five years. In the time and her teammates won of the Year in 2001 and 2002, Professional Soccer League
forced to wear corrective Mia played for North the Gold Medal at the she was the ACC Female logo features Hamm’s
shoes as a toddler. As a Carolina where her team 1996 Summer Olympics in Athlete of the Year in ’93 and silhouette. She also founded
freshman and sophomore participated in ninety-five Athens, Georgia. They also ’94, the All American and the Mia Hamm foundation
in high school, Mia played games. Out of the ninety- went on to win it again Atlantic Coast Conference which is dedicated to bone
as a forward for the Notre five games that they played in 2004. This was the last Player of the Year for three marrow research.

Hawks show improvement over the summer

Nic Magee season with a respectable
13-18 record and barely
Sports Editor missed the cut for districts.
The American Legion Senior center fielder/
baseball team for Canyon pitcher for the Hawks, Scott
Ridge High School, Speer says, “It was a good
otherwise known as the first season, we would have
Twin Falls Hawks, had a like to go a little bit further,
pretty good first year. The but overall I think we did
Hawks held tryouts just as just fine.”
school was getting out, and The Hawks didn’t know
played quite a long season what to expect after a
finished up in the end of disappointing high school
July. season, winning only 3
The Hawks played in games. “I think we surprised
the single “A” class, where everyone, now all we have
they competed against to do is carry that into high
such teams as Burley, Buhl, school ball,” Speer added.
Jerome, Wood River, and, High school try outs aren’t
cross town rivals, the Twin until late February, but there
Falls Cowboys who they are many opportunities to
split with, meaning they go out to the ball-field and
won one game and lost one, get a little practice during Photo By Kelly Magee

in two very close games. Team members of the Twin Falls Hawks group together as a team to rally for a win in Pocatello during this sum-
this offseason. mer’s season. Unfortunately they lost the game in extra innings by the score of 4-3.
The Hawks finished the

It could be LeBron’s year MLB playoffs

average throughout comes consequences. The
Michael Chapple Chase Petty bag by being seven games
his high school career, way James left his fans
Staff Writer Humor Editor up on the White Sox. In
according to brought a lot of hatred.
It has become a part of com. He exhibited the So back to the As the season’s the National League,
basketball’s annual ritual, winding down, the chase the Philadelphia Phillies,
kind of fan-pleasing ability question, is Lebron as good
the persistent question of for the playoffs is heating Cincinnati Reds, and San
that made him the NBA’s as Michael Jordan? “Lebron up ever so rapidly in Major Diego Padres are in the lead.
who’s going to be “the next number 1 draft pick in is not even close to Michael
Michael Jordan?” The NBA League Baseball. Every The Atlanta Braves are in
2003. He quickly became a Jordan because Michael team is digging deep for front of the San Francisco by
has had a lot of close calls sensation with his fans and Jordan didn’t need other their last efforts to get in one game for the wildcard
but people still say that
nobody has had as big of
the whole league. stars to carry him” quoted the playoffs “The Yankees are according
The only thing holding by Jesse Andrus (Junior). for a chance
an impact on the game as to win the
going to win it all.
James back is his lack of Will Lebron winning a
Michael Jordan. an NBA Championship. championship make him ever glorious They’re too good. ” standings.
Then came Lebron So how will he fix this? comparable to Michael pennant. -Austin Schmahl Austin Schmahl,
James, a 6-foot-8, T h e Junior, says,
Not many people thought Jordan? “It will take many
240-pound, 18-year-old standings are close in every “The Yankees are going to
his answer would be the more championships for
high schooler who has division; there’s no telling win it all. They’re too good.”
Miami Heat. The Heat also Lebron to be compared to who’s going to take the The close standings
been called “the best high consists of Dwayne Wade Michael Jordan,” comments
school player ever, with his lead in a division. For the in the league can change
and Chris Bosh, two stars Jared Berry (Junior). American League, there at any moment. Baseball
explosiveness and excellent from the year before. With All in all, both players are the New York Yankees, is a crazy sport with many
passing ability” according to this power house lineup have changed the game in Minnesota Twins, and the power hitters who can turn Lebron is hoping to put a their own unique way. It will Texas Rangers who are in a game or team around with
He held an outstanding championship on his big list be exciting to see Lebron’s the lead to clinch a playoff one swing of the bat. No
32-point scoring average of career achievements. But career grow or diminish spot. The Tampa Bay Rays one knows what’s going to
and a 3.75 grade point with decisions there always with his new team and fans. have the wild card in the happen.

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12 Riverhawk Review - Twin Falls, ID - Tuesday, October 5, 2010

CRHS football looks to improve over a rough first season

Valley Bulldogs. He is a very
Justice Straub
Staff Writer
inspirational coach for the
players and is now in charge basketball
After what can only of the lineman. Another
be described as a less than
satisfactory season last
coach is Coach Austerlund
who is a coach on the Junior prospects
year, the football team is Varsity team, along with
working hard to correct head coach Jacobi Fox. Kameron Yeggy
past mistakes. Coaches and After a tough loss to Staff Writer
players have stepped up the Twin Falls the football team
intensity this season and are came out against Jerome. The first basketball
learning from by watching Even though it was a loss season was a tough one for
film and working one on Canyon Ridge played a Photo by Nancy Craig
Canyon Ridge. New schools
one if someone is confused. great game, holding them CRHS football looks to step up and show their stuff this season. A loss
against Twin at the Service Bowl did not stop them from fighting until the often struggle to develop
Brianna Larson, junior, was until the very end of the their sports programs in
bitter end against Jerome. Perseverance will win out in the end.
quoted saying, “They’re a game, where Jerome won No. First Last 45 Pedro Villagomez their beginning years,
pretty good football team. in the last few minutes by 1
Winmill however, Canyon Ridge’s
Pretty good.” And Elliot a field goal. Going into the 4
Coleman boys and girls teams are
Williams, sophomore, said, homecoming game Canyon 10
Stone feeling confident that they
“They are getting better.” Ridge is looking ready 13
Gonzales can rise above the rest this
Even new coaches have to prove that they are a 15
Jozlic season and dominate the
been brought in to improve contender in football, and 21 Sawyer McMillian 70 Garret Martin
22 Zaki Abdul 71 Rey Martinez
the team’s game, such as take home a win for Canyon 28 Frank Arroyo 75 Siyavosh Askari
Igor Jozelic (junior)
32 Chase Smith 77 Arturo Tello
Coach Houdeshell, the Ridge at our homecoming 35 Nick Kytle 78 Brandon Bradshaw
says, “Our main strength
former coach of the Magic game. Good luck guys. 36
Adams will be that we only lost
two seniors, so our team

Paul,soccer’s octopus chooses retirement

will be basically the same.
Our weakness will be
overcoming last season.”
long as numerous games in threats to turn Paul into all contain horizontal line Since most of the boys have
Craig Bartlett the UEFA Euro 2008. sushi. shapes in their flags, giving had the opportunity to play
Staff Writer Paul’s predictions were Paul predicted the Paul a biased choice in his together, they can build off
Hundreds of German made by having two boxes biggest match of his career prediction, according to the of their strategies from the
fans gathered at the Sea placed into his tank, each when he chose Spain to School of Ocean Sciences previous season and use
Life Centre in Oberhausen, marked with the flag of an defeat the Netherlands in at Bangor University in the their past experience to
Germany on June 27, to upcoming international the World Cup final on July United Kingdom. their advantage.
find out the results of the match, and containing 11, 2010. The next day, his Scientists will continue Mrs. Wray, the girls
2010 FIFA World Cup round an oyster or mussel. Paul career was ended when his to say they have research varsity coach, states, “We
of sixteen match between would simply eat the oyster owners chose for him to showing why he chooses will be quicker and play a
England and Germany. This out of the box marked with be placed into retirement. certain teams, but soccer more up-tempo game.  We
is where Paul, the “oracle” the flag of the team that Although his results in the fans across the world will have some younger players
octopus, would choose would win the match. World Cup were fantastic, put their money on the that will be stepping up
who would move on, and Superstitious World studies show that Octopi are team that Paul the Octopus to help us as well as some
who would go home. Paul Cup fans have taken these color blind and are drawn to has chosen. But the real returners that will play key
the Octopus predicted predictions so seriously, horizontal line shapes. question you need to ask roles this year.  I look to see
all of Germany’s matches that when Paul chose The teams that he chose yourself is: Does Paul love us in all games and have a
correctly in the 2010 FIFA Germany to fall against to win included Germany, oysters, or does he love the winning record.  We are a
World Cup South Africa, as Spain, German fans put out Serbia, and Spain; which game? much different team than
last year – mentally and
2010 National Football League season predictions physically.”
Despite past
performance, Canyon
Justice Straub an impressive game. Chargers will overcome the returning champion, New Ridge’s basketball teams are
Who’s going to make Denver Broncos to go on to Orleans Saints! With players displaying great confidence
Staff Writer it to the playoffs? I would the playoffs. What about the like Reggie Bush, Drew in their abilities. Using
The 2010 NFL Season have to say in the AFC East wild card? In the AFC the Brees, and Jeremy Shockey improved technique and
started out with some huge it’s going to go, once again, wildcard will be the Colts returning, The Saints have teamwork, CRHS is going to
upsets with games like the to the New York Jets. After a and the Patriots. a great offense. They just demonstrate that they are a
Houston Texans dominating less than satisfactory display Then there’s the NFC. need to work on getting force to be reckoned with.
the Indianapolis Colts, who against Baltimore they In the North who else but their defense together; last
had made it to the Super brought their “A” game the the Giants; Eli Manning season the Saints defense
Bowl the season prior. following week against the had a great season as a was ranked 25th overall. Can
Other huge upsets came Patriots and showed why quarterback last year and they manage to go to the
with games like the Dallas they had made it all the way once he gets his team rolling Super Bowl two years in a
Cowboys losing to the to the AFC championship they will be a significant row?
Washington Redskins and game. factor in the NFC race. In the Last of all, the West,
San Diego Chargers being In the North Pittsburgh North it’s finally Green Bay’s and it is finally Seattle’s year.
defeated by Kansas City is going to take it, possibly year. And, of course, the wild
Chiefs. Another shocker to another Super Bowl Even with having some card. Arizona Cardinals and
came when the Saint Louis even. In the South for the stiff competition with the Minnesota Vikings are Photo by Kameron Yeggy
Rams, the worst overall first time in a long time Chicago and Minnesota great teams, and this season Kevin Costa, takes every chance he
team in the previous Houston is doing great, they should be able to should be able to take the can to get in a little bit of practice
season, came within one and I’m putting my money overcome them and make wild card and possibly the time.
score of defeating the on them. And finally, in the it to the playoffs, and in the playoffs.
Arizona Cardinals, playing West I believe the San Diego South of course it will be the

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