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September, 2018

not. What we do is investigate what the Holy Spirit is

A little over four years ago, telling us in this time.
MSNBC posted an article about My own denomination, the ELCA, is continuing to
the flood of millennials leaving evolve on the question of human sexuality. Many of us,
the church and a possible reason myself included, are in favor of full inclusion of our
why: LGBT brothers and sisters. Many of us are convinced
A full 31% of young people (ages that while all of God’s children should be treated with
18 to 33) who left organized respect and dignity, homosexuality is contrary to God’s
religion said “negative teachings” intent for creation and should not be welcomed in the
or “negative treatment” of gay church. In 2009 the ELCA made a decision to be a
people was a “somewhat church that is not going to draw a line in the sand on
important” or “very important” human sexuality, to respect the bound conscience of all
factor in their departure, as surveyed by the Public our members and leave the question of practice to
Religion Research Institute. A strong majority (58%) of individual congregations. Some will welcome gay and
Americans also said religious groups are “alienating” lesbian pastors and bless same-gender marriage. Some
young people by “being too judgmental on gay and will not. Other denominations continue to discuss and
lesbian issues.” A full 70% of young people said the discern where the Spirit is calling them to go. But the
same. question is always, always “what is our faithful
Disturbing news, of course. But then the article response? How is the Spirit at work in this?” It is never
presented the reader with this survey: “do we need to change who we are to get with the
Do you think churches will change their times?”
policies on gays and lesbians to appeal to The Church does not speak with one voice. Over the
young people? last 500 years in particular, the Church has disagreed
• Yes, churches will adapt to a new with itself on all manner of things: slavery, usury
generation. (loaning money at interest), priests who marry, the
historical accuracy of the Bible, alcohol, dancing,
• No, they will stick to their values.
contraception, women’s suffrage, segregation and
• I’m not sure. integration, peace and war, capital punishment, women
Articles like this make me want to scream in frustration. as pastors/preachers – you name it, we’ve debated it and
It was obvious that the writer had no understanding of sometimes denominations have divided over it. So,
the wide array of churches that are all over the place on saying that “churches” might or might not change their
human sexuality, and that’s both her failing and ours. policies is a simplistic question because it presumes that
The Church is not a business. We don’t have all “churches” have the same policies. We don’t. We
customers or clients, and even membership is a bit of a never have.
wrong-headed idea that has somehow survived. What Some won’t change because they’ve been welcoming
we really are is disciples. We follow Jesus, not market people of all sexual orientation for decades – they have
trends. When we change (and yes, we do change) we do no need. Others will be convinced through prayer, study
so because our Lord is calling us into something new and discussion that the Spirit is revealing a new truth,
and we are called to follow. The beliefs of God’s something we never considered in the past, much like
people evolve over time, but not out of fear of being when we discerned that women could be pastors, or that
culturally irrelevant. Any change driven by fear and slavery was wrong. Others will also be convinced
anxiety is a change that makes an entity something it is through prayer, study and discussion that the traditional
pattern of human existence is God’s purpose,
2 St. Petri Messenger
and no amount of cultural pressure or societal change
will move them from this belief. Asking if we think
churches will change on the issue of human sexuality to
appeal to a specific generation or group is a flawed
question from the start. It’s not how churches work. It
never has been.
This is an anxious time for American churches. We
have been living in the last bastions of Christendom for
the past 50 years and had no idea what was going on.
Sunday morning was “church time” and Christmas and
Easter were observed as cultural holidays (and somehow
we never noticed how inconvenient that was for Jews, ~ Hospitalized in August ~
Muslims and people of other faiths who did not
Gloria Severson Betty Grinde
celebrate their High Holy Days on our calendar). That’s
Garry Gerjets (friend of Brandie Gossel)
no longer the case. Churches compete with businesses,
sports leagues and a gradual growth of apathy toward
communal spiritual endeavors on the part of the ~ Prayer concerns ~
American population. The country is secularizing and Travis Ness (Brandie Gossel’s brother)
churches are losing their influence over society. So it Bob Severson Les Mathre Jim Phillips
makes sense that one might think we’d want to make a Arlene Jacobson Kay Disbrowe Dennis Sills
change to attract young people, but, really, how many Charlotte Hill Cooper Leeman
times has that worked in the past?
Floundering businesses who make changes just to Missionaries Patrick & Jacqueline Bencke in
stay afloat don’t last, and neither do churches. The Japan; Soldiers; Peace Workers; Humanitarian
churches that will last will be those who operate out of Aid Workers
conviction and passion – those who are convinced that
God is up to something and this is the time to be about
it. We are not called to make the false choice between
reluctant change or rigid determination. We are called
to be faithful, and that call takes shape in many different

Join Pastor Scott and leaders from the
Darul Arqum Islamic Center in Ames
for a night of interfaith conversation
at St. Petri Lutheran Church Congratulations to Peter Conrad Olson who
on September 30th at 7:00 p.m. was baptized on Sunday, August 26th!
All who are interested in bridging gaps of Peter is the son of Randy and Kelsey Olson.
understanding and learning more about our Peter’s baptismal sponsors are his uncles, Steve
Muslim neighbors and friends are encouraged Olson and Casey Conrad.
to attend. Specific topics and refreshments May we all be Christian examples to this child, as
TBD - mark your calendars and watch for well as to all around us. Let your light shine
more announcements! before others that they may see your good works
and glorify your Father in heaven.
3 St. Petri Messenger

Our Mission:
We are Disciples of Jesus Christ,
called to grow in Christ and to
invite all to follow him

MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 3rd Sept. 2: Valaree Muhlenburg, Erin Nuetzman
~CHURCH OFFICE WILL BE CLOSED~ Sept. 3: Doug Ness, Carter Barber, Jason Hill
Sept. 6: Karen Munson
Sept. 8: Stephany Cruz, Noah Healy
Sept. 9: Donald Kolbe, Janet Mortvedt
Sept. 10: Patricia Van Patter
Sept. 12: Mary Pelican
Sept. 13: Cory Anderson
Sept. 14: Joni Brown, Doris Mathre
Sept. 18: Kendra Braucher, Kelly Schmitz
Sept. 19: Lance Olson, Ryan Thorson,
Angela Van Patter
Sept. 22: Walt Hermanson, Anita Nuetzman
WELCA Report Sept. 24: Jennifer Holdredge
Sept. 26: Colbie Bauman, Kalen Bauman,
Sept. 13 2:00 p.m. WELCA Circle Bible Study
Sayer Peterson
Sept. 24-26 9am-noon Quilt Making Sept. 29: Sharon Sills
Sept. 30: Jose Cruz, Clark Grinde, Ryan Reisetter
Our Savior’s Women’s Guest Night Salad Supper
will be Thursday, September 13th at 6:30pm at Our
Savior’s Lutheran Church (601 Isabella, Radcliffe,
IA). St. Petri women are invited to attend. This
year’s program will be presented Sherry Maakestad,
Music by Rachel Haugland and Kathy Hinderaker
A free-will offering will be taken. We hope to see
you for an enjoyable evening of food &
Fall Gathering Cluster F
September 14th in Waverly, Iowa
10:30a Synod Office
12:00 Lunch at Wild Carrot Tea Room God’s work. Our hands
(bring money for lunch) Sunday, September 9, 2018
1:00p Bremwood Tour (Chris Coswell) Please join us for a dedicated day of service in
In-Kind Donations: shower gels, liquid bath soaps, our community. There are projects for all ages
shampoos and conditioners (also ethnic hair and and abilities. We will have a Brunch Potluck
body products: Can Tu and Olive Oil). following the worship service then have several
If you would like to go, please contact Virginia service projects. Please plan to join us to help
Egemo by Wed., Sept. 5th at 733-2794. with God’s work with our hands!
4 St. Petri Messenger

Thanks to the August Care Group for helping with

all of the activities this last month.


CARE Group Leaders
Angie Rieck-Hinz and Valaree Muhlenburg
Larry Ammerman Dave & Nicole Bauman
Jane Bauman Dan & Kim Birchmier
Brad & Beth Dedic Doug & Kim Finley
Tom & Kris Foss Dale & Stephanie Hadsall St. Petri’s Senior Luncheon
Marlene Helling Jason & Brittany Hill will be held Friday, September 28th.
Paul Hill John Hinz Invite a friend!
Danny & Chris Hobbs Tyler & Crystal Hobbs
Watch for more details! 
Brian & Michelle Holdredge Janice Horness
Pstr Scott & Kristin Johnson James & Sherri Keigan
Kim & Diane Larson John & Jan Lekwa
Jeremy & Jill Lovig Les & Doris Mathre Please let the church office
Marcia Millang Barry Muhlenburg know your new school
Trent & Katelyn Muhlenburg John & Mary Pelican address so we can keep
Kevin & Susan Ruby Olive Sampson our records updated and
Dennis & Sharon Sills Craig & Paula Van Brocklin send you our monthly
Paul Wierson Tom & Mary Wynia newsletter. ( or 733-4623)
Helen Zook You can, also, view the St. Petri calendar and
newsletter online at
Use your time & “Do not merely listen
talents wisely that to the word,
do what it says.”
God has given you!
James 1:22


CARE Group Leaders
Wanda Holm & Cheryl Hoffman
Cory & Jaye Anderson Doug & Kendra Braucher
Irene Chelsvig Joe & Kim Chelsvig
Mark & Susan Clarridge Verlyn & Barb Frohling
Vivian Gossel Ray & Donna Guard
Charlotte Hill Paul Hjortsvang
Ron Hoffman Al Holm SAVE THE DATE!
Darrel & Mary Ellen Hubby Scott Ihle ST. PETRI’S TURKEY SUPPER
Ordean & Liz Johnson Marilyn Lekwa SATURDAY, OCTOBER 20, 2018
Pat & Mari Jo Murken Jim & Karen Nelson
Curt & Deb Olive Alberta Olson
Jason Patterson Kevin & Peg Patterson
Tim & Abby Patterson John Satre
Gloria Severson Dave & Gail Sporleder Due to lack of recycling facilities,
Scott & Shelly Stevenson Zac Thiessen St. Petri will NO longer be
Gayla Thompson Ted Tostlebe & Marilyn Hanson accepting cans and bottles.
5 St. Petri Messenger
WHAT IF YOU FOUND OUT LSI Newsletter September 2018
YOU COULD CHANGE THE WORLD? Direct Support Professionals Week
Meals from the Heartland Do you know someone who is a caregiver to a loved
one? It is a role that is both demanding and meaningful.
4 Annual Story City Hunger Fight!
During September’s National Direct Support
Saturday, September 29, 2018 Professionals Week, we celebrate all the ways in which
Story City Rec Center, 812 Elm Avenue these professional caregivers help children and adults
It is within your power to give hope to a family that achieve their goals and build meaningful lives.
routinely goes without food. One way LSI empowers Iowans is through our Services
You can make a difference. You can impact the lives for People with Disabilities. From 24-hour support to
of starving people. occasional respite care, the LSI team lifts up Iowans with
disabilities as they find the confidence and independence
You can actually feed a dying child. You can literally
they need to thrive in their communities.
save a life.
What if you helped? We thank you for your faithful support of LSI – you create
so many new life-changing possibilities for children,
We want to pack 30,000+ meals this fall! Spread the adults, and families! If you would like to learn more about
word and do your part to help us raise $6,000 (just how you can support crucial programming like LSI’s
20₵ a meal!) and recruit volunteers to pack the meals. Services for People with Disabilities, please contact Deb
Donate and/or sign up to help package meals at Whitford, LSI director of philanthropy and church relations, at 563-676-2065 or
Our Mission: Lutheran Services in Iowa responds to the
love of Jesus Christ through compassionate service. LSI
is an affiliated social ministry partner of the Iowa
congregations of the ELCA (Evangelical Lutheran
Church in America) and a member of LSA (Lutheran
Services in America). We proudly serve people of all
ages, abilities, religions, sexes, gender identities,
national origins, ethnicities, races, and sexual
orientations. Learn more at and

Finding His Independence

Logan and his mother, Michaela, didn’t know where to
Since Logan was 5 years old, he had moved in and out
of hospitals and residential treatment centers across
Iowa. For 13 years, Michaela tried to find the right
It was the start of a holiday weekend, and the gas approach to address his behavioral needs. But nothing
station was crowded. Finally, the attendant hustled up was working.
to our parish priest, who had been waiting in line for That’s when the family learned about LSI’s Services for
some time. People with Disabilities. Now 18, Logan is living
“Sorry about the delay,” he apologized, “seems like independently in an apartment supervised 24/7 by his
compassionate LSI team.
everybody waits until the last minute to get ready for a
trip that they know they’re going on.” Logan is now active in his community and developing
The priest smiled. “I healthy relationships with his friends. He graduated early
from his high school and has become active at the gym
know what you and in a local bowling league – where his high score for
mean,” he said. “I a game is 210.
have the same Every step of the way, Michaela knows Logan’s LSI team
problem in my will keep her informed about her son’s care and growth.
“At LSI, they treat him like an individual and they know
each person needs different care,” Michaela says. “It’s
good knowing that I have constant communication with
his team, and I know somebody is saying, ‘we hear you’.”
6 St. Petri Messenger
Theme: Grounded The Lord’s Prayer
Recharge – (n): The process of reloading or refueling a
RIVERSIDE WOMEN’S RETREAT power source with its proper fuel; ie: your fuel tank, your
September 22 & 23 batteries, your mind, your heart.
THEME: “UNLIKELY” A Recharge is a super fun weekend event at Riverside during
Based on Esther 4:14b the fall that is like a whole week of camp smashed into 40
“And who knows but that you have come to hours! Cool music, awesome friends, great food, games, free
your royal position for such a time as this?” time, small groups, carpetball, foosball, fun counselors,
A bit about this year’s speaker – Erin Port fabulous skits, and “no homework guaranteed”!
“I am Erin, an Iowa girl, saved by grace! I am married, have Everything begins between 8-9pm Friday night & ends at
3 kids and another one on the way by adoption! My passion noon on Sunday.
is to encourage women to live a simple purposeful life so we • October 12-14 Juniors (Grades 3-6)
can enjoy a full, fun life!” • October 26-28 Junior High (Grades 6-9)
Erin is excited to discuss the unlikely people God uses to do • November 9-11 Junior High (Grades 6-9)
His mighty work – people like David, Ruth, Esther, Mary • November 16-18 Senior High (Grades 9-12)
and Paul.
Cost is $75. A $25 non-refundable and non-transferable
Join us for this relaxing, Spirit-filled weekend, we are so deposit is required. Balance may be paid upon arrival.
excited to retreat with you.
Register today at
The retreat begins Saturday morning at 8:30 and concludes
with 11:45 brunch on Sunday morning. (Staying here Friday
night is an option for those traveling, no meals included).
For details, check out or call 733-
Registration forms are on the table outside the church office.
$65 for commuters; $75 includes housing and meals
Eat, Drink, Bethesda makes Merry
at Bethesda Lutheran Church
1517 Northwestern Ave., Ames, IA
Saturday, Sept. 8 noon – 5pm
Outdoor worship service following at 5:30pm
Brats, hot dogs, soft pretzels, german potato
RIVERSIDE GOLF CLASSIC salad, beans, root beer…
September 14, 2018 Root-beer making; face-painting/photo ops;
at the Ames Golf & Country Club Bounce house and slide; polka lessons;
5752 George Washington Carver dancing; Bluestem Bellows Band
Ave., Ames, IA Open to the public – everyone welcome!
Four-Person Best Shot
Admission is free! Food & drink available for
Check in: 9:30am; Start 10:30am
Lunch during play
Join us for a great day full of laughs, great golf, &
delicious food. Help us support God’s continued work SAVE THE DATE!
at Riverside! Your contribution of $100 covers your NEW DAY! – Saturday, October 6, 2018
golf, cart, lunch, and prizes. Thank you for your SCANDINAVIAN COFFEE
support! For more info visit Coffee Shoppe Bake Shoppe Gift Shoppe
Bethesda Lutheran Church
1517 Northwestern Ave. in Ames, Iowa
7 St. Petri Messenger
St Petri Lutheran Church  Replacement of shingles under the AC unit for
Approved Council Minutes the office as they are damaged or worn out.
July 11, 2018  The N Maple tree by the West sidewalk is lifting
the sidewalk near it. The tree needs to be
Meeting called to order at 7:37pm removed and the sidewalk removed and repaired
Minutes from June were presented by Abby Patterson, to eliminate a trip hazard. It will be removed by
Acting Secretary for June. After presenting them, she Pat M and Paul N. and other members. Arbor
moved to amend them by removing a line about deleting Monkeys will cut the stump. Sidewalk will be
an LSI check that was never received. Motion by Paul W repaired.
to approve as amended, second by Barb.
Barb presented the Treasurer's report. We transferred the Spiritual Life Committee
$7507.58 in the designated Funds to “Other Income” As Talking about sending cards recognizing the
of the date of the report we were still $11,590 in arrears volunteers that are doing so much in the congregation.
on income, but had not yet received the payment (approx They are also partnering with the Youth Ministry
$5,000) from Bergen. Paul W moved to approve the Committee recognizing active youth.
financial report. Ann Healy seconded. Approved
Stewardship Committee
Committee reports Discussed the upcoming God's Work Our Hands
Music and Worship event. Suggestions included, Flood Buckets, Freezer
 August Hymns were chosen. All hymns have meals for distribution as needs arise.
been those that have been requested by members
as suggested for the current Sermon topics
series. Youth Min Committee by Paul Wierson
 Discussed the current Summer Stretch program.
Outreach & Fellowship It involves approx. 30 middle school youth, 4
 Planning a Free Hot dog lunch at Loaves and high school youth and several adult sponsors.
Fishes the next time we serve there. They are doing Service work at several
 July 22 golf outing w/ Potluck after. locations. They are also doing Bible Study each
 Sept 28 senior luncheon, Sept 28 @ 11:30 day and will spend one day at Adventureland
 Welcome baskets are being prepared for Randy Park.
and Kelsey Olson, Carmen Peter and Brian  The Mission trip to the Crow Reservation will
Peter family and will be presented Aug. happen in July with 15 youth and 4 adults.
 There are plans for the Youth Group Wed
Property and Trustees
meetings beginning with the new school year.
Upcoming items
The Middle School group will be split into 2
 Installation of Smoke and Co2 detectors
groups. One for 5th and 6th graders. One for the
(Undesignated Memorial monies have been
7th and 8th graders. This is to address differences
approved for this)
between the age groups regarding maturity and
 2nd Telephone lines; Discussion was not clear if interests.
this has been done.
 #1 Office Air conditioner; Oldest AC unit has Youth Ed Committee Mark Helland
entirely failed. East, (newer one) needs repairs.  Vacation Bible School involved about 40 people
 #2 West Sidewalk around curb stop/ parking this yr.
area repair; Needs to be dug up, fixed, concrete  Rally Sunday will be held at the church.
 A group met at the Tim and Abby Patterson farm
 #3 Computer board in the elevator. Board is where they toured the animals and played
outdated, Suggestion by the Elevator Inspector games. Donations during VBS
that a replacement be located and on hand. purchased a farm animal for a Youth family thru
 Front steps are cracked and need replacement. the Global Barnyard.
 Vivian Gossel has requested that the memorial  Kristin added that there will be a new schedule
money for Gordon G shall be the particle board for youth groups for the new school year.
style rectangular table not the new style plastic
8 St. Petri Messenger
 total use to date; Sick Leave 6.5 of 59 accrued,
New Business 7.5 of 24 days allocated, 1 Sunday of 4
Air conditioning  She will not be at St Petri the following Sundays
 The West AC unit, originally for just the chapel in July, the 8th (at Bergen) or the 22nd (Mission
and the Pastor's office, is the oldest and has trip).
failed.  She spent time preparing her sermons for the
 The East AC unit needs a new capacitor to be month, prepared Bulletin and Power Point slides
reliable. for announcements, created Youth Pages for
 Kevin moved that we give the Property and July newsletters, the church Website and
Trustees permission to hire Lekwa Heating to Facebook pages.
repair the newer of the 2 units, the “chapel” AC  She planned and helped lead the NEIA Synod's
unit, with a limit of $2,000. Barb Seconded. WIYLDE group discussion. She attended the
Carried. The “old” one will be abandoned for Synod Assembly, led VBS, led a Youth Mission
now. Trip and Youth Bible Study. She prepared for
Sanctuary wall fans the Summer Stretch program, and prepared for
 Several of these have died. Pres Fevold has the Youth Committee meeting.
researched replacements. Barb F moved to Pastor Scott provided a report of his activities.
replace 3 oscillating fans for about $150 total,  Wedding for Crystal Winterthieme & Tyler
second by Abby P. Carried. Hobbs. Funeral for Esther Miller. Did 6 Pastoral
Nick Wakefield has been active, though not a member
 Personal & Sick Leave for June 18-25, (6 days,
of either Bergen or St Petri churches, for 4 years, and
1 Sunday), 1 Sick day.
has requested reserving the Fellowship hall for his
graduation reception May 18, 2019. In view of this fact  Total Leave for yr to date: 7.5 weekdays of 20.5
it was proposed that the usage fee of $200 for non allocated, 1 Sunday of 4 allocated, Sick Leave
members, be waived and the custodial fee of $75 be 54.5 balance accrued.
required. Motion to approve by Paul W, seconded by  Recurring Events; Staff meeting,weekly Text
Mark H. Carried. Study w/Riverside Conference Pastors, Spiritual
Paul N moved that we approve using funds from Renew  Attended Synod Assembly June 8-10
and Restore Designated fund to repair the chapel AC, (abbreviated to return for performance in Mary
purchase the replacement chapel fans, the curb stop and Poppins play with Judge Story Theatrical
parking repair area and removal of the Maple Tree Troupe.
stump and associated sidewalk replacement. Abby  Attended WIYLDE at Wartburg June 10-13. His
seconded, carried. It was noted that this fund may not note; They will be stepping out of planning and
cover all these projects and that additional funds will presenting this program at leas till the girls are
need to be designated. of participant age.
Old business  Pre-marriage meeting with Sarah Pagels &
Smoke and CO2 detectors, Abby moved to Adam Holm
approve Undesignated Memorial funds with a limit  June 15-16 Cross Gen VBS
of $1,000. Ann H. Seconded. Carried  June 24 Mission Trip BBQ @ Parsonage
 Upcoming events
Council reviewed the notes prepared by the Treasurer  Pauline Ness funeral July 28th.
regarding the History and use of the Student Loan Fund.  Johnsons will be gone from July 28 thru August
6th, for his folks 50th wedding anniversary.
Council discussed a Follow up report on Credit Card Pastoral coverage is arranged.
limits as moved in old business last month. Exec committee report:
Staff reports: They met and discussed having all fund raising events
Kristin provided her report of activities. provide a listing of incomes and expenses to provide
Highlights (as suggested by her). Paraphrased. appropriate oversight for church funds.
 Leave use in June: Vacation; 4 weekdays and 1 President Fevold declared the meeting adjourned.
Sunday Council closed with The Lord's Prayer.
9 St. Petri Messenger
4 St. Petri Messenger
11 St. Petri Messenger

G.I.F.T Ministry
(Growing In Faith Together)

GIFT Ministry STARTS Sunday, September 16th

(and runs every Sunday morning from 10:45-11:30am)
THIS MONTH we’ll be learning about The Holy Spirit Comes!
You can expect skits, puppets, hearing God’s word, learning some sign language
and even doing projects with your hands. There’s something for EVERYONE.
Our Cross+Generational Ministry Goal: To offer quality faith formation and
Spiritual direction for everyone together, whatever their age may be.

Faith Formation Schedule

The 'Confirmation' program at St. Petri Lutheran church actually begins in the PreK and continues
through the 10th Grade and beyond. The strength of our Faith Formation program lies in the fact
that our children and youth are learning in the presence of the generations who have gone before
them. So those in Kindergarten through 6th Grade will have a one afternoon session with their
parents or a trusted adult, led by Pastor Scott, to discuss various topics. The following will be the
schedule for 2018-2019. The sessions will be offered Sunday evenings from 4-5pm.

Kindergarten Spark Story Bibles Sunday, September 23rd

1st Grade The Lord’s Prayer Sunday, November 11th
2nd Grade Apostles Creed Sunday, January 27th
3rd Grade Intro to the Bible Sunday, February 24th
4th Grade Worship Sunday, April 7th
5th Grade Sacraments Sunday, October 21st
6th Grade 10 Commandments Sunday, March 24th

**Please note that the Sunday following your class, the children/youth will share in worship what
they learned in their class. So mark those Sunday's down as well.
12 St. Petri Messenger

September Youth News!

Wednesday’s Youth Group Night
5th/6th 5:45-6:30pm Supper 6:15-7pm 7th/8th 6:45-7:30pm HS 7:30-9pm

5th Quarter Attention:

For MS YOUTH: Confirmation Youth
Following the 2 Reminders:
Football Game ****************
September 21st 10th Graders: Mentor/Parent/Youth
9:00pm-11:30pm meeting Sunday, Sept 9th @ St. Petri
at St. Petri! 5-6pm. Ice cream provided.

8th-9th Graders: Confirmation

After the 4th Quarter is over Orientation Nite will be Sunday, Sept 9th
at the football game the 5th @ St. Petri from 6-7:30pm.
Quarter is just getting started!
$2—Food, games, and more!
Bring a friend and join us!

Center Grove:
Destination Unknown
Wednesday, Sept 26th
Corn Maze, Jumping Pillows,
S’mores and Apple Cider! Meet
at St. Petri @6pm, you’ll be
back by 9:30pm. Cost is $8.
Friends are more than welcome
to join in the fun.
13 St. Petri Messenger
A HUGE Thank You for supporting our youth and adults as they spent a week being the hands and feet of Christ on the
Crow Reservation back in July. We painted and pulled up weeds and brush at a few homes, cleaned and set up food for
a food pantry and enjoyed spending time with the children as we lead a VBS type style camp. We met many new
friends, heard stories from Elders, and experienced the love and beauty of the Native American culture. Our hearts have
been touched in profound ways.