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DISCLAIMER : Please make the final pick only by using the framework and not blindly
following it. I don’t want you to believe anyone, ask people with verifiable answers, seek
and then arrive at a solution because your money is precious ! Order a demo if possible
before arriving at a solution. Whatever you do — try to make sure you check the
authenticity of the suggestions !
I will break down the answer into two parts — the first, summing up the old answers from
Whose online video lectures are best for the IIT JEE? (as of 20th Jan. 2018) and the second,
giving you my two cents !

Summing up the old answers from Whose online video lectures are best for the IIT JEE? !
Independent Companies mentioned - Etoos, Toppr, Byju
Renu Madane’s four criteria of students for whom the video lectures shall serve the best are
much appropriate.
Ritwik Mehta’s description about choosing the teachers and buying courses separately for both
the classes is also true to my experience.
However i would suggest Maths - MC Sir one hundred percent for he is the best you can
get from ETOOS !

My two cents !
We really have to make a very clear distinction in the following areas while choosing the
appropriate study material for us :
1. The content ( quality and quantity )
2. Price
3. My current scenario
There are individual companies proving video lectures for individual subjects but then again that
is for sure going to be costly and that is why i have taken into consideration some companies
which cover PCM
Compared : Toppr,Byju,Etoos,Kaysons,Plancess,Aakash,Mlearning, - these 7 companies

NOTE : My comparison is made assuming the student is in class 11th , if you are either in
class 12th or is a dropper you can use the similar framework to establish the solution and
choose the right platform.
The comparison assumes the student is to be enrolled in a 2 year program and will be
delivered the package in USB.
We will first compare the PRICE in descending order for 2 Year Plans:
1. Etoos - Since this involves combination, you have to go try out by yourself in the below
link but one thing is for certain — if you want the video lectures from the best teachers
then the cost is for sure more than Rs. 80,000
2. Aakash - Rs. 73,999
3. MLearning - Rs. 73,160
4. Toppr - Rs 1,00,000 (may 18)
5. Byju’s - around Rs 55–65,000 (may18)
6. Plancess - Rs. 45,700 (may18)

doubt modules comes at an extra cost Fair enough ? Not yet ! To be honest it is not at all fair to compare yet just on rough numbers unless we have a detailed idea about what they offer.Rs. test series 7. Aakash . modules and test series For users with visual tendencies — N.and doubt clearing comes at an extra cost 6. modules. doubt clearing 5. modules 4. 7. Byju’s .N/A) .B : Etoos . right ? lectures (350+ hours) . modules and test series 3. Toppr .well — it is very unfair just to show the price and not discuss the features. 20.000 Well. Etoos . MLearning . modules 2.N/A) . Kayson .video lectures (1000+ hours). test series. I am going to try explore what they offer and you can always browse the links i have mentioned to know in details ! Now let’s get started : lectures (500+ hours). Plancess . Kaysons .N/A) .and online test series sometimes come in the combo and sometimes not .video lectures (duration . doubt lectures (duration .video lectures (800+ hours) . Etoos - . test series . doubt lectures (duration .

you have to find another independent source to practice questions from which troubled me a lot during Organic Chemistry. there is literally no information available about its service which is a major turnoff ! I did later go on to check its contents. the study modules have been incorporated but that is still not a favourite and we have better options available clearly such as Resonance DLPD. Over that the price is too much and there is not really much details about the teachers and the services. i mean! that’s my opinion but it’s tough for those who lack willpower. The video lectures are detailed and 1000+ hours is a little too much. Barring Mathematics by MC Sir. doubt clinic. Also — one. RECOMMENDED : NO 4.C Sir of Mathematics was the BEST and similarly NV Sir was great in Physics. the lack of modules create the gap to refer to something and the lack of a problem solving platform alongside video lectures create a lot of management issues ! Having said that . the interface and the teachers were dull. MLearning - I had added this just for the sake of it . Since there were no modules provided. Costly. Toppr - . While the lectures are great. Aakash - I have no experience to describe Aakash. it is an industry known better for its medical entrance glories and second. The dearth of solving dpps . however there were genuine concerns attached with other subjects. the only source of information would be the video lectures and there would be this play-pause-play manner to create notes and that honestly takes up a lot of time. Modules comes at extra cost. Then once you are done with a chapter. if you have a doubt .I had personally prepared from etoos and to be very honest M. TAKEWAY : Great Video Lectures . RECOMMENDED : YES (with conditions) 2. it becomes super tough to find a solution ! Well in recent times. RECOMMENDED : NO 3. test series alongside theory classes is sure to cause trouble.

Also not much information is available about it’s service plus it’s costly for the services it provides ! RECOMMENDED : NOT REALLY 6.The lack of modules might and will itch a bit. Modules provided. their lectures are short and to the point you are definitely going to save a lot of time ! While toppr doubt clearing facilities are highly praised of ( i have used them too). Byju’s - Byju’s has a good reputation of the interactive explanation method backing it. The other services ticking all the criteria are aakash which has no description available and etoos which has a pretty high price ! TAKEWAY : Good Video Lectures . the two factors — one. TAKEWAY : Good Video Lectures . in fact it is better known for CAT Prep.This will be discussed in detail along with two other companies recommended further. They provide every kind of service. TAKEWAY : Good Video Lectures . the lack of modules and doubt clearing with extra cost are the cons. RECOMMENDED : YES 7. Kaysons - The presence of the services provided makes the case a lot easier here. The sync of problem practice along with video lectures will help for sure but then again doubts shall remain unresolved. The sync of problem practice along with video lectures will help for sure ! RECOMMENDED : NO 5. Modules provided. Doubt facility exists. it is not exclusively famous for JEE . But then again. However the video lectures sound good. No modules. Since. While the explanation might be great. No Doubt facility . The sync of problem practice along with video lectures will help for sure ! RECOMMENDED : YES . Along with that it comes pretty cheap. the lack of study materials and two. Cost will be an issue either if their is a financial problem or it is used alongside coaching which is already expensive and time-taking or if someone starts early as there are already future expenses. Plancess - Their video lectures are in similar footing with that of Toppr and comes relatively cheaper. Very Costly. They also provide modules and test series which is a great thumbs up but they die down when it comes to doubt clearing ! This is a persistent problem to be honest — doubt clearing. Doubt facility . the high cost makes it deprived of an ideal candidate.

2. However if u purchase the entire PLANCESS package and purchase only the doubt clearing facility of toppr . You can also refer to Etoos for certain topics if that is convenient for you (i have mentioned about them below) The only reasons the post was necessary to start with was to facilitate the choice of a user who is suffering from problems/health issues/lack of confidence in current coaching or is starting off early. it still comes cheaper than TOPPR and you still manage to get the STUDY MATERIAL which is essential ! The only reason it wasn’t my first choice was because i found KAYSONS ahead of in terms of low price as well as doubt clearing facility. Plancess looks absolutely good with its facilities and moderate cost but then again if you club doubt clearing facility the price will certainly go up.It comes naturally as the second choice if you can excuse its lack of doubt clearing facility. PLANCESS(2nd choice) . 1.After going through brief descriptions. we have with us two contenders PLANCESS & KAYSONS. KAYSONS(1st choice) - .

test series. I strongly insist the respective users to make the final pick depending on their preferences ! (N.doubts ) . This answer is an analysis based on the information i found on the respective websites and somewhat my experience ( etoos video lectures. Add to that the time table and the doubt clearing facility. JH Sir (Physical Chem. They also boast of Ranker’s Level & Make me IITIAN program. but its ability to integrate all the features with its price makes it unique and worth mentioning.videos . The integration of modules and Question bank makes it easier form a exhaustive resource to complete a chapter more holistically. NV Sir (Physics).) does pretty well in their own fields. N.modules and test series. Not just that.B: I am subject to change and thus is open to all kinds of feedbacks) So long buddies.B : It is not to say that many facilities offered by Kaysons are not offered elsewhere. 3.doubt clinic.KAYSONS Education comes into scene where cost effectiveness & exhaustive facilities intersect ! I haven’t tried their video lectures yet but the video lectures sound promising with the faculties and methods. the quite promise a good package. they also have some guaranteed result service.though i have arrived at an answer. i had plenty of time. toppr test series. plancess videos. It is my first hand experience to have learnt under Etoos and since i had an entire year to me. THE MONK ! . They are pretty solid. Worthy Mention : Etoos : If anybody does have the required time and money then MC Sir (Maths).