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Welcome to

Math II
with Ms. White!
What is Integrated Math? – Integrated Math removes the rigid separation of mathematics into a connected course of
Algebra, Statistics, and Geometry.

I look forward
d to an exciting year full of learning and exploration in mathematics. I have high expectations for my
students and I know that by working together we can achieve great things! I expect my students to persevere
through problem solving, analyze information to find solutions, and learn from their mistakes. If you give your best
every day and ask questions, you will do well. I will do everything I can to help you along your learning journey.

Teacher Contact Info: Classroom Expectations
Trinity White I will follow the steps of the GHS discipline plan in order to ensure our
Room 204 classroom is a safe learning environment. Class expectations are as follows:
(615) 333-5070  All school rules apply in this classroom.
 Be Ready
o To learn, work hard, and be a part of an active learning
 Must be requested before!  Be Respectful.
 Monday-Thursday until 4:30 o To yourself, other students, faculty, and the classroom.
 Be Responsible
o For your learning and your materials
Math Supply List  Always give your best!
 Graphing Calculator – Not Yet (below 70)
TI-84 or TI - 84 Plus CE Below Basic (70-74)
 Pencils Grading Policy Basic (75-84)
 1.5-2 inch binder  90% - Tests / Projects
Proficient (85-92)
Advanced (93-100)
 10% - Classwork / Homework
Period Specific
1st – Red – Pencils
2nd – Orange – Pencils Grades are based on student mastery of the academic standards.
3rd – Yellow – Highlighters
4th – Green – Tissues RETAKES
6th – Blue – Hand Sanitizer - Each test standard grade may be improved after appropriate
7th – Purple - Tissues remediation has been done. (Corrections/Extra Practice/etc.)
- Must be completed for test standard grades below 74.
Online Resources
Online Holt Textbook –

Miss White’s Class Website -

Free Online Graphing Calculator –


Assignments are given with the
sole purpose to practice and
reinforce learning. Students will
have class time as well as time
during PLT to work on and
receive assistance with
assignments. Most assignments
will be graded and may need to
be finished at home.
Students should use assignments We are going to have a great year!
as practice for learning their best Please contact me with any
math skills! questions or concerns.

Calculator Policy
It is essential that all students have access to a graphing calculator during instruction. The Integrated Math I
textbooks include instructions for the TI-84 graphing calculator so it is preferred but not required.
- Used calculator buying options include: eBay, pawn shops, craigslist, and college textbook stores.
- Students should label their personal calculators with their first and last name in permanent marker.

Absences/Make-Up Work

It is the student’s responsibility to retrieve the necessary makeup work/notes from the absent work bin. If any
additional clarification is needed, students should request an ICU pass in order to get caught up. Students
should complete missing work in a timely manner in order to ensure optimum learning.

I have read and understand the Integrated Math I syllabus and all policies, rules, and regulations. I agree to abide by
all rules and procedures.
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