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Spelling Words

4th Grade News 1. drama
September 3-7 2. motivations
3. character
4. character traits
5. baffled
Upcoming events 6. charity
7. mournful
Sept. 6 – Progress Reports 8. problems
Sept. 7 – Spelling Test, Vocabulary
9. solutions
Test, Cold Read and
10. settings
Grandparents Day (11:00-
11. details
12:00 – Come eat lunch
12. events
and enjoy recess)
13. grudge
Sept. 11 – Literacy Open House
14. proposed
Sept. 18 – Math and Science Open
15. conduct
Sept. 21 – Picture Day

Vocabulary Words:
1. Drama- at play written for theater, radio, or television
*Study spelling words 2. Character- a person represented in a movie, play, or story
*Study vocabulary words 3. Character traits- words used to describe how characters act
*Read at least 30 minutes during certain situations or what kind of people they are
each night 4. Motivation- the reason or reasons one has for acting or
behaving in a particular way
5. Baffled- extremely confused or puzzled
6. Charity-an organization set up to provide help and raise
money for those in need
7. Mournful- feeling or expressing sadness, regret, or grief
8. Problem- something to be worked out or solved
9. Setting- the time and place (or when and where) the story
What We are learning this week: takes place
10. Solution- an action or process of solving a problem
11. Detail-an individual feature, fact, or item
Reading Writing
12. Events- things that happens, especially one of importance
13. Grudges-a persistent feeling of hard feelings resulting from
o Making o Being a a past insult or injury
Meaning: Writer: The 14. Proposed-put forward (an idea or plan) for thought or
Story Writing discussion by others
Elements Community 15. Conduct-the way in which a person behaves