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Fourth Grade
Austin Elementary
The Fabulous
Fourth Grade Team
Mrs. McAdams: English Lang. Arts,
Reading, & Writing, Social Studies
Mrs. Mastellar: Math and Science

Mrs. Harris: English Lang. Arts,

Reading, & Writing, Social Studies
Mrs. Schulz: Math and Science

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Classroom Expectations
● Respect, safety, and contributing to a positive
learning environment
● We use lots of reminders, positive
reinforcement, and redirection
● Parents will be contacted via email if failure to
meet expectations is a persistent problem
Student Responsibility…
Every day your child needs to have:
● Backpack

● Pencil bag with pencils, headphones/earbuds

● Planner

● Healthy Snack (no chips/cookies) Thank you for

respecting our NUT
FREE classrooms!

● Water bottle labeled with name

● Place Value to the billions and the
● Fractions & Decimals
● Master use of four operations (+-x/)
● Rounding & Estimating
● Patterns
● Geometry (angles and shapes)
● Measurement (Length, Perimeter, Area,
● Capacity, Weight)
● Graphs
● Problem Solving
Units of Study
Physical Science: Matter and Force, Motion, and Energy
Earth Science: Earth’s Surface, Earth’s Resources, Weather,
and Earth and Moon
Life Science: Processes of Living Things and Energy in
● FOSSweb and FOSS kits (Full Option Science System)
● ISN-Interactive Student Notebooks
● Discovery Education
● Project Wild
● Gizmos: Online Simulations
● AIMS Science Activities
● Page Keeley probes: formative assessments
Language Arts & Reading
Comprehension Skills:
▪ establish a purpose
▪ ask questions of text
▪ make inferences about text
▪ use evidence to support understanding
▪ summarize
▪ make connections


Sequential/Show Me

Independent Reading
● Writing everyday! In ALL subjects!
● Writing using both whole-group lessons
and individual/small-group conferences
Writing Process:
○ Express ideas/feelings

○ Own experiences

○ Expository

○ Persuasive

○ Research

○ Using Conventions (capitalization, punctuation, spelling etc.)

Social Studies
Focus on Texas; curriculum includes:
Pearson Textbook; Mind Missions

Content includes:
● Celebrate Freedom Week
● Texas geography
● Exploration & discovery of Texas
● Settling of Texas
● Revolution & Independence
● Texas statehood, government
● Texas in the 21st century
1:1 iPads
We believe that technology has the power to transform
the classroom.

● Learners are expected to follow Responsible Use Policy

(RUP) - iPad privileges CAN be suspended.
● iPads will remain at school and will not be taken home.
● iPads cannot be used for Runner’s Club
● Headphones/earbuds are a necessity!
● Monthly Istation assessment in Reading
● Math: BOY, MOY, EOY screeners

STAAR Testing
● Writing: April 9
● Math: May 13
● Reading: May 14
Math Homework
● Weekly math Review. Given on Friday and due
the following Friday.

Reading/LA Homework
● Independent reading each night
● Spelling and language arts skills practice
each week. Given on Monday, due on Friday

Students will write HW and any class notes in

their planner!!
Report Cards
● Every nine weeks
● Progress Reports every 4 ½ weeks
● ONLY Numeric Grades
● Please sign and return

You may check the portal to monitor your child’s progress

in each curriculum area.
Field Trips
Austin Bound! - March 29
● Tour the Capitol
● Bob Bullock Museum
● Estimated cost $85
● 2-3 parent chaperones for each
Mustang Mutual
Applications & T-shirt order forms are due
September 5!

Need Parent Volunteers from 7:15-8 a.m.

on Friday morning banking days

2-3 parents each banking day needed to:

● Help set up the bank
● Help students banking and those
working at the bank
Background Checks
Must be completed to volunteer on campus, attend
field trips, and Field Day
Visit the Austin Elementary website:
● Under “Parents” click on “Visiting and
Volunteering” on the left side
● This could take up to two weeks
● Needs to be completed every year

Family Fridays at 12:20 p.m.

If you send in lunch money please put it in an envelope

labeled with your child’s name, teacher name, and
homeroom assignment
(Ex: John Smith, Harris 4C)
Send an email to the teacher and the
office if your child’s after school plans
change before 2:00. You can also call the
office before 2:45. There is no guarantee
the teacher will get the message if the
call is made after 2:45.

Use the RED cards when picking up your

child. If you don’t have it, you will be
asked to go to the office and you must
have your drivers’ license. Sorry ☹
Thank you
much for your time!
Please contact us if you
have any questions.