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Matrix-14 Intergalactic Universal Imperial Army Base

Crew: 1 General, 5 Brigadier General and 10,000 Army Troop Soldiers.

Army Base Building Lay Out:

1.) High Command.
2.) Andros Army Training Center Academy.
3.) Lazarus Dental and Hospital.
4.) Motor Pool Army Garage.
5.) Armory.
6.) Power Armor Depot.
7.) Army Air Vehicle Hangar.
8.) Weapons Depot.
9.) Quarter Masters Heavy Duty Vault.
10.) Kitchen.
11.) Mess Hall.
12.) Officers Mess Hall.
13.) High Military Intelligence Headquarters.
14.) Interdimensional Firing Range.
15.) Ammunition Dump.
16.) Cryogenics and Jack Thaw Central Headquarters.
17.) Robots and Android Barracks.
18.) Library.
19.) Robot Vehicle Garrison Barracks.
20.) Astro/Gyro Blast Supernova X3000 Motorcycle Battalion Garage and Barracks.
21.) Sea Vehicle and Submarine Dock.
22.) Tank Battalion Garage.
23.) Officers Barracks.
24.) Imperial Communications Headquarters.
25.) Surrounding Roof, Sublevel Fortified underground Floor and Walls Black Holium Hull.
26.) Swimming Pool.
27.) Electro-Magnetic Receiving Station and Heavy Duty Electricity Bearing Capacitator Power Plant.
28.) Secondary Electro-Magnetic Receiving Station and Heavy Duty Capacitator Power Plant.
29.) Nanogenetic Borg Battalion and Garrison.
30.) Colosseum.
31.) Dance Hall.
32.) Genetics Farm and Genetics Bank.
33.) Army Band Musician’s Hall and Academy.
34.) Army Subatomic Molecular Alteration DNA Recombination Universal Purpose Factory.
35.) Computer Installation Dataframe Fortress.
36.) Zardoz Agency Intergalactic Imperial Universal Political Headquarters.
37.) Ammunition Dump.
38.) Ammunition Dump.
39.) Ammunition Dump.
40.) Ammunition Dump.


) Anti-Matter.000. a Biopsy Cloned Organ Farm. The Hospital has 100 Dream Scanners and 3 D TV Monitors. Matrix-14 Army Base Hospital Lazarus Headquarters The Hospital has Electro-Magnetic Wave Sensors.) Beta Detention Center Military Asylum. a Dental Medical Ward. Matrix-14 Army Base High Command Building The High Command Building is a 101 Level Sky Scraper with a Ground Floor and on the Bottom Basements 1-50. 44. Blood Cloning Farm. Wall and Floor Bunker. Dead Organic Material Sensors and Bio-Scanners for sensing the life signs put out by living creatures. 46. The Lazarus Hospital has a Andros Medical Technology College Grade Academy. 48. The top Level is a Reinforced Roof Mini- Star Port.) Bionics and Genetics Decommission Hospital and Detention Center.) Quantum Electronic Angels Military Intergalactic Police Station. 47. The External Offensive System is 50 Ion Cannon Support Weapons and 50 Plasma Cannon Support Weapons and Internal and External . Symbiotic Touch Link Masseuse Service.) Anti-Matter Cruise Missile and Nuclear Cruise Missile Bomb Shelter. The Lazarus Hospital has a full Multi-Biopsy Human Anatomy Cloning Farm inside the Hospital. Basement 50 is an Army Base Nerve Center Reinforced Ceiling. Neutron and Nuclear Missile Silo. The Sensor System is an Internal/External Electro-Magnetic Wave Sensor and Gravity Sensor System. Light Speed Ambulance Garage with 100 Ambulances. 50. 45. Gravity Sensors. The Hospital also has 250 Cryogenics Jack Frost and Jack Thaw Chambers in it’s Cryogenics Ward. 41. Bio-Sensor/Tracking System Surgery Theater. Lazarus Psychiatric Hospital Ward and Lazarus Convalescent Hospital Ward. a Mutant 2 . 42. 200 Cellular Rejuvenation Chambers. Hospital Lazarus has the following services available: The Lazarus Hospital has 2. For Life Forms is a Dead Organic Material Sensor and Bio-Scanner for sensing Life Signs put out by Living Creatures. 49. 43. a Homing Transponder Implant Clinic.) Ammunition Dump.) Omega Detention Center Prison and Executions Chamber. 200 Cellular Regeneration Chambers. The Dispatch area is 1.) Research and Development Quantum Mechanics and Quantum Electronics Engineering Factory. An External Cruise Missile System with 50 Launchers with an Ammunition Payload of 10 Missiles each Launcher and a Short Range Missile System internally every 20 Feet and a (6) Short Range Missile Payload. 200 Cellular Resurrection Chambers and 400 Cross Species Gene Splicer Chambers.500 Beds. Insect Bionic Operating Theater for Man Sized Insectoid Patients.) Alpha Detention Center Military Jail. The Hospital has a 64 Digit Security Code Scrambler for the Communication System. Matter Emitter and Phased Matter Emitter Robotic Operating Theater.50 Caliber NitrosOxy 16 barrel Gatling Guns every 25 Feet. Bathrooms and Milky Way Galaxy Restaurant that seats 100 Clients Bionic Body Armor Implantation Surgery Theater.000 Channels Intercom and Dispatch Two-Way Radio Station in the Hospital. After the Ground Floor there are Levels 2-51. a DNA Blood Signature Security Lock Factory.) Subterranean Grand Generals 5 Star Imperial Quarters.

The Hospital has a Reintergration Cyborg Healing Factory and Operating Theater for the treatment of Cyborg Patients. Water and Earth. Temporal Phase Field Deviator On Transportation Systems Fade out of one Temporal Location June 20. and Phase into another Temporal Location 60. Phase Field Deviator Technology explained. Fade the Weapon System or Force Field/Defense System out of the Astral Dimension and Phase the Weapon System or Force Field/Defense System into the Ethereal Dimension to effect the Ethereal Dimension. Spatial Phase Field Deviator On Communication Systems Fade the Communication Message out of one area of the Universe Sun Solar System and Phase the Communication Message into another area of the Universe central Universe Imperial Capital Planet of the Universal Government Imperial Galactic Senate Alderban.D. Phase Field Deviator technology can be used on these Coordinates: Time. Fade out of one Temporal Location and Phase into another Temporal Location March 21. The Hospital contains Human to Mutant Cyborg process called a Nanogenetic Cyborg Operating Theater containing 100 Beds. Communication Systems. 10. a Maternity Ward. Dimensional Phase Field Deviator On Weapon Systems or Force Field/Defense Systems Fade the Weapon System or Force Field/Defense System out of our Dimension the Prime Material Dimension and Phase the Weapon System or Force Field/Defense System into the Astral Dimension a Dimension of Awareness and Thought Forms. These Elements are the Building Blocks of the Universe. Fire.000. Space and Dimension. The Reintergration System itself is manufactured in part in the Hospital.D.000.C. Phase Field Deviator Technology________________________________________ Phase Field Deviators need to be installed in Transportation Systems. Communication System 3 .DNA Recombination Ward with 150 Chambers. The Hospital has 250 Cybernetic and Genetic Military Decommission Chambers and Prison.000 A. the Source of the Elements: Air/Wind. The Trauma Room handles 250 Patients with Surgeons and the Morgue in the Basement of the Hospital holds 300 Deceased Patients. Double Parent Maternity Leave. Weapon Systems and Force Field or Defense Systems in order to be Effective in these Coordinates and Systems.000 B. 2018 A.

500 Seat Auditorium.000. Ancient Weapons and Energy Weapons plus Conventional NitrosOxy Fire Arms. Boxing Ring. Sun Tanning Salon. The Communications System cannot be used without knowing the Up to 12 Digit Security Code. Steam Room. Gravity Stabilizers generate a 1 Earth Gravity Field in the Floor so that nothing is squished by the Gravity Compacting of the Tesseract.000 Channels and Up to 12 Digit Scrambler Code. Army Interdimensional Firing Range The Firing Range is in a Tesseract where there is so much Gravity Space folds in on itself creating a space within a space. Armory This Armory Contains Body Armor. Ice Skating Ring. ceiling and floor are made out of Black Holium. Recreational Center A giant Stereo DJ Center (10) 40” High Definition Televisions are in the Central Room with a Lounge and Sofa Bed surrounded Fire Place. Martial Arts Studio. A small City with hills and a coast reaching into Mountains comprises a 500 Mile area contained in a room 100 feet with a 10 feet Ceiling.Communication is Audio/Video Zetrino Receiving/Transmitting with 1-1. Quarter Masters Vault In a Fusion Reaction Forged Area is a Quarter Masters Office and Vault made out of a part of a Black Hole. A Modern Dance Studio. Gymnastics Gymnasium. Showers. Power Armor Suits. Weight Training Room. Derelict Vehicles are used for target practice in Live Ammunition Exercises. Sauna. 4 . The Quarter Masters wall. Olympic Sized Swimming Pool and a Professional High Diving Swimming Pool make this Recreational Center.