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Math 8 - Algebra SYLLABUS

Albert Hill Middle School , Richmond Public Schools

School Phone:
Dr. Klein
(804) 780-6107
School Address:
CLASS WEBSITE: 3400 Patterson Avenue Richmond, VA 23221
Course Description:
Dr. Klein’s Algebra I class is designed for those students who have successfully learned the 6th-8th
grade pre-Algebra concepts. This course will extend those concepts into the language of math that
is used for all higher level math courses, in the process enabling the student to successfully work
with variables and to apply higher level mathematical reasoning. More details for this course can
be found on the Virginia Department of Education website:
Requirements: Materials and Supplies
Students are required to bring the following items to class EVERYDAY
-Pencils/Erasure - 100 Page Composition Notebook - Scissors/Ruler
-Pencil Sharpener -Liquid Glue/Glue Stick -White Out
-Notebook Paper -Dry Erase Markers and Wipe Cloth -Colored Pencils
-Copy Paper—1 Ream (ONE-TIME, to last the whole school year.) -Red Pens

Classroom Policies and Procedures:
Rules: Consequences:
1. Students will raise their hand to speak. 1. 1st Offense: Student-Teacher Conference (ST).
2. Class dismissed by teacher, not bell. 2. 2nd Offense: ST & Call Home.
3. Sit in assigned seats/work collaboratively. 3. 3rd Offense: ST & School Conference (Team or
4. Be quiet/listen when others speak. 4. 4th Offense: School Referral (ISS).
5. Bring all materials to class daily. 5. Severe Disruption: Asked to do there work in
another teacher’s room, or, security escort
from room.
6. Handle supplies/calculators well and return to bins.
7. Abide by the rules in the RPS Code of Conduct.
Classroom Grading & Evaluation Policy
Tests 35%
Classwork & A 100-90 Outstanding Achievement
Projects 30% B 89-80 Commendable Achievement
Quizzes 25% C 79-70 Acceptable or Average
Homework 10% D 60-69 Minimum Achievement
Total 100% F 0-59 Unsatisfactory Progress
Math 8 - Algebra SYLLABUS

Albert Hill Middle School , Richmond Public Schools

Class work: Participation in all class activities and class assignments is important to informally as-
sess student learning and understanding. All students are expected to participate in class. Students
will receive a grade daily/weekly for work completed in their Math Composition Books. Participa-
tion in note-taking is a part of the class experience. Students are expected to take notes . STU-
DENTS are responsible for any work missed during the instructional hour.
Projects: Students will be given projects periodically throughout the semester. Students will receive
information on these projects as the date arises. Students will be given ample time to complete
projects, including time during study hall. Often, these will be pair projects.
Homework (HW): Students will complete most work in the classroom, enabling correction by
teacher/correction by the use of keys. This enables the student to practice a new skill correctly.
Generally, there is enough time to complete practice problems in the class. In the event the day’s
work is unfinished or the student requests additional practice, homework should be completed in a
timely manner (usually that night). Occasionally, homework or open-note quizzes will be given
over the weekend, due on Monday. In most cases, HW is graded on effort and completion, not
correctness. If absent , the STUDENT is responsible for collecting the missed work.
Quizzes: A quiz will often be given every week in preparation for the Unit Test. Students are al-
lowed to make quiz corrections for half credit, as long as they show their corrected work.
Tests: A test will be given at the conclusion of every Unit. Students will have an in-class review the
day before the test, which will include sample test questions. Like quizzes, students are allowed to
make test corrections for half credit if they show their corrected work.
NOTE: All Assessments (test/quizzes) will stay inside of the classroom in each student’s folder. If a
student is absent, he or she is able to make up the missed quiz or test.

Late Work: Late work is not accepted after 5 days. Barring parent/guardian explanation for late
work, the student’s grade will be reduced, even though the work must still be made up.
Extra Credit Policy & Procedures
Periodically, extra credit assignments are given to all students at the teacher’s discretion. Students
have a choice whether to participate in the assignment or not. Students should not rely on extra
credit as a means for getting a high grade in this class.

If you have any question or concerns regarding this course syllabus, please contact Dr. Klein.

Albert Hill Middle School , Richmond Public Schools

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I acknowledge that I have read and received a copy of the 8th Grade Math Syllabus.
I will govern myself according to these rules, procedures, and expectations.

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