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Curriculum Vitae

B.SC, M.Sc, PhD
Personal Info
Date of Birth: June, 12th , 1985.
Place of Birth: United Arab Emirates
Nationality: Sudanese
Gender: Male
Marital Status: Single
Mobile: +249960976300- Sudan
+249120120312- Sudan
+971509829205 - UAE

Key qualifications:
The main aim of pursuing my PhD was the hunger I had and have for
research and relaying my experience to others who are interested in it.
Combining researching and teaching as well as learning from others gave me the
most satisfaction I had during my Masters and PhDs, and I felt that it was my
calling to teach my experiences and Knowledge to others. That is who I am, a
researcher and a teacher.
(April) 2018: PhD in Histochemistry and Cell Biology - Medical Research
Institute -Alexandria University -Egypt.
(May) 2014: M.Sc in Histochemistry and Cell Biology - Medical Research
Institute- Alexandria University _ Egypt.
(November) 2008: From Faculty of Medical Laboratory sciences_ Sudan
International University_ Histopathology And Cytology Department _

From 1-5-2017 to 15-6-2017. Alexandria University. .  Workshop on Neurological Disorders: Induction. (Since 2018).from 10/10/2010 to 10/10/2013 ( MSc period) and again From 10/10/2014 to 10/10/2017 (PhD period)_ Histochemistry and Cell Biology Department_ Medical Research Institute_ Alexandria University. . Cross matching.Immunology and Tissue transplantation unit. 28th February & 1st of March 2018.Alexandria University. Molecular detection of both class I&II HLA and Panel Reactivity Antibody.The Egyptian Society of Histology and Cytology (Since 2017).  Training Course Entitled: HLA Typing .Central Laboratory Unit . Faculty Of Medicine.Alexandria University. Membership: .The Egyptian Society of Laboratory Medicine. Workshops & training courses:  Training Course Entitled: Uses of Electron Microscopes in biological Research and Diagnosis. attending department meetings and conferences set by the department beside my job in (Tissue Processing- Sectioning By Microtome -Immunohistochemistry -Staining (routine and special stains). Medical Research Institute.The Egyptian Association of Advancement of Medical Basic Sciences (EAMBS) (Since 2018). Faculty of Medicine. Clinical Pathology Department.Pathology Department. assessment and possible treatments 7-8 February 2018.DNA Extraction.  workshop on Mastering of the Basics :Hematology & Coagulation . Worked as an intern which encompassed giving seminars. .  The 4th Cytopathology Workshop And Slide Seminar During the period 8-9 March 2017 . Alexandria University. 17-18 February 2018 Faculty of science .Electron Microscopy Unit . Alexandria University. Faculty of science .Clinical Pathology Department.Experience : .

Alexandria.The 7th Conference of the laboratory Medicine in Alexandria. With a total of 60 Sixty Hours.10 May 2013.The 5 th International Conference and 17th Annual conference " Advances in Medical Research. Credits :6 Hours . Alexandria University.The 6 th Annual Scientific Conference "Recent Advances in Laboratory Medicine". Hilton Green Plaza Hotel.(The Conference Equal 12 Credit Hours CME).Medical Research Institute –Alexandria University. Egypt.Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh-Diabetes –Past Triumphs. 2015. 8. 4. 25-29 March 2012 Faculty of Medicine.Alexandria.2010.Faculty of Medicine .The 1st international scientific Conference for syndicate of Medical Laboratory Specialists. Alexandria University.The 1st integrated Scientific Conference of Medical Biochemistry Department.The 5th Annual Congress of Alexandria Fever Hospital-26th -27th December 2013. 10. Quality in Medical Education and Practice" 19 th -22nd October.Wednesday. Conferences and Symposiums attended : 1. April 24.Wednesday 6 November 2013 ( CPD Registered . Egyptian Medical Syndicate .Egypt. Arab Republic of Egypt. Alexandria." The Future of Medical analysis in Egypt" .2010. 5. Medical Research Institute. "OBESITY" 13th -16th November . 2013. Alexandria.code: 79728.The 4th Clinical Pathology Conference Integrated Laboratory and clinical Medicine7th Quality Assurance & Laboratory Management Workshop In Collaboration with The Egyptian Society of blood disease. Medical Research Institute. Future Horizons.Ministry Of Higher Education_ High Institute For Specific Studies. Egypt.  72 hours preparation course on :Certified Professional In Healthcare Quality (CPHQ) From March to September 2012.12 December 2013.  Basic laboratory Medicine Training Course (From 16-6-2007 To 28-6- 2007). Alexandria University.alexandria. Bibliotheca Alexandria . 7.Medical Technology Center For Research and Services. 2. Current Challenges.Sheraton Montazah Hotel. from 26-28 September 2012. Azure Hotel_ Alexandria .Alexandria University.The 4 th International Conference and 16th Annual conference " Advances in Medical Research. Egypt. Alexandria University.  Immunohistochemical Technique II -14th to 16th April. 3. 9. Live Link Venue: Egyptian Medical Syndicate. 1-2 June 2011.The 37th Scientific Conference of the Egyptian Society of Histology and Cytology. Alexandria. 6.

12. "The Challenge of Medical Laboratory in Egypt" 7. .The 5th International Scientific Conference for Medical Laboratory Specialists . 20. Faculty of medicine .The 4th International Scientific Conference for Medical Laboratory Specialists . 21. 22.Basic clinical outcome _On November 4-5. Recent Advances in obesity research 9 th November Alexandria on 6th of November2014. "Advances In Brest Cancer Surgery" Sun. 2017_Mediterranean Azure hotel.The 6th international conference and 18th annual Conference "Multidisciplinary Approach in Cancer Management" 23rd -26th of September 2014.Alexandria University. Medical Research Institute.Faculty of Medicine-Alexandria University.Egypt.The 2ndAnnual Conference of laboratory departments of medical research institute _Alexandria University .Alexandria University. On December 22.The 6th Conference of Egyptian Society of Physiological Sciences (ESPS)& the 2nd conference of human Physiology Department .Alexandria University.The Annual Scientific Conference .The 17th Allergy Day. (Regenerative Medicine & Cell Transplantation) Held at faculty of Medicine Cairo University.2017. allergy .18 January 2015 Alexandria Regional Center for women's Health and development (ARC). Society of clinical immunology. 18.The 2nd international scientific Conference for syndicate of Medical Laboratory Specialists and the society of Pathological biochemistry and blood research.Laboratory Medicine Updates.The Eighth Alexandria Hematology Club Under the name of Updates in lymphoid malignancies.11.Alexandria .The 41st International Conference of medical Histology & Cell Biology. " the Scientific Program Offered 6 CME Hours" Alexandria. "Medical analysis between present and future" 6 March 2015.COPD. Society of clinical immunology.March 2014. 13.The 5th Alexandria Hematology Club Under the name of " Updates in management of PTCL disease" 18th of May 2017 . 19. 14. Egypt. Better Cancer Management .2017_ Tolip Hotel Alexandria.on 19th -20th of November 2015" the Scientific Program Offered 6 CME Hours" Alexandria. allergy.28th December. Alexandria. COPD. Egypt. Faculty of medicine . 16. 15.Tolip Hotel Alexandria.Medical Research Institute.The 16th Allergy Day. "Medical analysis between present and future" 28 October 2016. Alexandria University. 17.

The 14th Annual Conference of the Egyptian Association of Advancement of Medical Basic Sciences (EAMBS). Alexandria University. 3rd February. Lymph proliferative Malignancies :What is New?.The 5th scientific International Conference of Medical Analysis and stem cells .The 8th Annual Conference of Alexandria . Mediterranean Azure hotel. Alexandria .Medical Research Institute. 31. Lab Quality Management and Research Updates in Chemical Pathology (Exploring New Horizons for Better Future).Alexandria.2018 Bibliotheca Alexandrina.2018 Hilton Alexandria Corniche. 32. 29. Egypt.10th of April 2018. 24.Histology and Cell Biology Department . Alexandria Accredited For 4 CME Hours. The American Academy of Allergy & Immunology and the French society of Allergy & Immunology.The 11thMenoufia Diabetes & Endocrinology Summit.Faculty of Medicine. Alexandria-Egypt. Egyptian scientific syndicate- Behira.The 3rd international Conference of society of Pathological Biochemistry and Hematology in high institute of Public Health.14-16 April 2018(Activity Number:1578-April 2018 for 18 CME) -Cairo. .The 3rd International Conference of chemical pathology Department Medical Research Institute. 30. Alexandria University . Alexandria University.22-23 March 2018 Tolip Hotel.Damanhour 22-23 February 2018.The 1st Annual Scientific Conference of the Cancer Management and Research Department (CM&RD).The 53rd International Congress of Allergy and Immunology in Collaboration with The American College Of Allergy & Immunology. 25.Shaping the Future of Laboratory Medicine . 19th April. Alexandria University.30th March 2017( The Conference is Equivalent to 4 CME hours) .The 11th Alexandria Hematology Club.The 29th Annual Conference of the Egyptian Society of Laboratory Medicine . Alexandria.Egypt.Clinical pathology Department- Faculty of Medicine. Liver Regeneration -Current and future Trends . 28.23. 26. 6-8 March 2018-Helnan Palestine Hotel. 26th of April 2018. Alexandria University. 27. Alexandria University.21-23 February 2018 Sheraton.

Afaf Mosaad Amin Professor. Suzanne William Skander Professor.REFERENCES: Prof. Dr. Abdelazim Ahmed Ismail Professor. Department of Histochemistry and Cell Biology Medical Research Institute University of Alexandria Tel:+201123032940 Prof. Department of Pathology Medical Research Institute University of Alexandria Tel:+201223338933 Prof. Department of Histochemistry and Cell Biology Medical Research Institute University of Alexandria Tel:+201223421356 . Dr. Dr.