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Firstly, Solidarity, mercifulness, respect for minorities and willingness to help

others are values to Europe’s society that we need to stand up for.. Moreover, it
is not only about our values.The Geneva Convention on Refugees and other
international agreements oblige EU governments to protect refugees.

On the other hand,the day in which peace return to nations whose citizens are
seeking asylum will come. And, the more refugees become settled down far
from their homelands, the less likely they will go back to join the rebuild of their
native countries. Rather than bringing in refugees , governments should focus
on helping potential refugees in their homelands.

On the other hand, we should remember about European economy and
demography. Europe has the largest population loss in modern history.In 2014,
the birth-rate dropped to 1.4 children per woman, whereas the 2.1 is needed to
keep the population from decline. Europe’s native population is dying out. That
means a declining workforce has to support more older people. The EU’s old-
age dependency ratio is projected to rise from just under 30% to around 50%
by 2060. There are not so many solutions – we can :increase taxes to pay
pensions; raise retirement ages or bring in more immigrants who are mostly
young and willing to do work Europeans shun.

Least but not last,Europe is full. The European Union registered more than 1
million refugees last year and it looks like this process is not going to stop in
the near future. It is simply too many. Many sectors such as health care,social
services,education,housing are not able to handle more.