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MAY 25/FRIDAY/KAUFMAN ASTORIA STUDIOS(34-12 36th St, Astoria, NY 11106)
7:00 pm: Red Carpet/Black Tie Event
8:00 pm: Opening Ceremony
MAY 26, 27and 28/PRODUCERS CLUB THEATER (358 W 44th St, New York, NY 10036)
2:00 pm to 10:00 pm - Competition program
MAY 29/TUESDAY/KAUFMAN ASTORIA STUDIO (34-12 36th St, Astoria, NY 11106)
4:00 pm: Special Screenings Program/Non-competition:
9:00 pm: Awards Ceremony

May 2018
The winnerS of International
Screenwriting Competition 2018
Congratulations to the winners of ISC!
We would like to say a big thank you to everyone for participating! It has been a great plea-
sure receiving your screenplays, they were all amazing!

And the winners are:

Feature film:
• Bruce Gordon Composition $6,000.00
• Christen Kimball Dirty Nights $5,000.00
• Felicia Tann Napoli $4,000.00
• Violeta Bulic Visitor X $3,000.00
• Justin Bamfour Her Sister $2,000.00
• Mike Middelton All about you $1,000.00

Short film:
• Louis Cohen It’s Time $5,000.00
• Afia Frimpong Pasadena $4,000.00
• Jamila Vance Amigos $3,000.00
• Neil Kurt Elona $2,000.00
• Rohit Lokhil I’ll forgive you $1,000.00
• Sarfaz Hassan Suspected $500.00

Congratulations to the winners of International Screenwriting Competition!
Thanks to everyone who participated and helped make this competition a success!
Stay tuned. Our next competition starts on June 1, 2018!
In case you missed it, you can check out the competition here:
I am honored to create a global platform
through IFFNY that promotes the world’s
most artistic and creative films. As we
We are excited you joined us in our
celebration this year for the prestigious
IFFNY film festival. We value the hard work
continue to celebrate our 7th festival success, and dedication from each filmmaker. Let us
we strive to provide New York with unique grow together as we make history and leave
film and arts programming each year. a legacy for generations to come.

We are thrilled to announce an incredible I would like to extend a warm welcome

line-up for the 2018 International to all our Special Guests, the honorable
Filmmaker Festival of New York, which dignitaries and the VIPs who joined us for
brings together local, national and the Red Carpet, film screenings, discussion
international filmmakers. We received panel, Q&A, Awards Gala, after parties and
over 500 world-wide submissions, and our many exciting activities we have planned
official program includes a selection of for the festival. 2018 is set to be the biggest
documentary, short and feature films. The year yet! Let us experience film in the most
five-day festival is dedicated to our Top 40 magical way – World Cinema in NYC! Let’s
chosen films representing US, UK, Israel, celebrate creativity and excellence for many
France, Brazil, Argentina, Spain, India, Japan, years to come!
Kosovo, Albania, Italy, Norway, Macedonia,
Netherlands, Czech Republic, Belgium and Mrika Krasniqi, Executive Director & Founder
Qatar. International Filmmaker Festival of New York
The International Filmmaker Festival of IFFNY Executive Director Mrika Krasniqi
New York is a global industry event held has earned numerous awards and accolades,
annually in the world’s most iconic center of for her accomplishments as a successful
arts, New York City. Each year, the IFFNY Female Role Model that inspires corporate
festival brings to New York world premieres leadership.
of films from around the globe and gives the
American audience unique opportunities to Mrika Krasniqi is the winner of “Woman of
discover international cinema. the Year” by U.S. Congress, “Best Human
  Artist” by the European Community of
The mission of IFFNY Festival is to Jewish Artists in Paris, France, “Best
promote and aid the development of the Director” in Germany, “Best Production”
international cinema and film authors. Our in Poland, “Best Social Documentary” by
goal is to act as the main meeting point NYIFF; “Best Historical Documentary” by Los
where international cinema converges in a Angeles Film Festival, “Best Organizer” by
spirit of cooperation and cultural exchange One World, and “Ambassador for Peace” by
through the presentation of the finest and the Universal Peace Federation.
most recent achievements in world cinema.
The International Filmmaker Festival of New
IFFNY began in 2012 as Albanian Film Week York (IFFNY) is one of the leading platforms
(AFW) and has grown each year, becoming of international cinema, dedicated to artists
one of the most respected festivals in New who embody diversity, innovation and
York for its commitment to advancing the creativity.
film culture. Its popularity and success
are  due to the hard work and enthusiasm
of the festival team and its organizer Mrika FB/Instagram:
Krasniqi, who is passionate about arts and @iffnyfestival
“It’s an honor to once again host this inspiring festival that celebrates creative expression
and recognizes diverse talent of current filmmakers. IFFNY is leaving behind incredible
legacies, igniting a spark in the next generation.” – Ermira Babamusta, Ph.D.

Ermira Babamusta namely: The White House President’s

is a former Obama Award by President Obama, Distinguished
Administration Humanitarian Award by US Congress,
presidential House Majority Leader Harry Reid, Inaugural
campaign director. 10 Under 10 Award, Woman of the Year,
Prior to her Woman of Courage Award, etc.
leadership position
for President Obama, Giorgio Kolaj
Ms. Babamusta established his
began her career in reputation as
foreign affairs at the U.S. Congress with a successful
Senator Tom Harkin and Congressman entrepreneur,
Mark Kennedy in Washington DC, Co-founder and
followed by her work at the Peace- the Executive Vice
keeping department at United Nations President of Famous
Headquarters in New York. Ermira is the Famiglia, the leading
founder of the two-year initiative “Peace global brand in US,
Action Foundation” in support of U.S. Europe and Africa. Prior to re-joining the
military and veterans. family business in 2004, Giorgio enjoyed a
successful career in the high-tech industry,
Ermira Babamusta holds two MA where he worked at IBM Global Services
degrees in Political Science and Public and later helped launch a successful
Administration, with Summa Cum security software company.
Laude Honors; a mastery program from
Harvard University in “National Defense Giorgio holds a bachelor’s degree in
& Security”; University of Strasbourg Computer Science and Business, with Latin
& WVU Program “Comparative Law Honors. Giorgio serves on the boards of:
and Institutions: Europe and the D.A.R.E. America; Boy Scouts – Queens
European Union” in France; and an Council; President’s Advisory Council –
advanced graduate program in United Vaughn College; and In Arms Reach.
Nations Diplomacy from LIU. Ermira is a
Doctoral candidate for Political Science/ In 2018 Giorgio Kolaj starred as lead actor
International Relations. in the short film “Red Rose” written and
directed by Julian Biba, True Venture Films.
Ermira Babamusta is the recipient of Giorgio is dedicated to the world of art and
numerous awards and honors, in recognition culture. He is very passionate about arts
of her professional achievements, leadership and has contributed in support of culture
in politics, and community building, and the creative community.
International Filmmaker Festival
of New York (IFFNY)
7th Edition, May 25 to 29, 2018


MAY 25/FRIDAY/KAUFMAN ASTORIA reporter set in the head of his wife, Selminha.
STUDIO (34-12 36th St, Astoria, NY 11106) Director & Writer: Murilo Benício, Producer:
Marcello Ludwig Maia & Murilo Benício.
7:00 pm: Red Carpet/Black Tie Event Cast: Lázaro Ramos, Débora Falabella,
8:00 pm: Opening Ceremony Fernanda Montenegro, Stenio Garcia,
Otávio Muller.
Followed by Q&A
8:30pm: - The Kiss/ Murilo Benício/ BRAZIL / (After party: George’s at Kaufman Astoria
Feature. 01:38:00. Studio)
Synopsis: Based on the text “The Kiss on
the Asphalt”, a play
written by brazilian
famous writer Nelson
Rodrigues, first staged (358 W 44th St, New York, NY
in 1961, the film tells 10036)
the story of Arandir, a
man who, in a banal
gesture, attends the 12:00: Round Table Discussion: Social Issues
request for a kiss on in Motion Pictures
the mouth made by a A round table discussion with filmmakers
guy about to die and and experts about the portrayal of social
who had just been run over by a bus. The problems, violence, family, gender equality/
act is witnessed by Amado, a sensationalist gender pay gap in films.
reporter who explores the kiss between two
men as a top headline on his newspaper in Location: Paul’s on Times Square (136
order to increase sales, as well as inciting W42nd Street, between Broadway/Ave of
police to investigate a supposed connection Americas, New York NY, 10036). Floor HL.
between Arandir and the dead man. ‘The Kiss’ Inside the Hilton Garden Inn.
focuses on the discussion about the power
of the conspiracy and the destruction in the 2:00pm: - Bill Viola the Road to St Paul’s/
life of as anonymous man. In the plot, Arandir Gerald Fox/ UK /Doc. 01:23:00.
is involved in the accusations made by his Synopsis: A film which follows the world’s
father-in-law, Apprígio, who insists on the idea pre-eminent video artist Bill Viola and his
that he witnessed the kiss, even though he wife and partner Kira Perov over twelve
didn’t, and the doubt that the police and the years as they create two permanent video
installations Mary Pardo, Writer: Iván Sáinz-Pardo, Producer:
and Martyrs on either Iván Sáinz-Pardo.
side of the High Altar Music: Philipp Fabian Kölmel.
in St Paul’s Cathedral Cast: Josephine Ehlert, Roland Von
in London. We Kummant, Mia Von Kummant.
observe them making
the works in locations - Time /Alon Daniel /ISRAEL /Short. 8:30.
around California and Synopsis: Amit tries
also look back over to manipulate the
Bill’s long career in complicated life and
video art. We finally tries to make it all in
see the works being one day, but in the
installed in the Cathedral, a testament to end disappoints the
their determination and creativity. most precious of all,
Director, Writer, Producer: Gerald Fox. his father.
Cast: Bill Viola. Director: Alon Daniel,
Writer: Alon Daniel,
4:00pm: - Avec L’amour /Ilija Cvetkovski / Producer: Noah
MACEDONIA/Doc. 01:06:00. Ackerman & Alon
Synopsis: 115 rotten Daniel.
vintage cars, a young Cast: Alon Lior, Shmoel Eidelman, Naveh
wife, students that Tzur.
adore him – Dionis,
a biology teacher - Battle Fields /Anouar H. Smaine/US /Short.
with love for life, or 19:46.
just another reason Synopsis: A US
to keep on buying Veteran of Iraq
useless vehicles. A whose life spirals out
love Story. of control because of
Director: Ilija PTSD, is given a ride
Cvetkovski, Writer: Atanas Georgiev, by an Iraqi driver who
Producer: Atanas Georgiev. lives in Los Angeles
Cast: Dionis Paslakov. as a refugee. As
the two men begin
6:00pm: - Save / Iván discovering each
Sáinz-Pardo /SPAIN / other’s backgrounds,
Short.3:54. tensions mount.
Synopsis: Dawns. Director: Anouar H. Smaine, Writer:
A baby breaks Anouar H. Smaine, Producer: Jonathan
the silence. “54 Angelier & Anouar H. Smaine, Associate 
International Awards. Producer: Amina Zhaman.
More than 300 Cast: Anouar H. Smaine, Sean Stone, Emily
official selections.” Debinie, Nikki McCauley.
Director: Iván Sáinz-
- fiSOlofia / Nicola Palmeri /ITALY / Short. - The last dance of Walter Vintorp/ Neuray
16:25. Claude /BELGIUM/Feature. 15:00.
Synopsis: Three retired Synopsis: Walter
friends love to talk in Vintorp belongs to
a bar in their country. a family of hitmen.
They do not talk He wants to quit
about politics, sports this line of work and
or local gossip but dedicate himself
are questioning on fully to his ultimate
philosophical themes passion: dance. His
that will bring them to father doesn’t agree
life in an animated way. and decide to kill
The flashbacks of a him. Walter accepts
more erudite narrator than others will open his destiny and makes his way to the place
up surreal moments that trigger these new where he will perform his last dance.
questions. Between doubts and certainties, Director & Writer:Neuray Claude,
between faith and reason, friends will reflect Producer: Kip Kap productions.
on the fundamental questions of existence. Cast: Marcel Gonzalez, Damien Marchal,
Director: Nicola Palmeri, Writer: Nicola Guy Staumont.
Palmeri, Producer: Sergio Francesco
Distefano 8:00pm: - Unwanted / Edon Rizvanolli/
Cast: Antonello Puglisi, Domenico KOSOVO-NETHERLANDS /Feature.
Centamore, Stefano Chiodaroli. 01:25:00.
Synopsis: Alban,
- Calling Home / Megan K. Fox / UK / Short. a lonely teenage
19:40. boy, who lives in
Synopsis: Dorota Amsterdam with
moves to London with Zana, his refugee
dreams of becoming mother from Kosovo,
a fashion designer, keeps getting
but her path is into trouble while
altered by an abusive yearning for her
relationship. This film acceptance. But
was funded through the traumas caused by the war, which his
the Reel Homes mother initially hides away from him, turn
Competition by eventually his world upside down.
Inside Housing, supported by leading UK Director, Writer & Producer: Edon
homeless charities to develop a modern Rizvanolli.
day narrative about homelessness to mark Cast: Adriana Matoshi, Jason de Ridder.
the 50th anniversary of Ken Loach’s “Cathy
Come Home”. Followed by Q&A
Director & Writer: Megan K. Fox, After Party at Producers Club Theater
Producer: Paul Romero Méndez. (Address: 358 W 44th St, New York, NY 10036)
Cast: Natalia Kostrzewa, Aaron Taylor.
Chapas in
(358 W 44th St, New York, NY She is a
pioneer of
the revival
of ancient
tattoo in
Mexico. The video shows her admiration
2:00pm: - Operation Wedding/ Anat
and love for Mexican cultural heritage, the
Zalmanson Kuznetsov/ ISRAEL/Doc.
handmade tools she makes for her tattoos,
the differences between electric and hand
Synopsis: Leningrad,
tattooing, the geometry she uses in her
1970. A group
tattoos, as well as the “therapeutic” tattoos
of young Jewish
she has done from times to times.
dissidents who were
Director: Giuseppe Lo Fiego.
denied exit visas, plot
Cast: Sanya Youalli.
to hijack an empty
plane and escape
- Parivara /Alex Lora & Alex Kruz /US /Doc.
the USSR. 45 years
later, filmmaker
Synopsis: Based on
Anat Zalmanson-
the true life stories
Kuznetsov reveals the
of the children at the
compelling story of
Goldungha Orphanage
her parents, leaders of the group, “heroes”
for the Blind in Nepal,
in the West but “terrorists” in Russia.
Parivara is a positive
It started as a fantasy, Operation Wedding,
and hopeful story
as outrageous as it was simple: Under the
following young Kopila
disguise of a trip to a local family wedding,
through a fateful day
the hijackers would buy every ticket on a
in her life after the
small 12-seater plane, so there would be
2015 earthquake. It
no passengers but them, no innocents in
is a universal story
harm’s way. The group’s pilot, who once
demonstrating the beauty and resilience of
flew for the Red Army, would take over the
the human spirit.
controls and fly the 16 runaways into the
Director & Writer: Alex Lora & Alex Kruz,
sky, over the Soviet border, on to Sweden,
Producer: Alex Kruz.
bound for Israel.
Cast: Shiva Sapkota.
Director: Anat Zalmanson Kuznetsov,
Producer: Sasha Klein & Guntis Trekteris &
- Terraza 7 / Carlos Freire / US /Doc.12:22.
Anat Zalmanson Kuznetsov.
Synopsis: Terraza 7 is a bar located in
Jackson Heights, New York. It opened its
4:30pm: - Ceremonial Tattoo/Giuseppe Lo
doors in 2002, always with the promise of
Fiego/ITALY/Doc. 5:00.
bringing us a show case of different cultures.
Synopsis: Is the story of Sanya, an artist
Here the customers can find not only
tattoo that lives in the jungle of Palenque,
drinks and music, but Terraza 7 also opens
its customers’ eyes - 10424 / Tatsuki Imaji /JAPAN/Short. 09:40.
to a wide arrange of Synopsis: Currently
artistic expressions in Japan, more
like music, poetry, than ten thousand
paintings, and film. dogs are being
Also, Terraza 7 is a culled each year.
political platform for When compared
the Latino community to other developed
in New York City. nations in Europe,
After 14 years, this number is
Terraza 7 is about to considerably high.
shut its doors. Jackson Heights is a growing This is a grim reflection of Japan’s current
and developing community and it makes lack of shelters. Even within so called ‘animal
it harder for Terraza 7 to survive and to welfare facilities,’ dogs are actually being put
continue with its legacy. The community down. The naming of these places deceives
members are in denial to the resolution of the public from the reality that takes place
closing Terraza 7’s doors. there.
Director & Writer: Carlos Freire, Producer: Director & Producer: Tatsuki Imaji.
Carlos Freire & Mariella Perez.
Cast: Carlos Freire. 6:00pm: - Tide / Margareta F. A. Orkan /
NORWAY /Short. 9:46.
- House no. 57/ Festim Rexepi/ KOSOVO / Synopsis: At the
Doc.15:00. line between tall
Synopsis: Ferdonije mountains and the
Qerkezi shows how always moving sea a
the members of the father works on his
family kidnapped unusual boat. All the
them on March 27, work he puts into it
1999. She tells the he does for his family.
things she keeps from The anticipation
her beloved 4 boys of completing it is
and her husband as just as high as it is a
a reminder for them. burden. He must succeed.
Today, she has decided that her home, be a Director & Writer: Margarta F. A. Orkan,
museum house. Producer: Rasmus Bergli.
In the House No. 57, 11 men are been Cast: Espen Østman.
kidnapped, the bones of two boys are
found in mass graves, but not the bones - Forgive Me /Besim Ugzmajli /KOSOVO/
of two boys and mates whose fate is Short. 15:00.
unknown for 18 years after the kidnapping Synopsis: Bujar, a youngster, is
of masked people. manipulated by a kosovar Imam in joining
Director: Festim Rex, Writer: Florentina terrorist groups fighting in Syria. He
Shala. secretly joins the war and then asks his
Cast: Ferdonije Qerkezi. older brother Agron to send Bujar’s wife
Mimoza to Syria too. friend, he turns out
Agron horrified by to have lost his moral
his brother’s actions compass as a result
confronts Bujar and of the omnipresent
asks him to return to American college
Kosovo. Agron tries culture. Lisa discovers
to prevent Mimoza that Fabian seems to
from going to Syria have developed two
hoping to convince personalities: he’s
his brother to return. still kind during one
Bujar threatens to one interactions
Mimoza by marrying a war widow should with Lisa, but seems
she not join him in Syria. to have lost all decency when surrounded
Director & Writer: Besim Ugzmajli, by his new friends, who do not even know
Producer: Besim Ugzmajli & Agron Shala. when his birthday is. After coming out from
Cast: Agron Shala, Semira Latifi, Kushtrim the club, Fabian asks Lisa to wait outside
Asllani, Ekrem Sopi. as he wants to have sex with a barely
conscious and extremely drunk girl.
- The Beginning /Agim Abdula / MACEDONIA Director: Charles Xiuzhi Dong, Writer:
/Short. 13:00. Charles Xiuzhi Dong & Stefan Nachmann,
Synopsis: The world Producer: Jenny He, James Qiu, Gabriela
is full of lies and Naumnik.
deception. People Cast: Norah Hoffmann, Anders Geipel,
doubt in everything; Smitty Chai, Arianna Williams.
everything seems
suspicious to them. - Easter / Chih CHieh Wu/CZECH REP./Short.
They even doubt in 10:00.
their own existence. Synopsis: In order to
They are not sure offer a better future
whether what to her daughter, a
they see is real or Vietnamese mother
imaginary, while the reality is completely migrated to Czech
different. Insecurity prevails. Is death the Republic. She even
end or the beginning? That’s the question. hired a Czech nanny
Director & Writer: Agim Abdula, Producer: to help her daughter
Bunjamin Kurtishi. integrate with Czech
Cast: Naser Rafuna, Mirsad Abazi, Amernis society. However,
Nokshiqi, Fatmire Sherifi. she starts to feel
alienated from her
- Cookie Heart/ Charles Xiuzhi Dong /US / daughter. How can she deal with it?
Short. 16:05. Director & Writer: Chih Chieh Wu.
Synopsis: Innocent Lisa flies from Germany
to New York to birthday surprise Fabian -
her childhood crush. Once loyal and caring
- Desir Pastel /Mathieu Rivolier /FRANCE /
Short. 13:38. MAY 28/MONDAY/PC THEATRE
Synopsis: This story (358 W 44th St, New York, NY
is about an angel
coming down to
Earth. A mute and
attractive young
woman, who is going 1:00pm: - Behind the Cove / Keiko Yagi/
to furiously turn JAPAN /Doc. 01:45:00.
upside down the Synopsis: Rebutting
daily life of a middle- the Academy
class family. Award® Winning
Director, Writer & Documentary “THE
Producer: Mathieu Rivolier. COVE”.
Negative media
8:00pm: - One Bedroom/Darien Sills-Evans/ coverage on Japan
US/ Feature. 01:23:00. about the never-
Synopsis: Breaking ending whaling issue
up is easy. Moving prompted first-
out is hard. After time documentary
five years of ups filmmaker Keiko Yagi
and downs, an to find out more about the topic. With no
African American budget, limited experience in filmmaking,
30-something no fluency in English, but armed with a
couple in a video camera and a strong desire to find
gentrifying Brooklyn out about the truth of the matter on
neighborhood spends whaling, I started my research.
their final afternoon What started out as a personal investigation
together arguing triggered by childhood memories of whale
and remember better days, as one of them meat dishes inevitably led me to the town
moves out and hopefully on with her life. of Taiji, the center of the whaling debate and
Director & Writer: Darien Sills-Evans, the stage of THE COVE.
Producer: Darien Sills-Evans &Devin Director, Writer Producer & Keiko Yagi.
Williams. Cast: Louis Psihoyos, Richard O’Barry, Joji
Cast: Devin Nelson, Darien Sills-Evans, Morishita, Hideki Moronuki, David Hance.
Amber Reauchean Williams, Stephen Hill,
Jon Laster. 3:30pm: - A year in Antarctica/ Julia
Martins/BRAZIL/ Doc.
Followed by Q&A Synopsis: The documentary “A Year in
After Party at Producers Club Theater Antarctica” followed a group of fifteen
(Address: 358 W 44th St, New York, NY 10036) Brazilian Navy men and women who spent
12 months in charge of maintaining the
Brazilian scientific research station in the ice
continent, away from their country, families
and friends. The film accusations, try to tell
crew made the trip themselves that they
to the station three are “the authors of
times and during the the murder”, causes
winter, when the base them to describe in
becomes inaccessible, detail the nonexistent
the members of the murder.
group themselves Director & Writer:
recorded their Viron Roboci,
experiences. The film Producer: Viron
shows a thrilling and Roboci & Ermal
impressive experience Hoxha.
that most Brazilians no nothing about.
Director & Writer: Julia Martins, Producer: - A Journey to From Love/Abdullah Al-mulla/
Izabella Faya/Fernanda Reznik. QATAR/Short. 15:00.
Synopsis: Ashiq’s
6:00pm: - A Forest /Adriano Curci / surreal adventure
ARGENTINA/Short. 11:00. into his inner being
Synopsis: The past from the loss of his
and the present love and his journey
are intertwined in to acceptance.
an old abandoned Director & Writer:
house in the middle Abdullah Al-mulla,
of a forest. Into the Producer: Nadine
trees, Martin walks. Toukan.
A tragedy. Into the Cast: Mahmood
trees, into the trees. AlMahmood, M.A.
Based on the song “A Lazurdi, Marine George.
Forest” by The Cure.
Director & Writer: - Ellston Bay/ Nicholas Eriksson /UK /Short.
Adriano Curci, Producer: Christian Sotelo. 15:00.
Synopsis: When Keir
- A True Story/Viron Roboci/ALBANIA/Short. decides to re-establish
19:53. contact with his long
Synopsis: Albania during the dictatorship, estranged father,
told through the history of a family. The he returns to his
divorce of a young girl which is not well hometown by the sea,
received, and her sudden disappearing, and quickly discovers
urges the authorities four years later to start that all is not as it
a case, looking for the killers, considering seems on the surface.
the ladder to be granted. The vicissitudes, Director: Nicholas Eriksson, Writer:
the tortures, the unending pressure in the Edward Carter, Producer: Tristan Loraine.
interrogation rooms and the suffering of the Cast: John Rhys-Davies, Richard Kovacs,
family members who instead of denying the Christina Hardy.
- Innocence / Miranda Jean & Michael Cicchetti
/US /Short. 9:10. MAY 29/TUESDAY/KAUFMAN
Synopsis: A short ASTORIA STUDIO (34-12 36th St,
film about a girl in
her late teens and
Astoria, NY 11106)
her experience being
sexually assaulted
at a college party. A
tries to save her from Non-competition:
committing suicide.
Director: Michael 4:00pm: - Remission /Eugenia Tan /
Cicchetti & Miranda Jean Larson, Writer: AUSTRALIA/Short. 8:00.
Miranda Jean Larson, Producer: Michael Synopsis: An
Cicchetti & Miranda Jean Larson. estranged dishevelled
Cast: Miranda Jean Larson, Chris Krause young man is
and Mikayla Desroches. reunited with the
family’s patriarch
8:00pm: -Rooftop Story/ Gazmend Nela/ only to cause an
KOSOVO /Feature. 1:25:00.
embittered rivalry
Synopsis: Lumi wants
with his brother, who
to exterminate all the
until then, was inline
crows of his city;he
to be the sole heir to
blames them for the
the family’s fortune.
loss of his family in a
traffic accident. . He Director & Writer:
meets Yllka which is Eugenia Tan, Producer: Liubov Korpusova
in search of her son & Eugenia Tan.
that she had given Cast: Alfredo Malabello, Ange Arabatzis,
up him since his Jack Doherty.
birth five years ago
and was adapted from local family. She is - The Interview /Isli Hoxha/ US/Short. 5:47.
seeking to take him back on his birthday. Synopsis:
They make an agreement to help each Faced with
other, so Lum to kill all the crows and Yllka a crucial job
to take her son and the two set out on an interview,
adventure in which they discover their past Lilly is
Director: Gazmend Nela, Writer: Gazmend haunted by
Nela & Arian Krasniqi, Producer: Valon her inner
Bajgora & Yll Uka & Gazmend Nela & Arben demon
Shala. Director,Writer & Producer: Isli Hoxha.
Cast: Xhevded Doda, Mona Mustafa, Art Lokaj. Cast: Cassandra Due, Isli Hoxha, Rich
Maloy, Giorgi Razmadze.
Followed by Q&A
After Party at Producers Club Theater
(Address: 358 W 44th St, New York, NY 10036)
- All About Rita / Guy Chachkes /US/ 5:00pm: - Top Models are Deadly / Larry
Short.3:55. Moore /US/Feature/ 01:32:27.
Synopsis: Synopsis: A down
A husband private detective is
who suspects hired to protect the
his wife is promoter of a charity
cheating shows. Features
engages a Memphis, its people,
private detective. He finds out more than he and its music.
bargained for. Director & Producer:
Director: Guy Chachkes, Writer: Peter Larry Moore.
Stray & Alexandru Aldea, Producer: Cast: Elle Anderson, John Malloy, Max
Alexandru Aldea. Maxwell, Larry Moore.
Cast: Alexandru Aldea, Gustavo Pace.
7:00pm: - Xhanfise Keko-A woman Director
- Wood-chuck/Balaji Ragupathi/INDIA/ in the Age of Celluloid/Mevlan Shanaj/ALBA-
Short. 5:30. NIA/Doc. 01:00:00.
Synopsis: Protagonist Synopsis:
is lonely from Director Mevlan
childhood. He Shanaj, through
wants to make close a highly sensitive
friendships and his and dynamic
attempt always ends documentary,
up in failure. What brings to the screen
happens when he the life and work
attempts to make story of one of the
friendship with a pizza delivery boy? most prominent,
Director & Producer: Balaji Ragupathi, yet internationally
Writer: Balaji R, Vasanthakumar M. obscure, women directors in the history
Cast: Sibbi Maruthu, Faniveer. of world cinema, Albanian children film
director, the late Xhanfise Keko. The film
- Basketball /Merita Syla / KOSOVO/Short. is told in her own words, in the words of
14:23. prominent international film critics, her
Synopsis: The movie closest work associates, and her former
“the basketball child actors. Xhanfise Keko is the author of
player” is a drama eleven full-length feature films for children,
based on a starting her career in the early fifties until
passionate player, the early ninities. Her name remains a
who suffers a car legend in the consciousness and collective
accident, and starts memory of Albania.
playing basketball on a wheelchair. Director & Producer: Mevlan Shanaj,
Director: Merita Syla, Writer: Femi Halimi, Writer: Natasha Lako.
Producer: Kenan Gurgurofci.
Cast: Kenan Gurgurovci Arjan Lekaj. Followed by Q&A

Best Feature Film Best Short Film Best Feature Documentary

Best Short Documentary Best Actor Award Best Actress Award
Best Production Award Best Cinematography + Special Festival Awards

Closing Night

Special Performance by: Frank Sinatra School of Arts

Frank Sinatra Ensemble: Lucas Bargebuhr (Alto Saxophone), Astra Rincon (Alto Saxophone),
Ben Levine (Tenor Saxophone), Earl Simons (Trumpet), Sebastian Arias (Trumpet), Brandon
Dill (Piano), Tahj Greaves (Bass), Tarrell Nedderman (Drums), Simon Safos (Vocal)

After Party: George’s at Kaufman Astoria Studio (Address: 35-11 35th Ave, Astoria, NY 11106)


Thank you to everyone who contributed to the overwhelming support received in making our
7th Edition of 2018 IFFNY a Great Success.

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John Blenn Giorgio Kolaj Margherita Peluso
Lee Bradshaw Xhevat Limani Dino Rexhaj
Samantha Daniels Martin Martinez Ilir Rizaj
Ibër Deari Ruslan Nazmutdinov Kamila Roth
Stephen ‘Illflix’ Edwards Dona Mavraj Beqir Sina
Jotti Ejlli Kendrick Merdani Alfred & Ernest Tollja
Candy Escobar Zikri Meta Diar Xani
Jordan Griffith Ivan Morales Amina Zhaman
Danielle Hall Ferit Kuleta Anil Zogjani

Thank you to CYNATION: Josh Mak, Simon Lai, Andrew Teo, Aaron Mak (

To our incredible organizers:

Executive Director & Founder Mrika Krasniqi, International Liaison Director Ermira Babamusta
Festival Selector Ibër Deari, Festival Coordinators: Arlinda Prelvukaj, Itta Ram,
Program Advisor & Editor Bajram Shala, Marketing Consultant Lora Qosja,
Web Developer Egzon Bunjaku, Designer Hekuran Rexhepi, Asha Graphic
IFFNY Jury of 2018
Each year IFFNY invites key influencers in the entertainment and film industry to serve
on our Jury Panel. This year we welcome the five honorable Jurors: Jotti Ejlli, Ibër Deari,
Margherita Peluso, Kendrick Merdani and John Blenn. Jotti Ejlli will preside as Jury
President and Ibër Deari is the Festival Selector.

Ibër Deari (Director, Producer, the film “Toka” (Land) and thesis “To Film or
Writer) Not to Film”.
– IFFNY Festival Selector
Ibër Deari is the winner of numerous
Director, writer, producer, DOP Ibër prestigious international awards, including:
Deari is born in 1990, in Macedonia. He Best Artist in Macedonia from Milingona e
is a talented director and writer, known Artë; Best Film for “Between Paradise and
for his award-winning movies: My City Hell” from Gässli Film Festival in Basel,
Screams (2015), Toka (2016), A long way Switzerland; the Audience Award for Best
Home (2017). Filming is his biggest passion Film for “Last Confession” at New York
and he has been making films since high Albanian Film Week in Manhattan; Best
school. He has also written and directed a Director and Best Film for “My City Screams”
number of short fictional and documentary at the Nine Eleven Festival in Prishtina,
videos. Ibër Deari studied Film School at the Kosovo; Best Short Film and Best Director
University of Audiovisual Arts “ESRA” in for “Land” and Best Director for “A Long
Skopje. He graduated in 2013 with the film Way Home” at the International Filmmaker
“Last Confession”. Deari earned his Master of Festival of New York in Manhattan.
Arts in the Department of Film Direction with
Jotti Ejlli (Director, Producer, Writer) John Blenn (Director, Producer, Writer)
– President of the Jury
John Blenn is well
Jotti Ejlli (Kastriot Ejlli) known in New York
is a talented filmmaker, media circles as an
born in Albania. He has entertainment writer
always been creative and critic for over 40
since he was young, years. In addition to
growing up with publishing Long Island
love of art, cinema, Entertainment for 7
painting and music. years, he has also been
Jotti studied “Cinema” featured in magazines and Newspapers
(Discipline delle Arti della Musica e dello such as Newsday, Good Times, Island Ear,
Spettacolo) at the University of Florence in It’s Hip, The Music Paper and Network. He
Italy. After graduation, he moved to Milan, is also currently a contributing arts reviewer
Italy to continue his studies at the SAE for Village Connection. Mr. Blenn has had
Institute for “Filmmaking”. Upon graduation, over 80 plays staged with over a 23-year
he started working as an independent career as a New York playwright as well as
filmmaker in Milan, where he completed serving as director/producer for the world
many successful projects, documentaries, premiere of Eddie Money’s autobiographical
music videos and short films. His critically musical, Two Tickets To Paradise.
acclaimed debut short film “Rosso Fuoco”
received positive reviews by film critics and When he isn’t serving as a professor of mass
the audience. communications & playwright-in-residence
for Five Towns College, he also keeps busy
In 2012 Jotti returned to Albania to as a SAG actor and producer. Among his
continue with his successful work in various screen credits are the Kevin James/Henry
well-known projects, as a filmmaker and Winkler/Salma Hayek film, Here Comes
as a director of many popular television the Boom, Bronx Bull, 911 and Beneath The
programs. In 2014 he collaborated with Darkness, all Martin Guigui films, and Big
Kinostudio Dardan, to produce many Fish Blues, by Leslye Abbey. He’s currently
projects in a very short time. In 2015 he working on a book of the history of Long
wrote and directed his first feature film, Island Comedy, continuing to produce
“Hije” (Shadows), all accomplished as an theatre of Long Island as the owner of
independent production. “Hije” was released Middle Class American Productions (with wife
for the audience in 2016 and it screened in Joni), Long Island’s ONLY all-original theatre
New York at AFW, where it won the “Artistic company, as well as handling several
Achievement Award”. Jotti Ejlli is currently different tasks on several film projects.
working on his next feature film “Nik”, that
will launch its production in 2019.
Margherita Peluso (Actress, Writer) premiered at NYC’s “In Scena” festival.
Margherita’s current project “Io, Marta”
Margherita is a screen has been workshopped at the prestigious
and stage actor from international theater festival “La Mama Next
Milan who works in Generation” in Spoleto. The show premiers
Italy, Australia and at the Pirandello National Festival in Turin.
the USA. She studied Future projects include a Docu-Fiction about
with Emma Dante Marta Abba, and a new film called “Chasing
and Mamadou Dioum Marilyn”.
of The Peter Brook
Ensemble in Italy, and Kendrick Merdani (Actor, Teacher)
later at The Gloria Gifford Conservatory in Los
Angeles. Most recently she had the pleasure Kendrick Merdani
of studying with Fay Simpson and Larry is a successful actor
Moss in NYC. She is a company member known for a variety
of an educational theatre company based of primetime TV
in Melbourne, Australia called, Make A shows like NBC’s The
Scene. She is also an active member of The Blacklist, Allegiance,
Lucid Body Institute in NYC. Margherita is Fox’s The Following,
a regular performer at La Mama Theater in CBS’s Person of
both Australia and NYC, where she’s acted Interest, MacGyver,
in a wide variety of work, ranging from Luigi and USA’s Falling Water. He earned his
Pirandello’s Caps and Bells to a provocative bachelor’s degree in Dramatic Arts at CUNY
new translation of La Medea by Franca Rama and furthermore continued his professional
and Dario Fo. Other shows include Wounded training as an actor at the William Esper
by Mario Fratti, at LES Festival in NYC, The Studio where he completed the Two Year
Count of Montecristo produced by New Light Meisner program under the tutelage of Terry
Theater Company, NYC. Knickerbocker.

In addition to her theater work, Margherita Kendrick has also trained with Maggie
is an accomplished film and TV actress, Flanigan and Shane Ann Younts for Voice,
receiving several “Best Actress” nominations Speech, and Shakespeare. He’s been seen
at Film Festivals around the world. She is a performing in new and classic works at the
familiar face on Italian TV: Blood Trust, Gray’s American Theatre of Actors, Theatre for the
Disconnected, Amore Criminale, Un’Amore di New City, Shelter Studios, and Theatre 54.
Strega. As a writer, she has translated “Le Kendrick also serves as Associate Teacher
Beatrici” with the author Stefano Benni, of Meisner Technique at Terry Knickerbocker
Studio in New York.