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1. Introduction
English is an international auxiliary language and the language of science to give a
lot of benefits and advantages to students who are able to master. English Week
program aims to help students engage in learning and mastering English is formally and
informally through activities planned throughout the week.

2. Objectives
i. To encourage and increase the usage of English among pupils.
ii. To build confident in pupils to speak, read, memorize and express in English.
iii. To enhance and improve the reading, writing, listening and speaking skills.
iv. To let pupils enjoy using English in an interesting, creative and authentic manner.

3. Theme
English is awesome

4. Target
All pupilsfrom year 1 to year 6 and preschoolers.

5. Implementation
All activities and matches will be carried out according to the schedule set by the

6. Day &Date
6th August 2018

7. The activities and games to be executed schedule

a. Lucky Draw
b. Quizzes – 50 contestants
c. Spelling Bee Competition – 5 groups (5 persons in a group)
d. Word search – 50 contestants
e. Hidden pictures – 50 contestants
f. Crossword puzzle – 50 contestants
g. GIG Vaganza – all pupils
8. Estimated Cost
 Bunting / Posters RM 300
 Wrapping papper RM 16.25
 Gifts / Presents
o Colour pencil – RM 2 x 50 RM 100
o Colouring book – RM 2 x 50 RM 100
o Stationary set – RM 2 x 50 RM 100


9. Resource Costs
English Language Panel PCG

10. The Executive Committee


Encik Mohd Zain b Bakar Yusoff

Pengerusi :

Puan Nor Azwana bt Abu Samah

Naib Pengerusi :

Puan Sharifah Aini Bt Syed Idrus

Penyelaras Program :

Puan Nur Nadiah bt Hamzah

Setiausaha :

Puan Khairiani bt Ahmad Tajuddin


Semua guru SK Paloh Hinai

11. Closing
That the plans that have been made can be carried out smoothly and effectively and to
achieve the desired objectives.

Prepared by, Verified by,

………………………………….. …………………………………….………..
Madam Nur Nadiah bt Hamzah Sir Mohd Zain b. Bakar
Head Of English Language Panel Headmaster