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1. Which industry does your business idea cater to?

(Please tick the applicable option)

My idea caters to a whole range of sectors including IT/ITes and traditional recycling as well. 2. What impact do you believe your idea will have on your defined market?
(Since this is for public consumption, please do not disclose either your business idea or any of its details. Please talk of only the end-benefit your business idea can identify with your market that will come about because of your idea.)

3. What industry will your business idea operate in?
(Please take the Evaluating Panel through a description of the larger space/industry you are operating/planning to operate in, highlighting the gaps and opportunities, the market leaders, the size & scalability, etc and then, in brief introduce your proposition/business idea. The Evaluating Panel must be able to appreciate your knowledge of your space and the proposition/business idea. Word limit: 150–250 words)

The concept caters to a whole range of sectors ranging from IT/ ITes, BPO & KPO’s, telecom, the traditional recycling industry and every other sector which has to deal with electronic waste! Electronic waste broadly includes computers, servers, printers, mobile phones and even T.V. sets. Big corporations in the organised sector and even SME’s as well as retailers and traders in the un-organized sector dealing with refurbishing and trading of electronic items and services can be catered by this idea. Scrap dealers and the road side organic shops which >>>>electronic parts for metal can be utilized as resources or raw materials. In India, there is a very less awareness regarding the disposal and proper handling of E-waste. On the other hand, the EU has passed stringent laws regarding recycling of electronic waste. As a result, people there a lot more aware of the issues and problems related with e-waste and themselves demand for environment friendly products. In no case one of the fastest growing economy- India, can remain in a state of denial regarding the issues related with e-waste, especially when India’s growth is very much accredited to IT. Not surprisingly, due to absence of any laws regarding proper disposal of e – waste in India, it is already being used as a dumping ground by many of the developed countries. Statistics say that of the 3, 30,000 tons of electronic waste generated locally only about 0.5% is disposed in an organized manner. This e – waste recycling more commonly referred as modern day recyclers in England is still a very nascent industry in this country, with only about five certified companies in the whole country. Till the time the country has any laws and other established or overseas companies take notice of the situation, there is a great opportunity to build a solid base and develop this environment friendly industry. As this is a very immature and upcoming segment there is no such thing as a competition in this sector. The only thing required creating a sense of concern with regards to the environment and an awareness of the issue which is going to be one of the biggest problem the country faces. As per ….<>>>>> study, India itself is going to generate about 10 mill>>> tons of electronic waste… Therefore, I believe my idea is going to create a new market of its own in the India. As and when the awareness grows and there is a sense of political responsibility the sector would only grow exponentially.

the stretch would also provide a connect between two of India’s most important cities and where potential of a great market is pretty obvious. The Evaluating Panel must be able to clearly understand your business proposition and business model to the opportunity. I would also try to forge a tie –up with the number of the growing of multi – . Specifically Sweden. What is the Value proposition of your business idea? (Present your business model and its USPs (including any Intellectual Property and other entry barriers you may be creating). What is your sales strategy? And what is your technical/product/delivery model? (Present your infrastructure. I plan to have a technological transfer pact with one of the many companies concerned with dealing of e-waste in the EU. Thanks to ET and IAN. as they very likely would be following this practice abroad. your key partnerships. etc.Britain>>>> The plant would be near a dumping ground near Mumbai so that there would be easy access to e-waste. many IT. et al highlight any validation that you may have done that supports your proposition. Next would come the cost of machinery and the least expensive would land. An alternative would be some stretch between Mumbai . Today. Revenue model as well model for growth/scaling up should also be mentioned so that the Evaluating Panel can ascertain the potential of your venture. I am provided with an opportunity to think realistic of my dream start –up.4. Surprisingly. customers. the specific market & geography segments you will be addressing. As point to know in this case is in EU and USA companies are required to pay cess for electronic products which in turn in returned to Ewaste recycling companies. Of course.where this thing started or England. Therefore. To be honest. The huge untapped market of refurbishing and reselling of used parts can be a resource pool as well as a potential client market with regards to my concept. 5. Word limit: 250-750 words) 597 The biggest cost factor involved in this case is of the technological transfer the company would have to purchase from a reputed and established player in the industry. As I plan to start by serving more regular and trustful corporate clients rather than the general masses publicity would be more by word of mouth and personal interaction rather than advertisements. The EU has passed a bill in >>>> which makes it compulsory for each country to recycle about 3kg of e-waste per person per annum for each country part of EU. ITes companies and other companies big or small would have to be convinced to ‘dump’ their e-waste with us. As a have specified earlier I intend to collect e-waste from companies working on computer systems and where constant up gradation with terms to computer hardware is a necessity. I do consider MNC’s as my easiest clientele. where land would be reasonably cheap and human resources would be cheaper. they also have a concern with electronic waste. I have no clear concept or a well-defined strategy to go about my idea. The USP or tagline would be “GO GREEN” where people in the industry would be convinced or made aware to reduce their green footprints. Word limit: 250-750 words) 346 For starters.Pune industrial belt. every organization big or small has concern with computers. The cost factor therefore associated with it would be minimal. I had this concept in mind and was with the mindset that I would have an opportunity to think seriously on this concept only after I stabilize or gain relevant industry knowledge for managing a business.

For me this seems to be the best time to start such an enterprise as now recession hit companies would replace all their power guzzling machines for more efficient ones generating more e-waste and people also would want the best deal for their scrap.. role of each team member with academic and working experience required for each. Word limit: 150–500 words) 7. As the global economic situation improves people would replace their economic electronics to revert back to better ergonomic products again creating a steady windfall of electronic waste. please introduce your key team members. 6. As a start up we can even dismantle the modeling to a smaller root level. and get comfortable with.where every waste part and tool can have its junk value for people to better understand the garbage value. silicon. epoxy resins. Also. and get comfortable with. lead. Weaknesses. please give the details of team size. The organization can spot a “GREEN TAG” and project itself as a next –gen socially responsible organization and we would get a constant flow of waste for processing. This would eventually create a win. but after stabilizing I believe this concern would be taken care off. If you are planning a new venture. Therefore I believe at least in the raw material fund and resources there would be no great concern and an exponential growth! Some of the metals that are usually extracted from a regular computer or a mobile phone are gold. Word limit: 150–500 words) . aluminum. carbon. The investors must be able to assess.chain retailers (Future group and the like) and organizations. The investors must be able to assess. copper. What is the competition for your business idea? (Please identify your competition and present an analysis on Strengths.. your ability to implement your plans. state the unique features/parameters of your proposition be it product/service. emphasizing their academic and working experience that is relevant to your business. Most of these metals and materials then can be sold to smelters or manufacturing companies requiring these materials. re sold to the unorganised sector of refurbishing of these equipments as spare parts or re usable parts. fiber glass. silver. tin. iron etc. Opportunities and Threats (SWOT analysis) vs competition. The sporting of the GREEN TAG would help create awareness in people’s mind which would eventually be sound for the company. This industry needs just one resource to be run as a profitable organization and that is continues and large volume inflow of e-waste. A large number of these resources can be re used and as mentioned earlier. Do you have a team in mind? (If you have a team situation for both of us. An estimate for each part can be arrived at after we get a good technical know-how and study the unorganised scrap dealer(s) for their revenue model. I fell this would come at a later stage after the company has gained substantial working experience and established a strong inflow of resources other than through such promotional events. Although this may be a problem initially. your ability to implement your plans.

Since I am not a managerial person or an commerce student I am apologetic that I would not be able to provide any statistical information or a numerical projection in terms of my business plans. I would also be obliged to receive help from the angel group for resources as well as mentorship. Word limit: 100–250 words) . please use a table to summarise your past years’ revenues and profits and project the same for the next three years (if applicable). so that I can concentrate aggressively on my marketing and revenue model rather than wasting precious starting time doing R&D for a quicker break-even period. 8. Pairing with an old player has its own advantages like faster access to statistics for better business strategies and a faster technological know. rather than just buying the machinery from one of the few manufacturers and then learning how to use it. please give projected financials. state the funding you have received to date (whether venture capitalist. with negotiable terms and an option for him to exit after a certain years. An established player would also help settle the very important issue of environmental concerns related to the processing plant which could be fatal for the entire project. Labour would include local human resources which would require a basic training of material dismantling and segregation of various components on factors like process and reusability etc. Considering that it is just an idea for than my peers. If you are planning a new venture. What are the risks you foresee in your business? (Explain the risks that you either foresee or are already facing in your business and explain the same. Also. investment sought and plan for use of funds. if you can. etc) and the funding that you are now seeking and how you plan to use the funds. family. Do add the risk reduction strategies planned. Word limit: 100–250 words) 9. I plan to bring in a established partner on board. Please give forward projection of your funding requirements for the next three years.I do not have a team in place for this idea. What are the Financials (in Indian Rupees) for your business? (For those with an existing business. I plan to have senior members of various waste processing sectors from both government and private organizations so that I can utilize their expertise for improving efficiency and their contacts for creating a whole lot of new contacts.which I believe is very crucial for any success in life.