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Volume 12 Issue 11 FREE August 31, 2018

reform put
into action
For The Island Connection

iterally, a line in the sand. Actually
two lines; jurisdictional lines,
designed to preserve the beach and
dune systems, while still maintaining land
rights for coastal property owners. That’s
the crux of the Beachfront Management
Reform Act, signed into law by Governor
Henry McMaster under a glorious blue
sky, at the Isle of Palms County Park on
August 23, 2018.
In the interest of transparency, in
SC District 1 congressional candidate Joe Cunningham. Photo provided.
many respects the impetus for the new
law, the Governor actually signed HB

Democrat Joe Cunningham gains

4683 four months ago, on May 3. The
August 23 ceremonial signing afforded
dignitaries from around the state the

local support
opportunity to come together, witness the
bill being signed into law, and celebrate
the unanimous passing of the bill by
both the State House and State Senate.
S AY S N O T O O F F S H O R E D R I L L I N G “This law is worthy of ceremony,” stated
McMaster upon signing. “It represents a
very important step forward for our coast,
BY GREGG BRAGG which is a treasure we need to preserve.”
The Island Connection Sr. Staff Writer
The Department of Health and
Environmental Control (DHEC) is

J oe Cunningham is on the ballot for South Carolina’s first

congressional district (SC-1). He says; “We need common
sense, not chaos. We have to put people over politics, and
country before party.”
But now there’s a stark contrast between where she stands and
where we stand. Important people know that she supports the
[White House’s] decision to lift the ban on offshore drilling [and
seismic testing]. And she said that on video, so that’s out there. It’s
charged with evaluating, and potentially
adjusting, 2 beachfront jurisdictional
lines every 7 to 10 years. The first, known
as the baseline, is the line closest to the
Cunningham prefers making himself available in person, and important to know that ban was put in place through the hard ocean. The second, the setback line, is
has been busy with “Meet & Greets,” going where voters are, as work of coastal mayors; Democrats, Republicans, independents landward, minimally 20’ back from the
opposed to asking them attend rallies. However, he made time and that’s one of the reasons so many of those mayors endorse our baseline. Typically the land in between
for a phone call with The Island Connection at high noon on campaign,” Cunningham said with resolve. these lines is a ‘no-build’ zone.
Monday, August 20 and dove straight into the topic of offshore “If we send the wrong person to congress, that puts our whole Changes in the placement of these
drilling/seismic testing. coastal environment in jeopardy. It’s a big issue for me personally. lines could potentially create a major
“It has become the hot button issue in the Lowcountry, especially I want my son to be able to enjoy the beaches, and I want the next disadvantage for coastal property owners;
considering my opponent’s support of it. When I first jumped into generation to have the same quality of beaches we enjoy without imagine purchasing a lot, then finding
this race, I didn’t plan on talking much about my background as
an ocean engineer because Sanford was pretty good on the issue. Cunningham continues on page 3 Beachfront continues on page 4

Todd & Huff Art Center The Bookish Blonde Seabrook Island Birders
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2 August 31, 2018

Barrier islands and rising seas

Lynn Pierotti

publisher he 35 barrier islands that form to restore about 75 miles of undeveloped As the built environment and natural a broken chain along the South barrier islands that protect the state’s landscape on barrier islands evolve, well-
Carolina coast have important coastal wetlands and human communities. informed planning is essential to identify
Katy Calloway responsibilities. They protect the coastline Sand from offshore is pumped onto the and put in place the best methods to
managing editor and are the front-line guardians of a vital islands and piled up with earthmoving sustain our quality of life. Communities
ribbon of life at the interface of land equipment. New dunes are stabilized with should assess what natural and manmade and sea. Salt marshes, essential habitat fences and planted vegetation. Continuing components of their islands are most
for marine life, nestle behind them for this massive effort will slow but not stop vulnerable to sea level rise and then
Jennifer Tuohy protection. While they are dynamic and land loss along the Louisiana coast. prioritize efforts to address those threats.
contributing editor fragile, barrier islands are critical to the Solutions for developed barrier islands Cooperation with neighboring islands Lowcountry’s economy. Everyone loves are more difficult. We can’t just dump would help address the many challenges
the beach, so we crowd onto barrier and bulldoze sand on top of established that could overwhelm individual
islands to live or just to have fun on a communities. Usually the first steps communities. It’s hard to imagine now,
Alejandro Ferreyros summer weekend. are to upgrade stormwater and flood but in time the only option remaining for
senior graphic designer Barrier islands are particularly vulnerable management systems and to require residents of the islands most at risk will because they are inherently unstable, that new homes be built higher. Other likely be to leave.
low-lying and surrounded by water. Their measures may include requiring greater Richard Wildermann, a Seabrook Island
Lori McGee oceanfront edges are constantly twisted and setbacks for new construction in low-lying resident, was an environmental specialist
sales manager
reshaped by the relentless forces of waves, areas and elevating roadways where they and manager with the U.S. Department of
tides, currents and wind. Rising seas pose an cross tidal inlets and creeks. the Interior. He directed agency compliance additional threat. As erosion and increased Typically structural barriers are built to with environmental laws and managed the
flooding eat away at protective sand dunes, keep water out, and when flooding occurs the analyses for offshore oil and gas proposals in
Carla Foxworth salt water will inundate an island’s interior, water is pumped back to the sea as quickly federal waters. He currently works with
sales executive killing vegetation and contaminating as possible. With expert advice from the nonprofit organizations in the Lowcountry groundwater. Back-barrier marshes will Netherlands, some localities are employing a in opposition to offshore seismic surveys and
also be flooded; some will disappear and be new technique called living with water, that oil drilling.
converted to tidal lagoons and bays. Behind integrates some floodwater into the landscape
Senior Staff Writer the islands, the salinity of estuaries and and allows it to recede gradually. Areas set
Gregg Bragg aquifers will increase, threatening aquatic aside to store the water can be left natural or About Letters to the
life and water supplies. aesthetically landscaped as amenities. Editor / Opinon / Editorials
Contributors In some cases, barrier islands have
All letters and Opinions submitted to
Mimi Wood shown they can take a punch from
The Island Connection must bear a full
occasional hurricanes and, with enough
Richard Wildermann name, address and phone number for
time, regenerate naturally or with beach
Patricia Huff renourishment. But the threat from rising verification. Only the author’s name
Alberta Barron and city will be printed. Submissions
seas is relentless. As the National Oceanic
are accepted via email to
Marty Cline and Atmospheric Administration points
Lorna Hollifield out, “The ocean takes a very long time to
Submissions may be edited for
Nancy Brown respond to warmer conditions at Earth’s
length and readability. The Island
surface, so ocean waters will continue to
Erica Taylor warm and sea level will continue to rise Connection reserves the right to
Geoff Bennett reject submissions that are libelous,
for many centuries at rates equal to or
unseemly, not individually addressed
Dimi Matouchev higher than that of the current century.”
to The Island Connection or that have
Since the early 1930s coastal Louisiana been previously published elsewhere.
has lost about 2,000 square miles of The Island Connection will not publish
wetlands due to the loss of Mississippi River letters endorsing political candidates.
sediment, subsidence, oil and gas canals, Op-Ed articles and Letters to the
storms, and sea level rise. Almost a billion Editor do not reflect the opinion of
dollars have been spent in the last 20 years Lucky Dog News or its writers.

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August 31, 2018 3
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Empowering women Cunningham continues from cover

residue washing ashore. The position she’s
own cities and towns is exactly what the
founding fathers intended. I have a lot of
common ground on the environment with

after abuse
taken betrays our values in the Lowcountry. Patrick O’Neil [Sullivan’s Island], James
We value clean beaches, and clean water, Carroll [Isle of Palms], and Tim Goodwin
not to mention our reliance on tourism,” [Folly Beach]; Republicans/independents
said Cunningham. alike, and that’s why they’ve endorsed my
BY GREGG BRAGG Finkelstein was an operative with the Infrastructure is also an important issue campaign. I don’t want my son or my kids
The Island Connection Sr. Staff Writer National Council of Jewish Women, a group for him. to see a ‘beach closed’ sign for oil or plastic.
that advances “social service, progressive “The secret’s out about the Lowcountry. I don’t want us to look like the coasts of

government policies, and philanthropy.” It’s a great place to live, we have a good Louisiana or Alabama,” he added.
he third annual Hope Walk is Finkelstein’s focus was protecting women Cunningham says he was disappointed
scheduled for Saturday, Sept. 15 economy, and people are flocking in here.
by discretely leaving business cards with The problem is; our infrastructure hasn’t with the White House’s recent performance
and will kick off at 8 a.m. on the emergency numbers victims could call in Helsinki/NATO. “I support law
Charleston side of the Ravenel Bridge received adequate funds to accommodate
without alerting their abusers, according to our growth, and it’s created a strain on enforcement, and I support them 100%.
(look for the tents and banners). Victims of Kennedy. He remembers Finkelstein telling You can’t do that part of the time. You
domestic violence will march in cathartic our resources. Nobody’s been paying
him, “You can’t solve violence without attention to it. Nobody’s been getting can’t say you stand with the intelligence
unity, empowering each other and the throng addressing domestic abuse.” He took the community or law enforcement only when
of supporters who join them. The event has the federal grants needed to improve our
advice to heart and formed REALMAD infrastructure. We pay a lot in taxes down it’s convenient for you. You have to stand
gained momentum as public awareness of (Real Men Against Domestic Violence/ with them completely, which is another
domestic abuse has grown, in part because of here and the bare minimum we should
Abuse). request from the government is to take care statement from my opponent that paints
local media coverage. However, its genesis has the difference between our campaigns. And
more to do with SC native Butch Kennedy. Kennedy’s Facebook page can be of the things they funded [i.e. bridges].
downright chilling. The few pictures he I-26, and 526, I think we need to finish NATO isn’t perfect but the differences we
Kennedy attended Eau Claire High School, uses to modify bad behavior will make your have should be worked out with our allies,
that. We’re growing and need to be able to
located just outside Columbia, SC. He says heart ache. His more liberal use of statistics not working against them. Right now
accommodate the load. There’s also the tax
there was a shooting in the cafeteria early his like; “Every 9 seconds a woman is abused we have an administration that is more
of ‘time,’ to be considered,” he added.
freshman year. The next time he entered the in the United States,” or advice like; “Fellas! interested in working with Russia than
lunchroom was as an adult there to chaperone/ “Trips across town that used to take
Pay close attention to the way you hurt these 40 minutes now take twice as long, and some of our closer allies, and that’s a bit
DJ for a school dance. The area had its fair females… so you know how to comfort concerning to me. But I’m happy to work
share of violence and after retiring from the that’s time you’ll never get back. You could
your daughters later,” is just as sobering. be at the breakfast table with your family with them when we agree, and I’ll look for
Air Force, he did something about it. Interestingly, REALMAD grew out of those opportunities,” he said pragmatically.
instead of sitting in traffic. From a business
Kennedy joined Project Unity, a financial necessity. “Healthcare’s been a big issue for everyone
perspective you can quantify it in actual
neighborhood awareness group that works Kennedy began by lending out a spare in the Lowcountry,” said Cunningham. “My
dollars. A buddy of mine lost $800,000 while
with local churches, community leaders, bedroom to victims, who came to him or wife Amanda was on the ACA when she was
sitting in traffic last year, when he could have
and law enforcement to proactively monitor his girlfriend. Word got out about the safe pregnant with our son, [Boone, 7 months
been working. Time is money for a small
and report crime. Video Cameras were harbor and the spare bedroom turned into old now], and we’re feeling the pinch like
business,” Cunningham recounted.
conspicuously installed, and by working providing hotel rooms and eventually, to everybody else. The fact is it’s gotten more and
together, residents witnessed a dramatic Cunningham said he was thrilled so
turning people away. Now, the REALMAD many local islands had taken action on more expensive, and it’s going to get worse -
drop in crime. Kennedy moved to North program provides a “leg up” with help to find we’re expecting another bump in October.
Charleston in the mid 2000s and was plastic pollution. “I think these mayors
secure housing and even grants scholarships, being able to determine what’s best for their Cunningham continues on page 4
alarmed to learn the city ranked in the top 10 in some cases, and explains why the HOPE
in violent crime statistics, even more so when WALK is more celebration than lament.
it dawned they were national figures, not SC
numbers. Planning to duplicate the successes These are women who have been through
seen in the midlands, Kennedy founded the the fire and emerged on the other side
Charleston branch of Project Unity, and met stronger and better than ever. You can join
Sarah Finkelstein at one of the organization’s the celebration by visiting ProjectUnityUSA.
many conferences. org or

Tid e Char t
Date High Tide Low Tide
Aug 31 11:56AM 5:48am/6:13pm
Sep 01 12:17AM/12:45PM 6:33am/7:07pm
Sep 02 1:07AM/1:42PM 7:24am/8:08pm
Sep 03 2:06AM/2:45PM 8:21am/9:14pm
Sep 04 3:11AM/3:52PM 9:24am/10:21pm
Sep 05 4:20AM/4:59PM 10:30am/11:25pm
Sep 06 5:27AM/6:02PM 11:33am
Sep 07 6:30AM/7:02PM 12:24am/12:34pm
Sep 08 7:29AM/7:57PM 1:19am/1:32pm
Sep 09 8:25AM/8:49PM 2:11am/2:27pm
Sep 10 9:19AM/9:39PM 3:00am/3:19pm
Sep 11 10:11AM/10:27PM 3:48am/4:11pm
Sep 12 11:02AM/11:14PM 4:35am/5:02pm
Sep 13 11:52AM 5:21am/5:54pm

Hurricanes, storms, etc., are NOT included in the predictions.

Tidal current direction changes and tide time predictions can be
very different. Tide predictions are PREDICTIONS; they can be
wrong so use common sense.
4 August 31, 2018 August 31, 2018 5
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Cunningham continues from page 3
Neither party wants to cede ground to the
other for fear they might be able to claim a
Student loans are something Cunningham
would like to call attention to. He says it’s no
wonder teachers leave the profession after
a couple of years, and that is another issue
Keefe teaches at Todd & Huff Art Center
victory on this issue. I tell people, ‘the ACA Cunningham has personally experienced. BY PATRICIA HUFF
wasn’t perfect, but it had some good things “I’m in the same boat. Between my wife and For The Island Connection
in there.’ I think everybody should come to I, we’re paying the equivalent of a mortgage.

the table and recognize what’s working and What people need to realize is; if they weren’t
paying that, the money would be going isconsin native, Shelby
what’s not working. Take away what’s not
back into the system. They’d be opening Keefe, will give a plein air oil
working and repair what needs to be fixed.
businesses, buying cars, and etc. Maybe they workshop for Todd & Huff Art
‘Single payer’ is not a one stop solution, and
wouldn’t be living with their parents and in Center on September 18, 19 and 20 from
not what we’ve been advocating for,” said the
the case of teachers, maybe staying in the 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Painting venues
profession longer. Being able to write off will be in downtown Charleston with one
“What we need to circle around is day spent indoors. Indoor location, also to
reducing costs. We pay more for prescription more of your payment is something we need
to be exploring. You’re allowed to write off the be used in case of inclement weather, is
drugs in this country than anywhere in the at Our Savior Church on Betsy Kerrison
world. So we’re subsidizing low costs in other interest but it’s thousands of dollars that isn’t
really income. But we also need to address the Parkway.
countries with high prices here. We need to
costs of education, especially these for-profit Keefe’s style is bold, expressive,
be able to negotiate with the pharmaceutical
institutions,” he said. exuberant and painted in full color. She
companies for Medicare like the VA does. easel will be a wonderful experience and
Cunningham’s headquarters is a tightly has won numerous plein air competitions
Have a bi-partisan effort to bring down those opportunity. She was an invited teacher
managed affair and the interview was and travels extensively to paint plein air.
costs, and it shouldn’t be a partisan issue. at the Plein Air Exposition in Sante Fe,
already over its time limit. Asked about Her subject matter is as varied as the
We’re all in this together.” Governor Henry McMaster signs the Beachfront Management Reform Act into law with NM in April 2018 and demonstrated her
guns, Cunningham counts himself as an landscape. Her cityscapes are descriptive
Cunningham said he is the product of supporters from local government, League of Women Voters, the Coastal Conservation underpainting technique, which she will
advocate with a concealed carry permit, of the sites as well as having wonderful
public schools and that Boone would also League and the Association of Realtors on August 23. be teaching at the Johns Island workshop.
but wants the Charleston loophole closed character. She imbues each of her
receive a public education, but doesn’t the new law addresses the use of post- paintings with great compositional skills Other notable artists that will be
think vouchers/ charter schools necessarily and bump stocks banned. Asked about Beachfront continues from cover teaching workshops for the Todd & Huff
tariffs, he said he opposed them from the storm survey data. that pull the viewer into the scene.
undermine our system. “I have a great From an environmental standpoint, Art Center are Stewart White, October
start and called them a “tax,” and isn’t sure those lines have moved when you go to Keefe’s workshop will concentrate on
amount of respect for teachers and the the BMRA establishes the baseline as 22 and 23 2018; Qiang Huang, January
the damage to local employers like Boeing, build. Your building envelope could be how to simplify the detail in painting
work they do. The fact they are tasked with recorded in 2012 as “permanent,” and 22-24, 2019; Gary Bodner, March
Volvo, and BMW can be replaced. smaller, for example. plein air and expressing the essence of a
the most important job, and often times thereby prohibits the seaward movement 12-14; Colin Page, April 8-10; and Alice
Cunningham’s website opens by saying, In October 2017, DHEC, with little scene. Compositional uniqueness and
we cut their resources is just shameful. The of that line. Consequently, even if Williams, September 24-26, 2019.
“Politics has simply become a game of ‘us to no notice to landowners, posted the applying complementary colors as an
federal government allocates 10-12% for accretion occurs, and the beach grows For more information on the workshops
versus them’ and I’m running because I’m establishment of new lines that would underpainting will also be emphasized.
schools in SC, but I think we should allow wider, it’s unlikely that building closer to and to sign up online visit ToddHuffCenter.
tired of that game. I’ve learned that if you take effect on December 31, 2017. Citizens Demonstrations and one-on-one help will
them some flexibility instead of having the ocean will be permitted from here on com, email, call
want to get things done, you have to work wishing to appeal the proposed new lines be conducted each day.
them teach to a standardized test. Give out. This ensures protection for the beach Patricia Huff 404.245.5766 or Laura Todd
them more resources and more flexibility. with, not against one another.” had only until November 6, 2017 to do so. Painting on location adds an extra
Furthermore, the data that was used and dune systems. element to understanding painting 843.259.4180.
Charter schools do a good job of that and For more information on the issues or
I don’t think we should demonize them. to determine the new lines appeared to In highlighting the unanimous cityscapes and having the opportunity For more information on Shelby Keefe
to locate the next “Meet & Greet,” visit be skewed, and unscientific; some was passing of the bill in both chambers of to paint on location with Keefe at the visit
Maybe we can learn something from them "Killer's Car" by Shelby Keefe, 16" X 16", oil on canvas. obtained 3 days post-Hurricane Matthew, 170-member South Carolina General
that improves the entire system.”
for instance. Assembly, IOP Mayor Jimmy Carroll
Representative Lee Hewitt, District declared, “This is a great thing not only
108, was the first to notice the lack of for the Isle of Palms, but for the entirety
transparency, lack of procedure, and of coastal South Carolina.” Hewitt added,
lack of public notice with regard to “Any time you can get the League of
the proposed new lines. Along with Women Voters, the Coastal Conservation
Senator “Chip” Campsen, District 43, League and the Association of Realtors to
they quickly alerted Governor Henry all agree, you know you have a good law.”
McMaster. The Governor’s office, Joining mayors from Mt. Pleasant,
along with the State House and Senate, Folly, Edisto, and the former mayor of
worked with incredible efficiency and Pawley’s Island, Sullivan’s Island Mayor
cooperation to rectify the situation, Pat O’Neil remarked, “It’s reassuring to
ultimately resulting in the law that was see the state government working with
ceremonially signed on August 23. coastal mayors to put together a rational
The BMRA protects landowners by approach to the establishment of these
setting down a transparent process for the jurisdictional lines, which protect both
establishment of the two jurisdictional the interests of property owners and
lines. conservation concerns.”
The law also amends and simplifies the Former IOP Councilman Marty
appeal process for citizens, HOA’s and Bettelli perhaps summed it up best,
municipalities. Additionally, it refines the grinning, “You know it’s a significant
definition of a ‘primary dune’, the crest of event when the locals are all wearing long
which determines the baseline. Finally, pants.”
August 31, 2018 7
arts & events arts & events

Garden Club opens Seabrook Island

2018-19 season Photography Club welcomes
NEW MEMBERS WELCOME Janet Garrity Saucier
For The Island Connection For The Island Connection

he Seabrook Island Garden Club residents are invited, all the trimmings anet Garrity Saucier is an author and
will hold its first meeting of the are rolled out as we toast the opening of photographer, originally from Upstate
2018-19 season on Sept. 14 at the holiday season. Traditionally we close New York, now living in Brevard, NC,
the Seabrook Island Lake House. The the season with a festive luncheon at the by way of Beaufort, SC. While growing
meeting starts at 9:30 a.m. and will Seabrook Island Club. up in the countryside near Cooperstown,
consist of brunch and a brief business The annual dues are only $25. NY, Saucier had a camera in her hand
agenda. We enthusiastically look forward Meaningful things happen with our from the young age of 8.
to greeting our membership, sharing our collected dues. Through the years we Having to make a living in her adult
summer adventures and launching our continue to support our community years, Saucier chose a long, professional
program for the year ahead. by making a meaningful contribution career in marketing and advertising in
Not a member yet? Don’t let the name to a dedicated scholarship fund in Ithaca, NY before moving to Beaufort
fool you! If you think you don’t have a horticulture for a deserving student at in 2008. There she found the inspiration
green thumb or even basic garden skills the Trident University. to take up her camera again, this time
Seabrook Island Garden Club is actually Our meetings each month include professionally and published her first
the place for you. The Garden Club is a refreshments at 9:30 a.m., a short business book Goin’ Down The River, Fish Camps
great place to meet your neighbors, learn meeting at 10 a.m. and our main event of the Sea Islands, a photographic story Photographer and author Janet Garrity
about our natural environment, support speaker at 10:15 a.m. Meetings usually about a unique southern coastal tradition. Saucier. Photo provided.
your community and mostly a delightful conclude between 11 and 11:30 a.m. and Janet and her husband, Les Saucier, have will look at the use of graphic design
opportunity to make and build friendships. take place on the second Friday of each merged their photography and business elements, examples of landscapes that
The monthly speakers also bring us a month at the Lake House. skills and have recently published a new can be made more interesting using an
treasure trove of information. There is a Still not sure? Come as a guest and photographic book about the Southern abstract approach, and the techniques.
great line up this year that you will not see for yourself. Join at any time, new Appalachian Mountains. The book is
want to miss. Come hear our expert guest The Seabrook Island Photography Club
members are always welcome and titled Mountain Blue and filled with both meeting will be held at the Lake House and
speakers on topics such as interior design, volunteers are always needed. Positions Les and Janet’s photos, writings about the
wild birds, antiques, estate landscaping will begin at 6:30 p.m. All members and
are open for Vice President, Historian mountains, and even a few recipes for a non-members are welcome. There is a $10 guest
planning, and container gardening. and Special Projects Coordinator, please home cooked “Mountain Meal.” fee for non-members. For more information
Our big event of the year is the Holiday consider sharing a little of your time to Saucier’s topic on Thursday, Sept. 20 visit
Open House. All Seabrook Island help keep the club vibrant and strong. will be “Abstract in Photography.” She
8 August 31, 2018
the bookish blonde

Before You Kick the

Sand Bucket...
For The Island Connection

ere’s the thing about life on the Paddle Company just on the other’s life on the islands. All side of the roundabout.
of us who live out here on Seabrook 2. Have your friends over and build
or Kiawah know why we initially chose a bonfire on the beach with that
it. Nine times out of 10, it’s not because wood that’s STILL in the garage.
it’s near work. We chose it because of the 3. Get your favorite dairy free sorbet
golf, or the beach, or the tennis courts. We from Ice Cream Boat over in the
chose it because we like the dark nights marina and eat while you walk the
with visible stars, and the parasite-infested boardwalk at sunset.
ambiance of the Spanish Moss. We soak it
4. Schedule your next golf lesson
all first...and then things happen.
with Bryan at the club no matter
We remember that we’re human and there
how bad you think you are.
are bills to be paid, errands to be run,
family members to be dealt with or health 5. Take a whole day at the beach
issues to try and solve. Then we end up and finish reading Big Little Lies,
having regular Tuesdays again, forgetting because you know you feel super
that thing inside of us that made us “island out of the loop.
people” to begin with. 6. Have at least 3 more lunches
But there’s an opportunity...a beautiful at Ladles while their awesome
opportunity coming up to remind us who we cold soups like cucumber and
really are. It’s called Labor Day...a beautiful Gazpacho are still out.
little gift from a highlighted number on the 7. Have that frozen cocktail by the
calendar that frees us of any responsibilities. ocean that you always forego
A lot of people see the day as a “last chance” because of the sugar
before we have to go back to the grind, pack will be just fine.
up the swimsuits, and start adulting again. 8. Stop saying how fun it a
But to that I say, in the likeness of the late net and some raw freakin’ chicken
great Dylan Thomas, “Do not go gentle into and go crabbing one evening!
that good night. Rage, rage against the dying 9. Fix that flat tire on your’s
of the light!” Or, in layman's terms...forget not that hard. Bike over the marsh
that. We’re keeping summer a little longer. to Kiawah and have a drink at the
Football season and school years may have Ryder Cup.
started, but summer isn’t leaving with it’s suitcase 10. Enjoy your event at Sweetgrass
of magic tricks just yet. We live in COASTAL plastic surgery the 28th...don’t
SOUTH CAROLINA, people! Summer lasts stress if it doesn’t go off perfectly.
through Halloween around here. So here’s what Just enjoy all of the art and all the
I suggest with that in mind...take Labor Day, not company!
as an end, but as a new beginning. Make a warm
weather bucket list to complete before everything Lorna Hollifield was born in Asheville
turns into turkey trot sign-ups, and light festivals. but now enjoys the island life with her
Do all of those things you’ve sat on a shelf that husband, Kimsey, and spunky spaniel, Miss
brought you to The Hamptons of the South in Margaret. Lorna began her professional
the first place. If you need some ideas...check out writing journey as a tourism and travel
my sand bucket list below. blogger, before deciding to pursue her dream
of publishing fiction. Her first novel, Tobacco
Lorna’s Sand Bucket List Sun was published by Pen Name Publishing
1. Finally stop yakking about how in 2017. She’s also the pen behind one of
much you love paddleboarding, Charleston’s favorite blogs, The Bookish
and GO! Hit up Water Dog Blonde.

Author and local resident, Lorna Hollifield. Photo provided.

August 31, 2018 9

Seabrook Island Birders announces

fall schedule
For The Island Connection

he Activity Committee of the Backyard Birding - Each month a and birders can cover a lot of ground and Special Bird Count Day - On several
Seabrook Island Birders (SIB) member of SIB hosts these events at their enjoy the birds who love the golf course dates each year, SIB participates in
has created an exciting selection home to share the birds of their backyard. habitat. national or global citizen science events
of birding trips for the fall months, In some cases, the home may sit on the Monday, Sept. 17, 8:30-11 a.m. Ocean to identify and document the birds on
which include a great deal of diversity to beach, ponds, wooded areas, etc. It Winds Golf Course Seabrook Island. This fall we hope you
appeal to a wide group of members. Visit is a variation of "Learning Together" Monday, Oct. 15, 9-10:30 a.m. will assist us for the first ever "October to as no trained naturalist is normally Crooked Oaks Golf Course Big Day" sponsored by The Cornell Lab
learn more details and register. participating. A fun and casual event to of Ornithology.
Monday, Nov. 19, 9-11 a.m. Ocean
Learning Together - These events are meet your neighbors and enjoy their view Saturday, Oct. 6 at various times
Winds Golf Course
usually led by residents who enjoy birding of the birds of Seabrook Island (and in one throughout day
instance Kiawah). This event normally Birding Beyond our Backyard - This
but may not be experts. The goal is to Keep watch on the Birding Activities
has limited walking, but may have stairs. fall more events have been planned off
explore the various habitats of Seabrook page and the SIB calendar as activities
island to visit areas known for birding.
Island to see and hear as many birds as Saturday, Sept. 22, 8-10 a.m. Backyard are added. Join the SIB Google Group to
Read each description to determine the
can be found. Each species may not Birding on Kiawah receive an email about short-notice bird
level of activity and accessibility for each
always be identified, but it is fun and it is Sunday, Oct. 21, 8-10 a.m. Backyard walks and interesting bird sightings.
activity. New this year is the Birding &
all about trying to "learn together." Some Birding at Loblolly Most activities are free for members.
Biking at the West Ashley Greenway and
of the areas visited may include: North Sunday, Nov. 4, 7-9 a.m. Backyard Register for membership on the website
a walk at Bears Bluff Fish Hatchery on
Beach, Palmetto Lake, Jenkins Point, Birding at Wildcat Point Seabrook Isla
Wadmalaw Island.
Horse Pastures, Maintenance area and join-sib/ there is a $5 fee for non-members
Sunday, Dec. 9, 8-10 a.m. Backyard Saturday, Sept. 8, 7:30 a.m.–1
the Water Treatment Plant. Read each to participate.
Birding at the Crab Dock p.m. Birding & Biking – West Ashley
description for details on the amount of
walking involved. Birding the Golf Course - One of the Greenway
most accessible events for SIB members. Friday, Sept. 28, 7:15 am-noon Bears
Thursday, December 6 at 10 a.m.–
During this 2+ hour activity, ride in golf Bluff Fish Hatchery
cars throughout one of Seabrook’s golf Thursday, Oct. 11, 8 a.m.–2 p.m. Hawk
Learning Together at the Water courses in search of birds. (The course
Treatment Plant, Maintenance & Watch at the Center for Birds of Prey
is closed to golfers on the day we select.)
Equestrian Center Saturday, Oct. 27, 6 a.m.–2 p.m.
Different birds can be seen on each course A Lucky Dog Favorite
Birding Bear Island & Donnelley
10 August 31, 2018

‘Clear Bag or No Bag’ for Wando football games

For The Island Connection

harleston County School District contraband entering the stadium.
(CCSD) will begin piloting a “clear Each ticketed individual is allowed
bag or no bag” entry procedure at to carry one clear tote bag that cannot
Wando High School football games at exceed 12” x 6” x 12”. A small clutch
the new District 2 Regional Stadium this or wallet can also be carried in to the
school year. This initiative is intended stadium by hand or within the clear bag
to enhance the safety of the thousands if it does not exceed 4.5” x 6.5”. Other
of spectators who will attend contests at small permissible items such as keys,
the facility; the measure is scheduled to wallets, cell phones, credit cards, and
go into effect for the Warriors’ first home cash may be carried in a pocket or by
varsity football game Friday, Aug.31. hand. Prohibited items include weapons,
drugs, alcohol, tobacco, and electronic
cigarettes. Outside food and drinks, laser
pointers, and non-service animals are also
prohibited at Wando football games.
prohibited “We are very excited to welcome
visitors to the new regional stadium this
items include year,” said Wando High School principal
weapons, drugs, Dr. Sherry Eppelsheimer. “We want
alcohol, tobacco, spectators to have an enjoyable experience
when they visit our campus, and these
and electronic new safety enhancements will help ensure
cigarettes. that we host a safe event.”
Please be reminded of other safety
measures in place at Wando athletic
events. Re-entry will not be permitted for
individuals who leave the stadium after
receiving clearance to enter. If a child
Implementing a “clear bag or no bag” is not in high school (meaning middle
procedure will make it quicker and easier school grades and below), they must be
for school staff members and on-site law accompanied by a responsible guardian
enforcement officers to identify prohibited while attending an event at the stadium
items and reduce the likelihood of event.
August 31, 2018 11
on the water

End of summer season

For The Island Connection

all is the best time to fish in Charleston as cooling
water temperatures let fish know that they better eat
heartily because food will begin to disappear shortly.
There is still time to catch summer seasonal species like
shark, Spanish mackerel and ladyfish. However, by
mid-September they will begin to head out in search of
warmer climates. To top it off, lots of anglers will turn
their attention to hunting and football, which will leave
you plenty of open water!
Redfish will begin to increasingly take artificial
baits as usual during this time of year. Artificial plastic
lures that resemble the minnows in our waters are quite
effective. Zman’s 3 ¾” streakz in smokey shad is a
great choice. I pair this lure with a 1/8oz. jighead but
conditions sometimes call for a heavier weight. Vary your
rate of retrieve as you work a spot. Just slowing down or
speeding up the pace of the lure can make the bite come
to life!
When targeting trout, popping corks remain the best
option. While live shrimp is an excellent choice small
fish will often eat that shrimp in seconds. As a result,
we have been sticking with mud minnows paired with
The Dempseys from Georgia. They each hold a 5 pound redfish caught on cut mullet. Photo by Geoff Bennett.
size 1 Owner circle hooks. Once hung up on structure
or on a shell rake, popping corks can be hard to recover. this time of year, these same fish come increasingly For a decade, Capt. Geoff Bennett has operated
While it’s rare you will get the whole rig back there is a more into the harbor and inlets as they follow schools Charleston Charter Fishing providing light tackle charters.
simple trick that will save you time and money. Attach of large baitfish. A great set up for these fish will have a Clients choose from a full menu of fishing options with
20-pound test line to the top of the cork and attach a stiff rod paired with a heavy test braided line connected charters tailored to their desires. USCG licensed and
15-pound test line to the hook from the bottom of the to a 50-60lb. leader and 7/0 circle hooks. Fresh chunks insured, Capt. Bennett is committed to providing a safe and
cork. When you pull hard, the line will snap at the hook of mullet, menhaden or smaller fish are effective baits. enjoyable charter to anglers of all skill levels and ages. For
and you will get your cork back. Target spots where there are marked changes in depth more information, call Capt. Bennett at 843.324.3332,
Anglers are regularly catching bull redfish (36” inches and wait for the massive strikes! visit his website at or email
plus) currently at the jetties or at nearshore reefs. During See you on the water! him at
August 31 Island Connection Calendar September 19
ONGOING WHERE: Nathaniel Russell House which includes all bait and fishing rods. Saturday 32, Felix Cocktails et Cuisine, Coconut as they compete to make the best, WHAT: Seabrook Island Garden Club SUNDAY, SEPT. 16
WHAT: Beachfront Lights Out WHEN: 10:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m. Every tournament produces 3 winners WHAT: Johns Island Farmers Market Joe’s Beach Grill, Dockery’s, Forty- most delicious fried chicken in the WHERE: The Lake House
WHERE: all seaward, beachfront MORE INFO: Family tours start on the which will receive a tournament shirt, bait, WHERE: Charleston Collegiate SChool, Eight Wine Bar and Page’s Okra Grill. area. For tickets and details visit WHEN: 9:30 a.m. WHAT: Lowcountry Dog Adoption
properties half-hour between 10:30 am and 12:30 bucket and bragging rights. Questions call 2024 Academy Rd. For a list of restaurants participating in MORE INFO: The first meeting of WHERE: Magnolia Gardens
WHEN: 9 p.m.- 8 a.m. pm. Docent-led scavenger hunt tours, 248.719.0076. WHEN: 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Charleston Restaurant Week, to view the 2018-19 season will include brunch WHEN: 1-4 p.m.
MORE INFO: Lowcountry Dog
MORE INFO: US Fish and Wildlife historic games and toys in the garden. MORE INFO: Charleston’s only year- menus and to make reservations, visit MONDAY, SEPT. 10 and a brief business agenda. Greet the
Service discourages the use of outdoor for information WHAT: Timbers Kiawah Concerts in the round farmers market, highlighting membership, share summer adventures and Magazine brings you 16 local rescues and
lights when not required, in order to and to purchase tickets for the date and Courtyard produce and locally produced goods restaurant-week/. WHAT: College of Chas. presents, Music launch the exciting year ahead. All Seabrook shelters for the largest adoption event
protect nesting sea turtles. When on the museum house you would like to attend. WHERE: The Courtyard between Hege’s and foods. Live music, kids activities. of David Gorden Island neighbors and guests welcome. in the Lowcountry. Event is FREE but
WHERE: Simons Center for the Arts, 54 admission is required to enter the gardens.
beach at dark, use red filters on flashlights. and Java Java (Freshfields Village) for details. THURSDAY, SEPT. 6
St. Philip St. Visit for details.
Artificial light such as flashlights without WHAT: Kick-it at Bohicket WHEN: 6-8 p.m. SATURDAY, SEPT. 15
filters are prohibited on the beach at night. WHERE: Bohicket Marina MORE INFO: Join Timbers Kiawah in Third Saturday of WHAT: Small Business Luncheon WHEN: 7:30 p.m.
This includes flashlights on phones as well. WHEN: 6:30 p.m. The Courtyard every Wednesday for live the Month WHERE: Halls Signature Events, 5 Faber St. MORE INFO: Presented by the WHAT: Beyond the Big House Tour TUESDAY, SEPT. 18-20
MORE INFO: Face painting, a balloon music with Chris Dodson, outdoor kids WHAT: Sea Islands Cars & Coffee WHEN: 11:30 a.m. Department of Music, Kayleen Sanchex, WHERE: Tour starts at the Gaillard
MORE INFO: The King Street Marketing soprano, Eka Gogichashivili, violin and Center WHAT: Plein Air Painting
Mondays artist, DJ and sand art bracelets. Co- games, local art and beverages provided WHERE: Freshfields Village, Kiawah
WHERE: Todd Huff Art Center
WHAT: Family Trees sponsored by The Town of Seabrook Island by Timbers Kiawah. The series will run WHEN: 9-11 a.m. Group and Halls Management Group Paul Sanchez, piano. Tickets are $15 and WHEN: 1-4 p.m.
welcome speaker Stephen A. Bedard, President available at MORE INFO: Presented by The Slave WHEN: daily, schedule TBD
WHERE: Walton Hall at St. John’s Parish, & Bohicket Merchants Association. For through Wed., Aug. 29. MORE INFO: This free event will feature
and CEO of the Gaillard Management Dwelling Project, the Charleston MORE INFO: Learn the technique
3673 Maybank Hwy. questions call Todd at 248.719.0076. antiques, classics, exotics, concepts and any
of plein air painting with artist Shelby
WHEN: 10 a.m. - 12 p.m. (beginning WHAT: English Conversation Club other cool cars. Coffee and other refreshments Corporation. Tickets are $31, full service cash THURSDAY, SEPT. 13 Gaillard Center and Historic Charleston
Keefe. Two days will be spent on location
Aug. 13) First and Third WHERE: John’s Island Regional Library available for purchase by Java Java Coffee bar. Call 800.838.3006 for tickets. Foundation, tours of Charleston historic
in downtown Charleston, with 1 day at
Tuesdays WHEN: 2 p.m. WHAT: SINHG Evening Program homes feature the lesser accessed back
MORE INFO: Begin exploring the House. If you have any specific questions
WHERE: The Lake House Our Savior Church on Betsy Kerrison
process of clearing title for heirs’ property WHAT: The Charleston County Public MORE INFO: Practice speaking English about the event, please contact Bruce FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 7 buildings and work lots. For tickets and
WHEN: Refreshments at 7 p.m., program info visit Pkwy. To register or for more info visit
by defining the family tree. For more Library Bookmobile with a small group. Beginners to advanced Stemerman at
WHAT: Black Ink Festival, speaker at 7:30 p.m.
information or to make an appointment WHERE: Parking lot behind Hege’s learners welcome. A children’s program
reception MORE INFO: Charleston’s first two WHAT: Hope Walk
for an initial assessment call 843.810.1036 WHEN: 10-11 a.m. and/or craft will be provided during the FRIDAY, AUGUST 31 WHERE: Halls Signature Events, 5 Faber St. hundred years presented by Katherine WEDNESDAY, SEPT. 19
MORE INFO: Bookmobile is back the club meeting. Registration is not required; WHERE: Ravenel Bridge
first and third Tuesdays of the month. The call 843.559.1945 for more information. WHAT: Music on the Green WHEN: 6-8 p.m. Pemberton of the Historic Charleston WHEN: 8 a.m.
WHAT: Farmer’s Market WHAT: Piano Bar Series
schedule for the summer is June 19, July 3 WHERE: Freshfields Village MORE INFO: A welcome reception for Foundation. Seabrook Island residents MORE INFO: 3rd annual event supports
WHERE: Freshfields Village WHERE: The Sandcastle
& 17, August 7 & 21. Thursdays WHEN: 6-9 p.m. Black Ink Book Festival Keynote Speaker and guests are welcome. $5 donation for Project Unity to provide services to victims
WHEN: 4 - 8 p.m. WHEN: 5-7 p.m.
WHAT: Family Oriented Tours and MORE INFO: Summer concert series wraps Terri McMillan. Tickets are $65. Guests non-SINHG members. For details visit displaced by Domestic Violence through
MORE INFO: Shop locally grown organic MORE INFO: Kiawah Arts and Cultural
Wednesdays Activities up with a performance by Encore Band will meet Ms. McMillan receive a copy of crisis intervention, emergency motel
produce along with specialty food products, Events presents Gary Pecorella. Tickets
WHAT: Kids Fishing Tournament WHERE: Aiken-Rhett House featuring motown, oldies and Top 40 hits. her newest novel, I Almost Forgot About placement and food, safety planning and
delicious treats, fresh seafood and Lowcountry available online at
WHERE: Bohicket Marina WHEN: 10:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m. Guests are encouraged to bring blankets and You, and enjoy fine wines with Chef Matt WHAT: Yappy Hour a wide range of other critically important
crafts. Or come hungry and enjoy BBQ, take- or at the Municipal Center 843.768.9166.
WHEN: 9 a.m. and 10 a.m. MORE INFO: Family tours start on the chairs to this family-friendly event. Greene’s house-made charcuterie. The WHERE: James Island County Park supports to keep them safe and moving
away dinners, sweets and more. Events are open to the public, but Kiawah
MORE INFO: A Fishing Tournament just half-hour between 10:30 am and 12:30 reception will benefit The Charleston WHEN: 4 p.m.-sunset forward. Early registration of $25 ending
Friends of the Library. For info visit MORE INFO: Live music by Jeff property owners have a 3-day lead time on
Tuesdays for kids ages 4-14. Two rounds of fishing. pm. Docent-led scavenger hunt tours, SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 2 September 7, 2018. At the gate price will
tickets for Arts Council events.
Arrive at least 15 minutes before your historic games and toys in the garden. Caldwell at the dog park. Event is free be $30 for late registrations. More info visit
WHAT: Family Oriented Tours and
desired round. It’s only $7 per participant for information WHAT: Seabrook Island Artists Guild with park admission. Beverages (including
and to purchase tickets for the date and Show and Sale SATURDAY, SEPT. 8 beer) available for purchase. Visit
museum house you would like to attend. WHERE: Freshfields Village for details.
WHEN: 11 a.m.-4 p.m. WHAT: Seabrookers Betsy Kerrison
MORE INFO: 3rdannual event benefits Clean-Up FRIDAY, SEPT. 14
WHAT: Live Music at The Andell Inn WHERE: meet at Lake House, Eagle’s
WHERE: The Andell Inn Hotel, St. Johns High School. Meet artists,
watch them create and help local students. Nest room WHAT: Moonlight Mixer
Freshfields Village WHEN: 8:30 a.m. WHERE: Folly Beach Pier
WHEN: 6-8 p.m. Cash donations accepted and will be
matched through the generosity of local MORE INFO: Sturdy footwear WHEN: 7-11 p.m.
MORE INFO: Relax with cool jazz and weather appropriate clothing is MORE INFO: Shag the night away. DJ
every Thursday evening in the lounge of watercolorist Mary Whyte. For more info
visit recommended. Pick-up sticks, gloves, bags Jim Bowers will be spinning the oldies
the Andell Inn Hotel. Drinks and food and florescent vests are provided. For info and beach music. Beverages, food, and
available. No cover charge. 843.793.6050. email snacks will be available for purchase WEDNESDAY, SEPT. 5 – 16
on-site. Outside alcohol, beverages, and
WHAT: Charleston Restaurant Week WHAT: 2nd Annual Fried Chicken coolers are prohibited. Advance purchase
Thursdays & Sundays WHERE: Various locations Challenge is recommended. A paid chaperone
WHAT: Live Music WHERE: Riverfront Park, North is required for ages 15 and under. $8
WHEN: breakfast, lunch, dinner
WHERE: 48 A Wine Bar Charleston in advance//$10 on site (if available).
MORE INFO: Sip, savor and save with
WHEN: 6:30-8:30 p.m. WHEN: noon-6 p.m. for details.
12 days of delicious deals available at
MORE INFO: Featuring 48 wines MORE INFO: Culinary event will
over 100 of Charleston’s most renowned
by the glass every day. For details visit host 30 local and regional restaurants
restaurants. Newcomers include Parcel
14 August 31, 2018
financial focus

Labor Day - You can

work to become a
better investor
For The Island Connection

ext week, we observe Labor Day, you don’t understand. The more you know
a holiday to honor all the hard- about your investments and what you can
working people in this country. expect from them, the less likely that you
As one of them, keep in mind that your will be surprised at their performance and
efforts can have positive results. Famed their impact on your financial strategy.
film producer Samuel Goldwyn once said: When you invest in stocks, you hope
“The harder I work, the luckier I get.” And their value will appreciate over time, but
this same philosophy can apply to your you shouldn’t be shocked over short-term
investing, too – because you can indeed price fluctuations. Conversely, when you
work to become a better investor. purchase a fixed-rate vehicle, such as a
Certificate of Deposit (CD), you expect
regular interest payments and a return of
your principal when the CD matures. But
the harder you do not anticipate much, if any, growth in
the value of your investment.
work at becoming
Work to develop good investment habits.
a good investor, Developing good habits often pays off. For
the better example, if you exercise regularly, don’t
smoke and follow a sensible diet, you will
your chances likely help your long-term health. And you
of reaching can follow good investment habits, too, such
your ultimate as contributing regularly to your 401(k)
or other employer-sponsored retirement
objectives plan. You’ll also want to avoid bad habits,
such as overreacting to a sharp drop in the
financial markets. In an effort to cut your
losses, you might respond to this downturn
Consider these steps: by immediately selling investments whose
Work to understand your goals and risk fundamentals are still strong and whose
tolerance. Self-knowledge is important in prospects still may be positive.
all phases of life and it’s certainly essential Work to get the assistance you need.
to you when you invest. For one thing, you Investing can be complex, so you may
need to know your goals. How long do want to work with a financial professional.
you plan to work? What would you like to But investing is just one part of your
do when you retire? If you have children, overall financial picture, so working with
do you expect to help pay for their college an attorney can help with your estate
educations? You'll also need to know your plans. And a tax professional can advise
risk tolerance to help determine your you on the tax-related consequences of
investment choices. Investors with a high various financial moves.
tolerance for risk typically can overlook There aren’t many guarantees in the
the day-to-day fluctuations in the financial investment world but the harder you work
markets, and may be comfortable investing at becoming a good investor, the better
more aggressively. But those with a low risk your chances of reaching your ultimate
tolerance may be more inclined to focus on objectives.
investments that offer greater preservation
of principal, even if this means sacrificing Dimi Matouchev is a financial advisor
some growth potential. with Edward Jones, located at 1505
Palm Boulevard, Isle of Palms. For more
Work to learn all you can about your
information, call 843.886.9229 or visit
investments. Here’s a bit of advice that
will always be valid: don’t invest in what