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ITL 608 Signature Assignment 1

Signature Assignment

Alisha Carlin

National University
ITL 608 Signature Assignment 2

9th Grade Information Technology Class
Assignment: Personality Assessment Quiz
Materials: Computer, Overhead Projector and Online Resources

Key Ideas and Details

Information Technology Class (generally referred to as ITC) is a required class for all

incoming freshman district wide. It is a research based course that helps students get acclimated

with computer technology that they will be using throughout their coursework at VMHS. ITC is

also a college and career awareness class that aims to help students get focused on their future

goals and next steps.

During the first week of school students will take the personality assessment online quiz

(from to assist and direct future class assignments. This activity requires

students to log in to their newly created online (school district unique) accounts. The length of

this course is 55 minutes.

• Big Questions: (Framing Students Learning)

• What are my strengths and weaknesses?

• What do my personality results say about future career/college choices?

• Knowledge: (Concepts to be Understood and Applied)

• Research/Analysis

• Understanding online resources

• Critical Thinking

• Self-Evaluation

ITL 608 Signature Assignment 3

• Skills: (What I will Teach)

• Research/Analysis

• Multimedia/Oral Presentations

Learners (Element 1) — 35-36 students

Classroom Composite:

• Incoming 9th graders, as well as one sophomore who failed the class previously and two

juniors who transferred in from other districts who had not taken the course previously

• VMHS is centered in an affluent community, majority of students come from upper-middle

class, very involved families, however there are a few low socioeconomic homes

• One absence (a male), the rest of the class is split almost evenly 19 females, 16 males

• The class is very diverse: roughly 30% Caucasian, 30% Hispanic, 25% Asian and 15%

African American

• No visible learning disabled in the class or students with aids

• One Teacher’s Assistant (TA) is present to assist students in assignments


• No IEPS, 504 or SST were present in the class but in the event that there were, it would be

important to keep the Personal Aid updated and informed on work to assist the student as

best as possible. Work with student, aid, case worker to identify goals and work as team to

accomplish them.

• No ELLs or SELs were present in the class but in the event that there were, all aspects of

the class/assignments are available online through district portal. This would give students

and their parents/guardians the opportunity to review after class.
ITL 608 Signature Assignment 3

Teacher (Element 2) — Self-Considerations

• Make sure I am not talking above the skill level of the students or assume they know these

basic computer commands (because they are a generation well-versed in technology)

• They were blown away by “Command C, Command V” when learning how to short-cut

copy and paste

• This will be the first time they are taking any sort of self-assessments therefore I need to

thoroughly explain some of the assessment questions.

• For Example: one question on the assessment asks “do you like to build cabinets?” Many

of the students will obviously have no previous background building a cabinet, unless they

have a Carpenter for a father (like I do), so I need to help them to see what the question is

really asking in order to get a valid assessment result. The question is asking, “do you like

to build things/use your hands/problem solve? Are you creative?” etc.

• Need to be clear in my pre-quiz instruction that “strongly like or strongly dislike” is not

appropriate to mark for all of the questions. Students need to be honest with themselves in their

answering. All 5 answer responses (strongly dislike, dislike, unsure, like, strongly like) should

be submitted on the quiz.

Target (Element 3) — Academic Standards

The goal of this assignment is to help understand their unique personality traits and how

that relates back to future career and college choices, while simultaneously learning new

computer skills on the district platform.

Common Core Standards


ITL 608 Signature Assignment 5

By the end of grade 10, read and comprehend science/technical texts in the grades 9-10 text

complexity band independently and proficiently.

For example: Use a variety of district approved Web tools (e.g., Haiku, google documents, e-

mail discussion groups, blogs, etc.) to collaborate and communicate with teachers, peers, experts,

and other audiences. Plan and implement a collaborative project with students in other

classrooms and schools using telecommunications tools (e.g., e-mail, discussion forums,

groupware, interactive Websites, video-conferencing).


Follow precisely a complex multistep procedure when carrying out experiments, taking

measurements, or performing technical tasks, attending to special cases or exceptions defined in

the text.

For example: Use a variety of media to present information for specific purposes (e.g., reports,

research papers, presentations, newsletters, Websites, podcasts, blogs), citing sources.

Demonstrate the ability to use technology for research, critical thinking, decision making,

communication, collaboration, creativity and innovation.

Assessment (Element 4)

• Have students completed the personality quiz on

• Were students able to complete the task (by my instruction and modeling) to screen-shot their

results and upload their results to their ITC online database?

• We will go over the results next class, but were students able to determine if personality

assessments were accurate?
ITL 608 Signature Assignment 6

Instruction (Element 5) — UDL Checklist and Procedures

• Multiple Means of Representation (modeling & practice)

Content will be presented on the overhead projector which screen shares the assignment

on my computer. I will model the actions for the students. Showing them how to web

browse for the appropriate website. What to click on and how to get

their personality quizzes started. Students will also be given a handout with step by step

directions to use a resource if the TA and myself are busy helping a student. I will also,

while walking students through the process on the screen, make sure I am being loud,

direct and clear for the students who need auditory direction.

• Multiple Means of Engagement

Using the results of their personality quiz, students will have the opportunity to discuss

their results with the teacher and their peers. They will be able to share with the class

what their personality says about them. Find classmates with similar interests/results and

begin to form relationships. Students can also begin to hypothesize what they think each

category means (realistic, investigative, artistic, social, enterprising and conventional).

• Multiple Means of Action and Expression (practice & assessment)

The majority of this specific class was taking the quiz and making sure students saved

their results to their student profiles. In future classes, students will have the opportunity

to use their results in written assignments and in oral assignments, both of which will be

research-based assignments. Students will also have the opportunity to self-reflect and

assess to see if the results are truly accurate or not. They will do this through journaling

and discussion with peers. Students will also be assessed through class discussion to see
ITL 608 Signature Assignment 6

how easily they grasped the importance of the assignment as well as their newfound

computer skills.

Classroom Management (Element 6)

• Self Directed Strategies: Reduce disruptive behavior in the classroom

• Encouraging students to manage themselves vs. looking to the teacher to regulate

• Students will work independently and collect their own data

• Self-empowering: Student is an active participant in their success

Assessing Student Learning (Overall Class/Teacher Assessment)

• Informal Assessment will include discussion participation and review

• Formal Assessments will be through papers, tests and presentations

• Analysis will be by the students ability to understand and reciprocate information as well as

matching to the common core standards

• As far as teacher assessment goes, based upon the student assessment information, I can decide

what needs more class time instruction or explaining. What needs to be solidified and what the

students have mastered.


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ITL 608 Signature Assignment 6

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