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4A’s Lesson Plan in English 10/11

Prepared by: Ms. Aira Mae R. Sarita Date: June 19, 2018

At the end of the discussion, the students should be able to:

understand the poem through paraphrasing;

determine the theme or central idea of the text; and
perform actively the given tasks.


TOPIC: Understanding Poetry (The Road Not Taken by. Robert Frost)
GRADE/LEVEL: Grade 10/11
SUBJECT: English/21st Century Literature of the Philippines and of the World
RESOURCES: Functional English for Today Textbook pp. 252 – 255
Wilson, C., et al. (2011). 21st Century Literature of the Philippines and of
the World: Curriculum for Teachers. United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural
MATERIALS: PowerPoint Presentation, Marker
EQUIPMENT: Laptop, Projector, Cell phone
VALUES: Understanding the importance of good decision-making.


A. Routinary Activities
1. Prayer
2. Classroom Management
3. Greetings
4. Checking of Attendance
5. Recapitulation

B. Lesson Proper
 Pre-Reading
Task 1: Motivation
Task 2: Probing Questions
Task 3: Unlocking of Difficulties
 While-Reading
Task 1: Reading the Text
Task 2: Analyzing the Text

 Post-Reading
Task 1: Paraphrasing
Task 2: Small Group Discussion Activity
 Allow the students to choose between the two sets of picture depicting two
different situations. Then ask them why they chose that situation over the

SET 1: go to sleep vs. go to school

SET 2: buy new clothes/shoes vs. buy school materials

SET 3: studying vs. surfing the internet

 Have the students answer the following probing questions:

1. What are some big choices that you have to make in your lives?
2. What influence you when you make those decisions?
 Let the students unlock the meaning of the unfamiliar words, orally.
 Ask students some questions about the poem.
 Give the students some example of paraphrasing the text.
 Let them paraphrase each stanza of the poem to fully understand the
meaning of it.
 Allow the students to give the morals or theme of the poem.
 Let the students be with their groupmates. Then ask them to do the
following tasks.
GROUP 1: You see a neighbor ill-treating his pet dog. You tell your parents, who say that it
is his pet and they could not interfere. Do you
(a) accept your parents’ point of view?
(b) stay quiet?
(c) tell your neighbor that he/she should not treat his pet like that?
Group 2: You are asked to go to a party. It is a week night and you know you have
homework to do, but you really want to fit in with your friends.
Group 3: You took a picture of your friend and want to post in on Facebook /Twitter. Do you
(a) post it giving the date, time and place it was taken?
(b) inform your friend of what you want to do first?
Group 4: Your mom asks you to clean your room but you want to play games on the internet.
Do you
a) obey your mom? Or
b) play games on the internet?


Creativity 25%
Unity 25%
Clarity 20%
Interpretation 30%

TOTAL: 100%

Identify a specific incident in your own life that helps you understand the
experience of the speaker in “The Road Not Taken.” How does this help you interpret or
better understand the poem? How does it help you appreciate the text? Write it in a 1
whole sheet of paper.

Examples: moving houses/schools, situations with friends, doing chores at home, etc.