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Welcome to your

E3 English Portfolio Project!

You have been g iven 1 2 tasks t o complete over
the next 6 months. At the end of your course, you

will present your portfolio to your teacher and this

will determine your final grade.

There a re t wo p resentations each w orth 25% o f

your grade and the remaining tasks will make up
the other 50%.

You can make a digital portfolio (screenshots and

uploads) or a traditional portfolio with print outs.

This will help to improve your English and to learn

more by yourself at home!

Have fun creating!

Business Essentials Portfolio Project

Activity 1 Create a Business Card

Task: Create your own business card in

English. Include your name, cell phone
number, email and job title. Add images
if you think it is appropriate. The business
card can be associated with the company
you work for.

Activity 2 Country Profile for Business

Task: Create a profile of your country for a potential

business investor. First you will need to do some
research about how companies enter the market in
your country. Write a short paragraph to introduce
your country and discuss the main business
centers of the country. Then use your research to
describe how companies can come to your country
and establish themselves. Include the culture of
business in your country and the culture of the

Business Essentials Portfolio Project

Activity 3 Watch Ted Talk

Task: Watch the following Ted Talk by Simon Sinek. The talk is about a concept called The Golden Circle. Take
notes about the talk. Then come up with a Golden Circle for your current company or a company you worked for
in the past.

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Activity 4 Company Presentation

Task: Make a detailed presentation about your

company. The presentation should last 15 - 20
minutes. Include the following information:

• The history of the company

• What is the function of the company?

• Figures for revenue and profit

• What are the future plans of the company?

• Talk about other people in the company and

their job roles (passive voice)

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*You will present in class 23 of your course. This
presentation will contribute 25% of your score.
Business Essentials Portfolio Project

Activity 5 News Articles

Task: Research the Sky News website for an article related to your profession or your country. Read the article and
write a detailed summary about it. Give your opinions. Explain how it relates to your profession or your country.

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Activity 6 Write a Letter

Task: Use the skills that you have learned in class to write a professional letter. The letter should address the
following scenario:

You are working for a company. You

need to take some time off work and
want to ask your manager about this.
Write a letter to your manager. In your

• Explain why you want to take time

off work.

• Give details of the amount of time

you need.

• Suggest how your work could be

covered while you are away.

The letter should be in the correct format and include appropriate salutations and endings.
Business Essentials Portfolio Project

Activity 7 Problem Solving

Task: Study the four steps below for making ethical decisions at work, then analyze the scenario and make a
voice recording about your decision. The recording should include each step of the decision making process:

1. Define the problem (or ethical situation).

2. List the facts that appear to be most significant to

the decision (and consider who is affected).

3. List two or three possible solutions (and how these

solutions could impact each person).

4. Decide on a plan of action.

Scenario: You are the office manager at Davis & Davis

Co. Jennie was recently hired to work as a receptionist
for the front lobby. As receptionist, she is responsible
for making copies for the people in the office. Her
son, Jason, comes in to the office during business
hours and needs some copies for a school project. He
brought his own paper and needs 300 copies for his
class. If he doesn’t hand in the copies to his teacher,
he will fail the project. What do you do?

Activity 8 Design a meeting agenda

Task: Imagine you are the manager of a project. You

have a new project starting and you need to create
a meeting with your team. The project can be any
idea you like. Design a detailed and comprehensive
meeting agenda that you would send to all of the
attendees. Include, time, location and topics.

Business Essentials Portfolio Project

Activity 9 Movie Review

Task: Watch an English speaking movie related to business. There are some recommendations below. Write a
detailed review about the movie. Discuss the plot, the characters and how it makes you feel. Talk about how the
film relates to business in real life.

1. The Big Short

2. The Intern

3. American Hustle

4. Joy

5. The Social Network

Activity 10 Create a CV

Task: Using the skills that you have learned in class, create a full CV in English with the correct
format and style. Follow the link for extra tips and examples.
Business Essentials Portfolio Project

Activity 11 Leadership Presentation

Nelson Pope Francis Martin Luther King

Mandela Junior

Winston Mahatma
Churchill Gandhi

Task: Research one of these famous leaders (do not use Wikipedia). Make a presentation about
your chosen leader. The presentation should last 15 - 20 minutes. Include the following information:

• Their early life

• How they became leaders
• Information about famous speeches or quotes
• Their effect on the world
• Their legacy
• What do you think made them a great leader?

*You will present in class 46 of your course. This presentation will contribute 25% of your score.

Business Essentials Portfolio Project

Activity 12 Personal Statement

Task: Every job application should include a personal statement. Write a personal statement in English to
accompany your English CV. Include the following information:

1. Opening statement

2. Who you are

3. What skills you can offer

4. What your career goals are

The website below has some good tips

for you to use:

Present your portfolio to your teacher

Congratulations for completing your portfolio!
Now it`s time to present it.

Make sure all your tasks are completed correctly and that
you have included all the necessary information to show your

Remember, the portfolio is 100% of the total score of the

Business Essentials Course.