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Instructional Rounds

Teacher: Tim Cart ​ ​Date:


Today I will visit with the following people:

Name Position
● Ms. Davidson ● Science Teacher
● Ms. Lopez ● Science Teacher

I see:

● Ms. Davidson
o Her POD is set up somewhat differently.
o The bay is full but is relatively quiet.
o Security guards and metal detectors.
o Two separate bays / sides of the building.
o Some PODs have power strips
o Student Ambassador in the bay who maintains student DLLs,
Addendums and makes student calls.
o All students have ID Cards. If not, they are sent home.
o The vast majority of students are working on packets.
o Ms. Davidson places a planner in a document holder on her
desk showing the current LP with events annotated.
o There were three desktop computers behind Ms. Davidsons POD for Science use.
▪ This is good because some of the websites in the packet (PHET) do not always work on student
o There were plugged-in microscopes behind Ms. Davidsons POD as well.
o Student survey was stapled to the top page of T4S (1).
o Science Department uses a tracking sheet called the Course Assignment & Credit Completion Tracker. It has
instructions for the appointment process, student information, start dates, end dates and grades of all
Science packets. Additionally, there is a Science Expectations section that the student initials.
o This school has a Silent Study Hall. It is a two hour period each day that students can get a pass to enter. It
is held in a room separate from the bay. A volunteer teacher sits in the room (sub hours) and observes. In
the Silent Study Hall, there is no talking, no phones, no anything really. Just silent working.
● Ms. Lopez (Science teacher on other side of building)
o General Discussion
▪ Students do electives at home, not at school.
▪ Students are placed on a contract if they fall below one credit per week.
▪ Students are automatically dropped with two consecutive zeros.
▪ Laptops are delivered to PODs each day.
▪ Morning students leave at 1PM and evening students arrive at 1PM
▪ Talked about her sheet at her POD. It is a list of students and credits that is updated weekly. Purple
is for more than 1 credit in a week and yellow is for zeros. She displays it.
▪ She uses tutor passes.
▪ She has a entire set of Science packets that she completed herself in binders for reference.
▪ Her POD is set up differently. She uses a semicircle.
▪ She does not allow her students to talk to one another at the POD.

What actions or language did you observe? Be specific.

● Ms. Davidson
o Student Orientation
▪ “What two days can you come in no matter what?” “What time?”
▪ Student’s mom wanted him to come in more. Ms. Davidson said “This is independent study, we
don’t have room for all of our students to come everyday.”
▪ Presented a blue document that was a letter to the student and family in English and Spanish
explaining all of the requirements and expectations of the school including appointments, IDs,
times to be here.
▪ Ms. Davidson explained the planner in detail including vacation days.
▪ Ms. Davidson checked for understanding with both student and mom (via interpreter).
▪ Ms. Davidson was sure to explain to them that the student would need to do 3-5 hours of work.
▪ Ms. Davidson uses the REMIND app for notifications.
▪ Ms. Davidson went through T4S (1) in detail and made sure the student knew he could not put “i
don’t know” in any of the spaces.
o Student Meeting 1
▪ Morning student wanted to stay until 3PM. Ms. Davidson explained that the student could only
stay until 1PM. She provided alternatives for the student such as doing work at home.
▪ Printed academic plan and went over it with student.
o Student Meeting 2
▪ Student came for a silent study hall pass. Ms. Davidson spent some time talking to student about a
book she was reading for English.
o Student Meeting 3
▪ Student explained why they missed their appointment they had yesterday. Ms. Davidson walked
the student over to the student ambassador who had him fill out his DLL.
o Student Meeting 4
▪ A Student sat at the POD. Ms. Davidson said “Where were you and what are you turning in this
▪ Student explained situation and began to work after filling out the Course Assignment & Credit
Completion Tracker.

Questions I have: Key Take-Aways:

● How do we transition into managing student ● They have an open and positive relationship with their
appointments so efficiently? operations staff.
● How do we get power to our PODs. ● The teachers and staff have shared language and values
when working with students. They are focused on
students responsibility. They help eachother.
Instructional Rounds

+ = Implementation being observed

X = Evidence seen
# = Did not see

What should students know and be able to do?

X​ Students should be able to articulate what they are expected to know and be able to do as a result of
the lesson or unit.
X​ Learning outcomes and agenda for the lesson are communicated to the student before the lesson

How will students know when they are successful?

X​ Student can explain how they are going to be evaluated.
X ​ Positive remark, encouraging words.

What learning experiences will facilitate student success?

#​ Students are provided an opportunity to access prior knowledge and or experiences about the topic
#​ Accommodations are made for different readiness levels and learning styles of students.
#​ Scaffolding is provided so that students have appropriate levels of support and structure to be
successful learners.
#​ Scaffolding is withdrawn as students become more independent in their learning.
X​ Pauses for processing and summarizing new information are built into the lesson.
X​ Clear expectations of assignments are provided so students know exactly what they are supposed to
X ​Engaging and supporting all students in learning
X​ Creating and maintain effective environments for student learning
X​ Understating and organizing subject matter for student learning
X ​ Planning instruction and designing learning experiences for all students
X ​Assessing students for learning

*Teacher Visit Feedback

Positive phrases to use for reflective conversation:​

You did a great job with… Your commitment is really inspiring to me.
What did you do to make your lesson so successful? I’m interested in….