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1. In the early 1900s, Eastman_______ inexpensive Brownie box cameras.
a. It developed
b. It was developed
c. Developed
d. Developed

2. _____ the discovery of the fossilized remnants of tides in one-billion-year-
old rocks.
a. Geological reports
b. Geological report
c. The reports of geologists
d. Geologists’ reports

3. The Brooklyn Bridge _____ took thirteen years to complete.
a. In New York
b. Is in New York
c. It is in New York
d. Which New York

4. Genes control all of he physical ____ we inherit
a. That traits
b. That are traits
c. Traits that
d. Traits are that

5. Indigo can be extracted from a plant, and then ____ to dye cloth blue.
a. It
b. Using
c. Using it
d. It can be used

6. _____ in the United States spends 900 hours per year in class and 1,170
hours in front of the television.
a. The average third-grader
b. The third grade is average
c. There are three grades
d. Three average grades

a. Has happened d. It vibrates b. If calcium oxide remains exposed to air. But they d. The effect of light 8. They b. ____ to calcium carbonate. Happening b. ____ gave off poisonous fumes. The turn 9. Some early batteries used concentrated nitric acid. a. Turns c. a. While patiently 12. Vibrating c. Is vibrating d. The soundproduced by an object _____ in a periodic way involves more thatn the simple sine wave. Then they c. The happening c. The patient left c. But they had 10. The use of shorthand died out in the Middle Ages because of ___ with witchcraft. It is the effect of light b. a. a. Turning b. Is affecting the light d. a. During the patient’s d. It turns d. The light affects c.7. About happening 13. Prior to discovery of anesthetics in 1846. The association was imagined . Researchers have begun studying what ____is on human circadian rhythms. While the patient b. The drastic decline of the beaver helps to illustrate what ____ to the ecosystems of the North American continent. a. surgery was done ___ was still conscious. Vibrates 11.

Weather forecasters monitor barometric pressures and record they on charts as isobars. 22. 20. Succulents suck up water in just a few hour. The imagined association 14. 25. 21.b. Flying buttresses enabled builders to put up tall but thinnest stone walls. The air flows b. and today its the oldest wooden building in Boston. When salt is added to ice. and pines bear its seeds in cones. 28. . A yacht is steered with a rudder. Associate the imagination c. coach travellers could got from New York to Philadelphia in about two days. A done is a semispherical structures on top of a building. 18. Which deflects 15. this mixture becomes coldly enough to freeze ice cream. The Paul Revere House was built in 1676. Some of the District of Columbia are on low-lying. Deflects c. In many languages. gender. 24. the forms of a word varies to express such contrasts as number. Much fossils are found in coal-bearing rocks. a. 17. Conifers such as cedars. 27. 26. 23. Georgia’s economy is based main on agriculture. A milky way object that erupted in the constellation Scorpius has provides information to astronomers since July. firs. Flows the air 16. 19. and tense. The air is flowing d. For top speed and sudden acceleration. Which deflecting b. Imagine the association d. but they can store it in their stems for months. ____ the flow of water that passes the hull a. The air flow c. In 1732. marshy ground. the accelerator pump feeds additional gasoline from the float chamber into ___ above the venture tube. It deflects d.

29. like the compact disc. 34. 37. several million asteroids. whaling. 30. 35. 33. 38. Mars may looks red because it is covered with a layer of soft red iron oxide. 39. 31. several dozen comets. A robin cocks its head to peer at a worm with one eyes and not to hear it. Film sound is often record by an analog system which. From the 1850s until after the turn of the century. 36. fifty-seven moons. The principles of physics described by Christian Doppler in 1842 for the movement of stars has been adapted to evaluate the movement of blood within the heart. 40. No one who has studied the Battle of Little Bighorn know the exact route that Custer and his detachment took. The pioneer 10 and 11 spacecraft were the first vehicle of humankind to venture beyond the limits of ours solar system. . as was once thought. and billions of meteorites have so far been discover. nine planets. Long Island was chiefly an agricultural region with fishing. The radioactive substances that pose the greatest harm to humanity have neither very short or very long half lives. 32. The scribes of the Middle Ages used quill pens to produce their high decorated manuscripts. uses light. In our solar system. and build ships as the important industries. During the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. many of America’s super-rich families made Newport his favourite summer resort. The folktales which the brothers Grimm had collecting were translated into English in 1823.