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1. Check your understanding: gap fill Do this exercise while you listen. Complete the registration form with Tyrone's information. BROWNTON SWIMMING POOL REGISTRATION FORM, Name: Tyrone ‘Surname: Interested in (sport) 2. Check your understandin Do this exercise while you listen. Circle True or False for these sentences. 4. There are four different age groups tat play water poo. Tue False 2. Tyrone wants to join the under 14s club. Tue False 3. Thounder 16s water polo team train three imes a weok. Te False 4, Theunder 16s train on Monday end Thursday. Tre Foie 5. Water polo matcnes are played on Saturdays. Te False 6. Youhave to pay to jain the water pol classes for under 185, Tue False 7. You need to bring a photo to register at the swimming pool Te False 8. Training forthe water polo team starts this week. Te False