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Course Code: BBAMK 30502 Credit Units: 04

Course Objective:
To develop an understanding of how consumers behave and use the knowledge to adopt appropriate marketing

Course Contents:
Module I: Introduction
Consumer Behaviour: Definition and significance. Understanding consumer and market. Difference in
individual buyer behaviour and organizational buyer behaviour. Market segmentation: lifestyle and
demographic segmentation, usage segmentation, benefit segmentation. Product positioning.

Module II: Environmental influences

Culture: Meaning and Characteristics. Cross Cultural understanding of Consumer Behaviour. Subculture. Social
Groups: Meaning and formation of a group. Reference groups. Influence of reference groups on consumer
behaviour. Family: Lifecycle and it’s significance on consumer behaviour. Family purchase decision process.

Module III: Personal influence and Diffusion of Innovation

Concept, nature and significance of personal influence. Opinion leadership and its role in consumer behaviour.
Concept of product adoption and adoption process. Diffusion of innovation and process of diffusion.

Module IV: Individual determinants of Consumer Behaviour

Personality and self concept and it’s relevance in consumer behaviour. Motivation: Nature and role of motives
and their significance in marketing. Information processing: Concept and Process. Attitudes: Characteristics,
functions and it’s importance in buyer behaviour.

Module V: Consumer Decision process

Consumer decision process model. Problem Recognition, Search and Evaluation, Purchasing Process. Post-
purchase Behaviour: Post Purchase evaluation and Product disposition.

Module VI: Organizational buyer behaviour

Nature of Organizational Buying. Factors influencing organizational buyer behaviour. Types of decision
situations. Organizational buyers decision process.

Examination Scheme:

Components CT HA C V A EE
Weightage (%) 10 5 5 5 5 70

Text & References:

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 Schiffman and Kanuk, Consumer Behaviour, Eighth Edition, Printice Hall.
 Hawkins, Best, Coney, Consumer Behaviour, Building Marketing Strategy, Ninth Edition, Tata
McGraw Hill.