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Weekly Lesson Plan School Colegio de San Bartolome de Novaliches Grade Level IX

Teacher Ms. Rinna N. Lim Learning Area Arts

Teaching Dates and Time June 11, 13 & 14 2018 (Week 1) Quarter 1st Quarter

Week 1 Week 2 Week 3 Week 4 Week 5

A. Content Standards The learners show understanding the arts as integral to the development of organizations, spiritual belief, historical
events, scientific discoveries, natural disasters/ occurrences, and other external phenomena
B. Performance Standards The learners perform / participate competently in a presentation of a creative impression (verbal/nonverbal) of a
particular artistic period
C. Learning Competencies Familiarize the Recall the different Identify distinct Distinguish artworks Describe the
learners in the house elements and principles characteristics of arts to derive the traditions influence of iconic
rules of the of arts during the pre-historic or history of an art artists belonging to
class/school period period. Western Classical art
Recognize the places on the evolution of art
belong in Western forms
II. CONTENT Arts and Principle of Arts Pre-Historic Arts Egyptian Art: Greek Art :
(Subject Matter) Classroom Paintings, Sculpture Paintings, Sculpture
Orientation and Folk Art and Architecture
III. LEARNING RESOURCES Morales, Glinore S. Active MAPEH. Manila City: Magallanes Publishing House 2015. pp. 93-186
A. Text Book Pages Western-Classical Art. http://www.arts_9_lm_draft_4.7.2014.pdf
B. Other Sources
IV. PROCEDURES Greetings and From your previous Timeline Photo Word Symbol Recall the lesson last
A. Reviewing previous introduction of the lesson about art, give The learners will The learner will find meeting.
lesson or presenting teacher. your own definition of choose correct Eras the corresponding
new lesson or arts based on your where the pictures letter of the symbol
Motivation understanding. belong. and guest what word
is being refer.
B. Establishing a Ask: Ask: Ask: Hunt an art 4 Pics 1 Word
purpose for the lesson What is the Is there an art that What are do you think From the big The learner will
importance of attracts or you like the the significance of landscape, the guess what process
abiding the rules and most? What it is? these stones during the learner will look or of art do pictures
regulations of the pre-historic period? find the famous art in belong.
schools? Egypt.
C. Presenting Example Preparing of the Guide the learners to Showing some pictures
teacher for the classify the elements and during pre-historic
agenda. principles of arts using period.
D. Discussing Concepts Discussion of the Using the T-chart, the Discussion of Paintings Discussion of Group Activity:
and Practicing New agenda. teacher and learners will in Pre-Historic Art Paintings, Sculpture The group will
Skills (1) elaborate the elements and Architecture of
and principles of arts. Egypt. Greek Sculpture
Greek Architecture
Greek Pottery
Ancient Greek
Coinage & Jewellery

E. Discussing Concepts The teacher will Discussion of Sculpture Presentation of the

and Practicing New introduce prominent Pre-Historic Art groupings
Skills (2) places in Western
countries and eras.
F. Developing Mastery Give the sub period of Activity # 1 Activity # 2
(Lead to Formative arts in the following Compare the arts of Differentiate the 3
Assessment) eras: the two period. orders of
a. Pre-Historic Art architecture in
1. Ancient Art b. Egypt Art Greek Art.
2. Classical Art
3. Medieval Art
G. Finding practical Ask:
application of How will you compare
concepts and skills in the arts of the past to
daily lives (Transfer the arts of the
Task) presents?
H. Making Continue the sentence:
Generalization and
Abstraction about the “I realized that the arts
lesson in Pre-Historic period
were _________________.”
I. Evaluating Learning Seatwork #1 Seatwork # 2 Seatwork # 3

The teacher will give a The teacher will give The teacher will give
10 items question a 10 items question a 10 items question
about the lesson. about the lesson. about the lesson.
J. Additional Activities Research the Have an advance reading Get ready for the trip Have an advance
for application or definition of arts, its or knowledge about to Egypt. reading about Greek
Remediation principle and Western Arts Arts

A. No. of Learners who
earned 80% in the
B. No. of Learners who
scored below 80% &
are required for
C. No. of Learners who
have caught up with
the lesson.

D. What difficulties did

you encounter?

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Rio Allison M. Faillorcan