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The last time we heard from our guy, he was stinking rich because of all the illegal activities

he was doing. However, his money ran out because he owed some people a few debts. He
tried to get more money by taking a big job from a contractor but he was busted and arrested
by the powerful government police body called the World Investigation Unit.

The judge gave him a sentence of 25 years to life because he just happened to sleep with the
judge's sister. He is currently serving the third year of his sentence.

On the other side of the country, the top agents were gathered with their generals at the World
Investigation Unit headquarters having a top secret meeting. They were scheming and
plotting ways on how they can get their hands on a delicate proton and seize it from a so
called mad scientist named Edward MuJohn.

"General, no one and I mean no one from the World Investigation Unit is willing to do this
job. The mission sounds simple but it is highly dangerous and not forgetting the fact that if
you get caught you are dead for sure," said WIU Agent 1.

General 2 replied with mockery, "A bunch of invertebrates! Pussies, as they would say on
Protechs 1!"

WIU Agent 3 interrupted. "General, I have an idea; it can be a sure shot because this guy has
done a number of similar jobs. We can send him in to get the intelligence we need and return
it to us so we know how to go get our protons. He is nonessential so if he gets caught, we can
dispose him easily. Just give him a sum of money and promise him his freedom."

The other generals hated the idea because they felt that the man is a high risk. General 1 had a
vendetta with the judge who sentenced our guy to jail so he said "wait, this is perfect, get him
out of there and set him up for the mission, no screw ups."

The agents went to the cells and called for the inmate numbered 77449. The inmate came out
in a green jumpsuit with many chains binding him. The agents told him about the mission and
all and gave him his temporary freedom with some of the money they promised him to get

"And remember, this is only for reconnaissance! That means you’re only there to get us
information by taking pictures and setting up surveillance cameras for us. Return straight
afterwards," said Agent 1.

But you already know the guy had his own ideas.

"What is this guy’s background story?" asked Agent 12.

"That’s Jasper Madala. His nickname is Jazz. He is a megalomaniac, a person who is

obsessed with their own power; an immensely powerful fighter and is very skilled across the
board. He is from Protechs 1 which was known back then as Earth," explained Agent 1.
There was a time when the Earth was hit by a meteor larger than the Hoba Meteor which
changed the climate of the planet making it difficult to support life. This forced the
government to look for other options and this is when they found three other planets much
smaller in size but they made them more habitable by using Protechs, which is short for
Proton Technology.

Earth was renamed Protechs 1 and the three new Earths were named Protechs 2, 3 and 4
respectively. Jazz was one of the few people taken directly from Protechs 1. He is originally
from the tropical city of Zambezi that was found in the south western part of Africa in the old
Land of The Brave.

After Protechs 1 was hit by the meteor, survival was vital and food supplies were limited. The
food was being distributed by the World Health Unit was laced with something that was toxic
in order to reduce the population which will result in reduction of food demand. Jazz turned
to crime to feed his big family.

Now as Jazz signed his new contract with World Investigation Unit, he started to remember
his past:

The government had decided to move people off of Protechs 1 but the people being selected
were only the healthy ones which were minimum. Jazz got word of this and ran as fast as he
could to his family's place so that they cannot be separated when they move but by the time
he got there, scanning of people for diseases had already begun. Jazz did not know what
scans were being conducted so he went ahead in order to wait for his family.

He quickly realized what was happening and started a commotion because the sickly were all
pushed into quarantine and were to be left behind. This included his young daughter Kufwa.
She cried out loudly for her father as the ship left her behind and Jazz tried by all means to
fight out of the rocket ship but it was too much for him. "KUFWA" he cried out as they
departed, never to see her again.

He swore to get back at the government since then.

Jazz snapped back to the present moment, got his things ready and took a train to Woodsville,
an odd city. When he arrived, he went straight to the nearest motel and checked in. He went
to the dining hall to grab some food and scope out the place. At the dining hall, he saw
something he has not seen in years.

At the dining hall, he saw a tall woman with large breasts poking out of her tight uniform and
a massive plump derriere. Jazz was astonished and filled with desire for this woman. His
blood was boiling under his skin with lust as he checked her out.

The bulge in his pants became bigger and it was evident he wanted her. She walked over in
her skimpy uniform with her brunette hair tied into a pony tail just swinging as she walked,
her breasts just juggling as she walked, nipples almost piercing through her uniform and giant
booty just earth quaking as she walked over towards Jazz.
"My name is Rosalia," she said while facing Jazz, "what can I get you?" Jazz thought to
himself the naughtiest sexual thought you could think of but he kept his cool. He placed his
order, gave her big tip knowing it would spark her interest and invited her to join him later
for a night-cap. She agreed.

Later that night Jazz was taking a shower, he saw the girl coming because he had set up a
surveillance camera. She knocked, "Come in, it is open," he said.

She walked over to the shower looking at Jazz's Zambezi muscular figure from the back and
all his tattoos and scars. She was boiling with desire by now already; she was wet between
her legs so much she could easily slip. She went into the shower with him. She was quite tall
but still had to stand on her toes. "I have not met a man like you in a long time, most guys
are..." before she could finish Jazz took her uniform off saying "I like a woman in uniform."
Her large breasts were exposed, her nipples were pretty pink and Jazz sucked on them as she
stroked his large circumcised Johnson.

She led him out of the shower to his bed and Jazz could not believe the size of her rump so he
pulled her to the chair, sat down and let her sit on it. His large Johnson dug deep inside her
wet hot hymen. She moaned out loud with pleasure and gasped at the size of the thing inside
her. Jazz grabbed her big buttocks tight in his hands and helped the waitress up and down
while sucking and licking her pretty pink tits. He got up, still inside her and waddled to the
bed. Then he slipped out of her making a popping sound because she was tightly wrapped
around him. Then he grabbed her brunette head and without wasting time she performed
fellatio. "I have...*slurp*...been dying...*slurp, slurp* suck" as she slurped and sucked
him off.

Jazz lay on the bed turned her around so he can eat her clean as she took him deep in her
throat. He just couldn't believe the size of her booty so he sucked her pretty pink clitoris and
she had an orgasm right there in his mouth. "She tastes like fresh lemons," he thought to

He laid her flat on her stomach with a pillow under her to push her butt out and he grabbed
hold of her pale butt cheek, smacked the other one and as it vibrated he dug deep inside her
with long strokes so she can feel his presence. Before long he changed to short quicker
strokes, pulled her brunette hair, squeezed her booty and blasted a large amount of his ecstasy
inside her.

The waitress had never had anything like that so she quickly turned around and looked at her
cream pie and saw how Jazz's ecstasy was leaking out because it was such a large load. "This
was the best sex of my life" she said with her legs high up in the air as her pretty pink lips
smiled. "See you around" she said as she left. "What a dream girl" Jazz thought to himself.

The next day it was back to mission. Jazz set his things up, his camera, line launcher with
high grip among other things and left for the building that was suspected to have these illegal
operations going on. He scoped the place for a while and it looked so deserted as if there
hasn't been anybody in the building for months so he went to go check it out.
He blasted his line launcher and slid across to the building. He carefully landed on the roof
top and got inside to find it was empty except for old machinery and labs. Wondering what
kind of place it was since he wasn’t given full disclosure, Jazz went and took pictures as he
was ordered.

What he did not know is that the building belonged to Dr. Edward MuJohn, a genetics
scientist known for terrorizing Woodsville and conducting experiments on humans which led
to many deaths. A person who survived was mutated in different was and was called Chisaku.

Jazz quickly found out that the Protechs Proton Technology that was used to build the new
earths is the same product that is enhancing and killing humans; the very same that infected
his daughter Kufwa and killed her.

Infuriated, he took large batch and was making his way back to the rooftop. By the time he
got to the second last floor the alarms went off. "Damn it! I gotta get outta here," he
exclaimed as he ran towards the last floor. While he was running he was met by a burning
sensation on his chest that blew him through the wall into an office. Jazz quickly recovered
and jumped towards the other room trying to escape to safer ground to regroup. Jazz looked
around with his surveillance equipment and saw this bright light that looked like a man on
fire. Not having enough equipment, he realized that he was not able to defend himself
properly and the WIU did not give him any ammunition.

Jazz had no clue what he was fighting but seeing that the thing looked like a man on fire and
judging from the burn he felt, this must have been a chisaku probably enhanced with protons
that generate heat of some sort. Jazz looked around and magically saw a fire extinguisher; he
threw some dirt on the other side to grab the attention of chisaku and waited for him to go
looking. He fell for it and Jazz quickly leaped into action, using the extinguisher, he stifled
the chisaku’s flames and went in on him with the bottle. Landing heavy blows and punches
on him, Jazz was looking to finish this guy off quick so he gets the hell out.

The man of fire started fighting back landing quick punches on Jazz with a left jab, a right
jab, body punches and an uppercut. This fight was turning ugly. Jazz swung from the cables
and landed a hard knee to the back of the chisaku. Then he grabbed some of the cables lying
around and strangled the fire assailant to kill him or to make him faint so he could escape.
The guy wasn't going down and with all of Jazz's might he refused to go to sleep. So, Jazz
looked around again and saw a pipe laying there. He calculated how quickly he had to get to
the pipe and back to finish this guy off.

The cables he was stifling the assailant with broke and jazz dashed towards the pipe like a
baseball player and he quickly came flying towards the guy to smack him across the head
with the pipe. The aggressor moved and the pipe made a spark on the floor. Jazz swung the
pipe towards his foe that seemed not to be giving up and Jazz realized he had been in jail for
far too long because this proton technology has made some pretty intense people.

He was swinging the pipe and making sparks, before he knew it, the man was on fire again.
"Oh damn!" Jazz exclaimed and made a run for it. The police sirens were getting louder and
Jazz made it to roof top where he tried to signal the WIU. This was not his plan but he needed
a quick exit strategy.
"Come and get me damn it! I got the information you needed and the damn proton
technology! I am..." before he could finish the radio message, Jazz felt the burning sensation
again and he looked back as slid to the other building and saw that the fire guy was on the
rooftop throwing balls of fire at Jazz from his hands. Jazz crashed into the building and was
running for his life! He signalled the WIU again "I am in Woodsville head department damn
it with the shit you needed! Come and get me you rag bastards or else I split!"

Jazz hung up and ran down the stairs into a public area to avoid being spotted and luckily for
him the WIU really needed that Protechs so they sent over a helicopter to fetch him. This is
the scene on the book cover by the way.

"What the hell is going on here man?! What the hell is this place?!" Jazz took the agents gun
by chopping him in the throat and shot him in the face and quickly laid waste to the other
crew members. One guy got the terrible fate of getting thrown out of the plane, alive. This
was the damn pilot!

Now Jazz was pissed off and crashed the chopper somewhere in a wasteland. The fire man
was nowhere in sight. Jazz took off his transmitter because he knew they were tracking him.
He took out all the ammunition and laptops he could find and made way to a semi secure
location. He hacked into the WIU information database. He found major files.

Files he was looking for was on the fire guy he was fighting and files on what the hell was
going on in Woodsville. It was pretty intense because he learned about the protechs that
killed his daughter.

The end