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Boehm’s Class Notre Dame Middle School 2018-2019

“Come As You Are”

Become a Big-Time Saint & a Mini-Theologian

Composition Notebook *Treat everyone as
1.5” Binder with clear cover Jesus in disguise
for insert *Participate in class
*Watch, read, & listen to
15 Binder Tabs awesome Catholic stuff
New American Bible
M .E B (purchase in office for $5)
*Share what you learn
with others Colored pencils/markers *Give your best effort
(715) 723-4777 x. 1106 Pen/Pencil on assignments
Website: Personal Pencil Sharpener (2) glue sticks to be turned
in & (1) to keep with you
If a student is absent for any reason, EXPECTATIONS:
it is their responsibility to obtain any
1. Be obedient to all
work from the day(s) missed. This
can be done by emailing Ms. Boehm, teachers.
asking a classmate, or coming to see 2. Show respect to
Ms. Boehm at a predetermined time.
If a test needs to be taken, the 3. Be kind and
student needs to email Ms. Boehm to practice charity.
set up a time outside of normal class
time. 4. Practice
self-control in
STUDENT BINDER: speech and action.
The Student Binder (SB) is a portfolio of student work. The binder is organized 5. Use technology
using tabs to create sections based on topics covered in class. The majority of
appropriately and
classwork, notes, and study guides will be completed in the SB. It is imperative that
it be complete and up to date. These binders need to be brought to class everyday. responsibly.
Ms. Boehm’s Class Notre Dame Middle School 2018-2019


You will receive messages from Students will be able to retake only large tests for Theology class.
These tests will be at the end of chapters/units and be a larger
Ms. Boehm throughout the year to
portion of information. In order to retake the test, the student
help you in being the primary must follow the retake procedures on the common form used for
educators of your children. These the middle school classes.
messages will have helpful
information regarding what we are TECHNOLOGY:
learning in class so you can engage Chromebooks need to be brought to class CHARGED each day.
your child in meaningful Chromebooks should only be used when given permission during
that class time by Ms. Boehm and only for classroom activities.
conversations. Please follow the
This classroom is a no-game zone unless it’s a game given by Ms.
directions on the sheet sent home to Boehm. Headphones will be allowed at the discretion of Ms.
enroll in these notifications. Boehm. Bringing headphones to class daily will be helpful for
various activities in class. Any music played should be so
GRADES: appropriate that Jesus can sit next to you and listen. Read the
Chromebook usage policy for more information.
Grades are calculated based on
the total points possible and the PRAYER:
amount of points earned for the It is simply impossible to lead, without the aid of prayer, a virtuous life.
entire quarter. Grades are posted --Saint John Chrysostom
on Infinite Campus. Missing Prayer is a necessary part of the Christian life. To cultivate this habit
assignments will be marked as “M” of prayer, students have the opportunity to spend time in prayer
and given a point value of “0” until throughout the week. Each student will be responsible for leading
the assignment is graded by Ms. prayer at the beginning of class at some point in the year. Students
Boehm. Any questions on Theology will also cultivate the habit of prayer at home through prayer sheets at
grades should be emailed to Ms. the beginning of each week. These will then be used in class at the end
Boehm. of the week to prepare for Sunday Mass.

As a school community we attend Mass every Wednesday
morning in the McDonell auditorium. The Mass schedule
changes when there is a Holy Day of Obligation during the
week. Please check the handbook dress code expectations on
Mass days.
There are also opportunities to attend Mass before school
multiple times a week if students wish to do so. Check outside
the chapel or email Ms. Boehm for those times.
Parents & families are always invited to attend school Masses.

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