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Time allowed : 03 hours Maximum marks : 90

General Instructions :

The question paper is divided into Five sections

Reading :20 Marks

Writing : 25 marks

Grammar : 20Marks

Literature : 25 marks

1. All questions are compulsory.

2. You may attempt any section at a time.

3. All questions of that particular section must be attempted in the correct order.

Section A (Reading) 20 marks

1. Read the following passage carefully. 10 marks

I was shopping in my home town, when I heard a young voice boom from
across the aisle, "Mum, come here, there's a lady of my size." The mortified
mother rushed to the boy who looked about seven; then she turned to me to
apologize. I smiled and told her, " It's Okay". Then I looked at her wide-eyed
son. He studied me from head to toe and asked , "Why are you so little?" "It's
the way God made me. Some people are little some are tall. I'm just not going
to grow any bigger". After about five minutes of questioning, he returned to his
1. My life as a little person is filled with stories like that. I enjoy talking to
children and explaining why I look different from their parents. It has taken
many years of developing my confidence to be able to do that. It takes only one
glance to see my uniqueness. I stand three feet nine inches tall. I am an
achondroplasia dwarf which is a person having very short limbs. When I was
born, my mother was told I was a dwarf. Not knowing a lot about dwarfism,
my mum's main concern was my health. Our family Doctor put her mind at
ease when he told her that I would not have any major medical concerns. He
was right.
2. When I was growing up, my parents encouraged me to do all the things the kids
around me did. So when my neighbours got two-wheel bicycles, I got a two-
wheel bicycle. When they roller-skated, I roller-skated. Our neighbours treated
me as a normal person. I didn't realize how short I was until I started school.
There a few kids picked on me calling me names. After that, I began to hate the
first day of school each year. I didn't know who was new and would stare as I
struggled to climb up the school-bus stairs. Some of the kids would point out
and say, "Look at that kid. Look at her." Boys could be especially mean.
3. As time went on, I tried to smile and accept the fact that I was going to be
noticed all my life. I was determined to make my uniqueness an advantage
rather than a disadvantage. My friends became increasingly protective. What I
lacked in height I made up for in personality. I had the ability to laugh, even at
myself. I am 47 now, and stares have not diminished, as I've grown older.
People ask my friends if I live in a dollhouse. They look in disbelief when they
see me get out of my car on the driver's side. During those times, I try to keep a
good attitude. When people are rude, I remind myself, "Look what else I have –
a great family, nice friends." Children's questions make my life special. "Why
are you so short? How old are you? Are you a mummy?" When I talk to
children, they leave contented that their questions have been answered. My
hope is that in taking time with them, I will encourage them to accept their
peers, whatever size and shape they come in, and treat them with respect.
1. Fill in the following summary with ONE word in each blank. ½×8 =4
The author was a (a) ……………….. and wherever she went, people (b)
……………… at her. While (c) ……………. Up, she did all the things
normal kids do. But at school (d) ……………… kids called her names. She
(e) ……………. the first day of school each year. soon she (f)
…………………. that she would be noticed all her life and decided to
consider her(g)……………. an advantage. Thereafter I concentrated on
my(h)………………………… rather than pondering on my appearance.

2. Complete the following 1×3 = 3

One of the difficulties the author had to face due to her size was –
(a) ………….………………………
One of her strength that compensated for her size is
(b) ………….………………………
(c) The behavioural changes that the author encouraged in the children
she met are……………………………………………………………..

3. Find in the passage words /phrases that are similar in meaning to the
following, from the paragraphs indicated. Write the answers in your answer
sheet against the correct blank number. 1× 3 = 3
(a) Hurt, humiliated (Para I)
(b) Inspired with confidence (Para 3)
(c) Criticized unfairly (Para 3)

2. Read the passage given below and complete the statements that follow by
choosing the most appropriate options from those given. 1× 5 =5 marks

Some reptiles are expert mimics, but they do it for a serious reason – to save
their lives. The harmless milk snake has the banded appearance of the
poisonous coral snake. In areas where they live together, this mimicry happens.
The non-poisonous Mexican king snake looks like the coral snake, when
young. A harmless snake may look like a poisonous snake. This is Batesian
mimicry. So, enemies mistake the harmless reptile for the poisonous one, and
leave it alone. Blind legless lizards that live under the ground trick the enemies
by displaying their tail. The underside of their tails is usually red or yellow in
colour, and looks like an open mouth. The enemy attacks the tail, mistaking it
for the head. The tail can withstand injury better than the head, and the life of
the lizard is saved. When the enemy attacks lizards, they break off their tail.
The tail jumps about on the ground, confusing the enemy, and helps the lizard
to make good its escape.
(a) The milk snake and coral snake resemble in their __________.
(i) drinking of milk
(ii) banded appearance
(iii) poison fangs
(iv) outlook
(b) 'Batesian mimicry' helps the ____________
(i) Reptile to do mimicry
(ii) Harmless reptiles to escape
(iii) Poisonous reptiles to escape
(iv) Reptiles to sleep
(c) The enemy of the blind legless lizard attacks its _________ mistaking it for
(i) tail, head
(ii) head, tail
(iii) tail, mouth
(iv) mouth, red
(d) When the tail of a lizard breaks off, it ______________.
(i) Saves its head from being cut
(ii) Excites the lizard
(iii) Makes the enemy happy
(iv) Confuses its enemy
(e) Some reptiles do mimicry to ____________ .
(i) look banded
(ii) save their lives
(ii) look young
(iii) look legless

3. Read the following poem and answer the questions: (5marks)

I lay in sorrow, deep distressed:

My grief a proud man heard;
His looks were cold, he gave me gold
But not a kindly word.
My sorrow passed---I paid him back
The gold he gave to me;
Then stood erect and spoke my thanks
And blessed his charity.
I lay in want, in grief and pain:
A poor man passed my way;
He bound my head, he gave me bread
He watched me night and day.
How shall I pay him back again,
For all he did to me?
Oh, gold is great, but greater far
is heavenly sympathy.

(a) ‘Cold’ means……..

(i) sad
(ii) unemotional (iii) sympathetic (iv ) angry
(b) What did he expect from the proud man?
(i) money
(ii) food
(iii) kind words
(iv) blessings
(c) Choose the correcy statement.
(i) The poor man did not help
(ii) The poor man passed by his way
(iii) The poor man served the man in distress
(iv) The poor man gave him money
(d) The poor man expressed his sympathy……
(i) by feeding the man in distress
(ii) by serving him
(iii) by sitting near the man in sadness
(iv) by feeding and serving him
(e) Sympathy is an attribute of
(i) man
(ii) angel
(iii) woman
(iv) God

Section -B : Writing 20 marks

4.You are the secretary of Adventure club of your school. Draft a notice to
inform the students about the trekking expedition to be held during the
autumn break. Give relevant details. (50-60 words 3 marks)

5. Read the following notes from the notepad of Shri B. L. Sharma, The
Principal of St. Anthony School, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi. He asks his assistant
to draft a message on his behalf for Mr. K. Makkar, the Vice Principal of the
school. Using the information from the notepad, draft the message in not more
than 50-60 words. Put the message in a box. 3

 Request attend urgent meeting

 Meeting in my office __10 a.m. _ today
 Agenda __ planning for excursion to Gangothri
 Duration___ 2 weeks _ Summer vacation.
 Inform __ class teachers of X, XI & XII __ should attend meeting.

6. Recently you purchased an electronic/ kitchen gadget fron an

exhibition sale. Describe the gadget to your friend in 80-100 words on
any one of the given pictures. (4marks)

7. Imagine that you are Gopal living in a school hostel. Inform your mother
through an e-mail about your life in the hostel. Base your e-mail on the
following verbal input. (120-150 words) 5 marks
 Liked the hostel life.
 Lovely surrounding
 Rooms airy
 Roommates good boys
 Food tasty
Date :
From :
Subject :
To :
Dear Mother,

Your loving son

8. Recently a food festival was organized by the S U P W Department in your

school. Many of your friends participated in this one day programme. Write a
brief Report of the the day with all the relevant details in about 120 -150
words.(hints: date, time, venue, variety dishes exhibited, house participation,
tasting and purchasing , judges, Chief Guest, prize distribution, students
response etc……….), 5marks

9. You are Radhika/ Raju. You have read the following information about earth.
Write an article on "Green earth, Clean earth" by taking ideas from the given
information along with the ideas given in the unit "Environment". (120-150
words) 5
Everyone can help in the protection of mother earth by :
* conserving water * Reducing Co2 Emissions
* Saving Energy * Greening the environment
* Recycling water * Saving paper.
Section C (Grammar) 20marks
10. Choose the appropriate options form the ones given below to complete the
following passage. Write the answers in your answer sheet against the correct
blank numbers : ½×8 = 4 marks

Dutta finally revealed the glittering frame and held it (a) __________ the
customer. He was struck by (b) __________ grandeur and(c)______ silent.
Dutta (d) __________ his breath and watched the man's expression. (e)
__________ every second that passed, he was (f) __________ his nerve. He
thought that in (g) __________ moment the big hoax he
(h)_____________would be exposed.

(a) (i) from (ii) towards (iii) on (iv) away

(b) (i) its (ii) it (iii) these (iv)those
(c) (i)fall (ii) fell (iii)falls (iv) falling
(d) (i) was holding (ii) hold (iii) held (iv) had held
(e) (i) when (ii) with (iii) Along (iv) In
(f) (i) lost (ii) has lost (iii) losing (iv) are losing
(g) (i) the (ii) next (iii) some (iv) another
(h) (i)played (ii)have played (iii)has played (iv)had played
11. Complete the following dialogue by choosing the correct options : (4marks)

Tina : Did you visit the book fair on Carmel Street?

Rose : No. Did you?
Tina : Yes, (a) …………………
Rose : Are there (b) ……….. ?
Tina : There are books for all age groups.
Rose : Any idea (c) ………. ?
Tina : I'm not sure. But I guess it will go on for a month.
Rose: Can you (d)…………………..?
Tina: yes, ofcourse. If you are interested.

(a) i. I will
ii. I did
iii. I
iv. Will I.

(b) i. any books for grown-up people
ii. no any books for grown-up people
iii. few books for grown-up people
iv. much books for grown-up people.
(c) i. how long will the fair go on
ii. how long would the fair go on
iii. how long the fair will go on
iv. how long the fair goes on

(d) (i) do you go to the book fair

(ii) accompany me to the fair
(iii) had gone to the fair
(iv) will go to the fair

12. Rearrange the following words and phrases to from meaningful sentences .
1×4 = 4 marks

a) Hardly/ Koalas / are/ ever drink/ animals that /water

b) water supply / they get / they eat/ from/ all their/ the leaves
c) inhabited/ tree leaves/ so / by koalas/ in areas/ is high on/ the demand
d) one group/ it takes / to support/ several acres/ of koalas/ of trees

13. The following passage has not been edited. There is one error in each line.
Write the incorrect word and the correction in your answer sheet. Underline the
correct word supplied by you. ½ × 8 = 4 marks

Incorrect correct
There were a farewell ceremony (a) ____ ____
in her last day at school, (b)_____ ______
to which many parents and I was (c) _____ ______
invited. There being many speeches. (d) ______ _______
Then a head girl unveiled the farewell gift. (e)______ _______
It was a large marble model of

the Taj Mahal who could (f) ______ _______

be lits up like a table lamp. My grand mother (g) ______ _______
made a speech but couldn't finishes it properly. (h) ______ _______

14. Read the conversation given below and complete the passage that follows.
1× 4 = 4 marks
Journalist :Whom do you intent to bring to power?
Leader : It depends on the wish of people.
Journalist :Who is the real leader of the masses?
Leader :The person who believes in the maximum good of the .
maximum number of people is a true leader.

While interviewing a budding leader, a Journalist asked

him(a)……………………………The leader replied that
(b)…………………. The journalist further asked the budding
leader(c)…………………..The leaders reply was that(d)
…………………………… a true leader.

Section – D Literature (25 marks)

15.[A] Read the extract given below and answer the questions. 1×3 = 3 marks
And fast before her father's men
three days we are fled together
For should be find us in the glen
my blood would stair the heather
a) "We" here refers to _______
(i) Lord Ullin and his men
(ii) boatman and his boat
(iii) chieftain and his lady love
(iv)boatman and LordUllin

b)Who is the listener?

(i)Lord Ullin
(ii) boatman
(iii) Chieftain
(iv) soldiers
c) Give the rhyme scheme of these lines.

(i) bcbc
(ii) abab
(iii) acac
(iv) abcb

15 [B]. Read the extract given below and answer the questions . 1× 3 = 3marks

One of her novels called "Kashi yatre" was appearing as serial in the
Kannada weekly Karmaveera then. It is the story of an old lady and her
ardent desire to go to Kashi or Varanasi.

(a) Who wrote the novel Kashi yatre?

(b) What is the ultimate Punya according to most Hindus?
(c) What is described in the Novel " Kashi Yatre”?

15 [C] Read the extract given below and answer the questions. 1×3 = 3 marks
'You are an exception'. French men usually have to consult about ten
people before they get a move on".
(a) Who is the speaker talking to ?
(b) What is the nationality of the listener in the given lines?
(c) What does the speaker say about the French men in these lines.

16. Answer any three of the following questions in 50 – 60 words each. 3× 2 = 6

(a) Write down the theme of the poem “The Brook”.
(b) What is it that the poet compares the song of the Solitary Reaper.
(c) How did Gaston make huge profit without any investment?
(d) Why did Krishtakka feel restless when her granddaughter went away?
17. Answer the following in120- 150 words. (ANY ONE) 1×5=5 marks

(a) After Duke's death, Marcy was asked to write an article for the local
Newspaper. She decides to write on the topic "A dog is a man's best
friend". Write it for her in about 120- 150 words. With reference to the
lesson 'A dog named Duke'.

18. Answer any ONE of the following questions. (120-150 words)

1× 5= 5

(a) Jim was of the view that Harris would be a carbon copy of uncle Podger.
What made him think so?
(b) Describe Jim's experience of going on an excursion with the two ladies.