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Dr Romesh Senewiratne-

HUB Legal Department

ABN: 84 485 122


31 August 2018

Minter Ellison Law Firm

For the attention of Mr Edward Hooper and Mr Shane Evans (partner)

Your Reference: SGE EYH 1221148

Dear Edward and Shane,

Thank you for your letter dated 29 August 2018 which I received by registered mail today.

You have said you have been instructed to act on behalf of MSHSS in respect to the invoice
and other documents that I sent to the Board Members and Executive of the PA Hospital
and Metro South Hospital and Health Service. You have also asked me to direct all further
correspondence to your firm and not the PA Hospital/MSHSS. I am happy to do this.

You have written that if it is the case that I am primarily seeking to bring a personal injury
claim against your client the material I sent the hospital is “defective and non-compliant”
and that I may wish to obtain independent legal advice to address the “defects and non-
compliance”. You have also said that, based on the information you have received, my claim
is well outside the three year statutory limit in Queensland (Limitation of Actions Act 1974).

I am aware that what I called a ‘Statement of Claim’ was presented as a letter to the
hospital authorities and not a legal document. I was hoping to communicate more clearly
with the hospital authorities I sent it to and have already prepared documents that
constitute a formal Statement of Claim based on independent legal advice over the years.
However, I am hoping to settle the matter out of court, and sending the invoice and letter
was the first step I have taken.

In your letter you mentioned the invoice I sent, but did not address it. Everyone likes to be,
and is entitled to be, paid for their time and expertise. When I was locked up I spent a lot of
time counselling co-patients and also spent time teaching nursing staff, medical students
and junior doctors. Though I did not mention it in the Statement of Claim, which is a
Holistic University of Brisbane (HUB)
HUB Legal Department

separate issue, the invoice was charged at the rate of $300.00 per hour for the actual time I
have spent locked up. I based this fee on the cost of lawyers. My reasoning is that I got good
enough grades at school to become a lawyer but chose medicine because I wanted to heal
people (and not to make money) and have 35 years experience as a doctor. This sum does
not include the damages claim I am able to make for assault, false imprisonment,
defamation, loss of earnings, damage to personal and professional reputation and pain and
suffering. If the matter goes to court I will seek exemplary damages for grave human rights
abuses and corruption. I have kept detailed records of my experiences at the hospital over
the past 16 years, have received relevant documents from FOI, and can prove the serious
allegations I have made about corruption and serious human rights abuses at and by the

You have said that from the information you have received, my claim is outside the three
year statutory limit imposed by the Limitation of Actions Act 1974. Though I was first falsely
incarcerated and assaulted in 2002, my most recent incarcerations have been within the
past 3 years and I am still being abusively injected against my will with depot antipsychotic
drugs, monthly, at the Woolloongabba Community Mental Health Service. These injections
are causing serious adverse effects and also put me at risk of diabetes, obesity and
metabolic problems and are treatments for schizophrenia and psychoses, which I do not
have, and have never had.

I had many motives in writing to the hospital board and carefully selected the people I sent
the invoice and ‘statement of claim’ to. I did not share it with the psychiatrist, Mark Taylor,
who is currently administering the TA (Treatment Authority formerly called an ITO or
Involuntary Treatment Order) lest he pathologise my actions, as he has in the past. I did
send copies to Drs Balaji Motamarri and David Crompton, directors of MSAMHS. I also sent a
copy to Dr Stephen Ayre who is one of my 6000+ contacts on Linkedin (and with whom I
have over 100 mutual contacts).

I prefer to communicate with people rather than courts, and my primary objective has been
to achieve reform in the Australian public health system and change the hospital culture,
especially in the areas of psychiatry and corruption by drug companies (which I have written
extensively about and also made documentaries about which you can see on YouTube). My
publications can be accessed though my Linkedin page.

In the past the 3 years the PA hospital has claimed that I have “schizophrenia” and treated
me with injections intended for the long-term treatment of schizophrenia. It is patently
obvious that I do not have schizophrenia as defined in the DSM, ICD and accepted
psychiatric texts. I have never had hallucinations of any sort and the diagnosis was made on
the basis of true statements I made about my father Brian Senewiratne’s involvement with
the Tamil Tigers terrorist group (as a lobbyist and propagandist). These statements, which
could easily have been verified by watching his speeches posted on YouTube and his
Holistic University of Brisbane (HUB)
HUB Legal Department

writings on his blog, were negligently labelled as “paranoid delusions” about my father by
serial psychiatrists at the hospital, and “symptoms” of “paranoid schizophrenia”.
Significantly, my father, who has been the main instigator of my incarcerations and labelling
as a mental patient over the years, was a long-time medical staff member of the PA Hospital
and knew, personally, the psychiatrists who kept me locked up in the past.

Schizophrenia is characterised, in addition to hallucinations and delusions, by social

withdrawal, emotional flatness and incongruity, loss of motivation and other so-called
“negative symptoms”. A person who has had schizophrenia for the 23 years that my father
and others have been calling me “mad” by whatever name (my father uses the terms ‘mad’,
‘crazy’ and ‘psychotic’) should be showing the negative and cognitive disturbances of
“chronic schizophrenia”. I am not. Though I have also been said to have been “elevated” my
mood is stable and I am not prone to irritability, depression or mood swings. I am
consistently in a good mood even when things get tough.

My activity on Facebook and Linkedin show that I am not in the least bit paranoid or socially
withdrawn. I have over 3000 Facebook friends and more than 6000 Linkedin contacts, from
around the world and with expertise in many different disciplines, including psychiatry and
psychology. My Linkedin profile can be referred to for proof of my sanity and necessary
background for my claim against the hospital. I also refer you to my YouTube pages for
evidence of my sanity over the past 3 years that I have been having abusive injections forced
on me by the PA Hospital.

I am demanding that the hospital cease and desist from harassing me further. This means
contacting me in any way except through your firm.

I am also demanding payment for my time that I was held against my will at the hospital as
detailed in the invoice sent to the PA hospital.

I am demanding an apology for the negligent misdiagnosis (with schizophrenia) and false
imprisonment over the years.

I request consideration by the hospital executive to compensate me for pain and suffering,
loss of income, violation of my human rights, and damage to my professional and personal
reputation by a negligent diagnosis of “mental illness”.

Yours faithfully

Dr Romesh Senewiratne-Alagaratnam

Holistic University of Brisbane (HUB)

HUB Legal Department

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