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Project Description

5.1 PROBLEM DESCRIPTION: This project is entitled as “Web Enabled Real Estate Agent (WEEA)” which is developing by ASP.NET; it is purely system-based project, which is widely using for selling property. This project is aimed at developing a online real estate agent system that is of beneficial to either a real estate agent or a prospective. The “Web Enabled Estate Agent”(WEEA) is an Internet based application. This system can be used to store and search the property portfolios. The objective of the project is to create a help desk website for the real estate agents/agencies. On the website, real estate agent can put the information regarding property portfolios. A general user can browse such portfolios. 5.2 OVERVIEW OF PROJECT: Web enabled estate real agent is an Estate Agent and Property Management System is a user friendly contact and property manager for real estate professionals. Save time and sell more by empowering to easily keep track of leads, manage listings, and market to new prospects. One of the most important steps in running a successful real estate business is effectively managing contacts and farming leads. In built scheduler and alarm system will help you to remind your appointment and call back.

5.3.1. Administrators module 5.3.2. User module 5.3.3. Property module 5.3.4. Search and Orders Module 5.3.5. Payment module


5. show multiple images of the property.3. This module includes user interface to enter login id and password to check the identity of the user. floor plan and property images. 5. Property module This module is to display the details about the properties. This module includes orders the properties throw online. User can upload their properties with options to print a flyer. 5.5. Different modules are secured from different type of user who does not have the privilege to access some module. The user can view all the data about properties such as name of the property’s owner.2 User module This module has been designed to manage login process. Searching is based on the type of properties and it has option like location.4 DATAFLOW DIAGRAM: 12 .3. price of the properties. the design and also its features which are been added to it that user can view the properties virtually. Search and Orders Module: This module allows the user to search for the properties to buy or rent.4.1 Administrators module Project Description This module is used to maintain the property registration.4.Web Enabled Real Estate 5. and agent registration details. Payment Module: This module gives the full details of the property which are been purchased through it and buyer purchase the property by his credit card and the administrator verifies the credit card number and buyer details. 5.3. properties documents. It makes the user process the transaction very much effective and easy.3. location. price min and max and bedrooms for buyer can choses for their dream home. seller registration. All types of accesses by different of users are verified using their authentication. and add a virtual tour. He sends agreement to buyer as well as the property’s owner. The administrator displays their property listings in one easy location for users to search. buyer registration details. 5.3.

Data flow diagram is also known as ‘Bubble Chart’ and has the purpose of classifying the system requirement and identifying major transformation that will become programs on system design so it is the starting point of the design phase that functionally decomposed the requirement.Web Enabled Real Estate Project Description A data flow diagram is a pictorial representation of the working of the system. Bubbles represent the data transformation and line represents the data flow. Data flow diagram consists of series of Bubbles and lines. Process Entity Report Data store 13 . This takes an important role in the system analysis part to know the existing system is going on and what modification is to be done to overcome the problem occurring in the system.

Web Enabled Real Estate Project Description Data F low Diag r Property M 14 .

Web Enabled Real Estate Project Description S eller 15 .

Web Enabled Real Estate Project Description Data Flow 16 .

5 DATABASE DESIGN: 17 .Web Enabled Real Estate Project Description 5.

Web Enabled Real Estate Project Description Buyer Table Seller Table Field Name Username Password Conform password F_name L_name Occupation DOB Mobile Email_id Addr1 Addr2 City Country Zip Prop_sale Prop_type Prop_desc Prop_addr Data Type Number(10) Varchar(10) Varchar(10) Varchar(10) Varchar(10) Varchar(10) Date(8) Number(10) Varchar(20) Varchar(10) Varchar(10) Varchar(10) Varchar(10) Number(10) Number(2) Varchar(10) Varchar(10) Varchar(20) Description Seller’s ID (primary key) Seller’s password Password conformation Seller’s first name Seller’s last name Seller’s job Field N Seller’s Date of birth Contact number Seller’s contact mail id Usern Seller’s contact address Seller’s contact address Seller’s city Seller’s country Postal code Number of property for sale Type of the property Property description Passw Address of the property Conform p 18 .

Web Enabled Real Estate Project Description Agent Table Field 19 .

Web Enabled Real Estate Project Description Property Tab Field N 20 Propert .

Web Enabled Real Estate Project Description 5.6. Input Design: 21 .

Web Enabled Real Estate Project Description 22 .

Web Enabled Real Estate Project Description 23 .

Web Enabled Real Estate Project Description 5. Output Design: 24 .7.

Web Enabled Real Estate Project Description 25 .

Web Enabled Real Estate Project Description 26 .

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