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VISION: To engage in charitable doings, help others to have delightful eating time and produce
mouthwatering foods in exchange for dividends.

MISSION: To exercise entrepreneurial concepts and principles in running a small business.

Providing quality products, excellent services, delicious and affordable goods that suit the
taste of customers.

Performance Indicator (PI)

Objectives Key Result Areas 2018(now) 2022 2028

(KRA) (after 4 (after 6
years) years)

1. Increase the volume 1a. Enhance planning department 12% 30% 50%
of net profit and product
quality 2a. Predicted net profit after 10 100,000 250,000 500,000

3a. Demand analyzation 5% 15% 50%

2. Secure target 1b. Hire licensed Nutritionist 0 2 5

market’s safe eating
habit 2b. Hire food Technologist 0 2 5

3. Value the customer’s 1c. Provide survey sheets every 0 25% 50%
feedback about the month
product and services’
2c. Market trend forecasting 0 20% 35%
Cost Estimate

Since Cafe and Carry is a newly opened business located in PUP Sta., Mesa the owners
have decided to produce our starting product. This will be a trial if how will our potential customers
perceived C&C’s Lava Cake. Shown below are the estimation for Cafe and Carry Company’s cost of



Project Expenses:

Expense 1 - Butter P 90.00

Expense 2 – Chocolate Chips P100.00

Expense 3 – Powdered Sugar P 60.00

Expense 4 - Eggs P30.00

Expense 5 – Chocolate Syrup P95.00

Expense 6 – All-Purpose Flour P40.00

Expense 7- Cocoa Powder P80.00

Expense 8- Salt P20.00

Expense 9- Skimmed Milk Powder (500 g) P200.00

Expense 10- Coffee Powder P200.00

Expense 11- Packaging Boxes P33.00

The 12-
Expense total estimated
Baking Cups cost of production would be 1553.50 Since there are 8 owners of

Cafe and Carry

Expense Company
13- Paper Coffee, each will contribute
Mug with Lid P200.00 P95.50

Other Expenses - P500.00

Total Project Expenses P1553.50
Cafe and Carry, which was inspired with Cash and Carry supermarket, is a cafe business.
The difference of it was that, other cafe has one location only, customers tend to go there and unwind,
while Cafe and Carry is a Mobile type of business, which means it is able to move from one place to
another. We as the owner of this proposed business is offering both our product and services to our
beloved future customers.

We offer Lava cake (our main product), similar to a cupcake its just that there is a melted
chocolate or caramel inside of it. We also offer drinks, like skimmed milk and coffee to compliment
the sweetness of the cake .The business will use skimmed milk and coffee as beverages to blend
into the sweetness of the lava cake and balance the taste as the customers consume the product.
The business will use skimmed milk not only to "blend in" into the taste of the product but also for
health purposes. People nowadays are concerned with their health, many of them are dieting and
that's why the skimmed milk is perfect for them because not only it gives protein but it also contains
only 0.1% fat and is labeled as fat free milk that makes it the most perfect beverage for the business.
And the other one is the coffee. It is for the customers that wants a strong blend but full smooth taste
and high degree of aroma. It is perfect for the customers that needs to stay awake from their busy
schedule because coffee contains caffeine that causes brain to be more active. Furthermore, we
also offer different toppings for the lava cake, it can be bread sticks, candies or marshmallows and
diced fruits.